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The Aged Elite

August 18, 2009
Is it just me or have you also wondered how it is that those “elites”, who decide every aspect of our existence from law to power to medicine and food, manage to live so damn long and still be so incredibly active ?

(Note : This blog is purely anecdotal at this time and requires more research. I would welcome any confirmation or examples to the contrary to assist me with this assessment. Please leave suggestions in the comments)

Really when you look at these people who are still jet setting around the globe and active in politics and behind the scenes, then you are told that they were actually in politics during Nixon’s time, it hits you just how old these people really are.

Look at David Rockefeller as a prime example. He is the patriarch of an enormous business empire and has tentacles in foundations all over the world. He is active in all the shadow government groups he helped set up and run back in the 1950s  up to this day. He is 94 and still flying all round the world chairing these New World Order meetings.

and kissinger looked old back then

and kissinger looked old back then

There is his right hand man Henry Kissinger who seems to have been around in politics since Kennedy and now at 86 is still working for the new Obama administration and running his own group as well as driving the New World Order agenda

Daddy Bush is still deeply involved in the New World Order agenda behind the scenes and is a spritely 85,  and even George Jr is riding a mountain bike at 63 now he doesn’t have to play President anymore

Jimmy Carter is back in the fold of government and still flying around as an envoy looking as fit at 84 as he did in 1979

Then we have the energetic public speaker Zbignew Brzezinski who was a key adviser to Obama’s election campaign and still is a National Security Adviser to the US government through his Rand Corporation and is still jet-setting around the world pushing the globalist agenda at a spritely 81 as he has done since working for Carter in his Presidency

Alan Greenspan (ex Federal Reserve) is still out there doing the circuit imparting his Federal Reserve propaganda at 82. Warren Buffet is still an active central member of the financial manipulators with his billions at 79 and of course the other New World Order financial hit man George Soros is still central and highly active in the current crisis at 79 and also managed to be Obama’s main backer and adviser

There seem to be no end of extremely old politicians and advisors and bankers still out there pulling the strings. Leaders like Silvio Berlusconi still at the helm of a huge media empire and Prime Minister (if not dictator) of Italy at 73; or people like Madeline Albright who takes a new government job with Obama at 72.

There are literally hundreds of these people in politics who seem to never go away. They are all in their late 60s, 70s and 80s and are taking on vast new portfolios of work. It seems like nothing has ever really changed.

What I find strangest of all is the drive and energy they all have at such ages. What would drive someone to want to continue to be so directly and actively involved at such an advanced age? There is an old saying :

“When you are on your deathbed will you be regretting that you didn’t spend more time at work?”

It seems to me that these people believe they will. It is as if they cannot stop because there is something that they haven’t quite finished yet and if they don’t there will be hell to pay. Perhaps that is it. I have written before about the occult agenda of the New World Order so perhaps they believe that there will  literally be “Hell to pay” if they stop

If you look at this world for the last 50 years we have had the same faces running the world, and running it into the mess we now see. They, as a cross party group have made sure that they continue to control our destinies for half a century. So do you not then conclude that what we have now in the world is exactly what they have been holding on to power to achieve?

One other aspect of this is that it always seems strange to me that these people live so long, remain energetic and active, yet none of them seem to suffer from the same ailments that we suffer. To the best of my knowledge I cannot remember any of them in large numbers ever dying of cancer or suffering from dementia or any of the myriad of diseases that affect older people. None of them die of cancer yet new figures are showing now that one ion 3 people are getting cancer, and in many cases it is occurring in children. Why are they not proportionally equal, how are they seemingly immune?

I can think of one or two politicians like Reagan who died suffering from Alzheimer’s but still he was very old. Most of these people seem to be sharp into the end of their days, despite the fact that we think they are idiots most of the time. You might think they don’t know what they are doing but they know exactly why they are doing it.

The question asked then is why do they out live us and why do they not suffer with the same diseases we do? My own research has led me in many directions but the overriding assumption seems to be that the cures for all these diseases exist but are only available to the chosen elite. The knowledge of the simplicity of these cures is suppressed so while the rest of us are fed pharmaceuticals to treat the symptoms, they are free to use the natural known cures that if you dig hard enough you will uncover as I have, and realise what a scam the pharmaceutical industry is

The knowledge these people have kept from us like how to prevent and cure disease without medicine, or how to prolong life through certain nutrients has been their privileged information for as long as these inter-related bloodlines have ruled this planet and our suffering is their profit and power. Discovering the fountain of youth has always been at the forefront of their drive for power, the technology may finally have given them a chance now, but not for us.

This current cabal we have endured for the last 50 years is coming to an end soon and they seem to be planning a huge going away party for themselves in war, and pharmaceutical genocide. Don’t expect the next group following them to be any different unless YOU do something to change it. Take back the government and take back the control of your health and life

I would be interested to hear any comments and ideas about this subject to write a fuller expose if indeed this is not simply conjecture.




Spotting Illuminati Messages

August 14, 2009

As you wake up from the imaginary world that is created for you, you more and more start to notice the hidden messages the controlling elites insert into their mass media. The purpose of this is two-fold. Firstly to subliminally brainwash us into acceptance of what is to come by inserting incidences of what is on the agenda into our entertainment media. The second purpose is that is is essential to the occult agenda of these people that we are told because they require our acceptance of our fate in order to create greater power for themselves.

To this end I find that I see their symbolism everywhere now and I am unable to watch their media because the agenda is so obvious in everything I see now. This brings me to the case in point I by chance saw yesterday

My young fella switched on the children’s TV programmes yesterday and when it came on there was a cartoon series called Buzz Lightyear of Starfleet Command


We all know Buzz from Pixar’s Toy Story and having watched that too I do not recall anything overtly symbolic or mind controlling in those Pixar films. However now it is in the format of a TV cartoon series where Buzz and his friends battle the evil Emperor Zurg, I have noticed a change

Let me explain then what messages were encoded into this episode. 

1 – Emperor Zurg has an army of cyborgs or mechanically enhanced beings. This would mirror writings I have read on future trends in robotic warfare and the science of extracting the brain information from humans into computers, perhaps even androids in time when the hardware catches up.

2 – Zurg takes over a planet called Roswell that is inhabited by small aliens with large almond eyes. These of course would represent us, but also double as an insight into the truth behind the Area 51 residents

3 – Zurg says (in his own words) he will take control of the planet using his “Military Industrial Complex . . . . to enslave the people”. A clear confirmation of what has been happening here for the last 50 years since Eisenhower was US President, and a threat of what is to come as their endgame

4 – Zurg greases the wheels of his take-over by enlisting the services of a particular evil collaborator. Again this can be seen in the co-opting of elements of our society over the decades and into the future to carry out the New World Order agenda. Here it is compartmentalized but there are plenty of willing assistants as well as blackmailed ones or frightened ones.

5 – Zurg’s tyranny is actuated by the auto-contruction of an imprisoning environment that engulfs the peoples own lands. This auto-constructing phenomenum is reminiscent of the prison of legislation that is being built around the people of the western countries, especially Britain and the USA. It erects itself regardless of whether you try and stand in it’s way. It engulfs you even if you try to run from it.

6 – There is one feature about the need for the Illuminati to tell you what is to happen to you and that is that they seem to have to also tell you how to stop it. In this cartoon the way in which the auto-constructing prison of tyranny is reversed is simple. All that is needed is to penetrate the system and remove the power core. For example, remove the President, Congress and Senate, or the Members of Parliament, and replace them with yourselves. Alternatively remove the power by not buying into what they want or sell. Once this was achieved and the fuel removed, Zurg was left to fight man to man with Buzz and of course on those terms Zurg loses without his Military Industrial Complex, Robots and Cronies to fight for him.

7 – That was the good message but of course the Illuminati always tinge that with a message of hopelessness to mind control us into believing we cannot do this ourselves. This is done by having the population shown as helpless to help themselves and they can only be saved by a Superhero. Hence they sit back and wait for someone else to save them. this is the Jesus scenario, waiting for the second coming that has been mind-controlled into every religion


This to the un-awake would look paranoid, and that is understandable, because unless you have done a lot of research into mind control techniques or the work of Edward Bernais or into the methodology of the occult and their agenda then you would not think it were possible

Why now and not in Toy Story? Well back then Pixar stood alone. Now however Pixar has been bought out by Disney. Disney is a key member of the mind control agenda and long time Bilderberg Group and CFR member. You may remember Walt Disney’s open secret links to the intelligence services during the McCarthy era. His companies are now controlled by Zionist members of the Illuminati and have tentacles in many media outlets including film, television and games.

When I saw this cartoon I first wondered was it an honest warning until I remembered who owns the production of the cartoon. There is a sinister onslaught of mind control in our children’s entertainment. It comes in the form of the behavior of their favourite characters, the ethics they portray, the meaningless rubbish they are taught to desire and venerate. The role models they are given, who are the complete opposite of what their parents would want for them. All designed to create dumbed down grown ups without a sense of value for what is really important in this world

The sub-conscious messages that are inserted into programming, as described above in Starfleet Command, are everywhere and are designed to pre-programme the child’s mind to accept the oncoming agenda of the Illuminati. By planting these media images now the mind is not so shocked when they become reality so that the people will not stand up and say no, or fight back. By pre-conditioning them to expect this the people become more accepting and compliant.

This has been going on for decades and is also one of the key methods of fooling the public into going along with the geo-political agenda of the Illuminati Anglo-American Empire. For example, the use of a controlled mass media over years had turned normal people who would not hurt their fellow man into a people who turn a blind eye to the killing of millions upon millions of Asian and Arabic people in the name of global commerce, and they now find it acceptable when it is dressed up as “fighting terror”.

This should show you exactly how powerful this tool is that it can easily make people lose their humanity and their very soul. I hope you understand now why the Illuminati use this mind control on your children and that you will prevent this happening by first explaining the hidden messages to your children and secondly by boycotting the mainstream media. If you don’t see the propaganda, they cannot affect your mind

Remember, we do not need a superhero. We are all superheros !

Would you still need me, would you still feed me, when I’m 64

August 6, 2009

Yes we still feed the monster 64 years later don’t we. We still feed the beast that devours the love from the earth with war and death and hate. We still subscribe to the game the genocidal maniacs who run this world are playing with our lives and with the lives of all those people who died in that blink of an eye 64 years ago today

I come and stand at every door
But no one hears my silent dread
I knock and yet remain unseen
For I am dead, for I am dead
I’m only seven although I’ve died
In hiroshima long ago
I’m seven now as I was then
When children die they do not grow
My hair was scorched by swirling flame
My eyes grew dim, my eyes grew blind
Death came and turned my bones to dust
And that was scattered by the wind
I need no fruit, I need no rice
I need no sweet, nor even bread
I ask for nothing for myself
For I am dead, for I am dead
All that I ask is that for peace
You fight today, you fight today
So that the children of this world
May live and grow, and laugh and play

by Nazım Hikmet

64 Years on from Hiroshima today, and we haven’t learned anything. We still elect maniacs who create war rather than peace. Imagine you were there that day, just imagine the horror of being a civilian going about your day with your family. If you find that hard I dare say there is a reason you cannot comprehend so watch this and see if it helps

As I said I can understand in part why you could not comprehend this. How could you? It is too horrific

How could your predecessors have had a notion of the horror when their only perception of the reality of this bomb was sanitized into a 1951 public information film that made them believe to duck and cover was all that you needed, and once the flash was gone you just go about your day

The Diddle DUM DUM is ironic in retrospect.

Now if only the Japanese had seen this 6 years earlier they might not have been incinerated where they stood. Do you see how the media, in full knowledge of the devastation that occured 6 years earlier brainwashed everyone to think nothing of the acts committed against hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians. How this kind of brainwashing is what causes the mind controlled population to justify war and genocide as a good thing if they think their cause is just. They do not see the reality so they pretend it doesn’t matter.

Well I looked at another source of brainwashing while researching this. I looked up the Wikipedia entry and found one startling piece of brainwashing in the first couple of paragraphs.

“These are to date the only attacks with nuclear weapons in the history of warfare.” – (attributing this statistic to Hakim, Joy (1995). A History of Us: War, Peace and all that Jazz. New York: Oxford University Press)

The author of this book and this Wiki entry seems to want you all to remain unaware of the fact that America has used “Depleted Uranium” bombs in the Gulf War, in Bosnia, in Afghanistan, and in Iraq. Many countries have used DU tipped amunition since the 1970s as an armour piercing measure but bombs containing DU in most peoples’ minds constitutes nuclear weapons. Notice how the bombs in Baghdad formed mushroom clouds

The devastation left behind has poisoned the land for millenia and caused horrific birth defects only before seen after the Chernobyl nuclear reactor melted down in Belarus. If you have the stomach take a look for this is what is done in our name and we allow it to continue, brushing it off because we don’t have to see so far away.

It isn’t only those faceless and nameless foreigners that suffer, because your own servicemen have also a higher rate of birth defects now too. You see the people who start these wars don’t care about you and I. All they care about is their profit and their power and their long term agenda. They have been doing it for thousands of years. Financing both sides of a conflict to make a profit and pick up the spoils at the end. Throw in some depopulation as a bonus and gain more control. History has been repeating itself over and over again and the same families are handing on the baton and repeating the process at our expense

When are you all going to say NO MORE. I WILL NOT COMPLY !

If we don’t do it this time it will be the last time. This is the largest and most corrupt criminal takeover the world has ever seen. It has plans for genocidal depopulation of between 4 and 5 billion to create a world population maintained below 2 billion and they will have the power to maintain that level by whatever means they deem neccessary. Depopulation will be achieved through famine, disease, and if needs be war including the use of nuclear bombs in a final World War III in central Asia

Do you want this to happen again. I don’t. So why don’t you join me and fight to stop the madness happening again

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