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911 TV Fakery

September 6, 2010

Now I have researched 911 for years and have delved into every aspect, the same day scenario hijacking exercises, the money trail and the stock market deals, the missing planes, the unknown passengers and manifests, the impossible phone calls, the unknown victims and strange memorial images, the impossible and contradictory science, the military involvement and inaction, the security companies roles and ownership, the intelligence links to all sides, the geopolitics and long term agenda, the corporate global bodies involved, and the history all the way back to before the construction of the world Trade Centre.

Yet after all that nothing stands up on it’s own merit as a truth without some holes in the story. Nothing more so than this. When you research who owns and controls media and how people in high positions are controlled by blackmail you see how easy and obvious this is.

The fakery is Orwellian in it’s extreme, and is only getting bigger in recent events like the BP spill amongst others.. The sad truth is that the USA IS Oceana, Britain IS Air Strip One, and they are at war with Eurasia, and soon to be Eastasia. You can read the script in any library

Please also remember when watching this that certain popular leading members of the “truth” media go to great lengths to rubbish this and refuse to talk about it while at the same time ignoring the holes in the other theories they expound like the evaporation of planes for example. They call people cranks who wish to bring up the issue of faked tv footage and accuse them of detracting from the “real” issues. They do this in exactly the same way that mainstream media deals with the entire 911 truth movement.

This means that even if the 911 lie is eventually exposed by this gatekeeping exercise by these people, and a few show trials are allowed by the elites of one or two fall guys, then the most powerful tool (the media) of the controllers and perpetrators of 911 will remain unscathed and free to continue their work of brainwashing the public

The result


Are the military’s scientists playing God with our planet ?

April 19, 2010

This is a question on many people’s minds these days. There have been ever increasing revelations of secret military projects past and present, ranging from mind control to biological testing on the public, which have remained largely buried until recently. The speed and access to information afforded by the internet has now combined with good old fashioned detective work using freedom of information requests and trawling through declassified documents, and has enabled researchers to piece together the true history and nature of some of these projects. One of the most current and infamous of these projects is HAARP.

HAARP stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program and is a US military facility in Gakona, south eastern Alaska. It is run jointly by the US Navy and Air Force and the main focal point of the facility is a field of linked antennae which together can direct massive amounts of energy, in the form of high frequency electro-magnetic radiation, into the upper atmosphere.


Officially the facility is for research into the ionosphere which is a highly charged layer of the earth’s upper atmosphere that protects us from the sun’s radiation. When questioned about what they are doing there we are told that it is used to re-create the effects of the sun and can also simulate the northern lights. No other definitive uses are admitted to, so why would the military be interested in painting colours in the sky?

Well, if we go back through the history we will find out. This technology was patented in 1987 by Bernard Eastlund (US patent 4,686,605) and was designed to the backdrop of the cold war and Ronald Reagan’s space based “star wars” missile defence hoax. What Eastlund’s purely security minded motives had led him to invent was a ground based defence shield. His list of uses for his invention include disruption of land or satellite based communications including radar to affect enemy aircraft or missiles; destroying planes or missiles; deflecting missiles by lifting the ionosphere hundreds of miles out into space.

These all seem like reasonable goals for a futuristic defence system. So why is this of any concern? Well, because the nature of this system allows it to travel along the natural magnetic field lines of the earth, Eastlund expresses the potential of this system to affect not only the local area but much farther afield. Long time HAARP researcher Dr Nick Begich believes that it has the potential to shut down all other communication systems around the world, excepting their own, by flooding large ares with electromagnetic waves. A weapon this powerful in any nation’s hands is a worrying development, and especially in the hands of a country that might be building an empire.

Now we are all aware of how the military will take any and every new technology for peace and turn it into a weapon of war. Look at the humble microwave, used for ovens and telecommunications, yet it has recently been turned into a microwave canon that can burn the skin of protestors when fired at by police. So using this invention for offensive measures is a perfectly reasonable assumption. Remember also that this technology was designed in the early 1980s when computers were only first marketed, so imagine how much further the technology will have advanced if it paralleled the IT industry’s advances. With this in mind there are now plenty of educated observers who are rightly questioning HAARP on a number of sinister possibilities. Indeed there are many follow on patents held by military contractor Raytheon, who now run HAARP research for the military, that Dr Begich explains detail the weaponised uses of the antennae array.


The original patent declared it to be capable of weather manipulation. Indeed if you heat a portion of the ionosphere and lift it hundreds of miles into space it stands to reason that the air from below and beside the rising mass will rush in to fill the void. This will cause dramatic changes to the high atmospheric wind patterns. Eastlund also describes how to carry particles into the magnetosphere to either deflect or absorb more sunlight.

It should be noted that HAARP is not the only facility of it’s type in the world. The US will only admit to running three currently, but other estimates have put the worldwide number as high as 76 facilities owned by many different countries. Indeed there has always been paranoia in the US that the Russians were using scalar wave technology to wage weather wars on them. They have had an Office of Weather Modification in the Whitehouse since 1952. This technology was and is very real and was so worrying that the UN drafted a resolution in 1974 that limited weather modification to ones own borders and banned it’s use as a weapon. With all this going on for the last few decades and this technology being used worldwide plus decades of aerosol spraying, it does bring into question the motives of governments claiming climate change.


One of Eastlund’s other clams was that the system can be used to bounce back extra low frequency waves (ELF) to earth to communicate below ground, with submarines for instance. The estimates of the power now being shot up into the atmosphere from HAARP are in the billions of Watts, so when you consider that it only takes a mere 30 Watts of power using ELF to vibrate the earth enough to locate oil, coal and gas then you can understand why many scientists are wondering what a billion Watts would do when aimed at a fault in the earth and vibrating at the correct frequency. So have the US really perfected the earthquake machine?

This can only be speculated of course but we can look for unanswered questioned, like why was the HAARP usage data for the day before the Haiti earthquake erased, and why was there a US “excercise” for tsunami relief to Haiti running at the exact same time? Coincidental ? Perhaps, but these “exercises” coincidences have happened too many times now. Further the incidences of earthquakes have shown a marked jump since this facility went fully online and there have been a number of surprising events like Haiti, the Asian tsunami and even last weeks Icelandic volcano that have happened without any significant seismic activity preceding them and have scientists asking questions.. Whether this is due to a directed ELF wave or because the earth is reacting to the damage being done to it’s finely balanced natural power grid, the questions need to be answered.

The belief in this weapon exists at the highest levels as demonstrated by the Chinese accusing the US of causing the 2008 Sichuan earthquake based on scientific information given to them by Russia. With this in mind it should be noted that Eastlund referenced and expanded upon the work of Nicola Tesla for his invention. Tesla was the pioneer of the rediscovery and use of the earths natural energy fields, and before the end of WW2 he claimed to have invented what he termed the “death ray”. On Tesla’s death all his research immediately “disappeared”, no doubt into the Pentagon.


Eastlund also proved that HAARP could piggyback a second signal and direct it to a target for communication purposes. However this fact also means that the potential for mass mind or mood manipulation is very real. The resonating frequencies of the human mind are well known as are the frequencies it takes to induce feelings like anxiety, lethargy, lack of sleep or even euphoria. The only problem has been devising a system to disperse the signals on a large scale. This problem may well have been solved. The uses of this kind of technology are frightening as they could be used in everything from war to elections on a mass scale.

This is all well known to those in power. For instance these entries taken from a book by Zbignew Brzezinski, head of the Rand Corporation, the national security advisor to President Carter and election advisor to Barack Obama, written over 25 years ago reads:- “Political strategists are tempted to exploit research on the brain and human behavior. Geophysicist Gordon J.F. MacDonald, a specialist in problems of warfare, says accurately-timed, artificially-excited electronic strokes could lead to a pattern of oscillations that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the earth … in this way one could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of very large populations in selected regions over an extended period … no matter how deeply disturbing the thought of using the environment to manipulate behavior for national advantages, to some, the technology permitting such use will very probably develop within the next few decades.”

Well, that technology was being used on a small scale in the 1960s in Moscow on an unsuspecting US embassy so you can guarantee the world has been perfecting it during the following fifty years. So real is the possibility that a Bill was introduced into the US Congress in 2001 (HR 2977) called The Space Preservation Act. It was to reaffirm the non-militarisation of space and the upper atmosphere including provisions for HAARP and it’s potentials as a weapon. However the Bill went no further after receiving “unfavourable executive comment” from the Department of Defense.


When the military takes control of a science they are only interested in it’s military uses, none of which are good for us or the planet. They have been zapping our atmosphere for the last 60 years and now that HAARP has been operating since the 1990s we have seen what can only be described as a fever descend on the earth.

The planet operates a very intricate and sensitive system, almost like a single living organism. It’s atmosphere is made up of many different concentric layers interlaced with a veritable spiders web of magnetic force lines, planetary power grids and a vast range of creatures and ecosystems that rely on these being in balance. A facility like HAARP is cutting through those grids and sending disruptive signals through those power lines. It is not then surprising that the earth seems to be letting off a lot of steam to try to redress the balance of what we could call the mental abuse they are inflicting on the planet with facilities like HAARP

One of the clearest indicators of these effects is the animal life. We have seen birds, fish and other creatures suffering problems with migration due to changes in the electromagnetic fields of the earth. We are also seeing in the last 15 years the disappearance of the bees who are extremely sensitive to electro-magnetic fields. Without bees we will starve within five years, yet no effort seems to have been made to correlate this with experiments of this sort.

What they are doing to the atmosphere is fraught with unknowns that may or may not have catastrophic results when they next crank up the HAARP beam for the biggest energy boost yet. This atmosphere belongs to all of us. Whatever they do affects us all. It should not be theirs to experiment on or risk destroying. It is time the people started taking responsibility and asking questions about these questionable experiments, even if only to eliminate them from suspicion. However, once something like this gets into military hands, then very little good ever comes of it.

Upping the stakes in human programming – Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2

November 13, 2009


For a long time now the people who run this world have been attempting, quite successfully, to reprogram humanity into something more to their needs. This has been done through the ages through plays, newspapers, books, music, film, radio, television, and now through video games. Film and TV have for a long time now been the main vehicle to successfully reprogram the minds of people, especially the youth, but now the gaming phenomenon, especially the first person shooter (FPS) game, has given the elites the mechanism to take the reprogramming to another more nefarious level

This is the current walkthrough of the newest FPS game to hit the shops last Tuesday. It’s called Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2

It all looks pretty exciting doesn’t it but there is a sinister reason behind this game in particular as it takes the reprogramming of the youth to a new and dangerous level.

Since FPS games first arrived there have been warnings about their negative effects. The media have made light of these concerns citing age appropriate labeling and insisting children are perfectly able to differentiate between a game and reality. Contrary to the propaganda put out by the media, the environment to which the child is exposed does indeed influence their moral and empathic code. This has been shown in thousands of psychological studies over the many decades, a fact the marketers of these games are perfectly aware of.

Over the years FPS games have gradually and steadily pushed the boundaries of what they can get into a game with the lowest possible age profile to maintain sales. Games have gone from simple shooting at distance military assaults to close combat fighting and now hand to hand, as the graphics have improved to enable this. However, each time a technological step is taken, a step is also taken in the reprogramming of the human mind to exclude more and more degrees of conscience, of empathy, and of humanity.

The victims in these games have been brought steadily closer to the shooter and have also been gradually removed from the guise of a military opponent. This newest version of Call of Duty however has taken this incremental moving of the goal posts to a point that has crossed a line that should never be crossed. The following clip from the game shows a mission in which the shooter is part of a small group of civilian dressed men who casually stroll through an airport and gun down every innocent civilian they can see, including finishing off the wounded.

There has been a trend towards this for a long time in all media. News is becoming more graphic in it’s reporting, describing in detail all manner of sex and violence crimes. Films and television have also become more graphic in terms of the portrayal of language, sex and violence and also have blurred the lines between right and wrong on the issues. It is not uncommon now to see the “bad guy” win. What is it all for though?

If you take a mind that is inexperienced and has not yet learned the reality of right and wrong, then you place before it a reality full of war and killing, fear and insanity, then that is the reality it will learn. Similarly if you place before it a lack of basic humanity, empathy, dignity and love, then those things will not be learned. Hence, if still forming minds grow up believing, even in a game that there are no consequences, that it is ok to shoot innocent civilians, that people are nothing more than dots on a screen with no life story, then you create a generation of dysfunctional adults who cannot properly exist in civic society

However, there is one designed use for these people. They are perfect as the first generation of real Playstation soldiers. Perfect in their mindset for the type of wars the elites of this world are currently waging. Wars that require the soldier not to be able to tell right from wrong. Illegal wars with illegal orders that require soldiers who will not question those orders. Soldiers who will continue to support wars that kill millions of civilians like in Afghanistan and Iraq despite the supposed pin point accuracy of their weaponry. Soldiers who feel no remorse whatever they kill so long as their commander tells them that they were the bad guys. Soldier who if told to, will shoot their own countrymen when the elites decide it’s time for martial law.

The following clip shows clearly how the military is using this media to enlist those soldiers without conscience.

We have all seen the video clips of Marines in Iraq shooting wildly at buildings and random cars. Whooping it up when they shoot up random civilians. We have also heard them glorying in their kills or delighting in recounting how bad they messed someone up. Soldiers who laugh and whoop it up when they kill? Does that sound right to you? Does that sound human?

The generation who went to war in the first and second world wars were not like this. Veterans of those wars recounted the sadness it caused them to be forced to kill a man against their natural instincts. For many it was too much to deal with going against an inbuilt human desire to preserve life and love their fellow man. Now we have young soldiers who have been reprogrammed to enjoy what they do, to get a kill-buzz, to revel in their work. They have been successfully dehumanised.

Further, we have come to a point in technology where we now have the perfect pilots for modern warfare. Drone planes, robot tanks, and missiles. All of these unmanned weapons can be sent into a battlefield or a town or city in Iran, and can be piloted from a computer station in an office in Colorado. Playstation pilots playing with real lives like they were just coloured dots on a screen. Perhaps they would even have game scores and and achievements to keep the still spotty teenage drone pilots limited span of attention interested.

It is not by accident that the incremental stepping up of the assault on humanity continues through the media. All the media is owned by the same people who run this planet we live on. Neither is it simply us being free do do what we want, for we are not doing what we want. We are doing what they want, and what they want is to create a humanity that cannot think in a way that enables them to unite. They want a humanity that is divided, selfish, morally deficient, lacking in empathy and unable to collectively stand up to the people who run their lives

For anyone who read the last entry in this web page the promo picture showing the release date might be of interest


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