I’m Happy Sad

I said something in my last blog that described the way things make me feel at the moment. The phrase was “Happy- Sad”. I do and see a lot of things that make me smile and then think, and inside I have my moments, or when no-one can see I have them outwardly. But Happy-Sad describes it perfectly. I can be both in the same situation. Happy because I am enjoying what is going on around me and Sad because it should have been so much better shared with someone else.

The phrase comes from a song by Gemma Hayes, and I want to introduce you to her in this blog because she deserves recognition for her music. (She is also a 10 out of 10 babe LOL)

These are the best tracks from the last 2 albumns

  • Undercover
  • Back of my Hand
  • Happy Sad

This one is called Happy Sad and it is a beautiful track from “The Roads Don’t Love You” albumn

This is called Back of my Hand from her first albumn “Night on my Side”

Now if I have wetted your appetite read on and I urge you to buy her music so she can make more


Gemma Hayes is a singer-songwriter born on August 11, 1977 in Ballyporeen, Tipperary, Ireland.She signed to Source Records in 2001 and issued the folksy 4.35am EP and the more band-orientated Work to a Calm EP before releasing her debut album, Night on my Side, in 2002. The album was nominated for that years Mercury Music Prize but lost out to Ms. Dynamite’s A Little Deeper.After touring Night on my Side Hayes took two years out from the music business; “All I do know is that I didn’t want to listen to music at all. I stopped listening to the radio. It was like I’d overdosed on music”.In late 2005 Hayes returned with her second album, The Roads Don’t Love You, and picked up the Best Irish Female Artist award at the 2006 Meteor Ireland Music Awards shortly before completing a small tour of the United Kingdom and Ireland. She then co-wrote a song with Adam Duritz for the Counting Crows’ live album, *New Amsterdam.

This is a piece Euronews did on Gemma in 2002 when it all kicked off for the then 24 year old talent just starting out on the road to success



Night on My Side (2002-05-27)

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The Roads Don’t Love You (2005-10-31)

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Work To A Calm


Back of My Hand
Hanging Around
Let a Good Thing Go (2002-07-29)
Undercover (2006-03-06)

Just as a treat and to show you that this artist really has a voice, this is the last song called November from an accoustic set she did for an RTE television programme recently. I think you will agree she has a purity in her voice

I hope you liked Gemma’s music. I think she deserves success outside Ireland. And I hope one day she’s going to be Mrs Door32 (I wish LOL)


For more info go to


This girl is so talented!

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6 Responses to “I’m Happy Sad”

  1. noddy Says:


  2. ♥ ♥abc Says:

    very nice looking girl her style of music wasnt what id go out and buy it but i guess thats what personality is all about ….

  3. Pork_Purse Says:

    Very nice, couldn’t listen to the first one *shakes fist* she’s lully! xXx

  4. joeline Says:

    beautiful stuff here …..made me cry….sad and happy tears…don’t forget the picnic rug will you?….special love JO…xx

  5. Door32 Says:

    Learning from you Lu

  6. TaLula Says:

    awesome blog babes… you are really rockin’ now!

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