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Ireland’s Drinking Water – Poisoned By Design

September 26, 2010

The other day I was looking at recent photos from from a younger relative’s album, and I noticed something as I turned page after page of the smiling faces of their friends. Something jumped out at me immediately as being painfully and obviously wrong. In every picture, every one of these smiling teenagers had brown and yellow teeth. Not one good white set amongst them and yet these are all middle class families with good dental hygiene. All of those handsome young adults’ smiles were destroyed by discoloured enamel. I was shocked and decided to investigate because this was not how I remember teeth when I was growing up, nor is it what I see from people I meet from other countries.

What I was seeing was the results of a lifetime of drinking fluoridated water, from the bottle to the pint. The staining, flaking and pitting of the teeth enamel caused by the interference in the laying down of the enamel layers during the formation of the teeth by the compound commonly known as Fluoride, that is added to our water supply.

Now it is an age old adage that the teeth are a window into the health of the body, Slave traders would always check the teeth of a potential purchase. So is this an indication of more serious problems in the body?

This substance is in fact a byproduct of the aluminium and fertilizer businesses and is classified as toxic waste so dangerous that it cannot be dumped. It is also used as an insecticide, in rat poison and as an ingredient in military nerve gas. A lethal dose of fluoride can in fact kill a human being in just two hours.

The toxicology report describes sodium fluoride as a “protoplasmic poison” which means that when it is dissolved in water it becomes readily absorbed through the mouth, throat and digestive tract. It can also be absorbed through the skin while you bathe and even inhaled.

The symptoms of fluoride poisoning are many and varied depending on exposure ranging from nausea, abdominal problems and sores to more serious problems like damage to the kidneys, thyroid gland, pineal gland, bone cancer, osteoporosis and neurological damage.

This is all common knowledge, so you may ask what on earth is causing the inertia in Ireland on the issue of fluoride? All around the world the practice of fluoridating water has been exposed as unsafe and has been removed from the supply, yet here in Ireland the advocates for it’s removal seem to be running into a stone wall of intransigence from the various government departments in the face of overwhelming evidence and best practice in other countries. No other country in Europe bar Britain (partially) fluoridates water.

Following this story over the years one couldn’t help but conclude that there was a determination to keep fluoride in the water regardless of whatever evidence is presented. Even to the point of defending the indefensible. So who is blocking this and why are they doing it?

Pressure has been mounting on the politicians of late. From what I have heard first hand there have been a plethora of people contacting representatives about this issue, especially the Green Party members of government. John Gormley himself promised some of my associates that the fluoride issue was currently under review and he was awaiting a new report. Although when pressed on why this report has not been published he had no answer.

His last report criticising fluoridation in 2006 was blocked at the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Health and Children by the government. Indeed John Gormley seemed to have grasped the nettle back in 2007 when he went on RTE Prime Time and demanded fluoride be removed, citing the the terrible scourge of dental fluorosis that is affecting 40% of our children now and the risk of bone cancer. However since he went into government he seems to have done a u-turn.

It appears to be government policy to continue to add this poison regardless of whatever evidence is placed in front of them. Yet on investigation I find there is very little independent science backing the use of fluoride and this is borne out by the York University report from 2000.

Only this week The Examiner printed a damning letter from Cathy Sinnott highlighting the terrible downside of fluoride ingestion, but up until this the mainstream media have been conspicuous by their absence on this very serious issue.

Not that there is a lack of information for them to report on and force the Department of Health to answer the difficult questions. For instance we have the 2002 North South report which highlighted the fact that children in the Republic had three times the incidence of dental fluorosis than those in the Northern Ireland, who did not fluoridate, and that the incidence had increased seven fold between 1984 and 2002.

In 2001 a group of dentists (IDOF) also broke ranks with the mainstream view this decade and brought a case against Mary Harney and her Health Department. This being the same pairing that have since continued to push the HPV vaccine against the backdrop of all the deaths and injuries from the vaccine in the US and Britain. This also being the same pairing who are still behind the continued push to vaccinate every child with the H1N1 vaccine even after the EU Commissioner for health declared it a fraud. So there is clearly a very poor and complicit track record to consider here.

Even now in the US the Centre for Disease Control and the American Dental Association have issued guidelines that fluoridated water should not be given to children under four nor mixed with baby milk formula. The Food Safety Authority of Ireland reported the same thing to the government. However pressure seems to have been applied by government and now they have changed their finding, omitting the desire to stop fluoridating water and replaced it with a statement that all mothers should breast feed, though how this helps most children over a year isn’t explained.

There are even newer reports available now from the US highlighting the clear correlation between fluoridated water areas and the increased incidences of bone cancer, osteoporosis and broken bones, so why are these reports being ignored in Ireland?

A Sordid History

The history of this substance is a very sordid business and the dangerous effects of fluoride seem to have been known by it’s advocates for a very long time. Extensive toxicology studies were done in the US and published in neurotoxicology journals back in the 1994 by Dr Phyllis Mullenix of the Harvard Medical School. It was also presented to the US National Institute of Dental Research who then buried the results.

What the study found was that fluoride could cause a permanent change in the behavior of animals with as little as 3 days exposure. It also documented changes in behavior that included many the symptoms of what psychiatrists are now calling ADHD. It also documented a condition they called “couch potato syndrome” which has all the same symptoms of what we call chronic fatigue syndrome.

Mullenix’s team discovered that the fluoride finds it’s way into the brain which was contrary to what officialdom’s advocates of fluoride say in their literature. Yet they continue this charade despite the fact that these changes to the mental state were known as far back as 1944 when the original fluoride tests were done, as has been discovered in declassified US documents from the Manhatton Project.

The documents reveal a catalogue of deceit including orders from the highest levels for the cessation of all tests regarding mental confusion due to fluoride intake, even though funding had originally been given to carry them out.

However the most cynical document of all was a memo from 1946 from the project’s chief pharmacologist sent to the Colonel in charge regarding chemical releases on the public, identifying fluoride with absolute certainty as the cause of neurological damage and illness. The memo then goes on to state “Would there be any use at making attempts to counteract the local fear of fluoride ……… through lectures in fluoride toxicology and perhaps the usefulness of fluoride in tooth health”.

So it was 1946 that the lie was hatched about dental health and the coverup of the terrible effects on the central nervous system and literally the character of humanity. With all of this known the government of the US then went about promoting fluoride as “good for your teeth” in a marketing plan devised by the recognised king of manipulation of public opinion Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud and the man who convinced women that smoking was good for women’s equality amongst other things.

It seems strikingly obvious that the governments of the old Empire like Canada, Australia, Britain, Ireland and the US have knowingly and deliberately maintained the illusion that fluoride is safe. They have kept this mind altering substance in the water for a reason. Perhaps because a nation of couch potatos would be much easier to control and will not threaten the authority of the elite group who run things?

Confirmation of this hypothesis might be strengthened when one realises that fluoride can be found in many pharmaceuticals including those used in the treatment of depression. What this amounts to is the forced medication of a population. This is illegal under international law since the Nuremberg Code was drafted after the end of World War II.

It is interesting that the issue of mass drugging of populations made it into the Nuremberg code because the Nazis at the Nuremberg trials were guilty of using fluoride in the water supply to their concentration camp prison population to keep them “docile”. I’m sure the Gestapo weren’t interested in the inmates’ children’s healthy teeth.

Don’t think that the Nazis were the first to think of it though. Stalin’s regime used fluoride in the prison water supply from the 1930s as a tranquilizer. This was when the idea was exported to Britain. In testimony to the government in the Un-American Activities Report in 1939 it was revealed that Communist sympathisers in the US has discussed using fluoride to make the population docile while they brought in Communism by degrees in the US upon a lethargic population. Even to the point of keeping a large store of fluoride at each reservior in the event they needed to poison the population to maintain power.

So you see there is a long and established history of mass medication and tranquilizing of the population with this chemical. Fluoride is a highly toxic and lethal substance in very small quantities. It can cause illness and mental disorder, and it can be used to subdue the spirit of anyone who drinks it. As chemist Charles Perkins famously said in 1954 “Any person who drinks artificially fluorinated water for a period of one year or more will never again be the same person mentally or physically.”

Fluoride is a medication and it is a fact that any medication that is to be allowed used in Ireland MUST be approved by the Irish Medicines Board. Fluoride has never been approved for use in water by the IMB and hence those responsible of keeping it in our water are guilty of a crime.

Finally, one of the most shocking aspects I have discovered about fluoride is that it has been shown that there is a chemical process whereby the fluoride attracts aluminium and tricks the body into allowing it to pass through the blood/brain barrier. It should be noted that studies have shown an increased level of aluminium in the brains of people who suffer from altzhiemers disease, which we all see is on the increase and is affecting people younger and younger to different degrees.

All of these issues are being purposefully ignored by the authorities and when you look at the whole picture, with our isolation in Europe as the only country out of 500 million people who are given no choice but to drink fluoridated water, and the flat out intransigence of the government, you might conclude that we are somehow being used as a mass social experiment in population control. By the way people sit idly by while the politicians are robbing the banks in broad daylight, I think it is working.

As a measure of how cynical this defense of the forced medication of the public is and how far the government, for whatever reason, will go to maintain it, I refer to the constitutional challenge made in 1967. In this case the plaintiff challenged the practice based on a right to bodily integrity. However, the judge ruled that there was no case to answer as the government is not obliged to supply water to the population and the people are not obliged to drink it. Well now the government are trying to introduce water charges I think we will see a new challenge very soon because this man certainly will not be paying for his poison.

It may also have escaped your notice that fluoridated toothpaste used to carry a warning that if you swallow a pea sized amount of toothpaste you should call poison control, however in more recent times this warning has been quietly removed from the instructions on the tube by the manufacturers, as if fluoride magically became safe to swallow.

This persistent and deliberate sidelining of all scientific information that highlights fluoride as the danger to public health that it has always been known to be, is an act of criminality on the part of the people controlling the information. The good people of Ireland must stand up to these criminals and demand prosecutions for the mass poisoning of a population before another generation is destroyed.


You will not be free to eat natural food

August 30, 2010

If Government and big Agribusiness have their way

You have no right to grow your own food nor to decide for yourself what you consume! Sounds ridiculous right? Absolutely, but is it really that far away from becoming a reality?

Well, recent developments in the USA have brought into sharp focus this worldwide trend towards the control of our food supply by a small number of large agribusinesses assisted by governments. You may ask why does this affect Ireland if it is overseas? So I will show you that this is something we are getting a very clear heads up to now as it starts to spread around the world. We can be forewarned and thus forearmed.

Last week saw the latest in a series of raids by armed police and Federal agents in the US against growers and producers of organic vegetables, meat, eggs and raw milk. The people who produce this food for their own use form growers trading clubs and share produce.

Los Angeles police with guns drawn raided a grocery store, risking possible fatal encounters with staff who may have appeared holding temperature testing guns. The reason given for the raid was to confiscate unpasteurised milk.

Two things leap out that feel wrong about this. Firstly the extreme force used, and secondly, where does the government thinks it derives a right to tell anybody they cannot drink raw cows milk?

This incident was the only one of many that have happened over the last 24 month that was covered by the media. This was probably due to the fact that the CCTV footage of the raid went viral on the internet, otherwise we may never have heard of yet another government stampede over individual rights.

There have been many other raids on organic food stores and farms, confiscating tens of thousands of dollars of produce which then spoils, plus computers and equipment that is never returned. The victims of these raid have to start again and see it as intimidation tactics by government agencies corrupted by insiders from the large agribusiness companies like Monsanto and DuPont who are attempting to control the nations food by forcing smaller producers out of business.

Is this paranoia or there any truth in their concerns? Well, on investigation we find the who’s who of the federal agencies that control food is indeed populated by a raft of ex employees of Monsanto and DuPont, from scientists and lawyers to lobbyists. Many of these people have been appointed by the current US administration.

Even Obama’s “Food Csar” Michael Taylor was the vice president of Monsanto. He was given the VP job ironically after serving as head of the government’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the Clinton era when they ruled that Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in crops did not need any labeling on food products. Even more cynical is that he was Monsanto’s lawyer working on the food labeling prior to the FDA job. Needless to say Monsanto is the biggest proponent and manufacturer of GMO crops in the world, so if ever there was a case of a serious conflict of interests this is it.

More worrying still for organic farmers is that of two of the nine Supreme Court Justices recently appointed are ex Monsanto or have sided with them in cases taken by organic farmers who’s land has been contaminated by their GMO seeds.

So we see a trail of corruption developing here, and now we must remember these are international companies and they are pushing their GMO wares all round the world. How? By lobbying, by gaining inside positions in government and by legislation.

For example Britain’s new food and agriculture minister Caroline Spelman, up to taking the job, owned and ran a GMO lobbying company with her husband that now lobbies her own department. In fact the business is still registered to her London flat. Similar stories of insiders can be found in other countries and the EU.

Legislation is now being passed in the EU to allow Monsanto’s GM crops despite the refusal by some national governments and the populations. The problem with it is that once it is planted it spreads and infects organic crops as nature cannot be controlled by man to that extent no matter how many assurances they give you

In the US the ironically named “Food Safety Bill” S.510 is currently being forced through the Senate. This bill was written by the lobbyists of the big agribusiness companies and puts so many extraneous requirements on small growers that they will be financially unable to comply. It will also force them to vaccinate animals and use chemicals on crops that go totally against the point of organic “as nature intended” food. The heavy handed methods that have been used to date will undoubtedly be employed again and will put small holders out of business.

Legislation in the extreme can be seen in the post Iraq invasion treaty for government, wherein Iraqi farmers are only allowed to use “Roundup ready seed” supplied by Monsanto. This is GM seed and only grows using their particular fertilizer that activates it. Further they are not allowed to keep seeds to plant for the following year and must buy again. This happens in India too with the cotton crop and will soon be in Europe, as trials are underway as we speak.

Down the line we are expecting also legislation that criminalises the sale of dietary supplements and herbs under the Codex Alimentarius rules currently attempting to be implemented in US and EU health legislation. This would put them in the realms of the medical profession and only be available on prescription as drugs.

So in summary, what we are seeing is the proponents of GM food taking over the administrative and legislative bodies all over the world. We see new legislation to allow GM crops to be planted and infect natural crops. We see resistance to labeling of GM crops in foods so we cannot have free choice to avoid them. We see laws making it impossible to grow organic crops. We see laws banning the sale of meat, eggs or milk that doesn’t come from animal treated with vaccines, or that hasn’t been pasteurised or irradiated. We see laws coming to prevent us from supplementing our diets to the proven nutrient deficient GM foods; or using natural remedies and cures.

When you look at it all together even the most skeptical mind might say, there seems to be an agenda going on here ! There seems to be a clear collusion between big agribusiness, government and pharmaceuticals in the drive to control the entire food chain and all matters relating to the health of the body and it doesn’t seem to have our interests at it’s heart. Soon it seems it will be a criminal offense to grow carrots in your garden without strict government licensing and regulations and woe betide you if you dare eat as nature intended.

If you think this is one step beyond crazy then you must do something to stop it after reading this article. Research and contact those people making these decisions and voice your commitment to oppose them. Let them know you are aware of what is going on and demand of them to stand up and represent the people’s interests, and not big business.

The food and drink you consume is sterilizing you and causing cancer, but how?

October 22, 2009



Sterile water ???

Sterile water ???

I have been looking for a video clip with a chemist describing this Bisphenol A issue for a long time. I wanted something that was broadcast mainstream rather than fringe so people will realize this is actually happening and has been for 50 years.


Have you ever wondered exactly why sperm counts are down by 90% in the last 50 years? Also why cancers specific to gender are so prevalent now and why cancer is now a 1 in 3 human certainty? Well this will give you a clue as to one of the reasons.

It should be noted that when research and testing was being carried out for plastics for food and drink packaging, many different chemicals were used. Of all the hundreds of different plastics that were available for use, this one is the only one that leeches an estrogen mimicking chemical into the food and drink it contains. So why do you think they chose to use this one in particular?

It wasn’t even for simple greed as this particular compound is a long way short of being the cheapest option. So could it have been a deliberate choice because it contained the properties that the developers were actually looking for?

Well, unfortunately yes, that is the answer. These products were, like everything else that seems to work against our best interests in this world, the brainchild of the globalists who believe it is their right to control the planet and sterilize the population so that they can choose who may procreate based on their long-held Eugenics beliefs.

I urge you to do some research into the chemicals in your food, drink, vaccines and care products and you will be shocked at the litany of deliberately placed chemicals designed to sterilize and sicken the population

It is time that everyone started to eat fresh food again. Fresh local produce from farms. Fresh meat from local butchers. Fresh fish from the local fishing port. I am lucky that I have all these facilities in one village and I understand that for many it is not as easy but I urge you to find markets and traditional meat and fish shops to buy fresh food. Learn to cook and save your lives and your taste buds while you’re at it.

Dropping like flies from SCD

July 9, 2008

On the news yesterday yet another young boy suddenly dropped dead on a football pitch here. That makes a dozen young boys in the last 2 years in Ireland. My boy is that age now and playing football. I don’t want to get a phone call or see my son collapse in the middle of a game so I am going to show you why it is happening and who is responsible for the deaths of these kids and adults alike because this is a long running worldwide phenomenum and it could happen to you or someone you love. So please read the whole blog because this is becoming the nation’s number 1 killer !

The culprit that all research points to is ASPARTAME

It is an artificial sweetener and is loaded into more foods and drinks than I could care to list. You may remember it under a trade name “Nutrisweet” but it is in many many others

It failed to get passed the US Food and Drug Administration the 1st time but please watch the following video and see how and by who’s hands it was pushed through and put on the market even though the harmful nature of the chemical were known.

Now please read from the following pages and included links to find out the full shocking effects of the substance. You may read at length at your leisure but you will get the main points quite quickly that this is killing MILLIONS of people EVERY year and is dumbing down the population in general because of brain and nerve damage…

How could this be allowed to happen you may ask? Well take a look at this next video and you will see how the corporation that makes Aspartame uses it’s power to cover up the true health damage that their products cause and who is complicit in it.

It is hard for us to understand how people can have this complete lack of morality I know, but that is the calibre of men who are at the core of this virtual culling of the population by any means possible. Either by poisoning our foods or by war or by creating a new pandemic like bird flu or issuing contaminated vaccines for Hepatitis. One way or another huh.

The reason this all became so fresh today was also because this week it was announced again that the European Union is going ahead with the new Directive on food regulation as set down in the W.H.O. report. This will in effect mean that it will become ILLEGAL to buy VITAMINS and MINERAL suppliments. It will also become ILLEGAL to buy HERBS, which can even be stretched to things like garlic (watch out France)

There are also some interesting ideas and spins coming off of this that it is capitulation to the drug corporations to remove the competition of natural remedy from the shelves and put the MEDICAL cure into their control rather than the NATURAL prevention into ours. There are also some pretty scarey ideas on GM food and Iradiation and the use of Hormones (yes the very same ones in the video number 2), plus the use of anti-biotics (and the trusting what’s in a needle of “innoculation” from a government agency is not something I relish but that will be in another blog on HIV). Watch this

I attach the report if you have time, she’s right though, it is a “Trade Agreement” not a public health document and their website has everything for all to see. Our food will be controlled by big business not us.

I also read a previous report by the WHO. This is the report if you have time which was the 2003 WHO report which was the forerunner to the distorted version above

This 2003 report however actually reads well and pertains to an eat yourself healthy ethos as far as I could read from it. If I played devil’s advocate here I would say that the population is slowly killing itself through apathy and lack of will to eat properly or excercise, instead relying on junk food topped up with suppliments. Too many chronic illnesses are resulting and it is worsening. Therefore if they wont change voluntarily we could remove the suppliments and force them to eat healthy or DIE.

Now I took her claims with a pinch of salt so went to try and find where she got the 3 Billion figure from but I couldn’t locate it when I scanned the Codex report and couldn’t locate her source, but it may have been somewhere else, and I don’t doubt she has good sources because I have done some trolling around the net and found a lot of corroborating evidence for the depopulation model that has been espoused.

It goes all the way back to the NSSM 200 report that President Gerald Ford commissioned from Henry Kissinger that assessed future world trends in development, populations, power, food, industrialisation etc and it highlighted 13 nations that were at the time “Less Developed” which were then catagorised as a future threat to USA’s position of power in the world. The conclusion of the report was population reduction by any means possible. These were even listed as: war, famine, drought, disease, and general destabilisation

Here’s a background to the report.

and here’s the actual report

It was adopted as official US government policy the following year and was further cemented by the Global 2000 report in 1979

Subsequently the same ideas are championed by today’s members of the Commission for Foreign Relations CFR and the Bilderberg Group, which include all of the current administration bigshots and the incumbents plus many foreign leaders, bankers, industrialists. Also by Mr Rockerfeller, the man who owns the Federal Reserve (and therefore owns America)

This I have put in as an example of why we cannot trust the governments and the major private corporations in the food and health industries to care for our health and welfare. Why should they when they are in it for profit and the government is able to carry out the acts required in that NSSM200 report to retain power

So why should we trust them with these food regulations?

My concern has always been that if we are banned from supplimentary foods or preventative medicines and we are more and more reliant on processed food which has all the vitamin and mineral content removed and all food pumped full of hormones and antibiotics and chemical sweeteners. How are we going to stop ourselves deteriorating generation by generation?

This man describes the scenario very well using Dr Pottinger’s experiments with cats in the 1930s and 1940s and the signs are already there.

This one you should watch

This is a very serious subject. Personally I believe there is at best a “What will be will be” attitude to the lives and health of the worlds population from the major corporations and major western governments. At worst it would be a deliberate plot to cull us but I cant go that far yet. Can you?

Anyway all I want to do is make sure my son grows up healthy, and is not going to be nobbled by chemicals, bad food or bogus innoculations. So I want to know what the hell we can do to roll back this globalisation of control over us and this dictatorial style of government that we are getting in the US and Europe that takes away all the rights we used to have to JUST SAY NO!!

Please, any thoughts?

This site has dozens of links on Aspartame and it’s effects (including brain cancer) and what to do now.

PS Don’t drink that diet coke now

Mankind is trying to wipe itself out again

May 21, 2008

Do you think they will catch on before it’s too late this time?

It has been said that once the bees are gone our food chain will be devastated and humanity will only last 4 years following the bees’ demise. Since November 2007 more than a billion bees have “disappeared” ! What is causing this and how can we stop it?

Listen to this radio program and you may see the seriousness of the situation, and what might be done to stop it. It may also open your mind to questioning everything you thought you knew about existence and how the universe actually works.

Things like :

The structure of the universe and how everything in it is connected

The earths place in it and in turn our own

Do we need to tune in to the natural order to survive

The origins of matter

The existence of deities

Harmonics and tortion fields

Their use in limitless energy, cold fusion, anti gravity, space propulsion

The relevence of the earths coming alignment with the galaxy centre

The completion of the earths 26,000 year wobble

The ability of ancient cultures to predict this, where did the knowledge come from, was there interference in earths development

What will happen on 21st December 2012, is it catastrophic or a new conciousness

The morality of the ruling or business classes

What are the motives of the governments in witholding/suppressing technology

There are a million other questions that can arise out of this broadcast but the most pressing is will we do anything to solve the bee problem

As an update the problem seems to be bigger than this broadcast knew at the time and has spread globally and into natural hives too

Listen to the radio broadcast in the order shown below. You may want to take a couple of nights to get through it but once you are through the first two you will find your mind has so many questions you just have to keep listening. Further research will throw up some very interesting theories and new science.–wkS97_k&feature=related

I hope you stretch your minds on this one

Cheesey problem

December 29, 2007

Well I was in the local shop yesterday and I fancied a bit of an old cheese sandwich for lunch. I had 3 items in my hand only and was taken aback when the Adrian Mole lookalike at the till asked me for €11.00. I asked him to check and he told me that the 400 gram block of cheese in my recycled plastic bag was setting me back a cool €5.00.

So on my walk home I worked out that I had just paid out €12.50 a kilo for mild cheddar cheese. That’s shocking is it not? Work it back to your money folks. It’s £8.50 a kilo (that’s probably about $20.00) I must be getting ripped off surely so I checked

The prices, after staying very steady for the last 5 years, indeed have rocketed since August 2007 and a retail price hike of nearly 30% has resulted. Had anyone else noticed? Or do I eat too much cheese if it was that obvious to me?

As it turnes out the stats below bear out the increases BUT based on UK rates I should only be paying £6.08 per kilo or €9.00. Rip off Ireland we say over here, and it seems I’m being done for an additional 40% on the cost of my favourite food

Look at the shocking increase in the graph below from August 2007 onwards…..

Taken from the Milk Development Council Website

UK Dairy Product Retail Prices

English Mild Cheddar is over £1,300/t higher (+27%) than prices of only four months ago, with most major retailers now showing similar prices. But the price increase in Budget Cheddar varies between £500/t and £1,200/t over the same period (and may mean that all the price increases have not fed through to supermarket shelves yet). Mature Cheddar prices were unchanged in December after moving downwards in November with prices up by only £120/t since August.

Retail prices for liquid milk increased in September and are over 20% higher than a year ago. Doorstep prices remain at about 50p per pint, although there have been rumors of an increase in the price of doorstep milk. Fresh cream prices were increased in September and again in November by varying amounts from one retailer to another. Overall the increase was close to the change in English butter prices. Prices are some 43% higher than a year ago.

The retail price of butter also went up in September and November, but there was a slight downward adjustment for Country Life butter in December. Country Life prices have increased by some £1,200/t since August, but Anchor and Kerrygold prices have risen by £1,700-2,400/t, once again leaving Country Life as one of the cheapest branded butters.



1 month before
12 months before
Liquid milk, 4 pint polybottle
Doorstep milk (1 pint)
Fresh Double Cream, 568ml
Butter, Country Life, 250g pack
Butter, Anchor, 250g pack
Cheddar, English Mild, own label (250g pack), price per kg
Cheddar, English Mature, branded, price per kg

Source: Various

UK Retail Prices

Well the reason given in the business world is a huge increase worldwide in the demand for milk products. The rise in price however is pushing down the turnover, we aren’t buying it. What I don’t fully understand is; with all the market research out there on the web that costs nearly a grand just to access; how the demand increase was not forseen and production boosted in advance? Bad business, or profiteering?

As a side issue for your thoughts, if we have to increase hugely the dairy herds to cater for the worldwide demand are we not simultaneously killing ourselves by increasing the greenhouse gases (methane) produced from the cows. How do we solve this one lads?

I will offer to eat one less cheese sandwich a week if it will help

Perhaps we could send rockets to the moon to bring back the cheese instead of increasing the number of cows?

Any thoughts people of the cheese world?

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