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The Crash, The Bailout And The Theft Of Ireland’s Resources

February 22, 2011

As Ireland’s government steers the country into an economic black hole there are many of us left scratching our heads as to why they are not using the massive wealth of this nation to fund the recovery and our future, and to tell the bankers where to go with their imaginary gambling debts.

As I’ve watched this country self-destruct over the last two years since the derivatives bubble was burst, I ask myself why is it happening? Why in a country rich with investment, talent, and resources and with a reasonably healthy economy with good exports, is the whole thing spiraling into a never ending cycle of un-payable debt? Believe me it is un-payable, just like all the third world debt issued by the IMF and World Bank before this.

We all know by now that the bankrupt international banks, who issue credit out of thin air, crippled the industries that support our jobs and thus our economy and sent the whole world crashing into what many believe from understanding history, is a deliberate recession from which, as history shows, the main banks will once again come out the other side more wealthy and larger than before. One need only look at the 1907 and 1929 crashes to see this consolidation process in action in the years that followed.

None of us Joe Public were in particularly problematic debt. Just the normal loans for a home and a car, nothing special. Nothing we couldn’t manage on our salaries. Yet still here we are now indebted, by the actions of a government with no mandate, to the tune of around €18,000 for every man, woman and child in the country. The interest alone will cost around €3,000 per year in extra taxes for every working person in the country before any of the principle loan is paid off.

So how are we expected to pay back this loan for a debt that we never incurred in the first place? A debt that only exists in the ups and downs of market values and shares in a fictional world of computerised credit, and not a single solid asset in sight. Yes, you guessed it. We are to pay the fictional debt with our real assets. Those being our labour, our children’s labour and our grandchildren’s labour, as well as the selling off of our public services to private corporations owned by the banks to be run for profit by them. These will include our roads for tolling, our health services, our utilities like the ESB and Bord Gais, and our water suppliers, even our ports and airports.

It doesn’t stop there though because as well as these institutions and all their associated assets, which will undoubtedly be asset stripped, the bankers are looking to take our €20+ billion of national pension fund which has been accumulated to pay the pensions of the people of Ireland in just such a difficult period. Finally, and the nub of this article, the international bankers will be given by our government the country’s tangible wealth in the form of land, minerals, our forestry, and most importantly our fuel resources in gas and oil.

Unbeknown to most people in Ireland, this country is one of the wealthiest countries in the world for natural mineral wealth. An inspection of the applications for mining licenses will reveal among other precious minerals like zinc and lead, a wealth of silver and gold buried under the ground. In fact the volumes of minerals found in Ireland per square mile make it the richest country in the world for mineral deposits. This is very valuable and why this has not been exploited is unexplained. Yet there is another kind of gold that Ireland possesses in spades that is being exploited now. The black gold !

Off the west coast of Ireland there is an enormous volume of oil and gas. The government (Dept. of Communications, Energy Natural Resources) themselves valued west coast deposits in 2008 at €540 billion although the price of oil and gas then was a fraction of what it is now. This is a resource that could give everyone in Ireland free energy in the same way that Norway funnel their oil wealth to their people, and still make huge profits selling energy to the UK and Europe.

The Corrib oil field currently being exploited by Shell, that we hear about for all the wrong reasons, is the only oil and gas field the public are aware of, but there are huge basins of oil and gas known to exist off Limerick and Kerry. One in particular called Dunquin gas field which is a proven field and is described by the operator (Exxon/Mobil) as “one of the biggest fields in the world” containing an estimated 25 trillion cubic feet of gas and over 4 billion barrels of oil. This alone could keep Ireland running for over 60 years.

The reserves off the west and north west coasts in total have been estimated at around 130 billion barrels of oil and 50 trillion cubic feet of gas. A virtual underwater Saudi Arabia. Yet it doesn’t end there. The Lough Allen Basin is a huge inland gas field in the northwest which has been known for some 40 years now and contains 9.4 trillion cubic feet of gas. Enough to power Ireland for the next 25 years but it has has yet to be tapped. There are known fields off the south coast that have yet to be announced.

Furthermore, new oil and gas basins have been announced this year off the coast of Dublin by Tony O’Reilly’s company Providence Resources and it’s UK partners. O’Reilly is also partnering Exxon in Dunquin. The east coast fields have been estimated in the hundreds of billions in value to Ireland and yet along with the riches of the west and south, the inland gas and the wealth of minerals that we are literally tripping over here, we are still bankrupt ! Does this make any sense to you?

Unfortunately over the last 35 years successive governments have eliminated all of Ireland’s rights to capitalise on it’s own resources. They have legislated away their percentage share of the gas and oil down from 50% to 0%. Yes zero. So the oil and gas is wholly owned by the oil companies royalty free. Successive ministers like Ray Burke and Bertie Ahern have been instrumental in this process which even saw the reduction in tax on oil profits to only 25% where other countries charge almost 70%. This also is only payable after all exploration and development costs are deducted as well as future decommissioning costs which effectively negates the corporation tax too.

Ireland should be the richest country in Europe with the majority of Europe’s oil and gas and fishing waters, as well as the richest mineral deposits. Yet our government has given the fisheries away to the EU, many of the mining operations are owned by foreign companies and now all the energy reserves have been given away to large multinational companies who are under no obligation to even sell the gas or oil to Ireland and we will be forced to buy our own gas and oil back at market prices from the oil giants.

This situation cannot possibly be accidental. The legislating away of our resources was a deliberate act and in this writers opinion it would seem to be a criminal act of some description. This kind of intergenerational legislative deceit could only be done with cooperation and foreknowledge and looks on the surface to be the biggest fraud ever perpetrated in the history of the state.

It even far exceeds the apparent fraud of the bank bailout wherein we the people are paying off UK and German banks, who held high risk bonds in bad banks, by using loans from the very same UK and German banks to pay their bonds, and we are charged interest for the privilege of bailing out their gambling debts to boot. Does this seem right to anyone except our politicians? Nobody of sound mind could fail to see the deliberate fraud of this and the role being played by our government in assisting this.

When the government accept this IMF bailout they will be relinquishing control of the nation and handing over the financial management of the country to the IMF, which in effect is only a front for the UK and German banks that funded the bailout. It is therefore they who will decide that Irelands assets are sold off and to who. Watch this space and we will find with very little investigation that subsidiary companies of the banks may well benefit greatly from this fire sale.

Already Bertie Ahern in his cushy new job as head of the International Forestry Fund, a corporation set up by a Swiss financial services provider Helvetia Wealth AG, is bidding to buy and privatise Coalite, which controls all Irelands forestry. This would mean 7% of Ireland’s land mass would be in the hands of one of these international banks. It was a recommendation of the An Bord Snip Nua report in 2009 and the appointment of Ahern in 2010 tells me that this was probably already a done deal before the bailout ever reared it’s head.

The level of collusion to pull off this takeover of assets has to go to the highest levels of government in order to orchestrate this over such a long period of time, because not only was the oil and gas legislation nullified but so was the banking control legislation in the same period.

Indeed if we look to those people who have been in positions of power and also regularly attended secret meetings like the annual Bilderberg meeting or the Tri-lateral Commission meeting along with all of these bankers, oil companies, other multinationals and politicians in Europe and worldwide, then we may be seeing the root of the conflict of interests of our own politicians and should ask who are they really working for?

If these meetings aren’t shady enough it is made more suspicious by the fact that the Tri-lateral Commission meeting this year was held over three days in Dublin this Spring, without ever getting a mention on the national news despite 300 of the world’s richest and most powerful people being in Dublin and being dined by the President.

If we want to know why we are being asset stripped, then this is a good place to start to find your culprits, and perhaps these are he questions that people should be asking the election canvassers this week instead of who is going to fill the potholes?


The Banksters’ Media Bait And Switch Is On Again

April 11, 2010


In the last few days there have been a number of surprising media reports describing the extent of the banking fraud that has taken place. Surprising because they have appeared on the controlled corrupt mainstream television stations.

Over the last few months there has been a slow build up of coverage on Conservative supporting controlled corrupt media networks like Fox News where shills like Glen Beck feign support for the End the Fed movement and interview Ron Paul. He produces his blackboard charts to explain it while all the time maintaining a partizan line to make it a Democrat and Obama issue so as to maintain the false left right political party paradigm. Glen never delves deep enough to expose the real fraud.

However the latest twist is this (below), a segment from the Liberal supporting controlled corrupt media outlet MSNBC. This is the surprise in that this analysis does not make it party political. It flat out exposes the fraud for what it is, collusion between bankers, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, and politicians to defraud and continue to defraud the people of the country and the world. No defence of the Democrats as would be expected. Now the question is why, and why now?


We have seen and heard over the last twelve months numerous calls for a global governance. These sentiments were echoed at the G20 summit last year by the obvious New World Order shills like Obama, Brown, Sarkozy and Merkel. However that would never be accepted by the people of the world and so it has been, and is, being implemented department by department. We all experienced the attempt to give the WHO control of the world’s health in the swine flu hoax. Now we are seeing the continuance of the push to give the World Bank control of all nations’ monetary policy

We have heard calls from all the usual suspects above for global financial governance and a global currency. Surprisingly also we have seen the Russian Prime minister and the Chinese echoing these ideas. To date these calls seem to have fallen on deaf ears, until now, when the seemingly deliberate zombifying of the banks, who are withholding any commercial lending, has deepened the economic crisis and stifled recovery from the recession to a point where even countries are going bankrupt. It is at this point that the Sarkozys and Browns in this fraud are calling for a global financial governance again. However more subtly this time by making the reasoniong that we need a global financial regulation because of the international nature of the banking misdeeds and errors.

A subtle way indeed of giving power to the World Bank to control the currency markets and banking systems of the world through “regulation” and to implement a worldwide tax on banking transaction. Brown this week spoke of the need for international regulation as the only way to stop this kind of banking fraud happening again. My estimate would be that they plan to implement this takeover by 2011. Firstly because it takes time to build up a media frenzy to support the idea, and secondly because there is still a lot of money to be screwed out of the people as the orchestrators of the fraud in the largest banks and darkest rooms of government have planned for many years at their co-ordinating meetings like Bilderberg

Jim Tucker, the editor of American Free Press and tireless follower of Bilderberg for 35 years, has this week revealed the date and venue for the next Bilderberg meeting and has also revealed through his sources inside the Bilderberg that the members want to prolong the recession for another year. Remember that Bilderberg is cross party and has a single agenda so whoever you think represents you really only represents them

This revelation correlates with the recent change in the way the media is reporting this fraud now. For the global financial governance by the International Bankers to become acceptable to the people, the media (which they also own) will have to convince the population that the existing banking system and the Federal Reserve (again which they also own) is the cause of this global meltdown. They will have to spend media time developing the populist clamour for action against the banks and the Fed. The need to drum up popular support for this new global regulation.

The mere fact that despite all the outrageous unconstitutional legislation passing through the Houses in Washington, the one seemingly anti-government Bill that remains alive and with massive cross party support is the Audit the Federal Reserve Bill from Ron Paul. True the Bill is stalled at the moment but we need to ask why is it stalled? Are they just waiting for the right moment to release it? Otherwise why does it still exist at all when no other anti-government Bill survives? It seems clear that the Bill after decades of trying has finally been let through thus far for the very reason we are reading here. As a tool to bring down the bankers’ own system so that they can re-emerge as a global banking system. Saviors of the world economy. Phoenix from the ashes, order out of chaos, these are their age old methods and mantras.

The indicators are pointing at another few months of media posturing and witch hunting along with further bailouts and tax rises. There will probably be a G20 announcement this year on June 27th in Canada of a new global regulatory system. We will have to wait and see what Jim Tucker and Daniel Estulin get out of the Bilderberg meeting in July before we find out what the plan for the dollar collapse leading to a new global reserve currency will be but it will probably coincide with around G20 2011. Look out for a numerologically significant date for this announcement as it is a cornerstone of the NWO. It might possibly be September 11th 2011 as this would be the 20th anniversary of Bush’s public proclamation of the NWO

In one respect we might count ourselves lucky because at the Bilderberg 2007, where they decided to pull the plug on the world economy, there was a discussion reported by an insider that two factions in the Bilderberg wanted different length depressions. One faction wanted this short one to two year crash, while the older group wished to see a thirty year depression that would cause global death and mayhem.


Some people reading might think this is all speculation. It can however be easily shown to be an old trick these same Banksters have successfully used before to pull off similar frauds.

Back in 1913 a small group of Bankers, through the Federal Reserve Act, took over the issuance of money and hence control of the US economy. How could the people of the US possibly support such a crazy idea? Simple. They were persuaded that it was the complete opposite of what those same bankers wanted. How? Even simpler. Two methods were used, the same two methods that are being used today.

The bankers headed by the Warburgs, (who was an agent for Rothschild) along with the main banking houses of the day including names like Rockefeller, JP Morgan etc drew up the Act in a secret meeting on Jeckyl Island. The plan was to get it implemented by the man they would finance into the Presidency in the 1912 election, one Woodrow Wilson. His agreement to enact the Bill was part of the deal. A deal about which he later wrote of his regret that he had handed over control of the country to the banks. Wilson as we know was elected and the Act was passed. But how?

Well prior to this JP Morgan had sent his minions to find out how many of the country’s top newspapers and magazines it would take to control public opinion. He discovered that it would only take 25 of the most popular titles. So JP Morgan bought up these titles and installed an editor in each who would follow specific content policies. This was not only the conduit for the election of Wilson, but it was used to gain support for the Federal Reserve Act. Morgan published article after article in his newly acquired press telling the readers how the bankers were outright against the imposition of the Federal Reserve Act as regulation on their activities after the stock market crash they had orchestrated in 1907 and the Standard Oil scandal of the Rockefellers before that. This was a lie of course as the bankers would own the Fed and wrote the Act in the first place but the public bought it and called on their congressmen to implement the Act which they unwittingly did

So you see filling the bank owned news media with fabricated stories of the banks opposition to new regulation was a smokescreen then and it is a smokescreen now. The media will now persuade the public to call for the system to be dismantled and a world regulatory system put in it’s place. They may even ask for a cashless system with total control of your account transactions if the bankers wish to oppose that too in their media. Both of which of course the bankers want more than anything as they also own and run the World Bank and hence own us.

As much as the bankers owned the press in Morgan’s lifetime, they own the media now. All the main TV, radio and printed news is owned by banking holding companies. Most news outlets no longer even have their own on the ground reporters and rely on news from Reuters and Associated Press from around the world. Both of these “independent” news agencies are however owned by Rothschild Banking house. It is then quite easy to see why the news is reported so obviously skewed these days in many issues from terrorism and war to the economy and Israel.


As above the timing of the banking switch is not yet set in stone. A lot of balls must line up. There is still a lot of money to be made before the economy and the dollar are finally destroyed. Currently many countries around the world are still in the process of bailing out big banking investors with people’s future taxes. There is also the metal markets derivative bubble that is still inflating. There is also the derivatives bubble being inflated now using packaged up pensions policies sold on ad infinitum. If the world economy is going to go through a system change then these bankers will milk it for all it’s worth, in fact for more than it’s worth before they burst all of those bubbles together and bring the whole thing crashing to it’s knees. By the time this happens though they will have bought up everything of value like land, minerals, water, roads, ports, etc etc using your future bail out money and derivative money that never actually existed.

What then? Well in a state of world bankruptcy and all assets in the hands of the few there is but one scenario. Feudal slavery. Much like now under the chapter 11 bankrupt countries we operate in now, but with less choice or even perceived idea that we are free. A world welfare state of a million rules for a few benefits. Roll on the revolution I say.

Handing over the government to the bankers is treason

July 22, 2009

The article below from the Daily Mail explains how Shadow Chancellor George Osborne has announced his plan to remove the independent regulator of the banks and hand power to carry out this function to the Bank of England. “Seems logical” I hear you say, “It is the Bank of England after all so they must have our best interests at heart surely”. Well, not exactly

What you are seeing unfold here is not one party (Conservative) promising to change a failed policy of the party in government (Labour) as a way of fixing the economy, even though that is exactly what it is supposed to make you believe

Read the article and I will explain why after in my comment:

Tory superbank: Osborne to scrap watchdog and give Bank of England powers to stop meltdown

By Sam Fleming and Tim Shipman
Last updated at 4:49 PM on 20th July 2009

The Bank of England will become a ‘superbank’ with unparalleled powers to prevent another financial meltdown under Tory plans announced today.
In a historic move, the Conservatives will give the Bank sweeping controls to regulate banks and building societies.
The plans are Shadow Chancellor George Osborne’s attempt to seize the mantle of reform from Gordon Brown, who granted the Bank independence to set interest rates when Labour won power in 1997.
The Tories will complete the revolution by handing it control of curbing bubbles in the housing market and consumer debt, clamping down on obscene City bonuses, and preventing future financial implosions. My vision: Shadow Chancellor George Osborne delivers a speech outlining Conservative Party plans on financial regulation and the economy, at Bloomberg HQ, in London. Their proposals will totally dismantle the failed system of City regulation set up by Mr Brown when he became Chancellor.
Now as Prime Minister, Mr Brown and Chancellor Alistair Darling have repeatedly pinned their faith on the Financial Services Authority to police the banks and resisted calls by Bank of England Governor Mervyn King for more powers.
But the Tories will scrap the FSA, which failed to prevent the reckless lending which led to the collapse of RBS and Northern Rock – both of which had to be bailed out by the taxpayer.
It would be replaced by a new Consumer Protection Agency, which would prevent families from being ripped off by financial firms. Offenders would be publicly named and shamed and banks forced to be transparent about account charges.
In a major step, the Bank would be granted responsibility for overseeing Britain’s insurance sector – currently in the hands of the FSA. All this comes on top of the Bank’s interest rate-setting tools. The Bank’s inflation target would be changed to incorporate house prices, which could help reduce the risk of future property bubbles.
Conservative Leader David Cameron said the tripartite system introduced by Gordon Brown was a ‘policy failure of historic proportions’ that was directly to blame for the crisis facing the country.
He dismissed the Government’s proposed reforms as inadequate measures that jeopardise recovery, promising instead to give sweeping new powers to the Bank of England.
Launching the reform plans, Mr Cameron said today: “The decisions that led to this crisis represent a policy failure of historic proportions. We now need deep, wide-ranging reform that matches both the magnitude of the crisis and the scale of the hardship inflicted on the British people.
‘The large, failed, British banks are the financial equivalent of Chernobyl. Like the former Soviet Union, the UK became over-reliant on dangerous financial reactors.
‘Since that misjudgement, they haven’t learned their lesson.”To prevent Britain from becoming the next Iceland, radical safety measures . . . are required. My approach to the City is not one of hostility, or of obsequiousness. I recognise its importance. But it needs “tough love”, not the freedom to run amok.’

Liam Byrne, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, said: ‘David Cameron and George Osborne can talk all they like about banking reform, but when it mattered, they showed their inexperience and called it wrong.

‘They opposed the Government’s action to protect Northern Rock irrespective of the risks to savers and the wider economy.

“That reform must be based on a clear understanding of what went wrong in the first place and a clear determination to put it right.”

The debt crisis had been “at best ignored and at worst encouraged”, he said.
“For this, I believe the finger of blame points directly at the system of financial regulation established by Gordon Brown in 1997.

“At its heart was the tripartite system; a system in which no-one was looking at the big picture, no-one had responsibility and authority to act and no-one was effectively in charge.

“So those bad debts, those risky loans, the soaring house prices, the systemic risk, the asset price bubble – they all fell between the cracks of the system.
“I’m afraid the Government’s proposals that all we need are a few more tweaks and a little bureaucratic tinkering are totally inadequate and risk preventing a recovery.”The reforms would hand greater powers to the ‘Old Lady of Threadneedle Street’ than at any time in its 315-year history, potentially triggering fears of a ‘democratic deficit’ at the heart of government, with too much influence handed to unelected Bank officials.

In putting so much faith in the Bank of England, the Tories will be accused of ignoring that institution’s considerable failings in the lead-up to the financial crisis. Mr King was criticised for doing too little to flag up the dangers of the debt bubble and soaring house prices.

To counter such concerns, the Tories are explicitly aiming to downgrade the status of the Governor within his own institution by creating a third deputy governor, who would oversee the Bank’s new Financial Regulation wing.
The Tory scheme runs directly counter to Treasury proposals this month to boost the FSA’s authority.

And they also clash with proposals from the Liberal Democrats, who will today argue that the FSA should be retained. The LibDems’ Treasury spokesman Vince Cable will also demand that highly paid bankers disclose details of their pay and he will call for Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds to be broken up before they are returned to public ownership.

In a speech to the London Stock Exchange today, Mr Cable will say: ‘Some aspects of the financial services industry are simply too big for the British economy to manage safely.

Read more:




So why is this a bad idea?

As I said above, what you are seeing unfold here is not one party (Conservative) attempting to change a failed policy of the party in government (Labour) as a way of fixing the economy, even though that is exactly what it is supposed to make you believe. You are actually seeing two phases of the same agenda from two parties who are two sides of the same coin.

Shakespeare famously said “All the world’s a stage and the people merely actors”. Well he was not joking. He was warning us of the reality that escapes us. This whole episode is a charade played out for our benefit to gain our support and consent to, if not demand, the next phase of the long term plan. Let me explain how it works.

Since the end of the 1990s the banking regulatory authorities have been weakened by legislation enabling the creation of a huge derivatives bubble which in effect is a bubble with no real assets to back it up. It is simply money out of thin air represented by numbers in a ledger. This de-regulation was going on in the USA starting with Clinton repealing the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999 (even with a majority of Republicans in the Houses) thus expanding the limitations of lending by removing a law that prevented the banks from over lending based on their assets. Then GW Bush made this worse by removing all limits on assets to loans ratios and allowing the banks to make investments with money that did not exist. The same process was going on in Britain during the Blair years and in other western nations. So you see how this is a bi-partisan con trick in most countries.

The fact that the financial regulators in all these western countries were seemingly unaware of the impending situation says to us that either they were limited by weakened legislation and powers of enforcement, or they were allowing this to happen and therefore were part of the problem. The fact that they all walked away with golden handshakes and huge pensions, despite their dreadful job performance, should sound alarm bells at least. This must also make it quite obvious to everyone that this could not possibly have been an oversight by such a large number of experienced people

Well, you would be right. The inflation of the derivatives bubble was not a mistake. It was created by design. We know this because it was leaked from the meetings of the rich and powerful over a decade ago and reported in the independent press on-line. More recently it was leaked from the Bilderberg Meeting in Ottawa in 2006, and reported by Daniel Estulin, that the wealthy elites that host this meeting had discussed the deliberate collapsing of the world economy using the derivatives bubble (and to blame the housing market).

The meeting is full of politicians from all western nations and International groups as well as multinational conglomerates, Royalty, and Media Groups. At this meeting in 2006 were the representatives of banks such as:

Timothy F. Geithner, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Dermot Gleeson, Chairman, Anglo Irish Bank Group
Ronald S. Lloyd, Chairman and CEO, Credit Suisse First Boston
Frank McKenna, Deputy Chair, Toronto Dominion Bank Financial Group
Gordon Nixon, President and CEO, Royal Bank of Canada
David Rockefeller, Former Member, JP Morgan International Council
Rudolf Scholten, Member of the Board of Executive Directors, Österreichische Kontrollbank AG
Peter D. Sutherland, Chairman, BP plc and Chairman, Goldman Sachs International

Many other banks have been present in years previous and since. However let me take one example in AIB. Dermot Gleeson the Head of Anglo Irish Bank has attended Bilderberg since 2003 to 2009 so has been well aware of the developing plan and his part in it. In 2004 for instance Thomas L. Donilon, Vice-President, Fannie Mae, (and Council on Foreign Relations) was present, presumably to discuss their part in the home loans side show that the US government would blame the crash on. So in the two years since the meeting in 2006 where they decided to inflate the bubble to bursting, AIB doubled the amount of it’s total lending exposure right before the crash in late 2008

Many of the same names re-appeared in the 2008 meeting plus other interesting ones like

Josef Ackermann, Chairman of the Management Board and the Group Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank AG
Ben S. Bernanke, Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System
Harold E. Ford, Jr., Vice Chairman, Merill Lynch & Co., Inc
Seppo Honkapohja, Member of the Board, Bank of Finland
William J. McDonough, Vice Chairman and Special Advisor to the Chairman, Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.
Tom McKillop, Chairman, The Royal Bank of Scotland Group
Rudolf Scholten, Member of the Board of Executive Directors, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG
Jean-Claude Trichet, President, European Central Bank
Robert B. Zoellick, President, The World Bank Group

Notable are RBS, AIB, Merril Lynch, the companies at the centre of the collapse in the US, Britain and Ireland that was imminent. As well as these men, there were also present many Finance ministers and, for reference to the article above, also present at the meeting were the following attendees indicating the cross party co-operation for this agenda

Edward Balls, Economic Secretary to the Treasury (Labour)
Kenneth Clarke, Member of Parliament (Conservative)
George Osborne, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (Conservative)

Kenneth Clarke in fact is an ever present participant. George Osborne has been attending for the last 4 years, and Ed Balls has been attending since 2002. So again we see no party lines and long term involvement.

You may ask why we have never heard of any of this considering how important it is. Well the simple answer is because the people who attend this meeting also control your media. A few examples of this are in these recent attendees

Martin H. Wolf, Associate Editor and Economics Commentator, The Financial Times
John Micklethwait, Editor-in-Chief, The Economist
Vendelin von Bredow, Paris Correspondent, The Economist
Adrian D. Wooldridge, Foreign Correspondent, The Economist
Anatole Kaletsky, Editor at Large, The Times
Paul Gigot, Editorial Page Editor, The Wall Street Journal
Donald E. Graham, Chairman and CEO, The Washington Post Company
Matthias Nass, Deputy Editor, Die Zeit
Christine Ockrent, CEO, French television and radio world service
Eric Schmidt, Chairman of the Executive Committee and CEO, Google
Oscar Bronner, Publisher and Editor, Der Standard (Austria)
Nicolas Beytout, Editor-in-Chief, Le Figaro (France)
Juan Luis Cebrian, Grupo PRISA media group (Spain)
Heather Reisman, Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc. (Canada)
John Vinocur, Senior Correspondent, International Herald Tribune (USA)
Conrad Black, Telegraph Group

So you see they have the economic and Financial press sewn up so that they only send out the message the Bilderberg Group wants the public to hear. Even the Director General of the BBC has attended around 2002

You may have noticed something in Europe whereby Britain and Ireland’s Prime Ministers both stepped down before the crash and left their fall guys to carry the can. This is what Gordon Brown and Brian Cowan are, however they will probably be well rewarded for this while Tony Blair will be free to become European President and Bertie Ahern will most probably be given a top job in Blair’s administration

Back to the article then, you can see that in Bilderberg there is no difference between Labour and Conservative, or Republican and Democrat. They are simply working together to carry out an agenda phase by phase. Hence Bilderberg has already decided that Gordon Brown will oversee the crash so that the Conservatives will win the next election, leaving George Osborne to implement the next stage of the agenda which is to remove independent regulation of the banks over to the Bank of England. While in Ireland the government has made a report of “urgent” budgetary measures, but has gone on summer break for 3 months and wont deal with it till autumn. By then the IMF will have taken over the country.

At this point you should also be aware that the IMF and World Banks are also owned by private banking families and the IMF ONLY lends money under the condition that they have a say in how the country is run. You have seen this time and again in Africa and the result is that the country ends up handing over it’s resources and lands to the private bankers in lieu of the IMF loans

What most people in Britain are not aware of is that the Bank of England is not exactly what it says on the tin. It is actually controlled by the Rothschild banking family and has been since the Napoleonic wars when Nathan Rothschild basically took over the country by buying up the stock market after it crashed when he gave out a story that his courier had brought news that Napoleon had won the battle of Waterloo, which was a simple and effective con. Recently just like Clinton, Brown gave the Bank total autocracy for monetary policy back in 1998 and since then, just like in the US with the autocratic Federal Reserve, certain financial houses have made extraordinary profits while the country heads for hyper-inflation.

George Osborne then will also give full regulatory powers to the privately run Bank of England to oversee the very banking institutions that control it. This is like asking the captain of one football team to referee the match he is playing in.. The net effect being that the Bank of England controllers will tilt everything in their own favour and use their power to absorb other banks and insurance houses to eliminate their competition and give them an unassailable position from which to orchestrate the new world order’s global financial governance agenda into being. This will be done after the nations have suffered massive hyper-inflation due to the policy of printing money to bail out the indebted banks of toxic debt that only ever existed in a balance sheet and never in reality. This bailout money of course gets re-directed straight back to the creditor banks who just happen to be the controllers of the Bank of England

The exact same thing has happened in the USA with Barrack Obama’s Senate colleagues using a procedural rule to block any attempt to pass Senator De Mint’s Audit the Federal Reserve amendment. Also Obama’s House speaker Nancy Pelosi is the one standing in the way of Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill which now has 273 co-sponsors (63% of the House). At the same time Obama has introduced new legislation, the same as proposed by Osborne, to give the Federal Reserve even more power to regulate every aspect of the US economy, including the banking sector, i.e. themselves. Now does that sound like a President who wants CHANGE ? Seems to me to be exactly what Bush Jnr was pushing for.

So now you can see that in both nations the agenda is the same and the party lines mean nothing to them and are simply a play for the electorate to believe they are in control of their leaders. The reality is the people are not. The people are manipulated by the corporate owned press to elect the party the elites of this world want in power to carry out the next phase of their agenda

What is the agenda? One world government, one world currency, all controlled by the banking families that own our governments and who meet in secret at their Bilderberg club. This one world government will be a total control grid surveillance system. A cashless society. All movements monitored. All transactions monitored. All rights removed.

If this is the future you want you can have it but please don’t condemn the rest of us into it.


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