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Message for all American Tax payers. . . . YOU’VE BEEN HAD !!!

January 31, 2009

Yes indeed If you weren’t aware you will be in a minute.

There is NO LAW in existence that requires you to pay income tax !

It is voluntary only

The IRS code first of all only requires tax to be paid on INCOME which is described as PROFIT on business earnings. Hence your labour for which you receive payment are classed as a straight trade, one equaling value to the other and no profit made

Secondly the IRS code is contrary to your Bill of rights that guarantees you own your own labour Hence you are not required to pay tax on it

You are therefore NOT required to file a tax return because if you do it is contrary to your 5th ammendment right not to incriminate yourself and by doing so you are waving your 5th ammendment

Aaron Russo made a movie many years ago called America Freedom to Fascism and in this clip he blows the whole IRS scam wide open. Watch how the IRS man cannot back up his supposition and even says that local courts don’t have to abide by Supreme Court decisions

Watch how the IRS refuse to answer the question directly and hide behind a speech about enforcement through the courts

Now hear it from the mouth of a lawyer who has stopped paying income tax and thay could not find him guilty of anything, even though they tried everything.

All you need to do is stand firm, not back down, and quote all the case law that backs you up. Here is how the systtem works and testimony from some former IRS agents who no longer file tax returns

Be warned though, if you don’t know your rights they will use strong arm tactics to scare you like in this case below. However if you stand strong you win in the end

Sherry Peel Jackson, was featured in one ofthe videos above Ex IRS Agent spells out the tricks of the IRS

Now to finish there is a word of warning.

If you are going to go down this road they will try everything to scare you unless you know your rights. You have to be strong because in the long run you are correct.

So scared are the government of this that they are resorting to illegal tactics. I won’t keep this important piece of information from you either. Sherry is currently ILLEGALY imprisoned for failure to file BUT she is correct and the law is on her side. She has been steamrollered by a CORRUPT LEGAL SYSTEM and a CORRUPT GOVERNMENT but she is standing strong and the people outside are fighting her case and she will win out and set a standard for others

What needs to happen is for thousands and thousands of people to stop filing. You may not be surprised to know that none of your Senators and Congressmen pay taxes, they keep it all off-shore in tax havens, and the bankers who run your country are only paying 1% tax



Well if you wanted a good source for this, he must be it

January 30, 2009

Former Canadian Minister of Defense realeases information that the USA is using Alien Technology

Now this man should be a source of information that can be trusted so now you really need to re-think your reality don’t you

The men who would be king

January 26, 2009

There is an old adage that says

“”Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”

I don’t think this is true

My best friend put it best when she re-worked that phrase thus

Power does not corrupt, it merely attracts the corruptable”

This is something we have talked about at length due to my research into corrupt politics. Basically what it boils down to is this. Anyone who seeks power, 99 times out of a hundred, should not be elected. It is they who are corruptable by their very longing for power.

Those who should be elected are those for whom we have respect for their deeds not their words. Those who do not seek your vote but have by the collective good will of the people been recognised for the good they have done and persueded to represent them.

This is the difference between your “representatives” and your “rulers”

The current “leaders” of our nations have lost what the meaning of their roles are. They are merely elected and salaried representatives of the people’s will. This is what they are supposed to be. However, our “leaders” today have forgotten this job description and are all acting as if they have “power” whereas the power lies with the electorate. Our “leaders” are behaving more like kings than civil servants. They all sought power. They are carear politicians. They have all been corrupted into Kings, because they were power hungry and therefore corruptable.

If a country runs fine before an election whereby a change of government occurs, ask yourself why does the new government needs to invent 3,000 new laws in their term? This is what the Blair government did in Britain. 3,000 more rules to limit your freedom, why? The people did not vote them in to further limit them by 3,000 different means. They were getting on quite nicely before Emperor Blair arrived and the police had all the scope they required to control crime.

The same has happened in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe in the last decade. What you have to ask yourself is… WHY?

Why do societies that work fine require carear politicians to continually legislate them to the point where every aspect of your lives is subject to legal constraint and possible discipliniary action by an over zealous state control system. This is where we now reside with long term carear control freaks passing more and more law in order to keep us repressed.

These are the actions of the guilty and fearful. Fearful that one day the people will decide we no longer want your type of government. This fear predicates more and more corruption and control from above. This is why you now see the rise and rise of the surveillance state.

Freedom of speech is gone, freedom of protest is gone, freedom to associate and congregate is gone, freedom to be unmolested by government in the street or in your own homes has gone, freedom from state persecution is gone, freedom from unlawful detention has gone, freedom to eat or drink what you prefer has gone, freedom to privacy and anonymity has gone, freedom not to be medicated has gone, freedom in how to raise your children has gone.

Did you not even notice all this disappear?

Government worldwide has forgotten who is sovereign. The people are the nation, not the government. they have forgotten that they represent us and our requirements for life. They have been corrupted and now behave like our masters.

Please everybody start to wake up and see this. You can do something about it. You are the power. Your vote is all it needs. Find the people who are not corrupted and bring them forward to represent you. Some still exist in office but are very few and you find they often resign due to clashes of concience so they need support, but your own independant representatives are the sure way to uncorruptable politics

We can turn this system around and boot these big political party “men who would be king” back into the street where they came from and elect people who want what you want and listen to you

The Elephant in the Room

January 22, 2009

The elephant in the room.

Everybody knows it’s there. Everyone can see it, It is in plain sight. It sticks out like a . . . . . . . well, like an elephant in a room.

We all know it shouldn’t be there but nobody wants to say they can see it. They are afraid everyone else will continue to deny it’s existence and they will look mad. So you all pretend it doesn’t exist, even though you all have to walk around it.

This is what most people do

elephant in the room book

“See no evil. Hear no evil, Speak no evil”

Let us carry on pretending and we won’t be affected.

but . . . .

Sometimes the elephant is so big it can’t be avoided

elephant in the room

But you still carry on like it wasn’t there with almost embarrassing knowing looks at eachother. Waiting for the other to say “Yes I see it too”

Some people are so afraid to admit they see it that they dress it up

elephant in the room hidden

They dress it up as something else and make up reasons why it isn’t actually there in front of their eyes. So they go on blissfully encapsulated in their own protective bubble of ignorance

Well the elephant IS in the room and you CAN see it

You all know what I am talking about and to continue to deny it’s existance is a shameful act of treason to the people who came before us who fought so that we should remember history if it did repeat itself like it is now. It is also a shameful treason to the generations who come after us that we DID NOTHING when we knew it was happenning and left them with the world in which they must live

The lies of our history, of our religions, of our rulers, of our representatives, of our media are so big now there is barely room to pass the elephant and get through the door without squeezing past with your eyes closed so you don’t see the elephant’s eye looking at you as you pass.

In fact they are so obvious now that even 9 year old children are seeing them and asking “How can that be true?” We even give them the good sense to question by giving them story books that teach them.

emporer's new clothes book

Dont you remember, we all read this story where all the adults were brainwashed through fear of authority and fear of looking different or stupid, into admitting they could see clothes that didn’t exist.

emporer's new clothes parade

Well it was a child in the story, who’s mind was not complicated by lies and fears who said what he saw in front of his own eyes. “LOOK AT THE KING !”

The failure of the adult is to tell them there is NO ELEPHANT in the room and perpetuate the lies.

We teach our children lies. The same lies we were taught even though they are bright enough to question. Do you know what is ironic. The children are the saviors because they are not yet polluted. If we can teach them the truth they will have a chance of making a future based on truth. So why are you not doing it even when the children can see for themselves that the world is not right? They can see the elephant in the room and they tell you “Look at that !”

Do not keep them in the same darkness that has enslaved you because by doing so you are failing them as parents and mentors.


Time to join the millions who already have because without your support they are not enough alone to turn this thing around. Those people are out there fighting on your behalf but they can’t do it alone.

They are out every month in New York calling for a new 911 investigation.

They are picketing the Bilderberg meeting every year.

They are outside the 40 Federal reserve banks nationwide protesting in November 08.

They are Protesting against the scameras and the abuse of police power.

They are posting all this important information up all over the web about illegal acts of government and stopping future false flag terror by spreading the news before it happens or spreading the truth after so it doesn’t start a new war

They are spreading the truth about the health hazards of the medicines and foods and chemicals we are subjected to

They are watching the government and informing of the bad law getting through and reporting on the governments misdeeds

They are going to airforce bases and protesting at rendition flights

They are protesting at governments putting roads through 2000 year old historical archaeological findings

They are chasing corrupt politicians and media people around and shaming them on camera

They are protesting against police state activities and the loss of free speech and the right to protest

They are standing for election to take back power locally

They are risking getting arrested and beaten up for YOU and your kids

So HELP them and swell the numbers. Make their number so big that the corrupt system cannot possibly stop them in their path. Make a difference. Make something change for the better. Break the cycle of lies and support the honest representatives.

Admit you see the elephant. Tell everyone else you see the elephant. Wake everyone up and spread the information as quickly as possible. Tell your representatives you will be doing this and that they MUST toe the line of the people or else they will be OUT

This goes for the US, Britain and every other country supporting these lies and stripping the people of their freedoms

Do not be afraid anymore because failure to stand up and say NO only invites more tyrrany from the government

America has never been a country

January 20, 2009

OK I have made a few mistakes along the way in my research and got a few things awry somtimes but they have all been leading me to this. The piecing together of everything I have studied into one all encompassing theory.

This is a blog about something very important to the fabric of your lives. I first heard about this idea some years ago but didn’t believe it could be possible myself until I put it all together with the research I have done over the last couple of years. I have now expanded the idea to include further developmental links and ties back to the backers and controllers. It needs to be seen in perspective of the events of this decade, and the history of the last 250 years, to really be understood and accepted.

I thought the Inauguration of the new President would be the ideal time to reveal this information to you all. You may not like what you are about to read.

Let me start by asking you a question

Have you ever met anyone from any country in your life who thought war was a good idea?

No, neither have I

So why is the world always at war?

Another question for you

Who here would go up to a barracks full of soldiers who are armed to the teeth and pick a fight with the lot of them?

None of us. Just the same as no country in the world would seriously pick a fight with the USA knowing it spends more on arms than all the other countries in the world put together.

So why is the USA always involved in so many wars?

Well . . . .

This is why . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The United States of America is NOT a Republic. In fact it is NOT even a COUNTRY in the real sense of the word. The United States of America is a large CORPORATION which is Owned by the International Banking houses of Europe. This Corporation exists for the sole purpose of profering the business interests of the Owners around the world. Yes it is dressed up as National Patriotism to make it work, but nevertheless this is the reality.

The Republic of 1776 did not last long until the Europeans returned to make America their property again. The Civil War was the financially crippling event. Once these men had taken control they were not letting go again as Lincoln would discover with the cost of his life after he started to print his own interest free money (Note the only other President to attempt this fell to the same fate – Kennedy).

In essence what this means is that everyone in the United States is the Property of the Corporation. This would explain why you see the Corporation fighting endless wars for the last 60 years with it’s Corporate Soldiers; while the British and European owners either do not take part, or send only token forces to assist, and to the quieter battle zones. This has the desired effect of removing the focus from the real power and putting the spotlight on the Corporation, leaving it in the firing line of the scorn and vengence of destroyed nations.

In the same way that the USA is a Corporation, so Israel is a Sub-Corporation as it was set up by the same Owners based in the City of London (as opposed to London), and is funded by channelling enormous sums of money and arms through the Parent USA Corporation. It serves the business interests of the Owners in the region as a de-stabilizing influence and/or raison d’etre. This explains the intrinsic linkage between the management team of the Parent Corporation (USA), which is run by many dual citizens, and the Sub-Corporation (Israel). It also explains the unfathomable backing of Israel by the USA in the face of public opinion.

One of the most important functional departments of the Corporation is it’s intelligence agencies. One of the biggest fallacies is that these agencies work independantly and are often opposed. This myth has been proliferated through books and films. On the contrary these agencies are interlinked, CIA, Mossad, and any other sub agency they run like ISI, answer to MI5. This is quite well written about. These agencies are the tool by which the Owners use the Corporations to destabilise the world for their own business interests. There are examples too numerous to mention of regime changes worldwide

The Owners of the Corporation use the agencies in conjunction with their financial clout to destabilise countries and bankrupt them. The same Owners also Own the World Bank and finances the UN. This ensures their business secures all resources, land and access it requires. They install their own CEO in the affected country which then becomes a Subsidiary business of the Corporation until public opinion inside causes it to strike out alone again as we have seen with Venezuela, Iran, Syria and North Korea. All of which you note are on the Corporation’s “to do” list

A good example of this was in 1991 when Kuwait decided they would stand alone. The Corporation told one of it’s Subsidiaries (Iraq under their puppet Saddam Hussein) to invade Kuwait which would allow the Corporation to appear as the liberator while at the same time re-establishing their control in Kuwait. Now you understand why they did not persue Iraq back then.

Other recent examples are Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Columbia, Pakistan and Nicaragua where regimes have had their arms twisted to toe the line. More recently in Afghanistan the Corporation’s Taliban Subsidiary decided they wanted a bigger price for their wares (ie a larger % of revenue from oil pipeline from Caspian sea through Turkmenistan) so they were “removed”. This was also neccessary as a prelude to remove their puppet in Iraq (Hussein WMD lie) so they could finish the oil pipeline to the Straights of Hormuz through Pakistan (murder of Benazir Bhutto) to the deep sea port

This prevents the control of resources going to China or India and Isolates Iran who are selling their oil in Euros and not dollars as the Corporation wishes (ditto Venezuela). Now do you see how the system works? It controls everything from oil (Middle East) to heroin (Afghanistan) and cocaine (Columbia) and everything in between.

I always wanted to make a presentation of this but someone has already beaten me to it so this is a reasonable short video presentation which briefly outlines when this happened and then I will continue with the theory after this video and the related important document below it.

Here is the relevent section from the United States Code which gives the Judicial Definitions. I have highlighted section (15) for you below

Office of the Law Revision Counsel, U.S. House of Representatives

28 USC Sec. 3002 01/03/2007


Sec. 3002. Definitions

As used in this chapter:
(1) “Counsel for the United States” means –
(A) a United States attorney, an assistant United States
attorney designated to act on behalf of the United States
attorney, or an attorney with the United States Department of
Justice or with a Federal agency who has litigation authority;
(B) any private attorney authorized by contract made in
accordance with section 3718 of title 31 to conduct litigation
for collection of debts on behalf of the United States.

(2) “Court” means any court created by the Congress of the
United States, excluding the United States Tax Court.
(3) “Debt” means –
(A) an amount that is owing to the United States on account
of a direct loan, or loan insured or guaranteed, by the United
States; or
(B) an amount that is owing to the United States on account
of a fee, duty, lease, rent, service, sale of real or personal
property, overpayment, fine, assessment, penalty, restitution,
damages, interest, tax, bail bond forfeiture, reimbursement,
recovery of a cost incurred by the United States, or other
source of indebtedness to the United States, but that is not
owing under the terms of a contract originally entered into by
only persons other than the United States;

and includes any amount owing to the United States for the
benefit of an Indian tribe or individual Indian, but excludes any
amount to which the United States is entitled under section
(4) “Debtor” means a person who is liable for a debt or against
whom there is a claim for a debt.
(5) “Disposable earnings” means that part of earnings remaining
after all deductions required by law have been withheld.
(6) “Earnings” means compensation paid or payable for personal
services, whether denominated as wages, salary, commission,
bonus, or otherwise, and includes periodic payments pursuant to a
pension or retirement program.
(7) “Garnishee” means a person (other than the debtor) who has,
or is reasonably thought to have, possession, custody, or control
of any property in which the debtor has a substantial nonexempt
interest, including any obligation due the debtor or to become
due the debtor, and against whom a garnishment under section 3104
or 3205 is issued by a court.
(8) “Judgment” means a judgment, order, or decree entered in
favor of the United States in a court and arising from a civil or
criminal proceeding regarding a debt.
(9) “Nonexempt disposable earnings” means 25 percent of
disposable earnings, subject to section 303 of the Consumer
Credit Protection Act.
(10) “Person” includes a natural person (including an
individual Indian), a corporation, a partnership, an
unincorporated association, a trust, or an estate, or any other
public or private entity, including a State or local government
or an Indian tribe.
(11) “Prejudgment remedy” means the remedy of attachment,
receivership, garnishment, or sequestration authorized by this
chapter to be granted before judgment on the merits of a claim
for a debt.
(12) “Property” includes any present or future interest,
whether legal or equitable, in real, personal (including choses
in action), or mixed property, tangible or intangible, vested or
contingent, wherever located and however held (including
community property and property held in trust (including
spendthrift and pension trusts)), but excludes –
(A) property held in trust by the United States for the
benefit of an Indian tribe or individual Indian; and
(B) Indian lands subject to restrictions against alienation
imposed by the United States.

(13) “Security agreement” means an agreement that creates or
provides for a lien.
(14) “State” means any of the several States, the
District of
Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Commonwealth of
the Northern Marianas, or any territory or possession of the
United States.
(15) “United States” means –
(A) a Federal corporation;
(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity
of the United States; or
(C) an instrumentality of the United States.

(16) “United States marshal” means a United States marshal, a
deputy marshal, or an official of the United States Marshals
Service designated under section 564.

(Added Pub. L. 101-647, title XXXVI, Sec. 3611, Nov. 29, 1990, 104
Stat. 4933.)

Section 303 of the Consumer Credit Protection Act, referred to in
par. (9), is classified to section 1673 of Title 15, Commerce and

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Now we have established the legal definition of United States is “Federal Corporation” hence the dominion of the United States of America is The “Federal Corporation of America”.

Further a United States Citizen is therefore a “Federal Corporate Citizen of the Federal Corporation”

So how does this work if we have elections I hear you ask?

This is achieved through committees in the management structure

There is a Corporation management committee in the USA called the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which deals with everyday issues that management would deal with

Next there is company strategy or steering committee which includes Directors / Owners of the company or their representatives. This has an AGM and is called the Bilderberg Group invites to it’s meeting guests who are relevent to the current market situation

Above this there are Director / Owner only Groups like the Club of Rome who determine policy

Further up you have the Owners represented in groups like the Global steering committee called the Council of 300 on which you will mainly find Royalty, Gentry, and Titled Politicians and the continuity people who work at all levels like Kissinger, Rockerfeller, Sutherland

It works because the election is a mascarade for your benefit. If you lived under tyrrany you might rebel but this way you think you are in control.
The election has been rigged since the early part of the century. First through candidate sponsorship by banking interests; but in the later half of this century it has been set up so that both Democrat and Republican Parties are merely 2 arms of the same Party to create the illusion of choice. It is the same in Britain and many other countries.

Example: All the candidates for the primaries for both parties were approved members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which is their selection board. If you’re not in it you don’t get Corporate or Foundation funding, as Ron Paul found out being the only non member

The person who is supposed to win the election to carry out the agenda of the Owners and become the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation for the next 4 years is “Interviewed” by the Bilderberg Group long before the election. Dubya, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter all were invited prior to winning as were Blair, Sarkozy, Merkl, Brown, Thatcher, Major, Khol, Berlusconi etc covering most European countries, all north America, Australia as well as a host of other nations

The whole system is compartmentalised so most people in the hierarchy never get to meet the people at the top nor know their overall agenda or how far this thing goes

There are believed to be echelons higher than the 300 but this is as far as we have to go to understand for now

The key to running this company is to keep the workers in it on side. This is simpler than you may think. All you need to do with people is control the information they see. Hence all the corporate media is owned by the members of the corporate elite and the people are only fed information which is not detrimental to the overall agenda.

This started in the early 1900s when JP Morgan (representative of the Rothchild holdings) bought the 25 most influential organs of the press and put in editors with instructions on what the tone the news coverage would be. Nowadays it is TV radio, magazines, papers, films and internet and it is wall to wall whitewash and entertainment to keep people propogandised and ignorant. Freuds nephew Bernais was the pioneer of this technique of brainwashing, after all he did manage to convince everyone smoking was good.

Now all media is owned by half a dozen companies. People are told what to buy, what to like, what to find funny, what to say, how to dress, what to eat, what to want, and more importantly, what the truth is, and who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Rupert Murdoch the Owner of Fox and Sky famously said “The news is what we say it is”

This brings us to where the Corporation Owners are heading with this venture

As we have seen this century the Corporate interests are global to the point where they are now more powerful than national governments. The ultimate goal is complete global control of all nations and all people by the global corporation aka the Owners of the World Bank. As you have seen in their controlled media in the last 6 months there is this clamour for a New World Order from all the top politicians. A Global Currency and Banking system, and a global government.

They didn’t all think of this separately, dozens of them have said it now. All they are doing is reading the script they are given from the steering committee to convince us that this is essential and inevitable. What they don’t tell us is that this global government will be Owned and run by the Owners of the World Banks. The same Banks that have deliberately caused the global meltdown to predicate this clamour to be saved

This is how it is designed to happen. Create a problem, register the people’s reaction, then miraculously arrive as the solution. Example: Bush (problem) Obama (solution) is a large scale episode of this. Bankrupsy, fruitless bailouts because the banks are still deliberately witholding credit, followed by a clamour to be saved and the suggestion to go into a global banking system to get you out of it

The best example of course is 911. Create a problem (Muslim terror attacks on Americans), reaction (people clamour for protection), solution (invade Afghanistan introduce Patriot act to remove American liberties) All in accordance with the long term agenda of the Owners

The Owners are now attempting to globalise the Corporation, incrementally of course. The EU will be Federal if Ireland and the Czech Republic ratify the Lisbon Treaty. The African Union will be encouraged to follow suit. The NAU has already been signed off on as the next stage to NAFTA and the Asian Union is also at a similar stage. All of these Unions start as Trade agreements. Eventually it will be a one world Government Owned by the elites who have always secretly held the power through their domination of the world’s resources.

At that point there will be full spectrum global control of nations and their populations covering your money, health, work, and every aspect of your lives will be regulated and surveilled by the global corporation. You can already see the legislation in place can’t you.

Beyond this I don’t need to go but there is more to come after that agenda is complete. You may ask but you aren’t ready to hear it.

There are a lot of other issues within this concept like the way the financing is done through tax exempt foundations, or the control of the scientific and medical community through grants. Also the suppression of knowledge like free energy or disease cures. Or what is really going on in space. There is a lot more involved than you could imagine

I hope this is clear and you now see how the world works. If you have any questions or opposing theories please add them in the comments and I will discuss them with you there

Fucking Maniacs Unleash Plague

January 19, 2009

Well I told you these maniacs that run this world were trying to kill us and you wouldn’t believe me. Well now maybe you will

The MANIACS who think they own and run this planet have lost their senses as always happens with tyrants.

They think they can CONTROL everything but they CAN’T.

They think they are GODS but they AREN’T

Do you know what these Maniacs have done?

They have let loose the PLAGUE that killed half the world 650 years ago


This is an almost extint disease but exists in one or two government laboratories in the world in Britain and the US and thay have released it as a weapon to kill “supposed terrorists”

You cannot put this genie back in the bottle once you let it out. It is carried by fleas, so how do they think they are going to round up all the fleas? This is so fucking important you all have to make noise before they let it out to kill most of the population.

It has always been the agenda to de-populate the planet to a managable level of between 500 million and 1 billion. Meaning 5 to 6 billion have to die. If you don’t believe me read the Club of Rome documents and the Bilderberg documents and UN Biodiversity assessment 1996. Also you can see the New World Order commandments written on the recently defaced Georgia Guidestones. Item 1 is the planet must not exceed 500 million people

This is getting serious people when you consider this and the announcement today that Gates is to take over the US if anything happens to Obama tomorrow and all this amid a dirty bomb story that has been circulating the last few weeks

Either read this link or I posted the story below…

From today’s Daily Telegraph Online

Black Death ‘kills al-Qaeda operatives in Algeria’

The Black Death has reportedly killed at least 40 al-Qaeda operatives in North Africa.

Last Updated: 3:33PM GMT 19 Jan 2009

The disease, which struck Europe in the Middle Ages killing more than 25 million people, has swept through a training camp for insurgents in Algeria.

The arrival of the plague was discovered when security forces found the body of a dead terrorist by a roadside, the Sun reports.

The victim belonged to the large al-Qaeda network AQLIM (al-Qaeda in the Land of the Islamic Maghreb).

A security source told the paper: “This is the deadliest weapon yet in the war against terror. Most of the terrorists do not have the basic medical supplies needed to treat the disease.

“It spreads It spreads quickly and kills within hours. This will be really worrying al-Qaeda.”

Black Death comes in various forms and was one of the deadliest pandemics in human history when it struck in the 1340s killing 75 million people across North Africa, Asia and Europe.

Bubonic Plague is spread by bites from infected rat fleas. Symptoms include painful boils in the groin, neck and armpits. In Pneumonic Plague, airborn bacteria spread like flu. Without medication it can be deadly.

The new epidemic began in the cave hideouts of AQLIM in Tizi Ouzou province, 150km east of the capital Algiers, the Sun reports.

The group, led by wanted terror figure Abdelmalek Droudkal, was forced to turn its shelters in the Yakouren forest into mass graves and flee.

The group now fears the highly-infectious disease could have spread to other al-Qaeda training camps or Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, the paper said.

A source said: “The emirs (leaders) fear surviving terrorists will surrender to escape a horrible death.”

AQLIM bombed the UN headquarters in Algiers in 2007, killing 41


Now Bongo has raised a good point however it has to be considered that among 6.5 billion people in the world most of whom live in poverty, that Bubonic plague chose 40 supposed “Al Qaeda terrorists” to make an appearance this year.

Remember the Anthrax letters? Well yes anthrax occurs naturally but it was proved that the strain of anthrax used in those letters was a weaponised form created in a US military laboratory.

I may be putting 2 and 2 together here but it has to be considerred because firstly the US sent anthrax to it’s own citizens to blame it on Muslims. Secondly the depopulation agenda is there in black and white for you to read and if the rise in plague can be blamed on the global warming which in turn has been hoaxed to be our fault then the agenda is successful and the blame is but ourselves. How fucking convenient is that

Wanna see how a guilty man squirms . . . . .

January 19, 2009

. . . . in the face of his crimes ? This murdering fuck made $7 billion in insurance on an investment of $15 million for a 99 year lease on the WTC and gets to rebuild for profit. How fucking convenient for him that he also didn’t need to spend a billion replacing all the asbestos in the original towers now that the New Yorkers breathed it all into their lungs and will take it to the grave with them. The truth will out Mr Larry Silverstein


Here’s why

Can anyone confirm this article?

January 18, 2009

GAZA CITY — “Dad, I’m dying.”

The words keep echoing in Kamal Awaga’s ears, sending jolts of pain into his feeble, wounded body.

These were the last words uttered by his 9-year-old son, Ibrahim, before he ended up as a practicing target for Israeli soldiers.

“They killed my son in cold blood,” says the grief-stricken father, still in a state of shock.

Ibrahim joined more than 350 children killed by Israel in its three-week onslaught on the coastal enclave.

But while others fell victim to killer bullets or deadly bombs, Ibrahim’s fate was even more tragic.

He became a shooting practice for a squad of Israeli soldiers.

“The Israelis did not show mercy for his innocence,” said his tearful father from his bed at the Al-Shefa hospital in Gaza City.

“They had no pity for his tiny body,” added the heart-broken father.

A Sunny Day

Nothing in the day prepared the Awaga family for the tragic twist of events that unfolded.

They woke up to a sunny morning after days of being locked in one small room to escape the massive Israeli bombardment.

“Mom, let’s have our breakfast out in the garden. I’m tired of staying in this room,” the grieved mother recalls Ibrahim’s plea.

An hour later, the table was set in the garden and the family was hoping to enjoy rare moments of peace, unaware of the eyes watching them from a distance.

A first missile stole the family’s job before another destroyed their house.

“Dad, I am dying,” cried Ibrahim to his father who rushed frantically to his side.

“Hurry, let’s go,” Awaga told his wife and two other children while carrying bleeding Ibrahim.

But even before they could reach the gate, a flood of bullets showered them.

One bullet hit the mother’s leg and another hit the father’s waist.

Ibrahim’s two frightened brothers ran for cover behind the rubbles of their bombed-out house.

Shooting Practice

As the firing died down, the family thought their misery was over. But the Israeli soldiers were not finished yet.

“When the soldiers came closer, I thought they will kill me,” said Awaga who faked being dead.

“But they were aiming at my young child,” he said choking at the bitter memory.

One soldier came close to Ibrahim’s body, turning him by his leg and laughing while another fired his gun to the dead boy’s head.

Laughs got louder as they carried the body to a higher place to start their party.

For a whole hour, the father hushed his cries of pain as he watched the Israeli soldiers compete in sniping on his dead son’s body.

“They were using his bullet-ridden, bleeding body as a shooting practice.

“With each bullet, they were humming with words I could not figure out, but it sounded full of rapture. It was as if they were celebrating.”

When they finally had enough “practicing,” the Israelis took their guns and left the house.

Four complete days passed before emergency doctors were able to find their way to the family and rush them to hospital.

“What did my son do to deserve that?” Awaga asks, shaking his head in disbelief.

“The Israelis killed my kid, not once or twice but a thousand times.”

Obaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaama bubble needs to burst quickly

January 18, 2009

I am soo-o-o-o-o-o-o glad that idiot Bush is going but all I can see now is what the predictions of the last 4 years have said was going to happen come true. The next phase of the New World Order plan is about to be unveiled. The mantra is “Problem, reaction, solution” Bush was the NWO problem, Obama is the NWO solution

So a couple of things pricked up my ears today

One was a blog I saw which stated that the Globalist controlled Fox news has been pushing the ideas that polls suggest the people don’t expect Obama to make any inroads on the economy for at least 2 years. This my friends is the continued mass media brainwashing of the population to accept this time period of 2 years, a time in which a whole raft of decisions will be made that will remove more and more liberty pushing you towards Orwell’s Utopia, before you come to your limits of acceptance of this.

The other was finding out that Obama is having a huge speech tonight in Washington at the same place that Martin Luther King spoke. If anyone here cannot see this for what it is they need to wake up fast. This is pure, unadulterated classic brainwashing techniques. This is the association technique of linking the two men even though they have completely different agendas. This is going to be Brzezinski’s finest masterpiece of mind control. I will watch it for the spectacle of seeing how long he can speak without giving any specific details of policy. I might count how many times he says “Hope” “Change” and “Believe” without telling us what they mean, and how overcome with devotion his “flock” will become and see them hype themselves up into a frenzy of adoration. Remember Nuremberg rallies when this happens.

Ironically tonight on TV they have Denzel Washington in the Manchurian Candidate, a bought and privately owned brainwashed president.

I had always meant to do a blog before the inauguration about Obama’s appointments and the fact that they are all Globalist insiders and up to their necks in deceit. I don’t need to though because someone else has already summarised the whole thing in the article linked below.

The two I know he missed were Gates being Brzezinski’s protege back in the Carter days assisting in all Globalist development strategies. The other was his Attorney General appointment who was implicated in the cover up of the death of a man tortured by the FBI around the first WTC bombing, which has since been shown to have been run by the FBI after their proposed patsy recorded them for 12 hours and got paid off $1.3million

This is a very good article that puts the actions and events that have happened so far into real perspective. Enjoy this and see reality before you are convinced to willingly give away your freedom to live without being surveilled

Please comment I would love to know what Obama voters thought they were getting for their “Change” especially since the same people were “handling” McCain

By the way, word of note about the “event” that Biden and Powell said was going to happen in January, it could be one of those “Bank Holidays” where they close the bank to deny you access then devalue the currency. I would do a big shop tomorrow if I were you.

The people’s conciousness is really starting to awaken now

January 15, 2009

Cynthia got turfed out of congress twice by AIPAC pressure because she wouldn’t do as she was told but this woman, who stood for president this year, will not be quiet. I hope she doesn’t fall to the fate of other people who stand up to be counted and to make a difference

More hopeful news is the promise of a Bill to outlaw the FED which is an illegal private bank

So finally the people are losing their fear of standing up to the illegality of the government cover ups anf the illegal actions of the CIA/FEDS/NSA and are no longer affraid to say out loud that the Zionist control of Washington is real and must be stopped

One word of warning at this good news

The President elect you all hope will ride this wave and take action. However you may find disappointment as already he has implied no action will be taken against the criminals in government. Also they just voed for support of Israel over the Palestinians in an underhand way

Plus this week will see the introduction of a Bill which has been defeated 6 times previously for it’s attack on the 1st ammendment. It is a Bill for “Hate Crime” and my fear is that Obama’s agenda is to get this through as it will be used to close down any news outlet or web site that criticises the government or Israel

Most NWO watchers over the last 4 years predicted this would happen and here it is, soon to be followed by internet censorship.

YOU have the power to stop it. Only you can stop it. The people MUST speak out now.