This site is dedicated to allowing people to see the truth about the world they live in. It’s prime aim is to tell you the news the controlled corporate mass media refuses to cover. To give you the slant on the news that the media covers up to allow you to understand why certain things happen. Hopefully you will soon be able to connect all the dots and see the false reality these people have created for us














One Response to “About”

  1. April Danann Says:

    Here is a copy of what I have posted on my website, thought that you might be interested.

    “21 November 2009

    On Wednesday morning I was up at 5 studying for an exam later that day, it was between 6-7 am and I was just putting a few things into the car to take with me. I opened the door and thought I heard planes or a helicopter overhead. It was not even breaking daylight yet and as I was busy I just shrugged it off. My son and husband also heard it and commented, with my son going outside to look (he is nine) but not really seeing anything.

    I hurried on with my day and the next day too as I was sitting exams both days and with young children was up late into the night studying and then up very early in the morning to continue.

    It was just last night that I was reading and catching up on the weeks events that I came across this site, I had not seen before and the little paragraph down way in the middle that comments on the fact that OTHER people in Ireland ‘heard’ planes overhead without lights this week too.

    Now, I am really wondering WHAT is going on here.

    I can’t seem to find anything else on this, any ideas? Who in Ireland also saw/heard this and where? NOW WHAT???


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