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The Crash, The Bailout And The Theft Of Ireland’s Resources

February 22, 2011

As Ireland’s government steers the country into an economic black hole there are many of us left scratching our heads as to why they are not using the massive wealth of this nation to fund the recovery and our future, and to tell the bankers where to go with their imaginary gambling debts.

As I’ve watched this country self-destruct over the last two years since the derivatives bubble was burst, I ask myself why is it happening? Why in a country rich with investment, talent, and resources and with a reasonably healthy economy with good exports, is the whole thing spiraling into a never ending cycle of un-payable debt? Believe me it is un-payable, just like all the third world debt issued by the IMF and World Bank before this.

We all know by now that the bankrupt international banks, who issue credit out of thin air, crippled the industries that support our jobs and thus our economy and sent the whole world crashing into what many believe from understanding history, is a deliberate recession from which, as history shows, the main banks will once again come out the other side more wealthy and larger than before. One need only look at the 1907 and 1929 crashes to see this consolidation process in action in the years that followed.

None of us Joe Public were in particularly problematic debt. Just the normal loans for a home and a car, nothing special. Nothing we couldn’t manage on our salaries. Yet still here we are now indebted, by the actions of a government with no mandate, to the tune of around €18,000 for every man, woman and child in the country. The interest alone will cost around €3,000 per year in extra taxes for every working person in the country before any of the principle loan is paid off.

So how are we expected to pay back this loan for a debt that we never incurred in the first place? A debt that only exists in the ups and downs of market values and shares in a fictional world of computerised credit, and not a single solid asset in sight. Yes, you guessed it. We are to pay the fictional debt with our real assets. Those being our labour, our children’s labour and our grandchildren’s labour, as well as the selling off of our public services to private corporations owned by the banks to be run for profit by them. These will include our roads for tolling, our health services, our utilities like the ESB and Bord Gais, and our water suppliers, even our ports and airports.

It doesn’t stop there though because as well as these institutions and all their associated assets, which will undoubtedly be asset stripped, the bankers are looking to take our €20+ billion of national pension fund which has been accumulated to pay the pensions of the people of Ireland in just such a difficult period. Finally, and the nub of this article, the international bankers will be given by our government the country’s tangible wealth in the form of land, minerals, our forestry, and most importantly our fuel resources in gas and oil.

Unbeknown to most people in Ireland, this country is one of the wealthiest countries in the world for natural mineral wealth. An inspection of the applications for mining licenses will reveal among other precious minerals like zinc and lead, a wealth of silver and gold buried under the ground. In fact the volumes of minerals found in Ireland per square mile make it the richest country in the world for mineral deposits. This is very valuable and why this has not been exploited is unexplained. Yet there is another kind of gold that Ireland possesses in spades that is being exploited now. The black gold !

Off the west coast of Ireland there is an enormous volume of oil and gas. The government (Dept. of Communications, Energy Natural Resources) themselves valued west coast deposits in 2008 at €540 billion although the price of oil and gas then was a fraction of what it is now. This is a resource that could give everyone in Ireland free energy in the same way that Norway funnel their oil wealth to their people, and still make huge profits selling energy to the UK and Europe.

The Corrib oil field currently being exploited by Shell, that we hear about for all the wrong reasons, is the only oil and gas field the public are aware of, but there are huge basins of oil and gas known to exist off Limerick and Kerry. One in particular called Dunquin gas field which is a proven field and is described by the operator (Exxon/Mobil) as “one of the biggest fields in the world” containing an estimated 25 trillion cubic feet of gas and over 4 billion barrels of oil. This alone could keep Ireland running for over 60 years.

The reserves off the west and north west coasts in total have been estimated at around 130 billion barrels of oil and 50 trillion cubic feet of gas. A virtual underwater Saudi Arabia. Yet it doesn’t end there. The Lough Allen Basin is a huge inland gas field in the northwest which has been known for some 40 years now and contains 9.4 trillion cubic feet of gas. Enough to power Ireland for the next 25 years but it has has yet to be tapped. There are known fields off the south coast that have yet to be announced.

Furthermore, new oil and gas basins have been announced this year off the coast of Dublin by Tony O’Reilly’s company Providence Resources and it’s UK partners. O’Reilly is also partnering Exxon in Dunquin. The east coast fields have been estimated in the hundreds of billions in value to Ireland and yet along with the riches of the west and south, the inland gas and the wealth of minerals that we are literally tripping over here, we are still bankrupt ! Does this make any sense to you?

Unfortunately over the last 35 years successive governments have eliminated all of Ireland’s rights to capitalise on it’s own resources. They have legislated away their percentage share of the gas and oil down from 50% to 0%. Yes zero. So the oil and gas is wholly owned by the oil companies royalty free. Successive ministers like Ray Burke and Bertie Ahern have been instrumental in this process which even saw the reduction in tax on oil profits to only 25% where other countries charge almost 70%. This also is only payable after all exploration and development costs are deducted as well as future decommissioning costs which effectively negates the corporation tax too.

Ireland should be the richest country in Europe with the majority of Europe’s oil and gas and fishing waters, as well as the richest mineral deposits. Yet our government has given the fisheries away to the EU, many of the mining operations are owned by foreign companies and now all the energy reserves have been given away to large multinational companies who are under no obligation to even sell the gas or oil to Ireland and we will be forced to buy our own gas and oil back at market prices from the oil giants.

This situation cannot possibly be accidental. The legislating away of our resources was a deliberate act and in this writers opinion it would seem to be a criminal act of some description. This kind of intergenerational legislative deceit could only be done with cooperation and foreknowledge and looks on the surface to be the biggest fraud ever perpetrated in the history of the state.

It even far exceeds the apparent fraud of the bank bailout wherein we the people are paying off UK and German banks, who held high risk bonds in bad banks, by using loans from the very same UK and German banks to pay their bonds, and we are charged interest for the privilege of bailing out their gambling debts to boot. Does this seem right to anyone except our politicians? Nobody of sound mind could fail to see the deliberate fraud of this and the role being played by our government in assisting this.

When the government accept this IMF bailout they will be relinquishing control of the nation and handing over the financial management of the country to the IMF, which in effect is only a front for the UK and German banks that funded the bailout. It is therefore they who will decide that Irelands assets are sold off and to who. Watch this space and we will find with very little investigation that subsidiary companies of the banks may well benefit greatly from this fire sale.

Already Bertie Ahern in his cushy new job as head of the International Forestry Fund, a corporation set up by a Swiss financial services provider Helvetia Wealth AG, is bidding to buy and privatise Coalite, which controls all Irelands forestry. This would mean 7% of Ireland’s land mass would be in the hands of one of these international banks. It was a recommendation of the An Bord Snip Nua report in 2009 and the appointment of Ahern in 2010 tells me that this was probably already a done deal before the bailout ever reared it’s head.

The level of collusion to pull off this takeover of assets has to go to the highest levels of government in order to orchestrate this over such a long period of time, because not only was the oil and gas legislation nullified but so was the banking control legislation in the same period.

Indeed if we look to those people who have been in positions of power and also regularly attended secret meetings like the annual Bilderberg meeting or the Tri-lateral Commission meeting along with all of these bankers, oil companies, other multinationals and politicians in Europe and worldwide, then we may be seeing the root of the conflict of interests of our own politicians and should ask who are they really working for?

If these meetings aren’t shady enough it is made more suspicious by the fact that the Tri-lateral Commission meeting this year was held over three days in Dublin this Spring, without ever getting a mention on the national news despite 300 of the world’s richest and most powerful people being in Dublin and being dined by the President.

If we want to know why we are being asset stripped, then this is a good place to start to find your culprits, and perhaps these are he questions that people should be asking the election canvassers this week instead of who is going to fill the potholes?


7/7 Ripple Effect and the End of Justice in Ireland

November 12, 2010

John Anthony Hill’s appeal in the Irish Supreme Court against extradition to the UK was defeated yesterday. This means the judge in the case gave precedence to a European arrest warrant over and above the Irish Constitution which protects our political views. This decision proves once and for all that the Irish legal system is totally corrupt and working in league with the criminal state authorities of Ireland and their masters in the UK and Europe, and are under the control of the Bar Council which is based in London and is used now as their weapon of control.

This is an interview held with John Hill (aka Muad dib) on the day before the appeal hearing (10th November 2010) in which he explains the case against him 

It is an incredible decision when you consider how many times the UK has been found guilty of criminal activity and perjury against innocent people in the past. One only need look back to the 1970s during the troubles in the north of Ireland when high profile cases like the Birmingham 6 and the Guildford 4 put innocent people in prison for half their lives without evidence. Now in the present they commit torture and rendition and the false flag 7/7 event that for the first time in British legal history had no trial or inquest at the behest of the government. In light of this it is impossible to understand how a judge could approve this extradition unless he was involved in a cover-up

If you haven’t seen the film 7/7 Ripple effect you can see it at the link below and your eyes will be opened.


After that you will understand why the British State is going to such extraordinary lengths to pursue this man and cover-up their crimes. Only the guilty would try to imprison a man for life for sending a CD to a Kingston courthouse clerk to distribute to the judge and jury foreman if they saw fit

On a side note, it is also very interesting that they scheduled this for 11 AM on 11.11. This (11) is the power number of the ruling cartel and they use it for many of their “events” from fake terror to financial crashes or other disasters, to unlawful legislation and important speeches or announcements. This undoubtedly is one of these important events for them as it represents the destruction of sovereign justice in ireland and the complete takeover of the legal system by outside agencies


John Hill will not receive a fair trial in Britain, that is a given. When one sees the efforts the new government are going to to cover up information relating to the latest narrow and limited inquest into the 7/7 event one can see exactly what will occur if he goes to trial. Surprisingly though he remains upbeat about it and sees it as an opportunity to get his film shown in court as evidence. I have a feeling however that the trial judge will rule it inadmissible.

This must not be allowed stand, for if this man goes down, then anyone of us cold be next. i don’t think you or I or anyone wants to live in a world where criminals control the government, media and the courts. Time to start the change


The Final Meltdown – Taking the truth on the road

November 1, 2010

Back on September 25th this year there was an event held in Ireland called “Wake Up Call”. It was held in the Spectrum Centre in the Shankhill Road in Belfast. The event was the second in a series of all day conferences organised by a UK based group that invites guest researchers from around the world to present and discuss their specific field of study. What the speakers have in common is that they all highlight different aspects of the unspoken reality behind much of what we see happening in the world today, or “what the media won’t tell you”.

The event was a great success by all accounts and featured talks on such diverse subjects as the world beyond 2012, the role of secret societies in today’s political system, the exposure of establishment level paedophile rings, and the job of alternative media. In addition to these speakers the event showcased our own Jim Corr on his very first speaking engagement, bringing his last four years of research to the stage in a presentation called “Joining the dots”.

What has come out of the success of the Belfast conference is an outcry from the general public for a dedicated Irish tour along the same lines. Many people in Ireland, and the world for that matter, seem to feel that there is an alarming lack of balance in our media and a lack of coverage of the real issues behind the news affecting us. So much so that they believe the media is nothing more than a political propaganda machine.

Many have turned to alternate sources for information like the internet,  independent radio stations, researchers and documentary makers, to find out the reality behind the spin of the mainstream news. The plummeting viewing, listening and readership figures of the media outlets bears out this trend. People have a craving for knowledge and in particular for truth and they are leaving the mainstream because they appear to have come to the conclusion that they cannot and will not find it there. The upsurge in traffic on Jim’s own website ( is testament to this desire to get answers

As a result of this groundswell of opinion Jim got together with former oil industry executive and now independent researcher and lecturer in geopolitics Ian R Crane to do a seminar in Dublin. The event took place in the Ashling hotel on Park Gate Street on 22nd October and was attended by hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds.

Jim Corr’s presentation gathered together the full scope of the research that he has published on his website over the last four years, summarised into two hours. It takes you from the starting point for the awakening of many minds, including Jim’s, that being the events of September 11th 2001, and carries you through the still unanswered questions surrounding that day. Then Jim takes you along the timeline following 911 through all the geopolitical and legal changes that have occurred as a direct result of that event, and attempts to ask the question “who benefits?” in the realms of the politicians, corporations and international bankers amongst others.

Jim goes on to explain their compartmentalised systems for control, and the relentless assault on human health from the food and water we consume to the chemicals and toxins that we involuntary take into our bodies both airborne and through vaccines. As you can imagine four years study is a lot to pack into two hours, so what Jim has done is to give you a lot facts that lead to a lot of questions about our reality for the audience to take away and research.

As Jim himself says “Taking this directly to the public will hopefully speed up the awareness of what is actually going on behind the scenes. The information we are presenting I believe is of vital importance to the general public. Unfortunately we are not being told the full truth by the mass media. Most people are still unaware of the bigger picture. Only with focused study and contemplation can we arrive at a decent understanding of the global agenda. I’ve done the research, now I’m bringing what I’ve learned into the public domain.”

Ian R Crane has teamed up with Jim at this particular time because of what he believes is the calamity about to befall this once great nation. Ian has been researching the geopolitical agenda for the last twelve years (see him at after leaving a three decade career in the oil industry. His work life gave him an insider’s view of how the world is manipulated on a global level by powerful money interests and he is now a seasoned lecturer on the geopolitical world that exists beyond the glare of the television news.

His polished presentation explains the who, why and wherefore of the financial system. The winners and losers, and the true nature and value (non-value) of money and how it comes into existence. The crux of the talk as the title suggests is that the economic free-fall that the world, and especially Ireland, find themselves in is yet another in a cycle of engineered booms and busts that serve only to transfer wealth up the social ladder.

The most worrying aspect of Ian’s research is that he feels that Ireland is a test run for a cycle of bankruptcies of every country in the western world and if Ireland capitulate (unlike Iceland who said no) to what would appear to be the “financial terrorism” of the international banks, then the marker will be set for the other nations. Furthermore, to pull off a coup like this there must be help from the inside at the very highest levels.

(Author’s note) Perhaps it should be noted that Ireland has already given away it’s gas and oil resources to bank owned private foreign corporate interests and is now about to sell off it’s forestry to the same way unless the Irish people do something to prevent it. The same thing is happening in the UK, Greece, Spain and Portugal and would appear to be under pressure from the money lenders. Any readers who are aware of the workings of the IMF for the last half century will recognise this as the way in which they have kept the African nations in perpetual debt at the cost of their natural resources.

The Dublin talk was an outstanding success and has now given birth to a tour that has grown organically simply by the efforts of local people who wish to get this important information to a wider audience, arranging venues in their home towns around the country. This is a grassroots movement to demand the truth from our media, and this is where it’s strength lies. I guarantee anyone who goes to see the show that they will never look at the mainstream media in the same way again. You will more likely be asking yourself what are the media  NOT telling me and WHY?

You can catch “The Final Meltdown Tour” at the following venues

DROGHEDA 3rd Nov – McHughs Venue.

DONEGAL 4th Nov – Inishowen Gateway Hotel Buncrana.

DERRY 5th Nov – City Hotel.


LIMERICK 8th Nov – The Locke bar.

DUNDALK 9th Nov – Lisdoo function suite.

GALWAY 10th Nov – Radisson Blu Hotel.

DUBLIN 11th Nov – Ashling Hotel

Jim Corr will also be appearing at the next Wake Up Call event to be held in Edinburgh on 20th November in the Meadowbank Sports Centre.

Control Grid starts to infiltrate Ireland

October 22, 2009




Today I heard on RTE news a recommendation from a government advisory body on Social Welfare, that they think would stop social welfare fraud. Their idea was biometric ID cards for claimants. The type of fraud they were trying to eradicate was from people claiming and working at the same time, for instance taxi drivers working for cash. Now explain to me exactly how changing a card that is already unique in that it contains one and only one National Insurance number and the details of the person to which it pertains. It is scanned to access an account that can only be accessed once a week. It also only gets issued on photographic and birth certificated proof of ID and proof of residence.

Now tell me why is any more information required to prove ID when every proof has been given?

Also how would adding biometrics to that card add anything to the identification process that isn’t already covered?

Plus how will adding biometric data to a card stop a taxi driver working for cash in the black market, when the only way of tracking welfare cheats is through enforcement or through the tax record.

Scenario 1

Man hands over card and then gets finger print or eye scan to collect welfare, leaves post office, jumps in car and picks up a fare to town for cash. Did the fingerprinting or eye scan stop the fraud? No it didn’t did it. So why suggest biometrics as a solution?


What this is is the first intrusion into Ireland of the globalists’ to implement their idea for a global control grid of all people on the planet. We have seen attempted and successful legislation in countries all over the world, where the globalists have people in government, adding biometrics or RFID chips to anything from passports to driving licenses, Even the ultimate goal of putting a chip in people like they were cattle or pets is being pushed in the USA. Airports are adding biometric cameras. The CCTV around your cities is being equipped with face recognition software. Even retinal and facial scans and fingerprints are taken for driving licenses in a few countries now. The fingerprinting of every visitor to the US is a long despised activity. Most glaring is the attempts by governments, especially Britain, to introduce biometric ID cards for citizens against their wishes. Worse still is the taking and storing of people’s DNA who have not committed any crime, and worse still is the recording of every telephone call, text e-mail or web comment we make. Does ANY of this really seem right to you?

Ireland has been the slowest to come on board with these ideas because it has had very little infiltration from the globalists up until the last ten years. Perhaps it was just not important enough to them until the whole Lisbon Treaty issue. Now the Rothschild vampires have been invited across the threshold into the banking system and the surveilance society will follow.

There have already been suggestions regarding tracking our cars. They are the easiest to justify on the back of the global warming hoax agenda, requiring trackers in our cars so they can tax us by the mile, or road camera networks to read and tax our number plates wherever we go. Horrendously expensive systems to set up and run that would lead to no financial benefit to them and considerable loss to us. So why would they suggest these things when, if you want to charge people for over using the car or for having a petrol guzzling engine, then all you need to do is add 10 cents to a litre of fuel and take the money at the pump at no admin cost ?

Doesn’t make sense does it. All these cumbersome intrusive ideas to tax and “secure” us. An 8 year old could tell you that. So why suggest them at all if they don’t work? Well isn’t it obvious? The agenda is not to tax or secure us. It is to track and control us. To know our every move and action and our whereabouts at all times. To be able to restrict our movement or ability to travel and eventually when they have their cashless society, our ability to buy and sell. It is the Irish end of a worldwide control grid where every human can be tracked and controlled at all times. This is how scared they are of us and this is what we must stand up to and say NO !

Never give up your freedom. Never give up your birthright to anonymity. Never surrender control of your life to government.

In recognition of a team that is more than the sum of it’s parts

November 25, 2008

This Munster rugby team stunned the world of sport when it stuffed New Zealand 12 – 0 in 1978 and last wednesday, after New Zealand (the greatest rugby team on the planet) had stuffed Ireland the week before, they turned out and nearly beat the Kiwis again and with a 2nd string team too. Leading 16 – 13 with 4 minutes to go they lost to one stroke of brilliance from a Kiwi back win it 18 – 16. There is something very special about the team, the fans, the home ground, that adds an extra man to the 15 and makes them achieve things other club sides can only imagine.

The build up and the history

The war cries

The match

And for Boo so you can join in too

The high price paid in the name of development

May 25, 2007

Today in Dublin we say goodbye to an institution. After 240 years Greenes bookshop opposite Trinity College in the very centre of the city, is closing. They are moving to a wharehouse distribution centre and changing to on-line sales only.

This shop is legendary in Dublin and has been one of those landmark buildings for as long as it has existed. How many people over the years have said “I’ll meet you off the bus at Greenes”

It had a famous winding staircase lined with books and crazily an open fire. There was also a post office in the ground floor which acted as a meeting place for the local community

Oscar Wilde lived across the road from the shop on the corner of Merrion Square where his statue now stands (actually it sort of reclines) and was a frequent visitor

It is a sad, sad loss to the city and country as a whole and follows close on the heals of the famous Kennys bookshop and gallery which closed for the same reason in Galway last year

Some things are worth more than profit and should not be lost to pure economics

This is a short potted history:-

Goodbye To Greene’s Bookshop of 16 Clare Street, Dublin, Ireland

Greenes is a building that is steeped in more than 240 years of history, having being built in the late 1700’s. The original owners lived and worked here. Many notable authors such as Brendan Behan, W.B. Yeats, Frank O’Connor, Jack B. Yeats and Sammuel Beckett (whose father had an office across the road) have browsed the shelves over the years.

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The Room John Greene Was Laid Out In

This upstairs room has featured in about half a dozen movies and TV documentaries. And it was in this room that old John Greene, the founder, was laid out in 1899. A visitor to this room in the 1940’s would have found members of the staff frying their sausages and breakfast on a pan over the fire!

Greene’s of Clare Street has been a book shop since 1843, prior to this it has been a ladies Hoisery Store. There are many interesting characteristic features of this store including, the Glass canopy, the old wooden bookstands and the intricate ironwork supports. The original lettering has never been changed since the shop opened in 1843.

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The Shop with it’s distinctive Glass Canopy

The Pembrey family has run the business since 1912 when it was taken over by Herbert H. Pembrey, then passed onto his son Herbert Seymour Pembrey, who looked after the business along with his son Eric until the year 2000, when sadly both Eric and Herbert passed away. The family firm is now being run by Eric’s son David.

“…..because of it’s central location, Greene’s has been a handy source for school texts over the years, and generations of Dubliners remember queuing with their book lists in hand…..”

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Local Map

Greene’s Bookshop Ltd. was located in the heart of Georgian Dublin. We are within three minutes walk of Westland Row (Pearse) railway station (suburban & DART services). This station was the first to be built in Ireland (for the line to Dun Laoghaire built by William Dargan in 1831).

Ireland send Pakistan home

March 17, 2007

Ireland shock sends Pakistan home
World Cup Group D, Jamaica
Ireland 133-7 beat Pakistan 132 by three wickets

Boyd Rankin

Boyd Rankin celebrates the wicket of Younis Khan for a duck

Ireland produced one of the greatest victories in cricket’s rich history by beating Pakistan on St Patrick’s Day amid unbelievable tension in Jamaica.

Led by their brilliant wicket-keeper batsman Niall O’Brien, they reached a rain-adjusted target of 128 with three wickets remaining in near darkness.

Ireland’s fans, who had been there to witness the tie against Zimbabwe, could barely contain themselves afterwards.

The result means Pakistan, ranked fourth in the world, are already out.

Wicket-keeper O’Brien, axed by Kent in 2006 because they rate Geraint Jones above him, hit a brilliant 72, easily the best effort by any of the batsmen on a green wicket which Ireland’s seamer loved.

But when he tried to hit off-spinner Shoaib Malik for six with 21 needed and six wickets still in hand, he was stumped.

Panic set in as Andrew White was caught at short leg and Kyle McCallan edged to slip in the next over, off Rao Iftikhar.

But O’Brien’s brother Kevin stayed to the end as he and skipper Trent Johnston eked out the remaining runs needed.

Ireland could now lose to West Indies and still qualify for the Super Eight stage, but they are not definitely there yet.

Pakistan, on the other hand, rated fourth in the world in one-day internationals, go home.

Ireland held every catch going, produced some inspired stops in the field and even shrugged off some dubious umpiring decisions.

Their only failing was a generous offering of 23 wides, but still Pakistan came up short.

The first opportunity for Irish celebration came when Dave Langford-Smith bowled a peach of a delivery at Mohammad Hafeez in the first over, which the batsman edged behind.

When Boyd Rankin then had Younis Khan caught in the slips for a duck, the Test nation had to rebuild from 15-2.

Imran Nazir (24) and Mohammad Yousuf (15) added 41, but when Rankin and Langford-Smith were replaced by Johnston and Andre Botha, the two big wickets fell.

Andre Botha

Medium-pacer Andre Botha celebrates one of his two wickets

Yousuf drove a wide ball from Johnston straight to point before Inzamam edged his third ball to the solitary slip.

Given obvious confidence by that strike, Botha (2-5 from eight overs) began to extract huge inswing and made life intolerable for Nazir.

Eventually, the opener departed for 24, Eoin Morgan taking his second catch in the slips.

Wickets continued to tumble, despite the best efforts of Kamran Akmal (27), and Johnston’s captaincy was spot on as he brought back Boyd for some extra pace.

The bowler dug a couple in, and both Akmal and Azhar Mahmood spooned catches to Johnston at mid-wicket.

After Mohammad Sami and Iftikhar had added a gutsy 25 for the ninth wicket, spinner McCallan took the last two wickets as wild slogs were held in the deep.

Pakistan had been bowled out for 132 in the 46th over.

The wicket was still providing assistance for the bowlers when Ireland batted.

Jeremy Bray, the hero against Zimbabwe, was ajudged lbw to Sami, who also trapped Morgan the same way to make it 15-2.

Niall O'Brien

Unwanted by Kent, O’Brien was man of the match in Jamaica

O’Brien, who moved from Kent to Northants in January, and William Porterfield added a vital 37 for the Irish.

Then Hafeez’s arm ball produced the third wicket, Porterfield playing on to his stumps.

But O’Brien took a liking to the off-spinner, cutting and driving for precious boundaries and Pakistan were toiling again.

Suddenly, Inzamam’s men were given a lift when umpire Brian Jerling, who had already made some strange decisions, elected to give Botha out caught at short leg.

Replays showed the ball missed contact with bat or gloves by nearly a foot.

A further 11 runs were added after that before the rain came, and when play resumed the umpires soon began looking at their meters again.

But play continued, and O’Brien continued to bat freely. He hit Malik for one straight six but could not repeat the feat.

When Iftikhar immediately took his two wickets, 16 were still needed and only seven wickets remained.

At this stage, the overs were not an issue, but the ever-decreasing light was.

Kevin O’Brien and skipper Johnston eked out the singles, before a Johnston square cut for four and some Pakistan wides finally eased the tension.

Finally, Johnston freed his arms and slammed Mahmood into the stands at long-on. The party could begin.

Ireland beat Pakistan by 3 wickets (D/L)

Ireland won the toss and decided to field

Pakistan Innings

132 all out (45.4 overs)

Ireland Innings

133 for 7 (41.4 overs)

Umpires: B F Bowden, B G Jerling
Ireland: J P Bray, W T S Porterfield, E J G Morgan, N J O’Brien, K J O’Brien, A C Botha, W K McCallan, D T Johnston, A R White, D Langford-Smith, W B Rankin
Pakistan: Mohammad Hafeez, Imran Nazir, Younis Khan, Mohammad Yousuf, Inzamam-ul-Haq, Shoaib Malik, Kamran Akmal, Azhar Mahmood, Mohammad Sami, Iftikhar Anjum, Umar Gul

Divine intervention

March 17, 2007

17 Mar 07, 02:34 PM

Kingston – St Patrick is convinced Ireland would follow up Thursday’s remarkable tie with Zimbabwe by sweeping aside Pakistan.

“St Patrick’s going to perform his greatest miracle yet today,” he said, with a thronging mass cheering his every word and an RTE crew relaying his message back home.

“We killed off all the snakes in Ireland and now we’re going to win our first World Cup game.”

“Unfortunately, the Jamaican police were not believers… in the art of fun and decided to pull the divine one aside for a quick chat. It was one of those Santa Claus having his beard ripped off moments as St Patrick, aka Dave O’Connor from County Dublin, disconsolately handed over his staff for safekeeping.

You need permission for everything at this tournament and there was no way Dave was getting his instrument through to the Party Stand.

I’m Happy Sad

February 27, 2007

I said something in my last blog that described the way things make me feel at the moment. The phrase was “Happy- Sad”. I do and see a lot of things that make me smile and then think, and inside I have my moments, or when no-one can see I have them outwardly. But Happy-Sad describes it perfectly. I can be both in the same situation. Happy because I am enjoying what is going on around me and Sad because it should have been so much better shared with someone else.

The phrase comes from a song by Gemma Hayes, and I want to introduce you to her in this blog because she deserves recognition for her music. (She is also a 10 out of 10 babe LOL)

These are the best tracks from the last 2 albumns

  • Undercover
  • Back of my Hand
  • Happy Sad

This one is called Happy Sad and it is a beautiful track from “The Roads Don’t Love You” albumn

This is called Back of my Hand from her first albumn “Night on my Side”

Now if I have wetted your appetite read on and I urge you to buy her music so she can make more


Gemma Hayes is a singer-songwriter born on August 11, 1977 in Ballyporeen, Tipperary, Ireland.She signed to Source Records in 2001 and issued the folksy 4.35am EP and the more band-orientated Work to a Calm EP before releasing her debut album, Night on my Side, in 2002. The album was nominated for that years Mercury Music Prize but lost out to Ms. Dynamite’s A Little Deeper.After touring Night on my Side Hayes took two years out from the music business; “All I do know is that I didn’t want to listen to music at all. I stopped listening to the radio. It was like I’d overdosed on music”.In late 2005 Hayes returned with her second album, The Roads Don’t Love You, and picked up the Best Irish Female Artist award at the 2006 Meteor Ireland Music Awards shortly before completing a small tour of the United Kingdom and Ireland. She then co-wrote a song with Adam Duritz for the Counting Crows’ live album, *New Amsterdam.

This is a piece Euronews did on Gemma in 2002 when it all kicked off for the then 24 year old talent just starting out on the road to success



Night on My Side (2002-05-27)

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The Roads Don’t Love You (2005-10-31)

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Work To A Calm


Back of My Hand
Hanging Around
Let a Good Thing Go (2002-07-29)
Undercover (2006-03-06)

Just as a treat and to show you that this artist really has a voice, this is the last song called November from an accoustic set she did for an RTE television programme recently. I think you will agree she has a purity in her voice

I hope you liked Gemma’s music. I think she deserves success outside Ireland. And I hope one day she’s going to be Mrs Door32 (I wish LOL)


For more info go to

This girl is so talented!

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February 23, 2007

I have just heared on the lunchtime news that Gay Byrne (72) the former RTE Radio presenter, Rose of Tralee host and TV host of the worlds longest running Friday night talk show, The Late Late Show, has called for the legalisation of drugs in Ireland.

A surprising announcement from squeeky clean Gay, the housewives favourite, considering he has just been made chairman of the road safety commission

I think this puts a lot of things in perspective for many long time Late Late Show viewers, esppecially when you remember that when he wanted his TV show backroom staff to play a piece of VTR he had a well known catchphrase ………….

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Gaybo is a legend !

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