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Upping the stakes in human programming – Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2

November 13, 2009


For a long time now the people who run this world have been attempting, quite successfully, to reprogram humanity into something more to their needs. This has been done through the ages through plays, newspapers, books, music, film, radio, television, and now through video games. Film and TV have for a long time now been the main vehicle to successfully reprogram the minds of people, especially the youth, but now the gaming phenomenon, especially the first person shooter (FPS) game, has given the elites the mechanism to take the reprogramming to another more nefarious level

This is the current walkthrough of the newest FPS game to hit the shops last Tuesday. It’s called Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2

It all looks pretty exciting doesn’t it but there is a sinister reason behind this game in particular as it takes the reprogramming of the youth to a new and dangerous level.

Since FPS games first arrived there have been warnings about their negative effects. The media have made light of these concerns citing age appropriate labeling and insisting children are perfectly able to differentiate between a game and reality. Contrary to the propaganda put out by the media, the environment to which the child is exposed does indeed influence their moral and empathic code. This has been shown in thousands of psychological studies over the many decades, a fact the marketers of these games are perfectly aware of.

Over the years FPS games have gradually and steadily pushed the boundaries of what they can get into a game with the lowest possible age profile to maintain sales. Games have gone from simple shooting at distance military assaults to close combat fighting and now hand to hand, as the graphics have improved to enable this. However, each time a technological step is taken, a step is also taken in the reprogramming of the human mind to exclude more and more degrees of conscience, of empathy, and of humanity.

The victims in these games have been brought steadily closer to the shooter and have also been gradually removed from the guise of a military opponent. This newest version of Call of Duty however has taken this incremental moving of the goal posts to a point that has crossed a line that should never be crossed. The following clip from the game shows a mission in which the shooter is part of a small group of civilian dressed men who casually stroll through an airport and gun down every innocent civilian they can see, including finishing off the wounded.

There has been a trend towards this for a long time in all media. News is becoming more graphic in it’s reporting, describing in detail all manner of sex and violence crimes. Films and television have also become more graphic in terms of the portrayal of language, sex and violence and also have blurred the lines between right and wrong on the issues. It is not uncommon now to see the “bad guy” win. What is it all for though?

If you take a mind that is inexperienced and has not yet learned the reality of right and wrong, then you place before it a reality full of war and killing, fear and insanity, then that is the reality it will learn. Similarly if you place before it a lack of basic humanity, empathy, dignity and love, then those things will not be learned. Hence, if still forming minds grow up believing, even in a game that there are no consequences, that it is ok to shoot innocent civilians, that people are nothing more than dots on a screen with no life story, then you create a generation of dysfunctional adults who cannot properly exist in civic society

However, there is one designed use for these people. They are perfect as the first generation of real Playstation soldiers. Perfect in their mindset for the type of wars the elites of this world are currently waging. Wars that require the soldier not to be able to tell right from wrong. Illegal wars with illegal orders that require soldiers who will not question those orders. Soldiers who will continue to support wars that kill millions of civilians like in Afghanistan and Iraq despite the supposed pin point accuracy of their weaponry. Soldiers who feel no remorse whatever they kill so long as their commander tells them that they were the bad guys. Soldier who if told to, will shoot their own countrymen when the elites decide it’s time for martial law.

The following clip shows clearly how the military is using this media to enlist those soldiers without conscience.

We have all seen the video clips of Marines in Iraq shooting wildly at buildings and random cars. Whooping it up when they shoot up random civilians. We have also heard them glorying in their kills or delighting in recounting how bad they messed someone up. Soldiers who laugh and whoop it up when they kill? Does that sound right to you? Does that sound human?

The generation who went to war in the first and second world wars were not like this. Veterans of those wars recounted the sadness it caused them to be forced to kill a man against their natural instincts. For many it was too much to deal with going against an inbuilt human desire to preserve life and love their fellow man. Now we have young soldiers who have been reprogrammed to enjoy what they do, to get a kill-buzz, to revel in their work. They have been successfully dehumanised.

Further, we have come to a point in technology where we now have the perfect pilots for modern warfare. Drone planes, robot tanks, and missiles. All of these unmanned weapons can be sent into a battlefield or a town or city in Iran, and can be piloted from a computer station in an office in Colorado. Playstation pilots playing with real lives like they were just coloured dots on a screen. Perhaps they would even have game scores and and achievements to keep the still spotty teenage drone pilots limited span of attention interested.

It is not by accident that the incremental stepping up of the assault on humanity continues through the media. All the media is owned by the same people who run this planet we live on. Neither is it simply us being free do do what we want, for we are not doing what we want. We are doing what they want, and what they want is to create a humanity that cannot think in a way that enables them to unite. They want a humanity that is divided, selfish, morally deficient, lacking in empathy and unable to collectively stand up to the people who run their lives

For anyone who read the last entry in this web page the promo picture showing the release date might be of interest



Spotting Illuminati Messages

August 14, 2009

As you wake up from the imaginary world that is created for you, you more and more start to notice the hidden messages the controlling elites insert into their mass media. The purpose of this is two-fold. Firstly to subliminally brainwash us into acceptance of what is to come by inserting incidences of what is on the agenda into our entertainment media. The second purpose is that is is essential to the occult agenda of these people that we are told because they require our acceptance of our fate in order to create greater power for themselves.

To this end I find that I see their symbolism everywhere now and I am unable to watch their media because the agenda is so obvious in everything I see now. This brings me to the case in point I by chance saw yesterday

My young fella switched on the children’s TV programmes yesterday and when it came on there was a cartoon series called Buzz Lightyear of Starfleet Command


We all know Buzz from Pixar’s Toy Story and having watched that too I do not recall anything overtly symbolic or mind controlling in those Pixar films. However now it is in the format of a TV cartoon series where Buzz and his friends battle the evil Emperor Zurg, I have noticed a change

Let me explain then what messages were encoded into this episode. 

1 – Emperor Zurg has an army of cyborgs or mechanically enhanced beings. This would mirror writings I have read on future trends in robotic warfare and the science of extracting the brain information from humans into computers, perhaps even androids in time when the hardware catches up.

2 – Zurg takes over a planet called Roswell that is inhabited by small aliens with large almond eyes. These of course would represent us, but also double as an insight into the truth behind the Area 51 residents

3 – Zurg says (in his own words) he will take control of the planet using his “Military Industrial Complex . . . . to enslave the people”. A clear confirmation of what has been happening here for the last 50 years since Eisenhower was US President, and a threat of what is to come as their endgame

4 – Zurg greases the wheels of his take-over by enlisting the services of a particular evil collaborator. Again this can be seen in the co-opting of elements of our society over the decades and into the future to carry out the New World Order agenda. Here it is compartmentalized but there are plenty of willing assistants as well as blackmailed ones or frightened ones.

5 – Zurg’s tyranny is actuated by the auto-contruction of an imprisoning environment that engulfs the peoples own lands. This auto-constructing phenomenum is reminiscent of the prison of legislation that is being built around the people of the western countries, especially Britain and the USA. It erects itself regardless of whether you try and stand in it’s way. It engulfs you even if you try to run from it.

6 – There is one feature about the need for the Illuminati to tell you what is to happen to you and that is that they seem to have to also tell you how to stop it. In this cartoon the way in which the auto-constructing prison of tyranny is reversed is simple. All that is needed is to penetrate the system and remove the power core. For example, remove the President, Congress and Senate, or the Members of Parliament, and replace them with yourselves. Alternatively remove the power by not buying into what they want or sell. Once this was achieved and the fuel removed, Zurg was left to fight man to man with Buzz and of course on those terms Zurg loses without his Military Industrial Complex, Robots and Cronies to fight for him.

7 – That was the good message but of course the Illuminati always tinge that with a message of hopelessness to mind control us into believing we cannot do this ourselves. This is done by having the population shown as helpless to help themselves and they can only be saved by a Superhero. Hence they sit back and wait for someone else to save them. this is the Jesus scenario, waiting for the second coming that has been mind-controlled into every religion


This to the un-awake would look paranoid, and that is understandable, because unless you have done a lot of research into mind control techniques or the work of Edward Bernais or into the methodology of the occult and their agenda then you would not think it were possible

Why now and not in Toy Story? Well back then Pixar stood alone. Now however Pixar has been bought out by Disney. Disney is a key member of the mind control agenda and long time Bilderberg Group and CFR member. You may remember Walt Disney’s open secret links to the intelligence services during the McCarthy era. His companies are now controlled by Zionist members of the Illuminati and have tentacles in many media outlets including film, television and games.

When I saw this cartoon I first wondered was it an honest warning until I remembered who owns the production of the cartoon. There is a sinister onslaught of mind control in our children’s entertainment. It comes in the form of the behavior of their favourite characters, the ethics they portray, the meaningless rubbish they are taught to desire and venerate. The role models they are given, who are the complete opposite of what their parents would want for them. All designed to create dumbed down grown ups without a sense of value for what is really important in this world

The sub-conscious messages that are inserted into programming, as described above in Starfleet Command, are everywhere and are designed to pre-programme the child’s mind to accept the oncoming agenda of the Illuminati. By planting these media images now the mind is not so shocked when they become reality so that the people will not stand up and say no, or fight back. By pre-conditioning them to expect this the people become more accepting and compliant.

This has been going on for decades and is also one of the key methods of fooling the public into going along with the geo-political agenda of the Illuminati Anglo-American Empire. For example, the use of a controlled mass media over years had turned normal people who would not hurt their fellow man into a people who turn a blind eye to the killing of millions upon millions of Asian and Arabic people in the name of global commerce, and they now find it acceptable when it is dressed up as “fighting terror”.

This should show you exactly how powerful this tool is that it can easily make people lose their humanity and their very soul. I hope you understand now why the Illuminati use this mind control on your children and that you will prevent this happening by first explaining the hidden messages to your children and secondly by boycotting the mainstream media. If you don’t see the propaganda, they cannot affect your mind

Remember, we do not need a superhero. We are all superheros !

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