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Why is this not in your news ?

April 30, 2009

This is an e-mail sent to a radio website on Wednesday morning. It is from a Doctor in the Austin TX area about a meeting he attended on Tuesday night with the CDC and Health authorities. The blacked out instructions advised that this information was not to be passed on beyond the meeting. Please read his appraisal and see comment afterwards Photobucket Photobucket Now I mentioned before that the UNOFFICIAL reports coming out of Mexico were that half the population was sick and thousands were dead. This was from callers into America and doctors in Mexican hospitals so this tallies. I might point out that Mexico is almost completely shut down according to reports coming out. The authorities in Mexico have also known about this outbreak since March 18th and the Americans since quite soon after, see video for affirmation

Now he warns that Obama should be operating a state of emergency in 72 hours from Tuesday night which is Friday night as it happens. If he doesn’t and lets it continue then you know the agenda is to allow the virus to take a foothold in America. Now Listen to this little gem from the man with the silver tongue, Joe Biden

What is happenning here?

Well it seems to me that the government want to ramp up the panic status. This will start to bite soon and the economy, which is already teetering on the edge of total collapse, will not be able to withstand the shut down that will occur when people stop leaving the house out of fear.

When this does happen and, if the facts in the e-mail are accurate, then America is really at a level 6 emergency and will be under martial law. When that happens Henry Kissinger will get his wish from 2 weeks ago and all american citizens will be disarmed under the state of emergency because the constitution will have been suspended

This I fear is the catalystic event the globalist needed to take Americas economy down completely. This will be the event to allow them to pose as the saviors and herald in the UN controlled NAU and the total control grid

One interesting point as a subtext is that people have been rushing out to get Tamiflu even though it doesn’t work on this virus. Coincidence is that the Government had $2 billion worth of Tamiflu stock that they bought from Rumsfelt 3 years ago and it only has a 3 year shelf life. Hmmmmm.

My advice is to watch who cashes in their stock in Tamiflu’s makers when the share price hits peak.

Your government lies, your CDC lies, UN lies, WHO lies, your media lies. It is time to take control of your own lives and stop relying on the state for information and guidance. Time to break the matrix and stop these fuckers

One more thing

Why do I have to dig all this info up for you all, don’t you want to save your kids?


Very important development

April 29, 2009

Read this and then the comment afterwards to put this news in perspective
WHO to raise swine flu alert level to 5

Tue, 28 Apr 2009 17:44:29 GMT

Considering the rapidly increasing number of confirmed swine flu cases, WHO officials have decided to consider raising the pandemic alert level to phase 5.

Swine Influenza (swine flu) caused by type A influenza, regularly leads to influenza outbreaks among pigs. The virus does not normally infect humans.

Confirmed sufferers in the United States and Mexico, however, are believed to have spread the disease to their families and others in close contact.

The alert level was increased to 4 on Monday, and WHO officials now say they will be forced to declare a phase 5 alert soon.

“We’re still awaiting for a final confirmation from the US authorities, but it appears that there’s a number of cases in New York which appear to be human-to-human transmission,” WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl told a news briefing.

The United Nations agency also raised its alert level to 4 on Monday as the virus was detected in several European countries.

Mexican authorities say the new strain has killed up to 149 people in Mexico. About 64 confirmed cases have been reported in five US states.

Now what does this mean to you?
A level 5 warning would mean that the government could impliment martial law and forced innoculation under the new Medical Emergency legislation !

This is a smokescreen !
Ask yourself this question. Why would the W.H.O. declare a worldwide level 5 emergency when according to their own figures only 149 people have died of flu in Mexico, a country of 100 million people, in a week?
Surely this is excessive when you consider that their own figures also state that in Mexico about 15,000 people die every year of human flu in the flu season. That would mean about 500 people a week anyway.
Also why would they announce this when none of the people who have caught the virus in Mexico and brought it into America or any other country, have had anything more than normal flu symptoms and have all recovered?
Also ask why is this virus ONLY killing Hispanics, as the only person to die outside Mexico was a 3 year old Hispanic girl?
Please do not make the mistake of thinking this is not possible because it is. America has 1300 level 3 bio-weapons labs, what do you think they are working on? Now read this extract from a question and answer session given by US Secretary of Defense William S Choen in Atlanta in 1997
There are some reports, for example, that some countries have been trying to
construct something like an Ebola Virus, and that would be a very
dangerous phenomenon, to say the least. Alvin Toeffler has written
about this in terms of some scientists in their laboratories trying to
devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic-specific so
that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races; and
others are designing some sort of engineering, some sort of insects
that can destroy specific crops. Others are engaging even in an
eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off
earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic

So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work
finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It’s
real, and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and
that’s why this is so important.


Yes ingenious men indeed, and all the most ingenious work for the American military or secret sevices. You all know this to be true and it has been that way since they took thousands of Hilter’s scientists to work in the US secret services after the war. Why do you think there was such a race to complete the human genome project? That my friends was the pandora’s box, the apple from the forbidden tree of knowledge, the knowledge to destroy ourselves.
I have talked to you about HAARP before and as Mr Cohen mentioned it I should remind you that there was a 6.1 earthquake in Mexico City this week aswell. Coincidence?
Let me give you a flavour of exactly how far technology has come. It has been discovered a long time ago that we don’t actually need all these pharmacuticals to kill viruses. They can be very simply killed with radio waves. Each virus has a particular frequency that will shatter it and destroy it. Many people have advertised these sound machines and cured anything from lukemia to cancer. However the government has persued them all and shut them down and even jailed them. Why? Big Pharma maybe? Yes, but maybe more sinister, because if you can kill a virus with a radio signal you can do a lot more

Dr. Horowitz, writing in his book, “Death In The Air”, tells us of the newest technology available to the Illuminati. Scientists are now able to activate any virus through radio transmissions. So, any latent disease the African and Hispanic community will carry from SARS, can be activated through radio waves into a raging, even deadly, virus.

Thus, all the Illuminati has to do is to specifically target the exact race or subrace they want to annihilate with a radio transmission specific to the disease they plan to introduce into that population. If the African and Hispanic communities have been exposed to SARS – HTLV-1, it is possible to irradiate them with a radio signal to activate the virus to a killing disease! Scientists have identified the specific radio frequency un
ique to each virus known in the world today. Literally, in seconds, radio signals specifically designed to trigger the SARS – HTLV-1 binary virus could cause the disease to explode in a population where significant numbers of people have already been exposed to the virus but have not died! These radio signals conceivably could even cause the virus to mutate to a much more deadly strain. Since the virus is airborne, an entire population could be immediately threatened.

Remember that both SARS and HTLV-1 are viruses, and is our belief that the SARS weapon is really a binary weapon.


I will expand on “binary weapons later” because this version of swine / avian / human flu is most brobably a binary virus
This would indicate that this is a race specific lab made virus ! I have not been able to find a single doctor who has said this could possibly be a natural virus. They ALL say it has to be from a lab
I would mention here that over the last few days Mexico made all foreigners leave. You might wonder why send people home who might be infected. Perhaps because they know it isn’t going to do harm? Or maybe because they do want it spread harmlesslessly through the worlds population as a binary virus
Now a level 5 is going to mean a forced vaccine. DO NOT TAKE IT !
It takes 6 months minimum to make a vaccine for a virus and by that time it is mutated so the vaccine doesn’t work. It would be like sending an assassin to the house I was born in decades ago to kill me even though I haven’t lived there for 30 years. All a vaccine would do would be to create a new mutagen strain of the virus. So ask yourself why would any doctor or health organisation or government agency or WHO come on tv and says take a vaccine? It can only mean they want you to take it for a different reason
Binary viruses. Viruses that do not kill but are the docking mechanism for the next virus to become LETHAL. This is precisely what could be in the so called vaccine. Again please don’t think this can’t be done because the polio vaccine that was used for 40 years had green monkey SV40 cancer virus in it and you can look that up anywhere. Why do you think cancer affects 1 in 3 people now? It is a slow kill virus
This would also indicate that the WHO are part of the deception, hyping something against all known science, and failing to release the make up of the virus to private vaccine analysts ! They have also given a contract to Baxter Pharmacutical to make a vaccine, which funny enough they say they almost have ready, now how does that make sense?
How does it make sense to give that contract to the company that deliberately mixed live bird flu into the human flu vaccine last year and sent it out to 18 countries to be made up? How did they niot get prosecuted? Well the WHO took over the investigation that is why.
How does it make sense to give them the contract when they knowingly sold 1 million doses of clotting agent to Europe that they knew contained HIV and the FDA let them do it even though they stopped them selling it in the US !!! It killed thousands of Haemophiliacs by the way, SLOWLY ! Why was nobody prosecuted?
So Baxter will “suddenly” come up with a swine flu virus in record time. What’s the betting that it is just the re-labelled avian flu virus they have been working on which will do nothing but kill everyone whem the swine flu returns
Are you getting the picture yet?
I am not making any of this up people. You can google any of this. So ask yourself why your mass media doesn’t cover it when it is all in official documents? They are complicit, you cannot trust a word they say !
Well Janet Napolitano (the woman who said veterans are terrorists) refuses to close the mexican border and said that this will probably blow over in 3 to 6 weeks but will come back worse. I tell you this is the first honest thing she has said. This flu will peter out soon, but it will come back with a vengence because once it goes out into the wild it will mix with wild avian flu and then return through other mammals like pets, cows etc and back to humans in a much more deadly strain. You might not be aware but the bird population of North America is now riddled with avian flu from north Canada to south Mexico there have been reports of birds dying off in the last few onths but the media hasn’t mentioned it, WHY?
My estimate is that you have about a week or two before the hammer drops and they start vaccinating you with a pointless vaccine that Rumsfelt owns that will make him a billionaire. Then the next virus will hit but I am not exactly sure when they will release it because this is all happenning ahead of schedule. I don’t believe this was supposed to happen until next year after the carbon tax regime was in place and Gore made his billions in payoff from his carbon trading company for being a good little NWO soldier.
The reason this outbreak came early was simple. The Mexican government (who are in cahoots with US and Canada in this New World Order NAU) were at the point of being overthrown. They were teetering on the brink of revolution there and not winning the battles. There was a march planned for tomorrow, May 1st, all over the country which millions were expected to attend and this is their solution to get everyone off the streets and rally around the government who are posing as the saviors
The other reasons are US led because the rise of revolutionary thought in the US is now massive. The tea parties, the State succession Bills, the gun and ammunition purchases, the end the FED rallies, the cap and trade committee eating Al Gore alive and showing him to be a charlatan, Ron Pauls HR 1207 to audit the FED to find the stolen 10 to 12 trillion, most of all the flood of movement towards trials for war crimes for the Neocons. This distracts from all of it and allows Obama’s administration to get off the hook about prosecuting their fellow New World Order comrades
This my friends is what is happenning. I wish I could do more to give you the actual dates but I can’t. All I can do is tell you that a lot of things have happened recently that point to only one thing. Martial law and depopulation are coming. The following are some that I have picked up on over the last two years that you should google
There is a massive pre-arranged excercise with DHS and FEMA and Military for martial law and bio-hazard due to start tomorrow, May 1st, coincidence?
2 weeks ago Henry Kissinger said that “we will disarm America by September”
FEMA have been visiting every county requesting facilities be made ready, including hardening of essential services b
uildings and preparation of mass graves facilities around major urban centres
Cemetries have been requested and funded to increase capacity wholesale
FEMA camps are numbered in their hundreds and were built under REX84. They are manned and ready
Fema have been receiving miliions upon millions of body bags and plastic coffins over the last few years none of which are sent abroad to fighting arenas, they are stored around the country
Martial law drill have been going on all over the country for the last few years, the last in Alaska last weekend, Why? Is martial law planned?
Incinerators have been built, that are not being used
Lorry drivers have been getting paid thousands in cash per load to move pathogens around the country and were given vaccines to drive
I heard recently of a couple of hundred refrigerated morgue trucks that were ordered for the government that had to be ready for this MAY. Why this MAY?
The US airforce put out a study in 1996 saying that there WOULD BE a flu pandemic in 2009 that would kill 30 million !!! How did they know?
You can research those yourselves and put the dots together if you want, I can only give you the information I have found out. It is up to you to decide what to do. Call me a scaremonger if you like but I am just giving you info, disregard it idf you like
If I were in the US now I would be getting on a plane and leaving before they stop air travel !
Remember take the shot or be shot (or go to the camps with all the other refusing people who might be a danger to the government). I wont do either.
The rise in awareness has forced the NWO’s hand. They are going for broke. They are playing all their cards. this is ENDGAME and we are living in it. This is classic PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION. They create the problem and then pose as saviors
What an interesting time to be alive. Let’s try and stay that way
Remember DO NOT TAKE A VACCINE. Just take your supplements especially vitamin A, B, C. Take oil of oregano, oil of olive leaf, garlic, certain mushrooms, get lots of sleep and stay healthy and you should be able to fight off viruses naturally
Stay safe

Taking you back to the alarm call many have slept through

April 28, 2009

I have been getting quite frustrated at the sheer lack of comprehension of the real situation that surrounds everyone today. The ability of people to simply ignore the sheer weight of evidence, or to see the crimes being committed right in front of their eyes.

I think however a remedial class is required, because what I am presenting you with may be beyond your comprehension in the same way that if I asked somebody to do calculus when they hadn’t yet gone beyond add and subtract

So I am going to take you back to the alarm call moment that woke me up from my sleep. My leap from add and subtract to multiply and divide and up and onwards. The moment I (and we all should have) woke up to the corruption was of course the World Trade Centre demolition.

I cannot expect you all to accept everything I have seen since until you wake up the same way so please watch this very simple presentation of just one single aspect of the demolition and see if this sparks something in you

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 (squibs)

None of these witness accounts were included in the official 911 report, WHY?

Note: some of the most outspoken and vocal witnesses have been “suicided”?

There are many other available videos of small explosions going off at the base of the towers. Some of the bright flashes cutting the core columns through the dust as the outer floors collapsed ahead of them. Some of smoke pouring out of the basement before any collapses occurred. A couple of the thermite reaction pouring molten steel down the side of the building 30 seconds before it collapsed. one of people in the towers waving out of the hole the plane made in the side of the building even though it was supposed to be so hot everything was vapourised and steel melted

So I hope that will spur you on the read and view more evidence and you will wake up slowly from your slumber

I will do a series of these blogs, each on one small aspect of this event to help you.

Do not be afraid to ask questions

Democrats attempt to erode democracy for totalitarianism

April 28, 2009

This was sent to me by the American Association for Health Freedom. It shows how the Federal Government are trying to erode the normal voting quotas required to get legislatiion through the House so that they can ram it through without needing any bi-partizanship as they have so often said they would work towards

Contact your Senator by this Wednesday, April 29, and ask him or her to oppose a budget resolution that includes reconciliation instructions.

This budget reconciliation process is utilized when Congress issues instructions or directives as part of the budget bill in order to legislate policy changes in mandatory spending (entitlements) or revenue programs (tax laws) to achieve the goals contemplated by the budget resolution. Basically, it is a way of “packaging” many different budgetary concerns. In a normal budgetary process, each budget area’s spending will be debated and considered in separate committees. This process allows Congress to consider the budget as a single entity, a sweeping economic program that gets accepted or rejected as a whole.

The hot topics in the annual budget this year are energy independence, education reform, and healthcare. Our concern is that we don’t yet know what the healthcare reform part of the budget will entail, and these decisions are too important to happen without careful consideration—or without health freedom advocates being able to weigh in on the issues so important to us.

Democrats currently hold 58 seats in the Senate, and most legislation needs 60 votes in order to pass. The budget reconciliation process, however, allows the Democrats to move forward with this economic package with a simple majority of 51 votes instead of the 60.

“A reform of our healthcare system—a massive legislative undertaking that will impact every American—should be done through the normal debate and amendment process,” Sen. Judd Gregg (RNH) said in a statement. “To circumvent that process in favor of ramming through a partisan plan that needs only a simple majority to pass is a far cry from the bipartisanship that has been promised.”

As an organization that advocates for limited government interference in one’s healthcare decisions, we believe that healthcare reform is an item that unquestionably warrants open debate and extensive input from all stakeholders—which includes every American citizen.

The use of the budget reconciliation process as a means to fast track healthcare reform—one of the most important issues facing our nation today—is about the most undemocratic maneuver a party could employ.

Please contact your Senators immediately to voice your opposition of using the budget reconciliation process for national healthcare reform.


This is yet another small step on the road to fascism where you dont even have the opportunity to debate or even see the contents of a Bill so that it might be opposed. This is the same strategy the last government used with their so called emergency Bills like the bailout or the Security Bills

You had better make those phonecalls and tell your representatives to do their job properly

What is going to happen next with flu according to the medical experts

April 27, 2009

I’m going to lay it out for you now, exactly what is going to happen for the near future

I posted this warning last year but now you will see the relevence of it much more clearly in the light of recent events. Please watch this and let Dr Laibow enlighten you

Now having revisited that you will understand the last blog a little better.

The following is a radio interview Jeff Rense did on Friday with Dr William Deagle MD and Dr A True Ott Phd ND

In this they will explain to you exactly what has happened, why it has happened, and where it will go next. This is VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION and is essential for your well being





Now the China link I think is a red herring because Rothchild probably owns that facility as he has moved his wealth to China Brazil and India before the slump in the west’s economies took hold. Hence his record profits last year

So there you have it from the medical experts. This IS a man made virus. A resurected version of the 1918 Spanish flu made in Fort Detrick from exhumed bodies and funded by the Rothchilds (leaders of the Elites)

When the virus mutates in nature it will return probably in a few months after the first wave. All kinds of mammals will be carrying it from horses, sheep and cows to pet cats and dogs as well as birds.

The Tamiflu vaccine owned by Rumsfelt doesn’t work. It was defunked after the last mutation of the H5N1 virus, hence taking the flu vaccines will just add fuel to the fire and create more variants while Rummy gets rich. The trouble is you wont have a choice. Emergency powers will me you either “take the shot, or be shot”

Please read Dr Ott’s article below

Here is Dr Ott’s article from

Somthing Wicked
This Way Comes
Scene I, Act II|
By A. True Ott, PhD, ND

On March 20, 2009, this researcher outlined a peculiar “PANDEMIC VACCINE TRAINING” exercise in Texas scheduled to occur on Saturday, May 2, 2009. See complete article at

I thought it very strange that a rather obscure Texas county would see fit to conduct such a “training exercise” involving Texas National Guard Troops involving “drive-thru vaccination clinics”. I also thought it exceedingly strange that these rather obscure county officials would make the public declarations that emergency “pandemic vaccination programs would mean a line of cars 41 miles long” in Guadalupe County, but that San Antonio’s drive-thru vaccine’s line would stretch from “San Antonio to Calgary, Alberta Canada” — strange, because this just happens to be the planned route of the AMERO FREEWAY — connecting the late-great U.S.A. with Mexico and Canada. Could this, too, be a coded message to insiders?

Just as NORAD was conducting “mock” terrorist drills on the morning of September 11, 2001 – could this May 2 event be TIMED to announce the release of the planned pandemic and the eventual advent of martial law in North America?

Today, Friday, April 24, 2009 – according to USA TODAY, the BBC, and the Associated Press, the World Health Organization (WHO) is “very, very concerned” about a very strange “swine flu” outbreak in Mexico City. The WHO is so concerned, in fact, that it has ordered all WHO officers to man the “Pandemic Control Room” 24/7 for the 1st time.

ATTENTION AMERICA!!!! This is highly significant. The WHO “Pandemic Control Room” is a creation of the Illuminati elite for the final “end-game” killer virus mapping and tracking, and is thus equipped with super-computers tied to all U.N. member government’s security forces. This “control room” is where any declarations of “pandemic” will originate. When such a “declaration” is sent to President Obama, FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security “Pandemic Task Forces” will be deployed. Each State Governor will be notified that the provisions of the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA) will be implemented.

This means that all Americans must consent to mass vaccinations, or be guilty of a FELONY crime (without a TRIAL, mind you!). And why a FELONY and not a mere ‘misdemeanor’? Simple. Police agencies know that the use of “DEADLY FORCE” is only approved for felony suspects when they resist arrest. Refuse the government’s untested, untried, highly suspect “MADE IN CHINA” vaccine, and you will instantly be labelled a felonious criminal. So, refuse the forced vaccine, and then resist forced relocation to a prepared “quarantine compound” (i.e. concentration/re-education camp) and you can “legally” be shot and killed. (Justified “deadly force”.)


Never forget that in 2005, the Chinese PLA “defense minister” declared in a speech to the Chinese PLA brass that China must
“possess” North America (Mexico, America, and Canada) and that 15-200 million Americans “must die” by means of a “perfected” biological weapon. What could be more “natural” and deflect suspicion more effectively than a weaponized “killer influenza” that is propagandized into an “act of nature”??

Beginning in the spring of 1918, an “unusual flu” began to emerge, that eventually blossomed into the killer flu pandemic killing millions worldwide. Subsequent research has proven that the “unusual flu” was a “recombinant strain” showing swine viruses mixed with bird viruses mutating with human-specific strains of flu virus. THIS IS EXACTLY THE KILLER VIRUS THAT DR. JEFFREY TAUBENBERGER AND HIS TEAM AT FORT DEDRICK RE-CREATED DURING YEARS 1997 – 2003. Is it just a mere coincidence that the same recombinant virus is once again making its appearance known?

According to Henry Kissinger and Zbignew Brezinsky’s “NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA” – the earth must be cleansed of at least 5 billion human beings in order to create their “Utopia”. In 1974, this agenda was outlined in a report called NSSM 200 – and the genocide was to begin in specific 3rd world countries.

See However, it is logical that North America (especially Mexico City) would have to be “cleansed” as well. Never forget that both Kissinger and Brezinsky are solid backers of Barack Hussein Obama. Obama makes an official visit to Mexico, and a short week
later, Mexico City schools, Universities, and all PUBLIC BUILDINGS are shut down in pandemic fear — (for the first time since the devastating 1985 earthquake!) Again, is this just a bizarre co-incidence??


“If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as KILLER VIRUS to lower human population levels.”
—— Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, head of the World Wildlife Fund and World FREEMASONRY — December 1995

“A ‘killer virus’ is indeed an evolutionary step-up for some of this planet’s so-called “elites” —- hopefully Prince Phillip, Henry Kissinger, Zbignew Brezinsky, et. al. can each achieve this milestone and not return once again as the mutiganeous-primal-pond-scum life-form they currently occupy today.”
—— Dr. A. True Ott, Concerned American PATRIOT, April, 2009.


I have heard many other corroborating views from people with high level inside information who came out 2 weeks ago and said that they had been told that time was up and something huge was going to happen in the next few weeks. Well I guess they were right

I told someone recently that the Elites were behind time on their agenda and would be speeding it up. This seems to be borne out with this. This outbreak seems to have been thrust in ahead of time. I think it was forced upon them by the speed of the awakening of the people and the fact that there was a rising movement towards revolt around the world and in America there was also the fact that Ron Paul’s Bill HR 1207 to audit the Fed and find out where the 10 trillion dollars went to that they stole since November, has gained massive support in Congress. If that audit ever happened the whole snake pit would be blown wide open on who runs America. They wont let it happen.

I am sorry this is all happenning and to my closest friends you are welcome to come here if you need to escape. I need to concentrate now for a while getting my hands on natural cures and anti virals and some protection for me and my son.

We can contain this if we do a few basic things, stay protected, avoid contamination, keep stocked in water and food, most importantly though we have to STAY CIVILIZED. If we lose our social structure and calmness we will fall apart very quickly. We can ride this out if we all stay calm and careful and civil

Impossible flu pandemics and why we have them

April 26, 2009

Over the last couple of years I have been trying to warn people through this blog and other ways about the man made viruses that have been released on the world like HIV, SV40 cancer in polio vaccines, and weaponised flus and anthrax and other pathogens including plague and SARS.

I have also tried to make people aware that this is not accidental and that it is part of a globalist agenda for population control both numerically and systematically. Others have been making these warnings for decades now including professional people from the medical profession and intelligence and government.

Most people say it can’t be true, but they say that without having done any of the reading I have done. Now I wish I wasn’t right about these predictions of deliberate pandemic release but it seems the evidence is gathering before your very eyes as we speak

Let me talk a little on the rise of the pandemic phenomenon

Recent History of Pandemic Releases

The 1918 Spanish flu (H1N1 1918-1919)

This outbreak, that killed 40 to 60 million people worldwide, started in the US at Fort Riley in Kansas. One week the same virus broke out in Queens NY. Another 5 months went by and a worse strain of the virus appeared “simultaneously” in 3 different parts of the world, Boston Massachusetts, Freetown in Sierra Leone in West Africa, Brest in France . This simultaneous outbreak of a deadlier virus in 3 such diverse places discounts any possibility that it was simply a “mutation” as it would not mutate the same way in 3 different places at the same time. This therefore would point to a deliberate orchestrated release
Decades after the Spanish Flu pandemic ended, scientists had made little progress in solving the mystery of the 1918-19 flu’s virulence. Scientists knew that the H1N1 virus caused the Spanish flu, but they did not know why the virus was so deadly. In 1996, lung tissue samples were recovered from the body of a soldier who died of the flu in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Scientists had managed to identify several of the virus’s genes from the sample. It was not until retired pathologist Johan Hultin retrieved preserved lung tissue from a female body buried in permafrost in an Alaskan village. A team of scientists figured out the coding sequences of all eight viral RNA segments, and they proceeded to using reverse genetics to reconstruct the Spanish Flu virus. In their October 2005 report, the scientists studied the pathogenicity of the virus in mammal and chicken eggs, and examined its growth. The scientists concluded that the combination of those particular eight genes made it especially virulent; no single gene was responsible for its virulence. They also noted that no other human influenza virus compared to the pathogenicity of the 1918 virus when tested in mice. In addition, vaccines containing 1918 HA and NA genes, as well as FDA approved drugs oseltamivir and amantadine proved effective against the virus

In 2008 the British also exhumed a man buried in a lead coffin (to preserve the virus!!!) to collect it for “study”. So it seems they dug up the virus and by 2005 they had reconstructed it in a lab, a military bio-weapons lab. This will become a common thread as you read on

It should be noted at this stage that H1N1 is different to normal flus that can kill people with weakened immune systems like the elderly or the very young. This virus kills people with healthy immune systems because it acts by hyper-activating the immune system. Hence it kills healthy adults. If you wanted to reduce a world population this would be a necessary part of your hybrid virus because it knocks out all the healthy breading age adults from the population

The Asian Flu (H2N2, 1957)

The Asian Flu of 1957 (H2N2) first appeared in the South-eastern Chinese province of Yunnan. It spread across overland routes to Europe and Africa and sea routes to the Americas, infecting millions of people along the way. Unlike the 1918 strain, people infected with H2N2 did not have the same symptoms that characterized the Spanish Flu of 1918, like viral pneumonia, cyanosis, and acute respiratory distress. In addition, new antibiotics allowed doctors to treat various infections in patients. Over 1 million people died worldwide, including 80,000 Americans. Later examination revealed that this flu strain contained three avian flu genes (PB1, HA, and NA) and five genes from human influenza. Experts believe that antigenic shift was the culprit behind H2N2 and that a pig was the likely mixing vessel.

The Hong Kong Flu (H3N2, 1968)

11 years after the end of the Asian Flu pandemic ended, a new outbreak of avian influenza erupted in Hong Kong. Thought to have originated in the neighbouring province of Guangdong, the H3N2 strain was very contagious (there were 500,000 cases in Hong Kong alone). The virus’ spread was accelerated by the dawn of air travel; as a result, it spread around the world in less than a year (342 days). The Hong Kong Flu was unusually mild; experts believe that this was because many people had developed antibodies to the H2N2 strain. Because H3N2 had the same neuraminidase molecules, people were immune to the virus. About 750,000 people around the world died of the virus, 34,000 in the United States.

Swine Flu (H1N1, 1976)

There was an outbreak of swine flu in 1976 in Fort Dix, one soldier died without getting sick first, 500 soldiers were infected. The outbreak was controlled by mass inoculations of the public. However many hundreds are believed to have died from the inoculations. What this looks like on the surface is another of the infamous experiments carried out on unsuspecting servicemen. These experiments are still going on today as many veterans will testify to being given unknown injections and many die or suffer lifelong effects

Avian Flu (H5N1, 1997)

Again this started in March 1997 in Hong Kong in the bird population in the bird markets (chickens, ducks and geese) of which all were eventually killed. The flu mysteriously affected a 3 year old boy who died in 5 days and then the virus disappeared but then mysteriously re-appeared in December 1997 affecting 17 people of whom 5 died. The thing about this flu was that the mass media from this point on started the mass hype of avian flu as the next world pandemic even though the flu is almost impossible to transfer into humans in it’s natural form because it isn’t airborne

So with that in mind you may not be surprised to hear that since this time, President Bush sought to instil panic in the US by telling the people that as many as 2 million deaths in this country alone could arise from the avian flu. President Bush then sent a letter to the Speaker of the House declaring an “emergency” in seeking congressional approval for $7.1 billion to respond to a “threat of avian and pandemic influenza.”
So the United States placed an order for 20 million doses of a worthless drug called Tamiflu at a price of $100 per dose. That comes to a staggering $2 billion. But if you dig further you will find that the drug was actually developed by a company called Gilead of which Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was made the chairman in 1997. Since Rumsfeld holds major portions of stock in Gilead, he would handsomely profit from the government’s purchase

Yet the drug seems to cause a psychotropic reaction in teenagers resulting in suicides.. Do you think this is part of the agenda?

One other thing that may not surprise some is that not only was Rummy the ch
airman and stockholder but it was revealed in 2008 that so was Obama a stock holder. Plus Bush, Clinton and Obama all seem to be tied up in the promotion of companies with vaccines for avian flu and anthrax when you dig deep enough and connect the dots you will find some very dodgy links, here are just a few. It seems a lot of well connected people are making a lot of money out of scaremongering over pandemics and biological attacks.…

Now with the current scare the Tamiflu stock price has gone through the roof. Doesn’t this make you even curious that this is a scam for profit even if you don’t think it is a depopulation agenda?

Suspicious death of 80 top microbiologists and infection experts in (2000 onwards)

Around the start of the 21st century there occurred a spate of suspicious and untimely deaths of biochemists who work in the field of disease control. Some very prominent and expert people died of bizarre accidents, murders and suicides and this left a large vacuum in the field of disease control. Coincidently this all occurred around the time the Avian flu and Anthrax vaccines were being pushed by the politicians. Why do you think so many key men died suddenly?

Foot and Mouth Disease in Britain (2001 & 2008)

These outbreaks in Britain in 2001 and 2008 were traced back to the Bio-weapons laboratory in Porton Down. The authorities later attempted to blame it on one “rogue employee” removing samples from the lab. However this idea was viewed as ridiculous in the light of the fact that the outbreak occurred “simultaneously” at places hundreds of miles apart and the virus was a “weaponised” form. This would again point to an orchestrated release of the virus by agents of the Porton Down bio-weapons facility.

Anthrax in America (2001)

So called “terrorist” anthrax letters were sent to members of the government the 2 weeks after 9/11 and Saddam Hussein was blamed. It later turned out that the anthrax was from a US Military bio weapons lab at Fort Detrick and it had been “weaponised” so that it would be able to be spread airborne as it is very difficult to transmit to humans otherwise. The authorities then tried to set up Bruce Ivins, one of the scientists working there, as a patsy and true to form they “suicided” him just before the Justice Department was to bring charges against him.

The 3 targets of the weaponised anthrax were “enemies” of the Bush Administration, 2 (Tom Daschel and Patrick Leahy) for holding up the Patriot Act in the Senate; and 1 for putting a photograph Jenna Bush pissed drunk at a party in the National Enquirer. Just to cement the point, Bush and his White House staff had been taking Cipro (an anti-biotic that fights off anthrax) for a month prior to the letters being posted. Now does this not confirm to you that our governments are quite happy and prepared to kill anybody they want with bio-weapons?

Here is a full article on that case

Equine flu in Australia (H3N8, 2007)

The source of the outbreak has never been confirmed but investigations have centred it at one particular horse meeting. It doesn’t however explain the spread of the disease over such a large area. Three vials containing samples of “weaponised” Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis however were discovered missing from the Fort Detrick bio-weapons facility in Maryland a few days ago and nobody there can say when they disappeared between 2004 and 2009

Now let’s get up to date. . .

Swine flu / Avian flu / human flu hybrid (2009)

Some important background to the make up of this new Hybrid strain of flu that it incorporates flu mixed from swine flu, bird flu and human flu. This would be almost impossible to achieve on it’s own naturally from these 3 different sources, however the chances of it being a natural occurrence are almost completely wiped out when you consider it also has to combine flu types from Asia, America and Europe in these categories in the same place at the same time. The chance that this could ever happen outside a laboratory is virtually impossible.

The reason the human flu is stitched into this is to make is transferable between humans the same way our normal flu does, however with this mixture the body doesn’t recognise the H5N1 or the H1N1 attached to the human flu so your body doesn’t fight it off in time. So here we have a virus that will attack the young and elderly with H5N1 and the fit adults with H1N1. It is a perfect virus for anyone who wants to cause a mass depopulation

Now how do you suppose all 6 of those factors found their way together in one place at one time? Answer? They probably didn’t and this brief history (above) explains how there is a history of government involvement in these outbreaks and highly advanced bio-weapons lab expertise.

Other signs

Mass media were all reporting that this is going to be a pandemic, the purpose being to put fear into everybody, they have been doing it for over a decade now, slowly turning up the heat even though the zoological flus could not be naturally transferred to humans without manipulation as our viruses cannot transfer to animals

Ever more worrying headlines and speeches from government officials built up something that wasn’t a danger into our number one fear and now that they have done this they are in a position to use the weaponised forms of these flus that have been cobbled together at Fort Detrick and Porton Down to put the plan into operation.

When a virus like these flus starts it is normally from Asia where the conditions are rife to produce a mutated virus naturally. As it spreads it mutates into less harmful viruses and so generally burns out before it reaches Europe or America. Hence if a virus suddenly starts simultaneously popping up in Mexico, Britain, New Zealand, then we need to look at the possibility that this again has been an orchestrated release. If it doesn’t burn out through natural mutation and goes on to kill people in more countries than Mexico then it is definitely a staged release

Remember that only a month ago the mainstream news in Europe blew the story wide open on Baxter sewing in Avian flu into the human flu vaccine and releasing it to 18 dose producing sub-contractors which would have started a pandemic in Europe. The scientists that looked at this said that the way it was mixed in could only have been deliberate, yet the W.H.O. took over the investigation and NOBODY is punished


I personally from my reading do not believe that this is the big pandemic yet. I believe this is a Beta Test on the public to see what reaction they get. What they are looking for is for the public to DEMAND vaccines and to cause enough outbreak fears that vaccines become mandatory. There is an enormous amount of money to be made from this for the politicians and friends who are stockholders in the vaccine companies, they also control who gets the contract remember.

The upshot of this however is that the vaccines will not be primarily for the cure of the current potential pandemic, they will be for the greasing of the wheels to help the next pandemic to spread to humans more easily by putting certain molecules into your body that will help the new flu attach. I covered this in a blog about Flu Mist being found to contain something that would help H5N1 attach to your cell receptors

The other plus point for the authorities is that they will be able to roll out martial law under PD 51 Emergencies declared giving governments’ greater powers. This will allow them to start the quarantine process of putting people in camps. This will mean they will be able to create law for forced inoculations on everybody. This may also be the reason they need to enforce the sub-coetaneous RFID chip for medical necessity to be able to locate people who may be infected

The biggest problem with these pandemics is that they completely shut down an economy with schools shut and work places closed, people not travelling etc. If it were to last a few months it could see a country’s economy collapse. It is a very dangerous situation and can escalate quickly unless people act together and look after eachother. With all America’s troops abroad it may also be the opportunity the globalists have long waited for to bring UN troops into America to martial the people. Look back through my recent blogs for a wonderful quote by Henry Kissinger from 1991 about getting the American people to accept this. That my friends, is how long this has been in the planning

Stay safe, stay off the vaccines, wear a mask and gloves, wash your hands, avoid gatherings, homeschool the kids if you have to and keep a stock of food if you need to stay in for a few weeks, or grow veg in your gardens.

Again I think this one will burn out quickly but the next one may be the big one

Little FEMA update

April 25, 2009

Nice little montage vid on the whole FEMA / Glen Beck episode that include excerpts from a follow up 2 hour show that went through all the evidence piece by piece


There is a Martial Law lock down training excercise in Alaska this weekend if you want to keep an eye on that bit of “conditioning”

Robotic killing machines

April 23, 2009

Here is an article I picked up on today in Reuters. This is an issue which is being treated with far too little thought and if this doesn’t shock you I will tell you why at the end in my comments

Killer robots and a revolution in warfare:

Wed Apr 22, 2009 10:04am EDT

(Bernd Debusmann is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed are his own)

By Bernd Debusmann

WASHINGTON, April 22 (Reuters) – They have no fear, they never tire, they are not upset when the soldier next to them gets blown to pieces. Their morale doesn’t suffer by having to do, again and again, the jobs known in the military as the Three Ds – dull, dirty and dangerous.

They are military robots and their rapidly increasing numbers and growing sophistication may herald the end of thousands of years of human monopoly on fighting war. “Science fiction is moving to the battlefield. The future is upon us,” as Brookings scholar Peter Singer put it to a conference of experts at the U.S. Army War College in Pennsylvania this month.

Singer just published Wired For War – the Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century, a book that traces the rise of the machines and predicts that in future wars they will not only play greater roles in executing missions but also in planning them.

Numbers reflect the explosive growth of robotic systems. The U.S. forces that stormed into Iraq in 2003 had no robots on the ground. There were none in Afghanistan either. Now those two wars are fought with the help of an estimated 12,000 ground-based robots and 7,000 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), the technical term for drone, or robotic aircraft.

Ground-based robots in Iraq have saved hundreds of lives in Iraq, defusing improvised explosive devices, which account for more than 40 percent of U.S. casualties. The first armed robot was deployed in Iraq in 2007 and it is as lethal as its acronym is long: Special Weapons Observation Remote Reconnaissance Direct Action System (SWORDS). Its mounted M249 machinegun can hit a target more than 3,000 feet away with pin-point precision.

From the air, the best-known UAV, the Predator, has killed dozens of insurgent leaders – as well as scores of civilians whose death has prompted protests both from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Predators are flown by operators sitting in front of television monitors in cubicles at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada, 8,000 miles from Afghanistan and Taliban sanctuaries on the Pakistani side of the border with Afghanistan. The cubicle pilots in Nevada run no physical risks whatever, a novelty for men engaged in war.


Reducing risk, and casualties, is at the heart of the drive for more and better robots. Ultimately, that means “fully autonomous engagement without human intervention,” according to an Army communication to robot designers. In other words, computer programs, not a remote human operator, would decide when to open fire. What worries some experts is that technology is running ahead of deliberations of ethical and legal questions.

Robotics research and development in the U.S. received a big push from Congress in 2001, when it set two ambitious goals: by 2010, a third of the country’s long-range attack aircraft should be unmanned; and by 2015 one third of America’s ground combat vehicles. Neither goal is likely to be met but the deadline pushed non-technological considerations to the sidelines.

A recent study prepared for the Office of Naval Research by a team from the California Polytechnic State University said that robot ethics had not received the attention it deserved because of a “rush to market” mentality and the “common misconception” that robots will do only what they have been programmed to do.

“Unfortunately, such a belief is sorely outdated, harking back to the time when computers were simpler and their programs could be written and understood by a single person,” the study says. “Now programs with millions of lines of code are written by teams of programmers, none of whom knows the entire program; hence, no individual can predict the effect of a given command with absolute certainty since portions of programs may interact in unexpected, untested ways.”

That’s what might have happened during an exercise in South Africa in 2007, when a robot anti-aircraft gun sprayed hundreds of rounds of cannon shell around its position, killing nine soldiers and injuring 14.

Beyond isolated accidents, there are deeper problems that have yet to be solved. How do you get a robot to tell an insurgent from an innocent? Can you program the Laws of War and the Rules of Engagement into a robot? Can you imbue a robot with his country’s culture? If something goes wrong, resulting in the death of civilians, who will be held responsible?

The robot’s manufacturer? The designers? Software programmers? The commanding officer in whose unit the robot operates? Or the U.S. president who in some cases authorises attacks? (Barack Obama has given the green light to a string of Predator strikes into Pakistan).

While the United States has deployed more military robots – on land, in the air and at sea – than any other country, it is not alone in building them. More than 40 countries, including potential adversaries such as China, are working on robotics technology. Which leaves one to wonder how the ability to send large numbers of robots, and fewer soldiers, to war will affect political decisions on force versus diplomacy.

You need to be an optimist to think that political leaders will opt for negotiation over war once combat casualties come home not in flag-decked coffins but in packing crates destined for the robot repair shop.

(You can contact the author at
(Editing by Sean Maguire)
What do you think this all means?
Well to me this is simple because I have studied the methods of the Elites for a long time now. Part of the technique of changing society is acceptance. This is done through pre-emptive brainwashing and mind control techniques that have been finely honed over the last 100 years.
The idea of robotic warfare was introduced to us decades ago through their media outlets. Movies like Robocop or Terminator were designed so that when this technology was finaly released as planned we would not be shocked by it. Do not doubt that this technology has been around for decades or even longer but is only phased in once we are conditioned.
It has been estimated by insiders that military science is hundreds of years ahead of what they release into the public domain. Look at Obama’s recent announcement that he will open the secret files on anti-gravity technology to the public, even though we all know this technology is already 90 to 100 years old. How much further do you suppose they are now?
Basically any new technology or ability you see pertrayed in movies, more often than not means that the technology actually exists far beyond what you are being glimpsed, and is being suppressed until the Elites want to roll it out for their use. This includes everything from mind control, energy, travel, interdimentional movement, as well as events to come like terror attacks and assassinations, wars or disasters. Once the idea is planted in your minds, when they finally “happen” you are accepting of them
That is the reasoning behind this, but why they do it this way is so they can convince you or spin the story so that you accept these things are for good reasons not bad. If for instance robotic soldiers were introduced without any prior conditioning of your minds and even if they were promoted as in this article, to “save lives” (oh the irony), then the natural instinct of everybody would be disgust and horror and anyone who proposed such a thing would be run out of office. Look what is happenning though, nobody is losing their job.
Why am I making a noise about this?
Simply because it is unethical. It is unethical for a nation to attack another nation’s people with machines. Gates wants 40 % of the forces robotic asap. So you have initially the playstation generation operating drone soldiers or battle machinery in warfare with a TV screen and a joystic in Nevada killing real people like it was a game of Halo. Next you have programmed robotic soldiers without controllers killing people. Next you have artificial intelligence in robot soldiers killing people. Where does this stop?
Eventually you have another robotic arms race and two sides sending out robotic armies to fight eachother. What is the point of war at that stage apart from making trillionaires out of robotics manufacturers?
How is it ethical to fight a war with robots? If you choose to kill a man, should it not be only ethical to do it with the risk of your own life? Is it ethical to be able to kill a man and not have to see the person you have killed. See that they are a man just like you with a family and people who love him? Just another man who doesn’t want to be there like you? Why should we be allowed to commit the worst act a human being can commit and not have to deal with the consequences of that action? That is what makes us human. As my grandfather said about his time in World War II, None of them wanted to be there and because they could see the men they were shooting it made tthey never want to fight again and ashamed of what you had to do to other men
People inside the forces have commented that the technology that is currently availlable but not in the public arena is literally light years ahead of what we are told, things that even frighten them. I have read accounts of planned robotic control systems that would bring the terminator movie to life. I cannot possibly tell you if they are all true, but they are numerous and from whistleblowers inside the system
Where does it stop people, when do we say enough is enough? Will we have to be faced by a robotic security guard at an airport who points a gun at us because it interpreted our facial expression as threatening? Will we wait till we hear reports of thousands of Pakistanis killed by drone aircraft bombings? (oh I forgot we already heard that and it had no effect on you). Will we then have to wait for the sight of robotic troops gunning down civilians in China? or do you need something worse to wake you up?
It’s time we remembered something. . . .
This is just WRONG and we need to say so.
I ask you all, do you as human beings really and truly want robotic soldiers or robots of any kind in our world. I certainly don’t. I just want people, people looking after eachother and helping eachother. Who really wants to be monitored and controlled by an ever more mechanised grid system of surveillance and control with less and less human input or initiative. Even our human police are starting to act roboticly in the way they behave and interpret their job. They have lost humanity as have most of you, through the de-humanising of society by the mind control of the Elites.
Who here really wants WAR? Why are they being fought? It isn’t my doing, it isn’t your doing. I don’t know anyone who wants war, so why do we have them and why do we now have robotic war foisted on us as another step in our de-humanisation. It is the slow process of de-humanisation of the population of this planet to accept something much bigger to come. Death on a scale never before imagined
What happens when these maniacs who run the world now can roll out this kind of technology in your own country, what do you think they are capable of using it for? They have already killed millions of Persians with the technology they have, so what happens when they get this new and improved technology and use it on YOU?
Of course you believe that is UNTHINKABLE why would our government do that? Well so did 60 million Russians and then 80 million Chinese

The truth is too much for those with vested interests

April 21, 2009

Can you believe that about 40 representatives got up and staged a walk out of the conference on racism, because Ahmadinejad actually dared to speak about racism. How crazy is that?

Imagine calling an arabic man anti-semite. How ignorant can westerners get? To call a man racist for pointing out racism. How doublethink is that?

Seems to me these buffoons would have staged their walkout if he had talked about anything at all. Do you really think you are representing us you fuckwits? No you are representing your paymasters.

History is written by the winners

April 20, 2009

Here is a little article written by George Orwell during World War II in which he reflects on the nature of history. Keep in mind that Orwell had been an insider with British intelligence and had been so woken to the falsification at the BBC that he based his novel 1984 on his experience working there, his Minitru

AS I PLEASE, by George Orwell
Tribune, February 4, 1944

…Up to a fairly recent date, the major events recorded in the history books probably happened. It is probably true that the battle of Hastings was fought in 1066, that Columbus discovered America, that Henry VIII had six wives, and so on. A certain degree of truthfulness was possible so long as it was admitted that a fact may be true even if you don’t like it. Even as late as the last war it was possible for the Encyclopedia Britannica, for instance, to compile its articles on the various campaigns partly from German sources. Some of the facts — the casualty figures, for instance — were regarded as neutral and in substance accepted by everybody. No such thing would be possible now. A Nazi and a non-Nazi version of the present war would have no resemblance to one another, and which of them finally gets into the history books will be decided not by evidential methods but on the battlefield.

During the Spanish Civil War I found myself feeling very strongly that a true history of this war never would or could be written. Accurate figures, objective accounts of what was happening, simply did not exist. And if I felt that even in 1937, when the Spanish Government was still in being, and the lies which the various Republican factions were telling about each other and about the enemy were relatively small ones, how does the case stand now? Even if Franco is overthrown, what kind of records will the future historian have to go upon? And if Franco or anyone at all resembling him remains in power, the history of the war will consist quite largely of ‘facts’ which millions of people now living know to be lies. One of these ‘facts’, for instance, is that there was a considerable Russian army in Spain. There exists the most abundant evidence that there was no such army. Yet if Franco remains in power, and if Fascism in general survives, that Russian army will go into the history books and future schoolchildren will believe in it. So for practical purposes the lie will have become truth.

This kind of thing is happening all the time. Out of the millions of instances which must be available, I will choose one which happens to be verifiable. During part of 1941 and 1942, when the Luftwaffe was busy in Russia, the German radio regaled its home audience with stories of devastating air raids on London. Now, we are aware that those raids did not happen. But what use would our knowledge be if the Germans conquered Britain? For the purpose of a future historian, did those raids happen, or didn’t they? The answer is: If Hitler survives, they happened, and if he falls they didn’t happen. So with innumerable other events of the past ten or twenty years. Is the Protocols of the Elders of Zion a genuine document? Did Trotsky plot with the Nazis? How many German aeroplanes were shot down in the Battle of Britain? Does Europe welcome the New Order? In no case do you get one answer which is universally accepted because it is true: in each case you get a number of totally incompatible answers, one of which is finally adopted as the result of a physical struggle. History is written by the winners.

In the last analysis our only claim to victory is that if we win the war we shall tell less lies about it than our adversaries. The really frightening thing about totalitarianism is not that it commits atrocities but that it attacks the concept of objective truth: it claims to control the past as well as the future. In spite of all the lying and self-righteousness that war encourages, I do not honestly think it can be said that that habit of mind is growing in Britain. Taking one thing with another, I should say that the press is slightly freer than it was before the war. I know out of my own experience that you can print things now which you couldn’t print ten years ago. War resisters have probably been less maltreated in this war than in the last one, and the expression of unpopular opinions in public is certainly safer. There is some hope, therefore, that the liberal habit of mind, which thinks of truth as something outside yourself, something to be discovered, and not as something you can make up as you go along, will survive. But I still don’t envy the future historian’s job. Is it not a strange commentary on our time that even the casualties in the present war cannot be estimated within several millions?…

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