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The Elephant in the Room

January 22, 2009

The elephant in the room.

Everybody knows it’s there. Everyone can see it, It is in plain sight. It sticks out like a . . . . . . . well, like an elephant in a room.

We all know it shouldn’t be there but nobody wants to say they can see it. They are afraid everyone else will continue to deny it’s existence and they will look mad. So you all pretend it doesn’t exist, even though you all have to walk around it.

This is what most people do

elephant in the room book

“See no evil. Hear no evil, Speak no evil”

Let us carry on pretending and we won’t be affected.

but . . . .

Sometimes the elephant is so big it can’t be avoided

elephant in the room

But you still carry on like it wasn’t there with almost embarrassing knowing looks at eachother. Waiting for the other to say “Yes I see it too”

Some people are so afraid to admit they see it that they dress it up

elephant in the room hidden

They dress it up as something else and make up reasons why it isn’t actually there in front of their eyes. So they go on blissfully encapsulated in their own protective bubble of ignorance

Well the elephant IS in the room and you CAN see it

You all know what I am talking about and to continue to deny it’s existance is a shameful act of treason to the people who came before us who fought so that we should remember history if it did repeat itself like it is now. It is also a shameful treason to the generations who come after us that we DID NOTHING when we knew it was happenning and left them with the world in which they must live

The lies of our history, of our religions, of our rulers, of our representatives, of our media are so big now there is barely room to pass the elephant and get through the door without squeezing past with your eyes closed so you don’t see the elephant’s eye looking at you as you pass.

In fact they are so obvious now that even 9 year old children are seeing them and asking “How can that be true?” We even give them the good sense to question by giving them story books that teach them.

emporer's new clothes book

Dont you remember, we all read this story where all the adults were brainwashed through fear of authority and fear of looking different or stupid, into admitting they could see clothes that didn’t exist.

emporer's new clothes parade

Well it was a child in the story, who’s mind was not complicated by lies and fears who said what he saw in front of his own eyes. “LOOK AT THE KING !”

The failure of the adult is to tell them there is NO ELEPHANT in the room and perpetuate the lies.

We teach our children lies. The same lies we were taught even though they are bright enough to question. Do you know what is ironic. The children are the saviors because they are not yet polluted. If we can teach them the truth they will have a chance of making a future based on truth. So why are you not doing it even when the children can see for themselves that the world is not right? They can see the elephant in the room and they tell you “Look at that !”

Do not keep them in the same darkness that has enslaved you because by doing so you are failing them as parents and mentors.


Time to join the millions who already have because without your support they are not enough alone to turn this thing around. Those people are out there fighting on your behalf but they can’t do it alone.

They are out every month in New York calling for a new 911 investigation.

They are picketing the Bilderberg meeting every year.

They are outside the 40 Federal reserve banks nationwide protesting in November 08.

They are Protesting against the scameras and the abuse of police power.

They are posting all this important information up all over the web about illegal acts of government and stopping future false flag terror by spreading the news before it happens or spreading the truth after so it doesn’t start a new war

They are spreading the truth about the health hazards of the medicines and foods and chemicals we are subjected to

They are watching the government and informing of the bad law getting through and reporting on the governments misdeeds

They are going to airforce bases and protesting at rendition flights

They are protesting at governments putting roads through 2000 year old historical archaeological findings

They are chasing corrupt politicians and media people around and shaming them on camera

They are protesting against police state activities and the loss of free speech and the right to protest

They are standing for election to take back power locally

They are risking getting arrested and beaten up for YOU and your kids

So HELP them and swell the numbers. Make their number so big that the corrupt system cannot possibly stop them in their path. Make a difference. Make something change for the better. Break the cycle of lies and support the honest representatives.

Admit you see the elephant. Tell everyone else you see the elephant. Wake everyone up and spread the information as quickly as possible. Tell your representatives you will be doing this and that they MUST toe the line of the people or else they will be OUT

This goes for the US, Britain and every other country supporting these lies and stripping the people of their freedoms

Do not be afraid anymore because failure to stand up and say NO only invites more tyrrany from the government


Mankind is trying to wipe itself out again

May 21, 2008

Do you think they will catch on before it’s too late this time?

It has been said that once the bees are gone our food chain will be devastated and humanity will only last 4 years following the bees’ demise. Since November 2007 more than a billion bees have “disappeared” ! What is causing this and how can we stop it?

Listen to this radio program and you may see the seriousness of the situation, and what might be done to stop it. It may also open your mind to questioning everything you thought you knew about existence and how the universe actually works.

Things like :

The structure of the universe and how everything in it is connected

The earths place in it and in turn our own

Do we need to tune in to the natural order to survive

The origins of matter

The existence of deities

Harmonics and tortion fields

Their use in limitless energy, cold fusion, anti gravity, space propulsion

The relevence of the earths coming alignment with the galaxy centre

The completion of the earths 26,000 year wobble

The ability of ancient cultures to predict this, where did the knowledge come from, was there interference in earths development

What will happen on 21st December 2012, is it catastrophic or a new conciousness

The morality of the ruling or business classes

What are the motives of the governments in witholding/suppressing technology

There are a million other questions that can arise out of this broadcast but the most pressing is will we do anything to solve the bee problem

As an update the problem seems to be bigger than this broadcast knew at the time and has spread globally and into natural hives too

Listen to the radio broadcast in the order shown below. You may want to take a couple of nights to get through it but once you are through the first two you will find your mind has so many questions you just have to keep listening. Further research will throw up some very interesting theories and new science.–wkS97_k&feature=related

I hope you stretch your minds on this one

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