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Why some people can’t hear

February 27, 2009

When I present to you all information that is crucial to your awakening and ultimately your survival as a free human being, I find it frustrating that you cannot see what is in front of your very eyes. Perhaps you would look at this and maybe it will explain why this happens

Let me offer you tiny sips of water then. . .

What would this man have to gain by making this up? Nothing really

Would you like another small sip on the same issue

Do you think it odd that half these people are alive and that the head of the CIA thinks it isn’t important?

Considering the passport holder was alive and well in Saudi Arabia on Sept 11 do you think that the government agencies could have been planting evidence, and if so could they have planted more?

Do you also think it is odd that some of these men appeared in the Able Danger surveillance operation of the Military Intelligence before 911, yet could get into the country and live next door to the NSA ?

Do you think it is odd that Mohammed Atta who was living in Florida and had American girlfriend who was a stripper (interviews available on the internet), and yet the National Enquirer, (or the Daily Star in UK) didn’t do a spread on it? In fact she was visited every week by different FBI agents and reminded not to talk to anyone, is that normal?

OK stop drinking for a while and digest and think

not believing the official story is no longer what the media tell you it is, it isn’t a small group of cranks who know the 911 story stinks. Polls show that the majority of the population now believe the government was involved, and finally it is getting into the legislatures. This is bravery, putting truth ahead of personal gain at Senate level

There is an awakening of humanity going on and a demand for truth, justice and freedom from the tyrrany of government lies. It has reached every quarter of society and the only thing holding it back and denying it is the government controlled mass media. Why would they do that? Isn’t it strange that the biggest story ever to hit the news and nobody wants to cover it? What does that tell you about the mass media?

If after those sips of water you are still thirsty I suggest you watch Dylan Avery and Jason Burmas’ documentary Loose Change Final Cut as your first full foray into this. You can see it here on Google Video

Hopefully this will leave you with a thousand unanswered questions and you will read further


Lou Dobbs almost fully awake, nails a NWO issue

February 26, 2009

While I don’t agree with the content of the anti Islam propoganda that the Media puts out due to the fact that they are tarred with CIA run terrorism in the name of creating an atmosphere of fear to monitor and enslave us all, I am finally encouraged by the fact that a network, that up till now has covered positively the globalists agenda and the bogus war on terror, has finally come out and hit the nail on the head.

This is mainly thanks to Lou Dobbs who actually had an awakening a few years ago and he has started to cotton on to the reality of what the real agenda is. And guess what? When you ask the people they all agree with him

Lou Dobbs was woken to the Elite’s agenda a few years ago when he started reporting the North American Union when everybody else denied it. Since then he has woken up to the inconsistencies in the whole 911 story and the war on terror. He has now finally cottoned on to the facts that we who study this have always known, that the UN is owned and run by the Elites for their own agenda.

He mentions above that the UN is becoming burdonsome and intrusive, perhaps even overbearing. He is right it is. What he hasn’t yet realised is that it is by design as it was set up by the elites to become the world government controlled by them.

The video issue of free speech is being eroded in all countries with new legislation of hate speech, internet censorship, fairness doctrines, right to protest curtailed. Right now disagreeing with the government can get you arrested under the new terrorism laws

Lou mentions the different UN departments and agencies which are all dominating our lives now. He is right again as you see here in these agencies

The IPCC is trying to criminalise Carbon Dioxide as a pollutant when in fact it is the building block of all plant life. They are doing it against all good science which shows CO2 lags behind global warming and cooling cycles by as much as 800 years and the world is cooling down currently, but overall simply going through it’s normal heat cool cycles. They are doing this to force a carbon tax payable to them. The tax will be payable on every aspect of your life which means every aspect of your life will need to be MONITORED ! This is the real reason behind it, TOTAL CONTROL GRID.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is trying to regulate the entire worlds food by introducing Codex Alimentarius which will outlaw food supplements including minerals, vitamins and even herbal remedies. This will put all the power of health and nutricion in the hands of the big pharnmacutrical companies who fund and report for the WHO. Your food will become Genetically modified to be nutrient deficient and you will rely on the Big Pharma for your well being. In this scheme the huge Agribusinesses who also report for the WHO will also control all crop seed and nutrients for growing.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is the body owned by the same bankers who own the central banks and the Fed around the world. It is famous for lending money to third world countries, bankrupting them and then taking all their resources as payment. This is what it has positioned itself to do now but on a grander scale, a worldwide scale with the bankers who own the IMF and World Bank also the same people who have bankrupted the western world. They are now ready to bail out countries but what they give comes with conditions. They have already come to the country I live in and offered money on condition they have a say in the economic structure and running of the country including setting wage structures. This is how they plan to take over the world economy. The vilification of private banking and the forced nationalisation of the banks is part of the plan to give them governmental control over everybody’s money. Hence, if you want money to set up a radio station that opposes their agenda you will not get your loan ! If they want to tax you they just take it.

If you read the agenda of the UN it wants to get the world to a point where the UN owns all the land and all the worlds resources including water, and has the power to control them and hence control us. This means our lives will be controlled by a central power group owned by an elite group of trillionaires. These trillionaires who fund the UN include the likes of the Rothschilds, the Rockerfellers (who donated the land where the UN building stands stating that it would be the World Capital), European Royalty and Nobility, Italian Black Nobility, International business and banking families and Media moguls. All unfeasably wealthy and all with one New World Order agenda

This group has stated it wants a one child policy, a massive reduction in energy use (except for them), A world population reduction to 500 million, to re-wild most of the land and move the people into high density urban centres (which would be a great place to release a pandemic), a cashless society, all humanity chipped and monitored with all functions controlled through the chip including money and taxes or fines deducted without your knowledge, control of our food and water supply, forced vaccination and euthenasia. Basically their vision of the future is a grid controlled, reduced and poorly educated population, manipulated by them to serve their own needs. You and I mean no more to these people than slaughtering an animal for the dinner table or shooting a dear for sport. In the eyes of the ruling classes we are a sub-species and have been to them since the time of the anciennt Egyptians and Babylonians. These elites see themselves as the new Pharoahs and want to build a new Babylon

This is a side issue for your thoughts now

Many of you might be religious and that is your right, I however am not, but I don’t discount ancient writings as fairytails. There are hidden truths in the parables of these manuscripts even though they were told as parables rather than non fiction. For those of you who are religious you might be interested to know that in the Bible it talks of the end of days or rather of this age and mentions one who will come and bring darkness and war across the world and he will be recognised by being the king of the south, a muslim wearing a blue turban. Well that kind of fits nicely with Obama being a Kenyan muslim and having a blue helmeted army of the UN behind him. Just a thought.

Another one is that in the Quran it also talks of the end times and the one who brings global dominance and war upon all Islam would have ONE EYE. I suggest you look at the one dollar note where you will find the Masonic New World Order Pyramid with the eye of Horus (Lucifer) atop. Just something else for you to think about. Some religious muslims believe this time is the pre-cursor to the final battle

Alan Watt cuts through the matrix for you

February 25, 2009

Alan Watt has been studying the world elites for over 30 years now and would be considered one of the most knowledgable on the subject. His 30 years of research have unveiled much of what is and has really been going on in the world behind the veil and he has been given enormous insight into the overall agenda and methods used to achieve it. An astute knowledge of history and access to members or former members of the elite have enabled him to piece together the enormous puzzle that is around us and to see the picture it is going to finally make

I urge you all to listen to this radio interview with Alan Watt. It is only a short one, but it might be the best one to open your mind to the reality because it is done in relation to what is happenning now, while referencing the history and future goals

Alan will be back to do a 2 hour interview in a week or two here but you can find his interviews on other shows with interviewers who allow him to speak more and on his overall field of knowledge, you can google that. He also has made DVDs which you can see or hear on his website and written many books there advertised

If you listen to Alan and put his information alongside the study of people like Michael Tsarion who deals with the ancient historical roots and the symbolism, along with other scholars who deal with the ancient history and bloodlines and religious connections, plus scholars of hidden archaeology and technology, you will get a very complete picture of the world

In one respect you will see what has been lost, what has been hidden, and the continuity of it all as complex as it is at times. You will also see the history of our manipulation over millenia and where this is all heading

Up till recently it has been very easy to keep the lid on this Pandora’s box but since the coming of the home computer and the internet explosion, this information is all out there for the public to access and view. These researchers like Alan and Michael and Alex and many more don’t make this stuff up. They get their information from official published sources and interviews with people involved.

So much information is now out there that the Elites are trying to shut down the internet. Therewill be attempts politically to censor the net now in the name of hate crime or fair and balanced broadcasting as a cover. The same will happen to talk radio which is hurting them badly. Obama has already got Bills ready for this and other countries are doing it too

The plan to bankrupt the world is going swimmingly. If you go and look you will find this was always part of the agenda. The IMF, UN, Globalist groups like the Bilderberg or Club of Rome, and the advisory groups like the Rand Corporation put this plan together and they expect when it happens to have 30 years of food shortages, war, civil strife, famine, disease and finally by about 2050 they hope to have reduced the world population to about 500 million. This is their stated goal. If you don’t believe me go and read it in their own documents, it’s very simple.

The proof that crooked media works

February 23, 2009

This is how America comes across to the rest of the world now after decades of continuous war and especially the last 8 years

They are Oceana .

I hope you are shocked to know that

This blog is a sad indictment, not just of the deliberate lies the mass media tells you, but also of the general stupidity of a large percentage of the population that haven’t the common sense to question everything they are told by networks of media that are owned by people of authority and wealth. Why on earth would they tell you anything that wasn’t to their benefit? Would you hang yourself? No, so don’t expect them too do differently.

The following are a few very alarming statistics that were taken from a population survey in October 2003 and can be seen in the film linked at the end of the blog. What they show is the shocking difference in stupidity and ignorance of TV viewers based on the channel they watch. The reason for this difference is that the channel in question in this survey deliberately feeds lies to it’s audience to serve a government agenda

Let’s just take one issue only for this blog – Iraq

The most shocking result of this survey was how many people believed the complete opposite of the truth

Sample of questions:-


The known / admitted / historically factual answer to all these questions is NO

Question 1 – Were weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq?

Answer NO

PBS – NPR viewers who said YES = 11%

Fox News viewers who said YES = 33%


Question 2 – Does world opinion favour the US invasion of Iraq?

Answer NO

PBS – NPR viewers who said YES = 5%

Fox News viewers who said YES = 35%


Question 3 – Has the US found links between Iraq and Al Qaeda?

Answer NO

PBS – NPR viewers who said YES = 16%

Fox News viewers who said YES = 67%


There are two ways of interpreting this

1 – Fox News viewers are less intelligent than viewers of PBS – NPR. This could be read in conjunction with the research which has been done into the deliberate dumbing down of the American public to guarantee a servile easily manipulated 40% to guarantee election or support for a cause


2 – Fox news viewers are just as intelligent but are bombarded with greater propoganda than viewers of other stations resulting in an inability to tell what is reality and what is a lie. Now I can’t believe that someone with a reasonable intelligence could watch what goes on on Fox and not cringe at the fawning and appalling journalism

Personally I feel that the reality is somewhere between the two

You should be ALL outraged at these statistics. Not from a Lib / Con perspective because Cons should be just as disgusted, if not more, that they are being manipulated and lied to. Both sets of supporters are countrymen and would want to start acting that way and start to fight the common enemy. . . . . The dis-information the mass media is selling you and has been for decades if not since it’s invention.

You should also be embarrassed that you form part of those statistics and ashamed that you could be so easily fooled into supporting causes and laws that go against your own human nature to befriend, love, trust, share and help, by making you see nothing wrong with murder, hatred, spying, stealing and turning your back against your fellow man

Here are a few short clips for you that show some of the lies

This is from early 2001. Conveniently forgotten by Rice and Powell

And here again we find Cheney in 1994. Funny how these people can U-turn their principles and policies when it suits them and then U-turn back again afterwards to deny they ever did it.

Well in Bush’s own lies. . . . erm . . . words

Oh the mind control buzz words. . . .” Freedom Agenda” in the middle east. I’m sure the locals don’t see it that way, or is it just double speak for “securing oil and gas reserves”

The one I like in the film at the end is the newsroom memo that suggested that US snipers must be re-named as “sharpshooters” while the arabs remain “snipers” Do you see how that mind control makes you feel better now?

Why do they do it? Well for Cheney personally it is this

For the Bushes and Bin Ladens it was their Carlyle Group and oil businesses

Rumsfelt and others are getting rich from the Agribusiness, Big Pharma and Weapons manufacturers, as are about half the Congress and Senate including the lorded Clintons who accumulated 100 million during Bill’s Presidency at modest estimates

They all became wealthy but of course this is their reward for pushing the Globalist agenda forward, as indeed the new President Obama will continue to do if he want’s to get rich. I suggest you watch how his fortune grows in the coming years

I like this Rumsfelt episode where he is confronted by Ray McGovern, a 27 year CIA veteran. Rummy dithers and dodges in the questioning and then Ray explains in the follow up clip

The sad thing here is that McGovern KNOWS EXACTLY what is going on but you could hear the utter stupidy in the brainwashed audience applause and the security trying to remove the questioner. Rummy knew what weapons Iraq ha
d because they were sold to their puppet and CIA trained Saddam by the US. I shouldn’t need to show you the vids of the politicians endlessly spouting the “imminent danger” and “WMD” warnings again do I?

The level of brainwashing defies belief. To be able to get 67% of their viewers to believe a particular lie. I mean even if you took out the 16% that also said yes from general population you are still left with more than 51% of Fox viewers outside the moronic national minority, who believed a complete lie. More than half of the allegedly thinking audience still got it wrong. Now that is a triumph of mind control that the Nazis would have been proud of

This is the documentary film I would like you to watch (especially the Republicans and Fox viewers) It is extremely enlightening.

As a word of warning. This is not an attack on Republican voters. What I warn you of here is that the machine that governs you uses these methods whoever is President. The elites who rule you will use their media to convince you to support their agenda. Democrats be warned, that as mindcontrolling as the Fox network is for the Republicans, a station like MSNBC can be just as dangerous a tool of the elites to mindcontrol you into supporting the next phase of their agenda.

You owe it to your kids to question everything the government tells you because everything they have told you for the last 50 years has been a lie and there is no reason to change that now

This is not a joke people. It is very very real and most of you don’t even see it yet. Some people saw it and tried to warn you all. Some very high ranking people


President Woodrow Wilson lamented that he had sold his country out to the bankers with the Federal Reserve Bill in 1915, the same bankers who bought up all the newspapers and journals of note preceding that Bill

General Smedley Butler who conspired long enough with the engineers of an attempted military coup of the US by the Bankers and Multinationals in the 1930s before revealing the plot to Congress

How about President Eisenhower in his farewell speech in 1961 who gave a stark warning against the secret military industrial complex (MIC)

Following straight on from Eisenhower, President Kennedy who also knew the reality of power in America, made the speech that laid it all out. Exactly how the arms of the MIC octopus controlled different facets of the country

That speech got him killed and the secret service arm of the MIC made it happen

Ever since that day there has been no end to the lies and mind control from the government and the media regardless of which party is in the White House or controls Congress or Senate. All of it to justify one thing. The enrichment in wealth and power of the controlling elites through free markets and war. This is America’s role in the world – THE CORPORATE MUSCLE

This is how it works and how they will eventually drive you to a global comunism like Orwell’s nightmare

Just think how close you are already. Cameras on every corner. Drugs that can change your behavior. Historical news that changes with time through ommission or denial. New words to make the old ones sound less harmful

These media liars have already started revising the news, revising history and bombarding your mind with so much doublespeak you no longer remember or are sure what the truth actually is. The ministry of truth is with you. I think everyone needs to go and read the book or look at the film 1984 again and see where you are heading.

I remember the scene near the end where O’Brian holds up 4 fingers and asks Winston Smith, after much torture and re-programming of his mind, “How many fingers am I holding up?”. Winston gets the answer right when he says “Five”. (How many trillions did the bankers steal, or, how many civilians are killed in Iraq)

“If you want a vision of the future Winston, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever” (This is the New World Order)

“The law of gravity is nonesense, no such law exists” (911 official story)

“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past” (Corporate Media)

Or the Minitru slogans

“War is Peace” (Pre-emptive US attacks)

“Freedom is Slavery” (Wiretapping, homeland security, RFID chips)

“Ignorance is Strength” (Failing schools, Media lies, Executive power)

For those of you ready for a glimps of where you are heading you can watch the whole movie in small clips starting here and following the numbered parts

Let’s hope it’s not too late and the Proles will find their own voices

Seeing through lies

February 21, 2009

It is really very simple

Lines are being drawn in the sand

February 17, 2009

We are this year at a moment in history that will be remembered and written about. At the moment on one side of this battle are the International Banking cartel quickenning their plans to crash the world economy and proclaim a New World Order through their mass media.

Their window of opportunity is closing fast because the world is waking up to them. In Europe people have always looked across the Atlantic and seen something is very wrong, but they don’t seem to see that they are in the same boat with the EU. However in America people are waking up in masses because it is happenning all around them.

Now the awakening has grown to such an extent that the line has finally been drawn in the sand by the people. It is sad that it has taken this much predicted and warned about catastrophe for people to see it but at least they finally have. You may or may not be aware but the fight has been going on behind the scenes for a while now and finally it has come out in the open and faced the beast that is trying to take down the US and the rest of the world to 3rd world status.

In the last weeks a number of States Legislatures have passed or introduced Bills limiting the power of the Federal Government within their States to that given to the Federal Government by the State under the 9th and 10th Ammendments, These include New Hampshire, Arizona, Mississippi. There are currently 20 States looking to introduce similar legislation and they are talking to 8 more making 28. What they are saying is that the Federal government has overstepped it’s legal rights given to it by the States which are Sovereign and any unconstitutional laws will not be legal in their States. This is the line in the sand of the New Revolution

14 States had already passed Bills like this in the mid 90s but have not yet implemented them. Now if 35 States get together and agree, then they can legally dissolve the United States as it exists and reform themselves under a legitimate government of their choosing. This may soon have to happen because the Federal Government is out of control. The Presidential Directives signed by Bush and the Security Acts he passed clearly state that the military will be used against any States that do not follow Federal Directives even though they are strictly illegal because the States have never bestowed the authority to the Federal Government to make these laws, despite what the controlled national media tries to make you believe.

The straws that has broken the camel’s back are the new legislations that have been tagged onto other Bills like the Health Services Bill and the new Stimulus Bill that give Federal authority to confiscate practically any guns depending on how they wish to interpret it. This and the looming threat of Martial Law allowed under the recent Presidential Directives. The Founding Fathers made a provision deliberately so you would never be unarmed in the face of an out of control Federal Government taken over by Banksters and Multinational Business as it has become.

Rest assured the Dollar will collapse this summer and worse still Mexico is right now on the brink of complete failure of it’s economy, and when it goes you will have millions crossing the unprotected border. There are three ways this will go.

Either 1 – The States dissolve the Union and rid themselves of the Federal Government if enough police and military side with the people and refuse to obey orders.

Or 2 – If not then there will be running battles in the streets and Americans removed to FEMA camps.

Or 3 – Obama pulls back from the brink and under guidance from the States he repeals many of the unconstitutional laws

To avoid the second option you must spread the information to as many in authority as possible and become vocal and active. Your State Legislators have finally come out in the open and stood up for you against the tyrrany at great risk and you must support them

THIS IS BI-PARTISAN ! There are no politics in protecting the nation from hostile takeover. Your time is now. Don’t pretend it isn’t happenning

Personally I feel that in the face off Obama may back off but if he does you can expect one hell of a huge false flag terror attack on the scale unimagined so far. Something like a suitcase nuke in Chicago or Houston. I have good reason for saying this by the way but let’s see what plays out before that blog

Look, this next bit is really important

George Noory finally got together on National radio yesterday some of the State legislators to explain what has been happenning and he also got Jerome Corsi and Alex Jones in studio to complete the background. this is a very good show and listenning to it you will learn a lot of facts you may not be aware of. You will also get the sense of how serious these State Legislators believe the situation to be, and how widespread this movement is now.

Please listen to the entire show because important facts are revealed all the way through.

I hope you now understand how serious this situation has become and that this is not a Bush Obama thing or a Cons Libs thing any longer. It never was. It has always been you versus the Feudalistic Banking families of Europe

Some of you might still doubt this is real. Well, it has long been known by many, and to prove it please listen to this incredible interview from 1988. When you hear it, it just resounds in your ears as to what is actually happenning now. You may ask why you didn’t hear the message back then?


You had 2 opportunities to make this man your President . . . and you turned him down twice



Ron Paul has introduced a Bill into Congress this session to end the corrupt private Federal Reserve so America can mint it’s own money again without paying interest to the private bankers. Anyone who votes against that Bill should be recognised for the complicit criminals that they are and they should be tried after the fall of the Federal Government.

Another sinister death of someone who stood up for truth

February 17, 2009

When the plane crashed outside Buffalo this week another American 911 Patriot was killed

And when I say killed, I mean KILLED

Beverly Eckart, who’s husband was killed on the 98th floor of the World Trade Centre on 911, was the only person among the families of the victims who was brave enough to say NO to the government’s cash compensation award. The body was basically set up to pay off relatives so that no information about the truth of the event would get to court and would remain in the hands of the fake 911 Commission. People were told if they didn’t take the award they would be tied up in court for ten years before they saw any cash. Beverly didn’t care. She wanted to know the truth about what happened. She was a 911 truther and knew the government were covering up and she wanted justice for her husband

So Beverly Eckart set up a group called Voices for September 11 and took a case rather than accept the award because she knew that in a Civil court the government and all the agencies and companies involved in security would be compelled to reveal documents and give evidence under oath. A lot of people were counting on her courage even though she knew the dangers of this challenge

A few days before the crash she had a private meeting with Barrack Obama wherein she discussed her case and requested a new investigation be opened to get the truth. Less than a week later, she was dead, along with 49 others

The flight safety investigator has not been able to find anything wrong with the pilot’s actions and nothing that could have caused the plane to react so violently and suddenly on it’s final approach to the runway when everything was going fine

What are the odds of a woman who’s husband died in 911, then dying in a plane crash in suspicious circumstances, only a few days after asking the President to open a new investigation into the 911 cover up? Ask an actuary and it would be billions to one

This is just the latest in a series of people being murdered by the government to stop the lies coming out. Barry Jennings the Assistant emergency manager on 911 who was about to be called to testify as a star witness in a New York investigation was suicided at last year. The same fate befell the Madam in the Washington prostitution scandal after she went on radio saying she was going to court and was revealing the clients’ names. One of her girls was also suicided. Or Benazir Bhutto shot dead shortly after she went on Frost Around the World and revealed to David that Bin LAden was murdered years ago (the BBC edited those seconds out of the programme so you know who they work for now). The patsy they fitted up for the Anthrax letters that actually came from a government laboratory was also suicided before his trial

There are others which you can research, but what we are seeing here is silencing of witnesses and troublemakers who won’t shut up. Add this to the fact that 4 unauthorised Bush Family biographers have been suicided so far and you surely cannot fail to see what is going on here. What you need to decide is whether Obama is implicated in this death or was it done by the shadow government without his consultation as he is only the front man. The sinister thing about his involvement was his speech about it, naming her and making her out to be a great supporter of the 911 victims without any mention that she did not believe the government and wanted a new investigation. Even in death she was used by the Government for good media

Here is a link to the story which includes lots of links to further information if you wish

Here is a link to the crash investigation describing to failure to find a reason

One thing you might note here at in finishing is that we are being told here that the plane came down near vertically and there are plane parts, contents and bodies everywhere. Funny how when they told you on 911 that Flight 93 came down in Pensylvania near vertically into a soft field, yet vapourized into nothing apparently. . . . . and you all believed them ? . . . . . How foolish do you feel now ?

Your government are murderers at home and genocidal abroad and continue to cover their tracks whatever the cost.

You people are in for one fucking huge shock soon if you don’t wake up now. These people will stop at nothing !

I will give you the heads up soon but there is something big brewing in your country before the summer is out by all the sources I have heard

Start of the Space War

February 13, 2009

After the alleged crash between two satelites over Siberia this week I thought I would add some background to the “accident” that might throw a different light on it for you

For a long time now the US, under whatever form of governance it actually exists, seems to think space belongs to them and to a smaller degree their new world order allies. Well the PNAC (Project for a New American Century) Report in 2000 detailed America’s plans to dominate space for itself and weaponize space. In doing so they would need to keep everyone else out.

So very early in the New American Century we have a situation where Russia has rejuvinated it’s space programme. China has said it will be going to the moon, Japan already has a moon orbiter, and even Iran is launching satelites along with India and a whole host of other countries apart from Europe. This doesn’t fit into NASA’s plans

One thing that needs to be noted early on here is that NASA in no way works for the US. It is an agency which spans worldwide and is controlled and run for the planetary elite. It has been feeding us hocus pocus about the real nature of the world we live in and the universe around us for decades

Case of point

1 Isn’t it amazing how severely edited the Appolo audio tapes are, and isn’t it incredible that 95% of all the original data from the missions “went missing in transit” recently ?

2 Isn’t it amazing that the anomolies from the moon missions have never been adressed, like the fact that the flags blew in the wind or the astronauts seemed to be lit from many different angles at once, or the whispy white cloud that blew across ?

3 Isn’t it strange that so many of the Moon and Mars pictures have been airbrushed ?

4 Isn’t it strange that for decades they have shown us pictures of Mars being a red planet with a pink sky and no water or life, yet now amateur astronomers are producing images showing Mars has a blue atmosphere and the NASA pictures like the Moon pictures have all been photoshopped or touched up ? They even denied and hid the existence of Cydonia on Mars for 20 years at least

5 Isn’t it amazing that all the moving lights and discs filmed from the shuttle which move under their own discretion, we are insultingly told are “space debris” ?

6 Isn’t it strange that they have never countered the revelations that came from ex-NASA employees at the highest levels, about other craft and structures already existing on the Moon, that have even been published ?

7 Isn’t it strange that after apparently landing on the moon using all the computing power of a Casio calculator in 1969 that NASA haven’t been back or anywhere near outer space in 40 years ? Warned off perhaps? Perhaps. There are plenty of aevidence, accounts and strange events from those missions that point in that direction if you investigate outside this blog.

Well that was just to highlight to you that NASA is not really a trusted source of information. You are told what the elites want you to know. Example recently is the fake global temperatures that NASA was caught spewing out last year to bolster the false global warming tax scam. They were shown up to have deliberately falsified the figures by independant researchers, like using the previous month’s data heading into winter or just making it up in some cases

Well the PNAC plan envisaged using space to dominate the planet for America as they would be able to wage war on earth from orbit. This is all written down and published for you to read by the way

They also need to stop any other country exploring space. The report was very specific about this and infact you would be amazed how easy it would be. Any craft leaving earth’s atmosphere based on current propulsion methods uses the Moon to catapult itself out into the solar system. Therefore all that is required to prevent outerspace exploration from earth is to strategically place weapons in orbit either side of the path to the Moon tracking it’s orbit around earth. From there every ship attempting to leave can be shot out of the sky

Naturally knowing all this is going to piss off the Russians, Chinese and pretty much 90% of the world’s 193 cuntries, who aren’t in the Anglo-US team, who don’t agree that America owns the stars

The first visible signs of it were early last year when the US Navy, surprisingly rather than NASA which tells you something about who really runs space and to what ends, shot a satelite out of the sky that had allegedly “malfunctioned”. Coincidently this came around the same time as Iran, India, China et al were gearing up their satelite placements and talking about going to the Moon and beyond.

What you really saw there folks was a warning shot from the elites who run the Anglo-American corporation that if anyone was thinking about getting off this planet then think again. We can now shoot you down, and here was the demonstration.

This isn’t even new technology as the video shot from a Shuttle mission below shows a warning shot being fired from earth at an unidentified craft that makes a hasty exit

The crash of two satelites may only be a spin story to cover the fact that a spot of retaliation has happened over Siberia. After all these satelites are in set orbits and far from there being “no airtraffic control in space” these orbits are carefully planned not to collide. These NASA people can predict the path of a comet millions of miles away that comes round every 20,000 years in an ever expanding universe so I think they can handle a few sky dishes in the upper atmosphere

The utter stupidity of all this is not being seen by the masses or the leaders. If you have debris in space, even the tiniest pieces only millimetres in size, moving at thousaands of miles per hour around the earth, they will puncture any space craft they come into contact with. If these weapons used for warring in space or shooting down satelites continue to spread debris around the planet, then it will soon be impossible for any craft to escape this planet through the debris. We will really then be a PRISON PLANET ! Not only for the slaves but also for the jailors too. That is kind of poetic though that they could imprison themselves by their own stupidity

Out of this you must ask yourself some questions

1 Who gave the Anglo-American Corporation rights to space and from where do they think they derive authority? Seems to be the actions of a dictator to me

2 Why has NASA been lying to us all these decades?

3 What the hell concerns them so much about the Moon that they have to stop anyone else at any cost getting there? Ditto Mars?

In closing

You might be interested to know that the oldest writings in the world and the oldest legends from the North American shamen to the Australian Aboriginals and fron the African Dogan to the ancient Chinese, and from the Celtic legends to the Indus, and Persian civilisations, ALL have similar stories about the origins of man and the interv
ention or visitation of beings from the sky in ships.

Many writings document futuristic weapons and ancient wars fought with flying machines and bombs of unbelievable power. Take a look into the Vedas for a start and the origins and reincarnations of humanity will become more intriguing and may make you see why the missing link was never found

The Chinese ancient writings even tell of previous civilizations that travelled to the Moon and built there as do legends from other ancients tribes of the world.

If you follow this through you may discover that all we are discovering now are things that we once knew.and forgot

Ever wonder what happened to the planes after 2001 ?

February 12, 2009

Well here’s an update from 2003

Did you ever hear the phrase “Hidden in Plane sight”

The truth is easy to see if you would only look

Repeat after me . . . .

February 1, 2009

This is how the last administration brainwashed you all.

Straight out of the Nazi handbook

Repetition Repetition Repetition !

Now don’t let this new administration do the same now you know how it is done. Remember the Nazis were a socialist party so don’t say it can’t happen

This goes for every country.

See through the lies

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