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Excellent summary of the current state of the vaccines cover-up and how the veil is falling by Paul Watson

August 30, 2010

Vaccine Deaths And Injuries Skyrocket As Cover-Up Implodes

Paul Joseph Watson
Monday, August 30, 2010

Global revolt against deadly vaccines spreads as cases of debilitating illnesses, soft-kill side-effects and even instant deaths become widespread

Cases of debilitating illnesses, soft-kill side-effects and even instant deaths as a result of vaccinations across the world are skyrocketing as the cover-up of deadly inoculations implodes and more people than ever become suspicious about what they are being injected with by health authorities who have proven they cannot be trusted.

The implosion of the vaccine cover-up is sure to discourage more parents from vaccinating their children in the coming months, with the swine flu shot now being combined with the regular seasonal flu jab. A recent Rasmussen poll found that 52 per cent of Americans were concerned about the safety of vaccinesas we approach the start of school and college terms, where many children and teenagers will be “required” to take shots before they can attend.

A global revolt against dangerous vaccines is brewing following a series of cases where children have been killed as a direct result of inoculations.

A measles vaccination program in India was halted after four children died almost immediately after receiving the shot. “Four children died within minutes of receiving a vaccine for measles followed by drops of Vitamin A solution on Saturday,” reports MedGuru.

Indian newspaper reports carried eyewitness accounts of what happened. “The four children were reported to have fainted soon after they were vaccinated and witnesses reported seeing the children’s eyes roll back as they began to have seizures,” reports Blitz.

Furious villagers reacted to the tragedy by going on a rampage, attacking health workers and holding government doctors hostage.

Health professionals and doctors with government ties were also blamed in Finland and Sweden after aH1N1 vaccination program was halted following a 300 per cent increase in cases of the neurological disorder narcolepsy amongst children and young people who had received the shot over the last six months.

According to Kari Lankinen, head physician of the Finnish Medicines Agency, doctors were complicit in hiding the link between the swine flu shot and narcolepsy and did so to advance their careers.

Meanwhile, concerned mothers whose daughters have been injured or killed by the Gardasil vaccine have put together a website that documents the truth about how the vaccine has killed and injured thousands of young girls since it was introduced in 2006. Thousands of teenagers have suffered adverse reactions and at least 71 have died from the vaccine since the HPV program was launched four years ago.

The global vaccine cover-up took a massive blow after it was confirmed that the 2009 swine flu outbreak was, as we predicted from the start, a contrived scam centered around making vast profits for pharmaceutical companies while endangering the health of the public.

As we reported earlier this year, Chair of the Council of Europe’s Sub-committee on Health Wolfgang Wodarg’s investigation into the 2009 swine flu outbreak found that the pandemic was a fake hoax manufactured by pharmaceutical companies in league with the WHO.

Wodarg said that governments were “threatened” by special interest groups within the pharmaceutical industry as well as the WHO to buy the vaccines and inject their populations without any reasonable scientific reason for doing so, and yet in countries like Germany and France only around 6 per cent took the vaccine despite enough being available to cover 90 per cent of the population.

Wodarg said there was “no other explanation” for what happened than the fact that the WHO worked in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture the panic in order to generate vast profits, agreeing with host Alex Jones that the entire farce was a hoax.

He also explained how health authorities were “already waiting for something to happen” before the pandemic started and then exploited the virus for their own purposes.

Professor Ulrich Keil, director of the World Health Organization’s Collaborating Centre for Epidemiology, also slammed the swine flu epidemic as an overblown “angst campaign”, devised in conjunction with major drug companies to boost profits for vaccine manufacturers.

As Natural News’ Mike Adams reported, several members of the Emergency Committee expert panel that advised the World Health Organization (WHO) during the swine flu scare were receiving financial support from pharmaceutical manufacturers either during or prior to the epidemic.

Both H1N1 and seasonal flu shots have been linked with a number of different side-effects across the globe, including Guillain-Barré Syndrome as well as dystonia, a paralyzing neurological disorder.

The seasonal flu vaccine has also been linked with convulsions and fits in under-5′s.

Many batches of the swine flu vaccine included squalene and mercury amongst their ingredients, two substances that have been directly connected with the explosion of autism amongst children as well as other diseases. Individuals within government and the military were privileged to receive additive free shots that did not include these substances. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and government ministers, as well as German soldiers, were amongst those who received access to the so-called “friendly” version of the vaccine.

In order to head off legal claims for side-effects caused by the swine flu vaccination program, the U.S. government provided vaccine makers with blanket legal immunity before the shots began to be dispersed.

Citing concerns over safety, Prime Minister Donald Tusk and Health Minister Ewa Kopacz, with the broad support of the public, ensured that Poland was the only country in the world to completely reject the H1N1 vaccine.

“We are making this decision only in the interest of the Polish patient and the taxpayer,” Tusk said. “We will not take part because it’s not honest and it’s not safe for the patient.”

In a 2008 trial for a bird flu vaccine, three Polish doctors and six nurses faced criminal charges after the vaccine killed 21 homeless people who were participating in the test.

The Czech Republic rejected a swine flu vaccine produced by pharmaceutical manufacturer Baxter after the company was caught shipping vaccines contaminated with deadly live H5N1 avian flu virus to 18 countries by a lab at an Austrian branch of Baxter.

Given the routinely stated goal on behalf of mega-rich foundations that fund vaccination programs around the world, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, to use vaccines as a way of sterilizing the planet’s population as part of the global eugenics soft-kill assault on humanity, it’s unsurprising that as more people become aware of this agenda, take-up rates of new as well as seasonal vaccines continue to decline.

As Jurriaan Maessen recently documented in his Infowars exclusive, in its 1968 yearly report, the Rockefeller Foundation acknowledged funding the development of so-called “anti-fertility vaccines” and their implementation on a mass-scale.

This program was then launched by a group that was created under auspices of the World Health Organization, World Bank and UN Population Fund entitled “Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation”. In the 1990′s, the WHO was mired in controversy after it distributed a “tetanus vaccine” to poor girls and women in the third world that was contaminated with human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), a hormone that induces involuntary abortion.

During a TED conference earlier this year, Bill Gates openly stated that vaccines would be used to lower the earth’s population in the name of combating climate change. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the major funders of vaccine research and production in the third world.

Warning that the global population was heading towards 9 billion, Gates said, “If we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services (abortion), we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 per cent.”

Quite how an improvement in health care and vaccines that supposedly save lives would lead to a lowering in global population is an oxymoron, unless Gates was referring to vaccines that sterilize people, which is precisely the same method advocated in White House science advisor John P. Holdren’s 1977 textbook Ecoscience, which calls for a dictatorial “planetary regime” to enforce draconian measures of population reduction via all manner of oppressive techniques, including sterilization.

With people globally becoming increasingly aware of the role of vaccines in the agenda to reduce world population, the cover-up of debilitating diseases, soft kill side-effects, and instant fatalities as a result of vaccinations will continue to implode, until authorities are forced by law to implement vastly more stringent screening procedures and remove the toxic additives from vaccines that are causing these deaths and diseases.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. Watson has been interviewed by many publications and radio shows, including Vanity Fair and Coast to Coast AM, America’s most listened to late night talk show.


Dropping like flies from SCD

July 9, 2008

On the news yesterday yet another young boy suddenly dropped dead on a football pitch here. That makes a dozen young boys in the last 2 years in Ireland. My boy is that age now and playing football. I don’t want to get a phone call or see my son collapse in the middle of a game so I am going to show you why it is happening and who is responsible for the deaths of these kids and adults alike because this is a long running worldwide phenomenum and it could happen to you or someone you love. So please read the whole blog because this is becoming the nation’s number 1 killer !

The culprit that all research points to is ASPARTAME

It is an artificial sweetener and is loaded into more foods and drinks than I could care to list. You may remember it under a trade name “Nutrisweet” but it is in many many others

It failed to get passed the US Food and Drug Administration the 1st time but please watch the following video and see how and by who’s hands it was pushed through and put on the market even though the harmful nature of the chemical were known.

Now please read from the following pages and included links to find out the full shocking effects of the substance. You may read at length at your leisure but you will get the main points quite quickly that this is killing MILLIONS of people EVERY year and is dumbing down the population in general because of brain and nerve damage…

How could this be allowed to happen you may ask? Well take a look at this next video and you will see how the corporation that makes Aspartame uses it’s power to cover up the true health damage that their products cause and who is complicit in it.

It is hard for us to understand how people can have this complete lack of morality I know, but that is the calibre of men who are at the core of this virtual culling of the population by any means possible. Either by poisoning our foods or by war or by creating a new pandemic like bird flu or issuing contaminated vaccines for Hepatitis. One way or another huh.

The reason this all became so fresh today was also because this week it was announced again that the European Union is going ahead with the new Directive on food regulation as set down in the W.H.O. report. This will in effect mean that it will become ILLEGAL to buy VITAMINS and MINERAL suppliments. It will also become ILLEGAL to buy HERBS, which can even be stretched to things like garlic (watch out France)

There are also some interesting ideas and spins coming off of this that it is capitulation to the drug corporations to remove the competition of natural remedy from the shelves and put the MEDICAL cure into their control rather than the NATURAL prevention into ours. There are also some pretty scarey ideas on GM food and Iradiation and the use of Hormones (yes the very same ones in the video number 2), plus the use of anti-biotics (and the trusting what’s in a needle of “innoculation” from a government agency is not something I relish but that will be in another blog on HIV). Watch this

I attach the report if you have time, she’s right though, it is a “Trade Agreement” not a public health document and their website has everything for all to see. Our food will be controlled by big business not us.

I also read a previous report by the WHO. This is the report if you have time which was the 2003 WHO report which was the forerunner to the distorted version above

This 2003 report however actually reads well and pertains to an eat yourself healthy ethos as far as I could read from it. If I played devil’s advocate here I would say that the population is slowly killing itself through apathy and lack of will to eat properly or excercise, instead relying on junk food topped up with suppliments. Too many chronic illnesses are resulting and it is worsening. Therefore if they wont change voluntarily we could remove the suppliments and force them to eat healthy or DIE.

Now I took her claims with a pinch of salt so went to try and find where she got the 3 Billion figure from but I couldn’t locate it when I scanned the Codex report and couldn’t locate her source, but it may have been somewhere else, and I don’t doubt she has good sources because I have done some trolling around the net and found a lot of corroborating evidence for the depopulation model that has been espoused.

It goes all the way back to the NSSM 200 report that President Gerald Ford commissioned from Henry Kissinger that assessed future world trends in development, populations, power, food, industrialisation etc and it highlighted 13 nations that were at the time “Less Developed” which were then catagorised as a future threat to USA’s position of power in the world. The conclusion of the report was population reduction by any means possible. These were even listed as: war, famine, drought, disease, and general destabilisation

Here’s a background to the report.

and here’s the actual report

It was adopted as official US government policy the following year and was further cemented by the Global 2000 report in 1979

Subsequently the same ideas are championed by today’s members of the Commission for Foreign Relations CFR and the Bilderberg Group, which include all of the current administration bigshots and the incumbents plus many foreign leaders, bankers, industrialists. Also by Mr Rockerfeller, the man who owns the Federal Reserve (and therefore owns America)

This I have put in as an example of why we cannot trust the governments and the major private corporations in the food and health industries to care for our health and welfare. Why should they when they are in it for profit and the government is able to carry out the acts required in that NSSM200 report to retain power

So why should we trust them with these food regulations?

My concern has always been that if we are banned from supplimentary foods or preventative medicines and we are more and more reliant on processed food which has all the vitamin and mineral content removed and all food pumped full of hormones and antibiotics and chemical sweeteners. How are we going to stop ourselves deteriorating generation by generation?

This man describes the scenario very well using Dr Pottinger’s experiments with cats in the 1930s and 1940s and the signs are already there.

This one you should watch

This is a very serious subject. Personally I believe there is at best a “What will be will be” attitude to the lives and health of the worlds population from the major corporations and major western governments. At worst it would be a deliberate plot to cull us but I cant go that far yet. Can you?

Anyway all I want to do is make sure my son grows up healthy, and is not going to be nobbled by chemicals, bad food or bogus innoculations. So I want to know what the hell we can do to roll back this globalisation of control over us and this dictatorial style of government that we are getting in the US and Europe that takes away all the rights we used to have to JUST SAY NO!!

Please, any thoughts?

This site has dozens of links on Aspartame and it’s effects (including brain cancer) and what to do now.

PS Don’t drink that diet coke now

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