Control Grid starts to infiltrate Ireland




Today I heard on RTE news a recommendation from a government advisory body on Social Welfare, that they think would stop social welfare fraud. Their idea was biometric ID cards for claimants. The type of fraud they were trying to eradicate was from people claiming and working at the same time, for instance taxi drivers working for cash. Now explain to me exactly how changing a card that is already unique in that it contains one and only one National Insurance number and the details of the person to which it pertains. It is scanned to access an account that can only be accessed once a week. It also only gets issued on photographic and birth certificated proof of ID and proof of residence.

Now tell me why is any more information required to prove ID when every proof has been given?

Also how would adding biometrics to that card add anything to the identification process that isn’t already covered?

Plus how will adding biometric data to a card stop a taxi driver working for cash in the black market, when the only way of tracking welfare cheats is through enforcement or through the tax record.

Scenario 1

Man hands over card and then gets finger print or eye scan to collect welfare, leaves post office, jumps in car and picks up a fare to town for cash. Did the fingerprinting or eye scan stop the fraud? No it didn’t did it. So why suggest biometrics as a solution?


What this is is the first intrusion into Ireland of the globalists’ to implement their idea for a global control grid of all people on the planet. We have seen attempted and successful legislation in countries all over the world, where the globalists have people in government, adding biometrics or RFID chips to anything from passports to driving licenses, Even the ultimate goal of putting a chip in people like they were cattle or pets is being pushed in the USA. Airports are adding biometric cameras. The CCTV around your cities is being equipped with face recognition software. Even retinal and facial scans and fingerprints are taken for driving licenses in a few countries now. The fingerprinting of every visitor to the US is a long despised activity. Most glaring is the attempts by governments, especially Britain, to introduce biometric ID cards for citizens against their wishes. Worse still is the taking and storing of people’s DNA who have not committed any crime, and worse still is the recording of every telephone call, text e-mail or web comment we make. Does ANY of this really seem right to you?

Ireland has been the slowest to come on board with these ideas because it has had very little infiltration from the globalists up until the last ten years. Perhaps it was just not important enough to them until the whole Lisbon Treaty issue. Now the Rothschild vampires have been invited across the threshold into the banking system and the surveilance society will follow.

There have already been suggestions regarding tracking our cars. They are the easiest to justify on the back of the global warming hoax agenda, requiring trackers in our cars so they can tax us by the mile, or road camera networks to read and tax our number plates wherever we go. Horrendously expensive systems to set up and run that would lead to no financial benefit to them and considerable loss to us. So why would they suggest these things when, if you want to charge people for over using the car or for having a petrol guzzling engine, then all you need to do is add 10 cents to a litre of fuel and take the money at the pump at no admin cost ?

Doesn’t make sense does it. All these cumbersome intrusive ideas to tax and “secure” us. An 8 year old could tell you that. So why suggest them at all if they don’t work? Well isn’t it obvious? The agenda is not to tax or secure us. It is to track and control us. To know our every move and action and our whereabouts at all times. To be able to restrict our movement or ability to travel and eventually when they have their cashless society, our ability to buy and sell. It is the Irish end of a worldwide control grid where every human can be tracked and controlled at all times. This is how scared they are of us and this is what we must stand up to and say NO !

Never give up your freedom. Never give up your birthright to anonymity. Never surrender control of your life to government.


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  1. Their Website Says:

    Very interesting subject , regards for posting . “I am not an Athenian or a Greek, but a citizen of the world.” by Socrates.

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