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Elections Elections. Some reasons why your vote is worthless

June 26, 2008

OK this is very funny but it has a very serious message. Diebold and 3 other private companies make and run the electronic voting machines that count 80% of the votes in the US elections. There seems to be a lack of trust in the system.

Well there was a documentary by Bev Harris called “Hacking Democracy” aired recently on HBO and Diebold got so upset they tried to get it pulled. This is what Alex Jones had to say about it on his radio show

Bev has since been blackballed by all the mainstream networks. WHY? Because the main networks are controlled by the same people who want to rig the elections. You really should watch the movie here for free and it is very interesting and you will be shocked !

Her website is

We all remember the US Presidential election of 2000 when Al Gore got more votes than George W Bush but still lost the election. We all remember how George’s brother Geb as Governor of Florida engineered the result that swung it Georgie’s way by refusing the recount. Well that was the start of sophisticated election fraud. Just take a look at this clip and listen carefully to who and where the man testifying says he wrote a computer programe to rig the vote.

The electronic votes were backed up by paper copies (remember the confusing butterfly shaped ballots) they were optically scanned for counting, but they would not have tallied with the computerised verion of the count. Hence the lengths they went to to stop the re-count

The same thing happened 4 years later in Ohio, the swing state that would have won it for Carey which polls had suggested he would take. The demanded recount was also hijuacked by the election staff by giving a 3% “random” sample of votes to be recounted that was tampered with to match the computerised results so a full recount could not be claimed. However no historical recount can be done either because against Federal regulations approximately 2/3 of the ballot boxes were destroyed instead of being archived. People have been jailed for this fraud by the way but it didn’t change the result.

Now for the next election the Vote fraud is going to get worse. The video above showed just how easy it is to rig the computerised vote and believe me it is already happenning even in the Primaries. There is war going on at the moment about the discrepancies of the Ron Paul and Obama votes in the New Hampshire Primary which against the polls, was won by John McCain and Billary Clinton. Here is a series of videos made which highlight what has happened already.

This is testimony to the New Hampshire Legislature regarding the security of the computerised system by a computer expert rebutted by the VP of LHS Associates who programme the memory cards used in the machines. The notes at the end reveal how the Florida 2000 vote was rigged by these same companies using “information mining” techniques to eliminate opposition voters from the register

Undoubtedly the same techniques were fine tuned in 2004, and will be perfected in 2008.

Look what happened in New Hampshire Primary, this little clip shows the breaking news of the fraud in the vote counting after a little investigation by Bev Harris

Well some of the New Hampshire towns still use manual balloting, but even this seems to be subject to fraud. Note how the ballots are no longer in secure boxes and the chain of custody is very insecure and there doesn’t seem to be any concern from the people in control. It is all so clumsy, so blatant, so bare faced, yet they get away with it

The next clip really damns the people running the election but you need to stay till the end to see properly.

There are a whole series of clips in this series which include images of broken open boxes, re-sealed boxes, and missing un-used ballot papers kept back by the election organisers, presumably for their own use

There are other ways in which the votes are being skewed. The use of information mining services to identify voter preferences is used to redraw boundaries too change the balance of power. It is also used to remove people from the register. Most cynical though is one of the tricks used last time out when the wealthy conservative areas were supplied with surplus voting machines to guarantee the vote gets in, whereas the poorer more liberal areas were not given enough machines to get all the votes in on time, leaving people with the option of queueing for hours around the block in all weathers just to get a vote. People just dont have the time

Well if this isn’t enough to make you wonder why you vote then I have another reason for you

All of the candidates who were the final runners in the Primaries (McCain, Romney, Giuliani, Obama, Clinton, Edwards) are member of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) along with people of the calibre of Bush, Cheney and the rest of their cronies, as well as the leaders of the mainstream media, the Bankers, the Federal Reserve owners, the main industrialists, Insurance companies and finance houses. So whoever you vote for Democrat or Republican is taking you to the same destination. The goals of the CFR, the shadow government of the USA. I won’t post anymore info on this as it is a blog in itself along with the Federal Reserve and the attempted coup earlier last century but you may want to look into who they are and what their goals are yourselves. They are all the same, the election is really a sham anyway.

The only real candidate who wasn’t a member of it was rogue Republican Dr Ron Paul who many hope will now run an independant campaign. He aims to close the Fed and take back the nations currency, close the CFR, the IRS the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission, and radically change USAs foreign policy regarding
“Pre-emptive war” (as opposed to McCain who actually favours “pre-emptive nuclear strikes”

Please watch the Bev Harris film if you haven’t already and demand free and open to scrutiny elections

Remember “It’s not your vote that counts, it who counts the votes”

We were threatened with these electronic voting machines in Ireland a few years ago and our opposition parties would not allow it, they know full well how corrupt our ruling party is so they would not take us down that road.

Good luck in November and Vote for Ron Paul if he runs as an independant, he may be your last hope


75 years on, history repeats. The rise of the fascist regime

June 17, 2008

I saw the film V for Vendetta recently and enjoyed it more than I thought because it was nothing like it had been advertised. It turned out to be an excellent political statement. Funny thing was it wasn’t till I watched it the second time that I realised exactly what it was about. I could explain the subtextl but luckily someone made a fabulous video already so watch this and hats off to them.

Yes that filmaker used editing to make a very clear statement there. I’m sure you can also see the Orwellian influence in the film too. It tells the story of a situation that has aspects of 1984, of Nazi Germany, and clearly of G W Bush’s Neo-con administration. All three have similar methods of control.

Media control


Censorship of information

Revising history

Police state control

Loss of freedom of speach, to protest

One Party rule


Hate crime

They use all the same methods as the Nazi Party. Controlling the media, outright lying and creating revisionist history, Here are just a minute number of blatant examples

Then they use bullyboy tactics to censor the media and the information that is allowed to be made public. This is just one example of thousands

This is the road GW Bush is taking you with the Patriot Act, the Homeland Security Act and destroying the Bill of Rights where-in it will be classed a crime of being “Unpatriotic” to criticise the government and no doubt the dissenters will be interned under the new powers to detain without trial. Innocent until proven guilty no-longer applies. Detention camps have been built all over the United states by Dick Cheney’s Haliburton company over the last 20 years, an activity that has doubled their share price value. These will be utilised should Bush be allowed to inplement the new powers he has given himself since 9/11 or should he take it to the final level and declare martial law or a police state in the same way Hitler did in Germany

Now you would only need to do this kind of thing if you had something to hide, something as dispicable as Hitler’s Reichstag fire in 1933. His “False Flag” operation whereby he burnt down the German Parliament building and blamed the comunists in order to get the fear in the people and the changes he needed to sieze power. This is the Neo-con’s Reichstag fire

Oh come off it George. You didn’t “envisage anyone using planes as missiles to fly into buildings”? Even the movie going population knew about it back in 1996

Besides NORAD was running those very same “excercises” the day of the attack with Cheney having “executive” authority of the skies that day and prior orders given not to intercept due to the “excercise”

Don’t forget that on 9/11 George Bush Snr was in a meeting with Bin Laden’s brother in Washington. Well after all the two families have been in business together for decades and their Carlysle Group has all the major rebuilding contracts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Osama himself was a CIA operative as everybody probably already knows

By the way the melting point of steel too is about 1525 degrees celcius whereas hydrocarbon fires like jet fuel only burn at 800 degrees celcius at the hottest and by the black smoke it is clear this fire was a lot cooler

Kennedy knew exactly how rotten to the core the system was and who was involved, that’s why he was killed. Did he die for nothing?

Read more about Hitler’s rise to power and the Reichstag fire here and you may see the eerie similarities to what is happenning in the USA today

If you don’t think they have anything to hide then maybe you should question why Bush has done this. How sinister does this get.

Do you remember watching those German war films when you were a kid where the German officer would always ask to “see your papers” Well this is the next step in the facist regime’s method of control. Just like in 1984 the TV could see you or Hitlers network of informers who were his eyes and ears, and his youth group indoctrinated like the revised history that children are being taught at school in the USA today. (eg who the hell actually believes the Kennedy “magic bullet” explanation now, but its in the history book) Well here’s the up to date version of “show me your papers”

And this is the contempt with which these Neo-cons treat you all. You’re all a big joke to them

Dubya is too stupid to have cooked this up himself surely. Correct because behind every despot there is financial interests and backing. Just like Prescot Bush’s Union Bank funded the rise of Hitler, so this regime has it’s own backers. The real power is the money. Here’s a segment from an interview that may enlighten you it’s an extended version of part of the interview in the last clip (or watch the full interview using the link below)

full interview

Aaron died in August 2007 but you should look up his movie “America from Freedom to Fascism” it is on the net

Well here’s a prediction for you for the near and medium future

Goerge Bush to cancel the 2008 election and remain in power. It isn’t a new idea, Nixon researched can
celling the 1972 election. In order to do it though Bush is going to need the people to support it. He is going to need a new False Flag ! A new event that will scare people into accepting it. He wants Iran next so possibly an event he can blame them for. My guess this time will be a nuclear attack. Not sure whether it will be on foreign soil or in the US but after airmen blowing the whistle on the B52 flying 6 armed warheads the length of the country last August to the airbase in Louisianna that supplies the middle east I feel there is something fishy going on and possibly some of the supposedly decommitioned warheads will go missing. From this Bush will declare Martial Law and go to war with Iran. Your Traceable ID cards will become mandatory as part of this and you will become a cashless society. Any “unpatriotic desenters will be easily picked up and detained. Freedom of speach and protests or strikes will be impossible because your chip will be cancelled. Once they have this control you will never be able to raise a revolution again because they have a record of every where you’ve been and everything you’ve bought. There will also be attempts to censor the internet as this is the only medium left to spread counter propoganda with the mainstream media owned by the same big business interests. This is only my speculation but you heard it here.

Oh and Britain…… you wont be far behind them. Blair wasn’t an inocent bystander. Don’t you think it is a little alarming that in both 9/11 and the Oklahoma bombings the government were on that day doing “excercises” for the very same incident. Well guess what was happenning in London on the very day of the London Bombings at the very same tube stations. Do I need to tell you? Yes you guessed it, “Training excercises”. What are the chances of that eh?

Spread the word

NO ! NO ! NO !

June 13, 2008

On Thursday Ireland was the only country of the 27 countries allowed by their governments to have a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. The Lisbon Treaty is in fact exactly the same document as the European Constitution which was voted down by the French and the Dutch people 2 years ago.

This time they were not allowed to vote so it has been left to us here in Ireland to save Europe from a Federal Government We did not let down the French and Dutch and any other peoples who have been denied their democratic right to vote.

The result was a resounding NO ! (the third NO on this document now) even though ALL the main political parties here, representing 96% of the electoral vote, campaigned for a “yes” vote

There are many reasons why but the main reason for the “No” vote, I believe, is the utter contempt with which the politicians treated the people. They treated us like idiots, like children who wouldn’t understand and who shouldn’t ask questions. They gave not one reason to vote “yes” apart from “if you don’t we will suffer consequences” (without saying what they might be). They simply tried to scare us into it because they had no good reasons.

On the other side there were well researched reasons why to vote “No” that the government countered simply by saying “that’s not true”.

There are many very worrying issues at stake in the Treaty which remove your ability to set your own laws and taxes and revert authority to the un-elected European Commission, President and Courts above the laws of your own country. European foreign policy and use of the Army will be decided by the EU.

The most worrying issue of all however is that the concept of habeas corpus will be diluted or removed. This is your right to seek release from illegal detention by the authorities. This will happen because there is a clause in the treaty to ratify “preventative detention” across the EU. This means you can be held in detention without charge or access to legal channels in much the same way as the Bush Administration has done in Guantanimo Bay in Cuba holding hundreds of people there for years, none of whom has been found guilty of anything. Do we want this in Europe? In fact the US supreme court has this week narrowly (1 vote) overturned this procedure being used in the USA and allowed them to challenge their detention

This is a cracking speach by a UK Independant MEP and puts the scenario as simply as possible. The end of the piece shows the huge protest that took place inside the chamber that some quarters of the parliament tried to cover up.

The next piece here highlights how the document is a re-hash and how information was suppressed because it would adversely effect the vote on the treaty

The most sinister thing about this is that Ammendment 32 to the treaty was voted down meaning that even though Ireland votes “No” to the treaty, the EU will not respect that decision and try to implement the changes anyway

Take a look at how power is being corrupted in the everyday workings of the European Parliament

The treaty doesn’t specifically implement everything yet but it is self ammending without the need for further consultation and gives the Commission “Legal Status” and hence will become “Our Government”. So do not be surprised if down the line we end up with a European ID card which is GPS trackable.

This is all on the table both here and in the USA where they are even talking in terms of ID chips inserted into the body (hand) which would be trackable and also replace money. A plan and agreements have already been signed for the establishment of a North American Federation of Canada, USA, Mexico.

So Where do you think this whole globalisation is going guys? huh? I will let you decide, it isn’t hard to work out.

Everybody needs to do some research and get mobilised and get vocal before you have no rights and no freedom left

Are the USA really going to start the next World War?

June 2, 2008

There is, in Alaska, an installation in use by the US government called HAARP. It stands for High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program . The purpose of this according to the US Patent is as follows:

“To alter a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere”

This devise can send massive amounts of energy in wave form around the earth using the lines of force of the planet’s magnetosphere


My questions are :


Why would anyone want to do these things ?

For what sane purpose can this be used?

For what dastardly purposes can this be used?


The installation has, as usually happens, been taken over by the US Military who’s uses for the system are supposed to include

– 1 – Missile destruction

– 2 – Communication disruption


Other more sinister uses are

– 1 – Simulation of the effects of the sun

– 2 – Weather modification

– 3 – Lifting the upper atmosphere further into space (allegedly to deflect missile trajectories)


Tell me what possible good could come from any of these. Playing with forces of nature that we could not begin to understand the long term consequences


It has already been suggested that the polar cap melt has been “assisted” by HAARP but this is only supposition. The technology is however capable of altering weather to the point of creating typhoons etc.

However this goes much deeper and is much more sinister

To find gas and oil in the earth geologists send a radio-wave using only 30 Watts of power to cause a vibration in the substrates and send back a wave which can identify the various wavelengths of different layers and materials in the earth

HAARP uses a billion Watts of power to generate and send radio waves into the upper atmosphere. If a 30 Watt charge can vibrate the earth enough to send readings back to determine structures, just imagine how much of a vibration a billion Watt charge could cause. A vibration big enough to cause an earthquake!!!

In the last few years there has been an abnormal increase in severe earthquakes in Asia including the Tsunami. The countries suffering include Russia, China, India, Iran, Indonesia, in fact all these and others that are a threat to Western domination of the world’s economy. Countries that have not yet yielded to the privatisation of their economies or relinquished control of their own money supply to the huge corporate and banking interests of the western world. The most recent being the Chinese earthquake which killed 50,000 people and injured as many again. The atmospheric anomalies that HAARP causes were recorded over the epicentre of the earthquake during the hour before the quake struck.

Ask yourself why has this propensity of earthquakes increased in this area suddenly? Even places that have never recorded earthquakes before have felt them this year; even England felt a good sized tremor.

This is economic terrorism at it’s worst. It is what we call “The Shock Doctrine” whereby investors are ready to move in the aftermath of a disaster, either natural or man made (war or terrorist attack), to make enormous profits from the suffering of others. This can be done from simply funding war and then re-building afterwards. It should be noted that almost 200 members of the US congress have massive investment portfolios in the arms industries. Hence “War = profit”. Also during the aftermath of a disaster massive land grabs occur for post disaster development and Laws that would in normal times be totally unacceptable, are pushed through parliaments under emergency legislation. For example the privatisation of water supplies after the tsunami, or the Patriot Act and Homeland security after 9/11

One thing is for sure, the victim countries are well aware of what has happened and how far they can be pushed before World War 3 breaks out is the question on everyone’s lips. Is it any wonder Putin has made sure he remains the power in Russia in this climate. There is plenty of consensus as to who is behind all of this but that is another blog. There is enough to discuss here already

Someone has the blood of millions on their hands over the last few years and has no conscience about it. These are our leaders, why are we letting them do this?

This installation will eventually be sabotaged or attacked and undoubtedly the US response will be military. The media will never report these facts even though they are known all round the world because the media is owned by the same global corporate institutions that are funding this. If the defensive strike does come on Alaska the USA will call for martial law and ID chipping of the population to protect them from infiltrators. In fact the population will probably volunteer. You already have passports with a lot more than just a photo attached. You think it won’t happen? You thought the Patriot act could never happen but you have it and that means if you speak out against the government you are in trouble. The ability to protest will be removed little by little.

HAARP technology has been around for 18 years now and I conclude from the research I have done that it has been perfected to the point that it can re-create any weather condition and even direct it at a target. It has also be adapted to pinpoint accuracy as well as large scale coverage


I would like my son to live beyond teenage years (see my last blog to see why)


Something has to be done urgently. Please offer your thoughts on this subject !

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