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The first reports are usually the true reports

November 30, 2008

When analysing the news we have to realise that the first reports that come out of an event are usually the truth.

We saw this on 9/11 when the initial CNN, NBC, FOX reporters on the street reported LIVE that the plane that hit the first tower was not a passenger liner but a big grey military plane with no windows. The first reporter at the Pentagon reported something “like a cruise missile with wings” hitting the building. The first reporters on the scene in Pensylvania reported that there was no evidence of a plane at the site.

All of these reports were aired LIVE on these networks ONCE or TWICE and then they disappeared and have since been scrubbed from the record and officially DENIED in favour of the government line. Unfortunately the public are hot on this and copied them all and posted them all on on sites like Youtube

This is not a new concept, it has been going on forever. We are lied to in the media ALL THE TIME. What we are told is “true” could not be further from the truth

Let’s take this week’s big story, Mumbai.

The first thing the media do is wheel out these “experts” who tell us “this has all the hallmarks of an Al Queda attack”. NO IT DIDN’T ! It had none of the hallmarks of an Al (CIA)da attack. It was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ! But the seed gets planted in the minds of the people who only listen to the first report before tiring of the story and walk away from it with false history in their tiny brains

What they fail to tell you on the news are the links between CIA MI6 Mossad and the Pakistani ISI who between them create, fund and control these bogus terrorist cells.

They don’t tell you that Pakistan has removed the western backed Musharaf regime and this doesn’t sit well with Britain and America. Pakistan is being set up with terrorism attacks ever since Musharaf left. Pakistan is being set up as the protaganist for the terror attacks so that Britain and America has a reason to invade them. They don’t tell you that They want to drive the Caspian oil pipeline through Pakistan to the sea ports and want to stop Iran constructing a gas pipeline through Pakistan to India and China.

They don’t tell you that Mombai, the Indian financial centre, is attacked because they refuse to allow the International Globalist banking cabal, that controls most of the worlds currencies, to take over their central bank and issue the currency to the Indian government at interest leaving the country in perpetual debt as we are in the west

If they told you all this then you might put the pieces together and say NO, we do not support you anymore. You won’t go into Pakistan in our name and slaughter 3 million civillians like you have in Iraq. We won’t support you using depleted uranium bombs there like you have in Afghanistan and Iraq, irradiating the land and causing huige numbers of birth defects in local peoples and children of soldiers who served there.

If the media told you the truth you would rise up in revolt (or perhaps you just wouldn’t believe it) if you knew that war was perpetrated for profit and that terrorism was created by your own leaders to supress you further with more liberty removed and larger more intrusive government.

If you were told that economic crashes were orchestrated by the big players at the top of the financial pyramid to consolidate their wealth and control by buying up every real asset at pennies on the pound.

If they told you that these people control your national banks and your money is only lent to your government at interest for which you pay income tax to pay this interest to the private bankers

If they told you that these banksters meet in secret every year with politicians, industrialists, royalty, military, secret service, policy groups to plan the next phase of the agenda , and that insiders had divulges the discussuions in the meetings held including the one in 2004 where it was discussed how they would implode the world economy using the sub prime pyramid selling scam

If they told you that the Bush Administration has admitted to spending $4 billion on fake news articles

If they told you that the same bankers fund much of the UN which they helped set up for eventual world government



Lets see then about Mumbai

In this event the early reports showed

– that many “terrorists were captured ALIVE

– that they had given information

– that some of the “terrorists” were British

– that some reported seeing white “terrorists”

All since officially denied of course

Here is an article showing you what happens to this info as it bit by bit gets erased from the news sources. You should bookmark a couple of the search results and then go back and check if the link still works in a couple of weeks to prove it to your self

Mumbai False Flag Attack Update

As many astute observers noted, the Indian Police, media and TV gave out some earlier information regarding what the captured terrorists said. That is terrorists with an ���s���.

Many have speculated over the last two days that the captured terrorists would be assassinated as is the case with all ���terrorists��� in false flag operations. Dead men tell no tales. As of this morning, 11-29-08, the Indians say that ���one terrorist��� remains alive.

The Mumbai ���terrorist attack��� bears all the hallmarks of a classic False Flag Operation. Hundreds of news stories exist which include alleged information from captured terrorists���PLURAL.

The Indian Police chief said, yesterday, ���ALL TERRORISTS ARE DEAD.���…

It is possible that when the chief said ���all dead��� he meant all terrorists in the hotel were dead.

I have watched, carefully, how all major Western media failed to report what the captured ���terrorists��� said as reported in stories from Indian and other regional press outlets. This seems to confirm that the captured ���terrorists��� have been assassinated by the Indian police in order to avoid disclosing the real story/cover- up to the world.

However, at the moment of this writing, BBC-TV again aired details regarding what the captured ���terrorists��� are
disclosing. So, we will have to wait and see.

In general, most ���people in the know���, are expecting many future false flag operations this year and in 2009.

Everyone who wish to track solid information should be extremely vigilant in the first few hours when they hear about the next ���terrorist attack��� and save all articles posted during the first day of such an event. As is always the case, some of the most accurate information appears first���and is then scrubbed and or modified by the controllers quickly thereafter. Many of the key early stories then vanish from the internet.

Here is a google search for MUMBAI+CAPTURED+TERRORIST ��� you might want to save it to your computer and watch for vanishing stories in the days ahead. In any case, here are the top stories which show, clearly, that many of the killers were captured quite alive���

1. Mumbai police capture terrorist alive and claim he is from ���
27 Nov 2008 ��� Police have captured one of the terrorists behind the Mumbai attack during the operation at the Taj Mahal hotel. capture-terrorist-alive-claim-Pakistan.html – Similar pages

2. Terrorists captured but Mumbai gun battles continue – The Daily Record
28 Nov 2008 ��� THE BLOODY battle for Mumbai looked set to enter a third day today as terrorist gunmen defied attempts to prise them from hideouts.���/terrorists- captured-but-mumbai-gun-battles-continue-86908-20932350/ – 12 hours ago – Similar pages

3. Gateway Pundit: MUMBAI MASSACRE��� Up To 7 Terrorists Were Brits ���
28 Nov 2008 ��� Smoke rises from the Taj Hotel in Mumbai November 27, 2008. (Arko Datta/Reuters) Two British men were among the 8 captured terrorists in Mumbai. ��� captured.html – 15 hours ago – Similar pages

4. Gateway Pundit: Video Captures Mumbai Terrorist Killing
27 Nov 2008 ��� Video captured terrorist killings in Mumbai. (Warning: Graphic content) Click HERE to watch video. More��� Indian forces are storming the ��� killing.html – 88k – Cached – Similar pages
More results from ��

5. Weasel Zippers: Mumbai Attacks: Captured Terrorists Admit to Being ���
Not. Shocked. NEW DELHI� Three of the militants who attacked India���s financial capital have confessed they are members of the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba ������/mumbai-attacks-captured-terrorists-admit- to-being-members-of-pakistanbased-lashkaretaiba-jihadi-g��� – 11 hours ago – Similar pages

6. One terrorist caught at Trident Hotel: Mumbai Police
latest update on Mumbai terror attacks. Biggest terror attack ever that India has faced, National security guard. caught-at-trident-hotel-mumbai-police-3941.html – 11k – Cached – Similar pages

7. Captured terrorist a Pakistani: Patil
Captured terrorist a Pakistani: Patil. November 28th, 2008 – 5:59 pm ICT by IANS -. Mumbai, Nov 28 (IANS) Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R.R. Patil said ��� pakistani-patil_100124812.html – 19 hours ago – Similar pages

8. – Pakistan-Based Terrorists Suspected in Mumbai Attack ���
28 Nov 2008 ��� Pakistan-Based Terrorists Suspected in Mumbai Attack, ��� reported early Saturday that three of the captured terrorists have confessed to ���,2933,458924,00.html – 7 hours ago – Similar pages

9. Captured terrorist a Pakistani: Patil .:. NewKerala – India���s Top ���
Captured terrorist a Pakistani: Patil. Mumbai, Nov 28: Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R.R. Patil said Friday that the only terrorist caught in Mumbai���s ��� – 13 hours ago – Similar pages

10. British Men Were Among the 8 Captured Mumbai Terrorists – Gordon ���
British Men Were Among the 8 Captured Mumbai Terrorists – Two British men were among the 8 captured terrorists in Mumbai. The Telegraph reported: Two ��� british_men_were_among_the_8_captured_mumbai/ – 11 hours ago – Similar pages

11. Mumbai attack: British men ���among the terrorists��� – World
Two British men were among the 8 captured terrorists in Mumbai. The Telegraph reported: Two British-born Pakistanis were among eight gunmen seized by Indian ��� mumbai_attack_british_men_among_the_terrorists/ – 11 hours ago – Similar pages
More results from ��

12. – British Men Were Among the 8 Captured Mumbai Terrorists
28 Nov 2008 ��� by Indian commandos who stormed buildings to free hostages, Vilasrao Deshmukh, the chief minister of Mumbai, reportedly said. terrorists – 15 hours ago – Similar pages

13. – Video Captures Mumbai Terrorist Killing
28 Nov 2008 ��� Video Captures Mumbai Terrorist Killing �� Gateway Pundit. 1 hour ago. 4 Comments . Video captured terrorist killings in Mumbai. ��� – 44k – Cached – Similar pages
More results from ��

14. Mumbai Terror: Five terrorists killed, one captured
27 Nov 2008 ��� Mumbai Terror: Five terrorists killed, one captured. Press Trust of India / Mumbai November 27, 2008, 12:37 IST ��� killed-one-captured/21/56/50202/on – 89k – Cached – Similar pages

15. Mumbai Terror: Five terrorists killed, one captured
27 Nov 2008 ��� Five terrorists killed and one captured in Mumbai, says Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil outside Oberoi Hotel. ��� killed-one-captured/12/26/50202/on – 88k – Cached – Similar pages
More results from ��

16. Captured terrorist a Pakistani: Patil
28 Nov 2008 ��� Nine terrorists too have been killed and one captured, he added. A member of the NSG has also been killed, he said. He said the Mumbai ��� – 17 hours ago – Similar pages

17. I want to live: Captured terrorist Azam- Politics/Nation-News- The ���
29 Nov 2008 ��� MUMBAI: His swaggering image as he walked around Chhatrapati ��� only terrorist from this audacious operation to have been captured alive. ��� articleshow/3772298.cms – 1 hour ago – Similar pages

18. Captured terrorist a Pakistani: Patil – Yahoo! India News
Captured terrorist a Pakistani: Patil. Fri, Nov 28 04:28 PM. Mumbai, Nov 28 ( IANS) Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R.R. Patil said Friday that the only �� pakistani-patil.html – 16 hours ago – Similar pages

19. Captured terrorist a Pakistani: Patil | NewsX
Captured terrorist a Pakistani: Patil. Fri-Nov 28, 2008. Mumbai / Indo-Asian News Service. Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R R Patil on Friday said that ��� – 18 hours ago – Similar pages

20. Mumbai police capture terrorist alive and claim he is from ���
27 Nov 2008 ��� A new way to explore the world���s news. Millions of high-quality photos, stories, blog posts, major quotes and more, covering every topic. – 66k – Cached – Similar pages

21. Mumbai Terrorist Attacks – News, photos, topics, and quotes – Daylife
28 Nov 2008 ��� Mumbai police capture terrorist alive and claim he is from Pakistan ��� But a spokesman for Lashkar denied involvement. ��� – 96k – Cached – Similar pages
More results from ��

22. Randeep Ramesh reports from the battle to capture the terrorists ���
28 Nov 2008 ��� Randeep Ramesh reports from the scene of the battle in Mumbai. ��� Mumbai battle : ���It���s a game of cat and mouse with the remaining militants ��� jewish-centre – 21 hours ago – Similar pages

23. Terrorist gunmen holed up in Mumbai hotels | World news | guardian ���
27 Nov 2008 ��� About 10 to 12 gunmen remain holed up inside two Mumbai hotels and a ��� Randeep Ramesh reports from the battle to capture the terrorists in ��� – 88k – Cached – Similar pages
More results from ��

24. Captured terrorist a Pakistani: Patil
Captured terrorist a Pakistani: Patil. Friday, November 28, 2008 16:34 [IST]. r_r_patil_01 Mumbai: Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R.R. Patil said Friday ��� 2008/11/28/0811281634_captured_terrorist_a_pakistani_patil.html – 18 hours ago – Similar pages

25. Mumbai Attacks News, Pictures, Videos, Buzz | NewsCred, Quality ���
@Mumbai Captured terrorist describes precision commando-style attack.Killer of KarKare says total of 10 involved. Read Full �� ��� – 60k – Cached – Similar pages

26. IndianPad / Five terrorists killed, one captured in Mumbai
IndianPad is a user edited bookmark of news stories related to South Asia. captured-in-mumbai/ – 40k – Cached – Similar pages

27. IndianPad / The Biggest Terrorist Attack in India, Mumbai bleeds ���
How terrorists captured south Mumbai. This story does not contain a link by lazyboy 1 hour 11 minutes ago ( ��� – 40k – Cached – Similar pages
More results from ��

28. YouTube – Mumbai Terrorist – Hijacked Police Van – Times Now capture
Fire was still raging in the old wing of Taj hotel several hours after it was rocked by five to six blasts and enormous clouds of black smoke rose from the ��� – Similar pages

29. Captured terrorist a Pakistani: Patil

28 Nov 2008 ��� Captured terrorist a Pakistani: Patil. Indo-Asian News Service. Mumbai, Nov 28: Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister RR Patil said on Friday ��� – 19 hours ago – Similar pages

30. British Men Were Among the 8 Captured Mumbai Terrorists
28 Nov 2008 ��� Two British men were among the 8 captured terrorists in Mumbai. The Telegraph reported: Two British-born Pakistanis were among eight gunmen ��� british_men_were_among_the_8_captured_mumbai_terrorists_717723 – 14 hours ago – Similar pages

31. Terrorist Attacks In Bombay, Follow on Twitter – GigaOM
26 Nov 2008 ��� Here is my Hypothesis of how the Mumbai terrorist attack was made ���.. If all the terrorists are captured it would be possible to tell who ��� – 91k – Cached – Similar pages

32. Bombay under terrorist attack – Ultrabrown
26 Nov 2008 ��� 4 terrorists captured. Cops sent to airport, Mantralaya state gov���t ��� Alex Chamberlain, who is working in Mumbai, said the terrorists ��� – 39k – Cached – Similar pages

33. British Men Were Among the 8 Captured Mumbai Terrorists | related ���
28 Nov 2008 ��� View related blog posts such as : Mumbai Terrorism Update. british_men_were_among_the_8_captured_mumbai/ – 9 hours ago – Similar pages

34. taj hotel, five terrorists killed, one captured in Mumbai – Truveo ���
26 Nov 2008 ��� * Mumbai terror attack was an attack on the country : Rahul * Mumbai terror attacks pose challenge to nation: Sonia ��� 1087581428 – 81k – Cached – Similar pages

35. Mumbai terrorist confesses all terrorists were Pakistanis ���
28 Nov 2008 ��� One of the captured terrorists has confessed his origin from Pakistan. ��� In response to assignment: Reactions to Mumbai attacks ��� – 4 hours ago – Similar pages

36. Captured terrorist a Pakistani: Patil | Hot Now
28 Nov 2008 ��� Captured terrorist a Pakistani: Patil Watch video���s. Mumbai, Nov 28 (IANS) Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister R.R. Patil said Friday that the ��� – 9 hours ago – Similar pages

37. Silobreaker: Gunmen hold hostages in Mumbai hotels; 101 killed
29 Nov 2008 ��� Mumbai police capture terrorist alive and claim he is from Pakistan – Mail Online UK [11/27/2008]. Related Stories ��� – 209k – Cached – Similar pages

38. – Scores Killed In Terrorist Attacks Across Mumbai, India ���
26 Nov 2008 ��� One of the terrorists who attacked the Taj Hotel in Mumbai, India, was captured on video Nov. 26, 2008, by SKY News, as seen in this screen ��� – 63k – Cached – Similar pages

39. Mumbai Attack Terrorists came in boats and then spread out in ���
27 Nov 2008 ��� New Delhi, Nov 27 (PTI) The terrorists involved in the Mumbai blasts chose sea route ��� Tags: accident as a terrorist, captured terrorists, ��� spread-out-in-mumbai-hotels/ – 30k – Cached – Similar pages

40. Mumbai Terrorist attack on 26th November, 2008 on Flickr – Photo ���
26 Nov 2008 ��� Mumbai Terrorist attack on 26th November, 2008. ��� Soumik this is an excellent capture but it is a very
very sad incident. ��� – 164k – Cached – Similar pages

41. Mumbai attacks: Fighting goes on as terrorists hold out – The Scotsman
28 Nov 2008 ��� Mumbai attacks: Fighting goes on as terrorists hold out – THE bloody battle for ��� At least two of the captured terrorists were of British ��� – 12 hours ago – Similar pages

42. Mumbai attackers may be Pakistani nationals-Mumbai-Cities-The ���
MUMBAI: Preliminary investigations on Thursday pointed to involvement of at ��� based on information gathered from captured terrorists, the sources said. ��� Mumbai_attackers_may_be_Pakistani_nationals/articleshow/3764564.cms – 43k – Cached – Similar pages

Turn OFF your TV

Check everything you hear on the radio

Get independent news from net sources

Look at foreign take on the news

Wake up to the controlled corporate media liars


OK Britain the signs of a dictatorship are going public

November 29, 2008

Government of all parties have all used department leaks to make political hay whether in power or in opposition but there comes a time in many countries over our history when the government party becomes more interested in it’s own POWER than the idea that they serve the people.

This story below is one of the most serious markers of an emerging tyranical government that has so far surfaced through the mass media. The fact that government are now arresting opposition politicians for revealing the governments illegal plans is like Hitler’s National Socialist party arresting members of the other German parties prior to declaring his supreme power. Don’t laugh and say it is different now because although times change tyrants don’t

The fact that Mr Green tried to reveal the deliberate employment of thousands of illegal immigrants into security position and was arrested using new anti-terrorism laws reveals the government agenda for these new laws and shows them as deceitful and planning the specific use of these people for a reason.

The reason is that when you need to suppress a population you cannot do it with members of that population because eventually they realise what they are doing is not in the best interest of the people or the country. If you use foreigners like the Romans did around their empire and as the UN does now, they have detatchment from the people and only serve their masters. This my friends is now the secret reality Green has revealed. The same reality that is unfolding in the US with thousands of illegals now in homeland security and the police and army or in private Blackwater armies

This as we all know is the prelude to tyranical government as we saw in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Maoist China and Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. Now we are nearing the buld up to New Labourist Britain as well as the same style of management and power hunger in Europe, the US, Canada and Australia

Be vigilant and look for the signs. Go back to my blog on the 10 steps to fascism and re-read

MPs demand answers over Green arrest

Politicians are demanding an inquiry into the “heavy-handed” tactics used in the arrest of Tory Immigration spokesman Damian Green

Senior police officers and politicians continue to face serious questions over the highly-controversial arrest with Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg saying the actions are “something you might expect from a tin-pot dictatorship”.

The frontbench MP was held for nine hours on Thursday and his offices and homes searched over his alleged involvement in the leak of information from the Home Office.

Gordon Brown and Home Secretary Jacqui Smith have both insisted that ministers were not involved in any way in the decision to arrest him and that it was purely a matter for the police.

But much of the anger is being directed towards Speaker Michael Martin and the House of Commons authorities for allowing police into the Palace of Westminster to search Mr Green’s Commons office.

Asked if Mr Martin had approved the move, a spokeswoman issued a terse statement, saying simply that: “There is a process to be followed and that was followed.

” However the Home Office confirmed that the police would have required permission from House authorities to carry out a search on the Commons premises.

Tory backbencher Douglas Carswell said that if it was confirmed that Mr Martin had authorised the raid, which some say breached Parliamentary privilege, he would be demanding his resignation.

On November 19, a 26-year-old junior official was arrested and subsequently suspended from duty. The detention of Mr Green followed that arrest.

Scotland Yard said that Mr Green was held “on suspicion of conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office and aiding and abetting, counselling or procuring misconduct in a public office“.

Mr Green has expressed astonishment at being detained, insisting that he had been doing his public duty in holding the Government to account and would continue to do so.


I think you should also realise that all three of the major parties are compromised into the globalist agenda. All have attended Bilderberg meetings over the years en mass. In fact George Osborne, the Tory shadow chancellor attended the 2006 meeting wherein it was revealed that the world economy was to collapsed by using the sub prime leverage. Did he tell us? Well of course he didn’t

In recognition of a team that is more than the sum of it’s parts

November 25, 2008

This Munster rugby team stunned the world of sport when it stuffed New Zealand 12 – 0 in 1978 and last wednesday, after New Zealand (the greatest rugby team on the planet) had stuffed Ireland the week before, they turned out and nearly beat the Kiwis again and with a 2nd string team too. Leading 16 – 13 with 4 minutes to go they lost to one stroke of brilliance from a Kiwi back win it 18 – 16. There is something very special about the team, the fans, the home ground, that adds an extra man to the 15 and makes them achieve things other club sides can only imagine.

The build up and the history

The war cries

The match

And for Boo so you can join in too

Watch Iceland, it will be a marker for us all

November 23, 2008

This was the first country to become bankrupt by the international bankers withdrawal of credit from the marketplace through their Private Icelandic Central Bank. What happens here will be a prelude to what other countries will be facing soon enough

One thing about the Icelanders I salute is that they had the balls to pen the police into their station to force them to give up someone unduly arrested. I wonder will people in Britain or the US have the stuff to do that or have they been too conditioned to obey and let people be taken ilegally and do nothing to help.

This was ITNs take on it

Violent clashes in Iceland

3 hours 45 mins ago

Thousands of Icelanders have demonstrated in Reykjavik demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Geir Haarde and Central Bank Governor David Oddsson for failing to stop a financial meltdown in the country.

It was the latest in a series of protests in the capital since the financial meltdown that crippled the island’s economy

Iceland’s three biggest banks – Kaupthing, Landsbanki and Glitnir – collapsed under the weight of billions of pounds of debts accumulated in an aggressive overseas expansion, shattering the currency and forcing Iceland to seek aid from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

This week, the North Atlantic island nation of 320,000 secured a package of more than £7 billion in loans from the IMF and several European countries to help it rebuild its shattered financial system.

Despite the loans, Iceland faces a sharp economic contraction and surging unemployment while many Icelanders also risk losing their homes and life savings

Opposition parties tabled a no-confidence motion in the government on Friday over its handling of the crisis, but the motion carries little chance of toppling the ruling coalition which has a solid parliamentary majority

This was ICENEWS’s background to the police station incident

The now regular Saturday protests in front of the Icelandic parliament in Reykjavik went ahead today as planned, but a follow-up demonstration outside the police headquarters ended in violence.

During the busy parliament protests, the famous statue of Jonas Sigurdsson was dressed in women’s clothing to remind people of the role of the female half of the population and how they should take a leading role in rebuilding the Icelandic economy.

After the rally, some 200 to 300 people took part in a different protest at the main police station to demand the release of Haukur Himarsson, who had been arrested last night when police found out he was the person to fly the Bonus supermarket flag from the top of parliament two weeks ago.

After officers in full riot gear used pepper spray to try to disperse the crowds, police eventually released Hilmarsson and the crowd dissipated. It is still not known whether or not the police charged Hilmarsson before his release, however.

Hilmarsson was arrested last night after an educational research trip to the Althingi parliament house. He has a suspended 14 days remaining of an 18-day prison sentence he received in 2005 for protests with the Saving Iceland environmental pressure groupceland environmental pressure group

This may all look silly but the man was held in custody for hanging a supermarket flag on the parliament to show what a joke they are, meanwhile the country had been sold out from under the people by the bank and the government

Reality check

November 22, 2008

Do you realise the two Presidents who tried to wrest the grip of the military industrial banking cartels from the control of the wealth and currency of the USA were both shot in the head because of it. Lincoln tried to print US money independant of banks and Kennedy tried to shut down the CIA and FED. The rest is history but not the real history. Only the history they told you.

This is a fabulously put together video summarising what is happenning now. Please watch this, nothing in it is bogus, it is ALL from official sources. All Mainstream news. Please watch ! Please learn what is really happenning to you.

Why oh why have those of you stuck with the Donkey and the Elephant when they have shown for decades they are the same agenda. Why can’t people see that they never do anything different and both lead you to the same end.

I fear it may be too late for you because you failed to elect the only candidate who could have saved you from the bankrupsy that is coming. This man was the only candidate not affiliated to big business and banking, and the only one who supports and upholds the constitution and the ideas of the founders. The only candidate who would have removed the private banks from owning the fed and lending the treasury money at interest. The only man who in doing this would have ended the need for the illegal IRS. Why didn’t you vote for this man ???

Well many are trying to get him to run in 2012 as a Libertarian candidate outside the two parties. Hopefully it wont be too late by then. If I could vote I would vote for this man. If he runs in 2012 I hope you do the right thing and get REAL change and not just the word in a speach with no back up

Know your enemy

November 21, 2008

For anyone who still doesn’t believe the international bankster families run this world please read the following article where you will see exactly who comes out on top everytime there is a depression while all around flounder

Rothschild Investment Banking Posts Record Results

Seeking Alpha

November 21, 2008

The inability of the current investment banking model to withstand the ongoing liquidity crisis has forced many investment bankers out of business or those few that have survived to get by on reduced or no bonuses this year. However, as lenders globally continue to write off and provision for a significant volume of soured loans, U.K.’s Rothschild group, one of the world’s leading investment banking organizations, has posted record results. The bank has been able to maintain its very strong performance again this year, despite the credit crunch, economic slowdown and the threat of a U.S. recession, with investment banking and corporate banking businesses both producing record revenues.

The bank, according to Timesonline – reported a 31%, 459 million euro, improvement in profits. In addition, record results from the organization’s advisory and private banking operations enabled the bank to pay record bonuses to its 2,700 people in June.

The bank’s chairman Davide de Rothschild, following unconventional investment banking strategies, has steered his organization clear of proprietary trading, prime broking and other activities that have devastated rivals as a result of an environment where asset prices keep falling while liabilities remain fixed. The bank however, still wrote off 96 million euro because of souring loans. At some point, considering the global financial system is galloping off a cliff – today’s difficulties in investment banking will prompt an overhaul of the system favoring those players that have shown themselves to be the most cautious during this cycle.

Alongside its pro-forma group-wide results, Rothschild also unveiled that it had entered into a co-operation agreement in the field of M&A and Equity Capital Markets advisory in the food and agriculture sectors on a global basis with Netherlands’ Rabobank, a premier global financial institution providing financing and other services to food and agri business clients around the world.

As part of the deal, notes Timesonline, Rabobank is buying a 7.5% stake in one of the key holding companies in the Rothschild empire, Rothschild Continuation Holdings, which owns the N M Rothschild business in the U.K.

Rabobank becomes the second biggest investor outside the Rothschild family after the trading group Jardine Matheson, which owns 20%. This is Rothschild’s second joint venture with a Dutch bank.

Rothschild advisory clients include Rio Tinto (RTP), which is fighting a hostile bid from BHP, Billiton (BHP), and British Energy in its deal with France’s power giant EDF, a deal that gives the French company a dominant role in the British nuclear industry.


Now to succeed so tremendously you need to know what is going to happen before it happens, and the Rothschilds have known for the last 500 years

Just a bit of info I have picked up in my reading

Rothschilds, as well as owning the central banks of many European countries, also has the controlling interest in the US Federal Reserve. What you will be interested to know, (and you could have picked this information up around that so called “yachtgate” story in the UK) is that Rothschilds have, before this collapse, diverted much of their holdings to China, India and Brazil which, when this is all over, will be the 3 new super economies of the New World Order

David de Rothschilde has some very interesting times ahead for us all and I urge you to go and read up on them and who is doing his bidding

Henry Paulson behind Martial Law threats

November 21, 2008

Confirmed by Senator James Inhofe

Oh and check out who gets a mention at the start along with “Hank”

You see even those at the business end know the Illuminati is a reality

Remember the END THE FED protest tomorrow 22nd. Be There !

Where it’s heading and why

November 21, 2008

A good brief summary of the current meltdown reasons

More on the global climate hoax

November 20, 2008

More background to the current “Climate Change” and “Carbon Credits” Tax Scam

For the last 5 decades Governments via their air forces have used Chemtrails to spray the population with all manner of toxins, radioactive agents, carcinogens, biological agents, nerve agents, and diseases, all in the name of “testing” I won’t go into that now but it is mainstream news and a multitude of documents have been declassified for you to peruse at your leisure. There is a case pending in Norwich actually that made the BBC regarding spraying of Cadmium over Norfolk causing a 50% increase in throat cancer.

Anyway that was to show you that poisoning us out of the back of a plane is not a new idea. I want to highlight “Global Dimming”. It is the concept of aerosols in the atmosphere reflecting sunlight back into space over the 1960s 70s and 80s causing less sunlight to get to earth. The thing is these governments have also been spraying the upper atmosphere for decades with Aluminium oxide and Barium salts for the same reason. What the effect of this is is to alter the amount of sunlight to manipulate the weather. They are able to increase or decrease the heating of the air and earth by doing this.

There are 2 methods of doing this. First by putting the additive in jet fuel (controlled by only 3 oil companies) which is then spewed out in aircraft chemtrails causing a general dimming and cooling. Secondly by localised spraying to create and or enhance local weather fronts by increasing the temperature differences. I have witnessed these where I live, sprayed overnight before air traffic starts followed by freak cloud formations and odd weather including unseasonal downpours and floods in neighbouring areas later. Keep an eye out for chemtrails, they have patterns and hang around in the sky a long time, unlike the normal plane vapours which dissipate immediately

Here is an article asking some questions about dimming and why NASA doesn’t think it’s worth measuing. I will comment after

Global Dimming – Hidden
Chemtrail Connection?

By Ted Twietmeyer|

For many years scientists have noticed that the intensity of sunlight around the globe has been decreasing. Studies have quietly proved this is happening to our beautiful blue marble. To date, not one study has been publicized which connects the dimming problem with high altitude chemtrail spraying. Such a study is not likely, since no researcher will bite the hand that feeds them. Yet, many researchers must already be aware of the connection if they performed good science, and looked at causes for the problem. But we’ll take another look at this issue and include other factors.


Scientists wanted a stationary satellite to monitor the dimming problem in order to obtain accurate data. Collected data from space will be free from numerous errors and problems inherent in ground-based observations. Such a satellite was planned for launch in 2001, but along came that terrible day in September which caused a postponement. The new bird would be called the Deep Space Climate Observatory, and it was first proposed back in the 1990s by Al Gore. It was planned to be a geostationary satellite which would monitor the entire side of the earth illuminated by the sun. [1]

When Columbia was destroyed, it further delayed the program.

The observatory project was finally finished off with a stroke of a pen when NASA cancelled the satellite project in early 2006 “for priorities and budget reasons”. The pen is mightier than the sword, and it apparently carries more power than common sense.

The dimming of sunlight will create food chain problems, crop failures and water supply and weather problems as less water is evaporated from the oceans. But apparently to NASA this issue isn’t important.


One would also think that NOAA would sit up and take notice. NOAA stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. If any branch of the government should be speaking out, it should be them. Yet all we hear from them is silence.

As of this writing, on we see “NOAA REPORTS RECORD WARM JANUARY ACROSS THE U.S. WARMER TEMPERATURES RESULT IN LOWER RESIDENTIAL ENERGY DEMAND” as their big headline. One doesn’t need to be a scientist to make that discovery. In the north-central and north-east United States, people are now burdened by whopping utility bills that have increased their price per cubic ft. of natural gas about 40% – even though many of these utilities take gas straight out of the ground and were never affected by Katrina.

Someone must ask the question – “How do utilities get away with this?” What are the complex implications of global dimming?

According to one Chinese study, 3.7 watts of energy were lost per square yard in China in the past 50 years. Five hundred ground based instruments across that country were used to collect data for the long term study. This is probably happening globally as well.


The infamous Teller paper in 1997 titled “Global Warming and the Ice Ages: Prospects for Physics-Based Modulation of Global Change” was also published in the Wall Street Journal as the article “The Planet Needs a Sunscreen.” [2] It theorized that scattering high altitude metallic particles such as aluminum oxide or barium oxide would help reflect sunlight back into space to slow global warming. (More details about heavy metals can be found at [3].)

Is it merely a coincidence that heavy metals are found in chemtrails today? Internet photos and data about chemtrails date back more than 10 years. Clifford Carnicom has gathered more data on this subject, than perhaps any other researcher.

Would the Chinese be thrilled to find out that American-made chemtrails are accelerating their dimming problem? And if the Chinese are having this problem, it follows that the remainder of the world to a greater or lesser degree. Could it be possible that the satellite program was cancelled because it would expose the impact of chemtrail spraying on the entire planet?

Can it all just be a coincidence – or are there forces at work to keep a lid on chemtrail creation for weather control purposes? If military-owned weather control technology is supposedly for the global good – then why are government agencies so tight-lipped about this illegitimate program?

A frequent contributor, Ted Twietmeyer is an inventor, patent holder and engineer who has worked in defense and NASA projects for more than 20 years. He also has written a startling new book about Mars which can be found at






I know it’s a leap of faith but there is documented evidence out there. Admissions from governments that they do spray this stuff into the atmosphere for weather manipulation for at least the last 10 years and there are eyewitness reports galore. This is a reality. The governments and their agencies have been manipulating the solar energy reaching us.

The side effects you may wish to know is that aluminium oxide in your air and then on your food is the substance found in the brains of people with altsheimers disease. These heavy metals like Barium are also carcinogens

This is not the only way either. There are now 54 HAARP stations all over the world that use electromagnetic energy to heat up the ionosphere and this technology has been around since the Russians invented it in the 1970s. Since around 2003-4 these stations have been pulsing away at the ionosphere at a hugely increased rate. You should not that it is since then that most of the freak weather has been occuring. Here we havent had sunshine in summer for 3 years, instead it rains everyday for 3 months and we have flash floods. Then the politicians shout CLIMATE CHANGE, BAN CO2, CARBON TAX THE PEOPLE. Like it’s our fault.

Well it is not our fault. The sun just finished its hot period and is now cooling. To prove that you will find Mars’ ice caps are growing rapidly again as infact is earth’s this year. By the way there are record numbers of Polar Bears alive today aswell. The global warming trick backfired when the sunspots vanished so now it is climate change. They are spraying the sky like bejaysus and pulsing the ionosphere to boot to create these mad weather fluctuations to carry the hoax off. I have seen it with my own eyes.The radio or tv wont allow us to tell the truth though, we get one opinion and if you question it “You must be mad”

Downside of all this weather manipulation spraying is this, and believe me it is not an accident either. With the reduction of sunlight seasons will be disrupted. Animal patterns will be disrupted, extinctions will occur. I have heard reports already of woods in Canada without a single bird. Most of all CROPS will be disrupted. They will not fully grow. Seeds may not germinate. I have also heard reports of crops in isolated areas CEASING GROWTH for 6 weeks then starting again

These technologies are VERY REAL and they are being used to create a scenario. What scenario? The scenario where MAN is the ENEMY of PLANET EARTH. Therefore we are carbon taxed, for we are carbon. Then the dwindling sun and the adverse weather causes crop failures (GM seeds do this though) and so food shortages, starvation, food riots, etc. This is not an accident. It is by design to lead us into dependence upon the NWO who will appear to be the saviors of us all (although they will wait for enough to die first)

The globalist recently opened their Domsday Seed Vault under a mountain on a remote Norwegian island in the Arctic Circle in which they have stored all the earths crop seeds, all the varieties that grow in different parts of the world. Now why do you think this was so well timed? It was set up with money from the Gates Foundation (yes Bill is one of them).

One interesting point about that is that it has the oldest varieties of wheet seed in the world stored there now. Guess where the oldest wheet seed store was. Well obviously from the cradle of civilization Sumer. When the US troops walked into Iraq something rather special was also stolen. Iraq’s seed store holding all these wheet seeds. Guess where it used to be housed? A place called Abu Graib. Now there’s irony.

Just some things there for you to think about. Make sure you report every chemtrail you see that is out of the ordinary. Protest that your car didnt make the ice on Saturn’s moons melt. Demand action on this fake carbon tax. Write to your representatives, call radio stations, get it out there that you know and you aren’t going to stand by and let it happen

GOOD NEWS – The growing resistance to has finaly given legislators some balls

November 16, 2008

The ever growing movement to fight the New World Order globalist banksters and their minions has finaly, after years of deliberate ridicule, derision and utter ignorance by the mass media and the political elite, reached a critical mass whereby it cannot now be stopped without mass media coverage.

This year 2008 we have seen the largest ever 911 Truth Movement rallies and the number grow every day. An explosion of support from Professionals and scientists on the issues of 911 and other false flag terror attacks as well as the carbon taxing and climate change hoax and the public revelation of the privately owned Federal Reserve banking scandal (see Alan Greenspan interview last week) and the 1,000 to 1 against the bailout call by the general public to their representatives that was ignored. The response of the globalists across the world was to fast track their call for One World Governance and a One World Financial System run by the banksters who bankrupted us in the first place. They have used every mass media mouthpiece at their disposal but the people are waking up to this fraud exponentially now and this is finally having the ripple effect up to the higher levels of conciousness in government

Finally though the weight of public pressure through the internet, through independant radio and independant press, through the setting up of “We Are Change” groups all over the world; the tide is turning against the globalist corporate crooks. Finally the pressure groups organised locally and all the letter writing and e-mail sending and accosting representatives in the street and holding them publicly accountable is paying off.

The following is House Bill No 2374 that passed the committee stage unanimously on 22nd September this year and went onto the main House of the General Assembly of Pensylvania. It was proposed by Senator Babette Josephs and 15 other named supporters and it outlines legislation barring the implantation of human ID devices, otherwise known as RFID .…



No. 2374 Session of 2008






1 Providing for identification devices and for subcutaneous

2 implanting; and imposing civil penalties.

3 The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

4 hereby enacts as follows:

5 Section 1. Short title.

6 This act shall be known and may be cited as the

7 Identification Device Act.

8 Section 2. Definitions.

9 The following words and phrases when used in this act shall

10 have the meanings given to them in this section unless the

11 context clearly indicates otherwise:

12 “Identification device.” Any item, application or product

13 that is passively or actively capable of transmitting person

14 information, including, but not limited to, devices using radio

15 frequency technology.

16 “Person.” An individual, business association, partnership,

17 limited partnership, corporation, limited liability company,

1 trust, estate, cooperative association or other entity.

2 “Personal information.” Includes any of the following data

3 elements to the extent that they are used alone or in

4 conjunction with any other information used to identify an

5 individual:

6 (1) First or last name.

7 (2) Address.

8 (3) Telephone number.

9 (4) E-mail, Internet protocol or Internet website

10 address.

11 (5) Date of birth.

12 (6) Driver’s license number or State identification card

13 number.

14 (7) Bank, credit card or other financial institution

15 account number.

16 (8) Any unique personal identifier contained or encoded

17 on a health insurance, health benefit or benefit card or

18 record issued in conjunction with any government-supported

19 aid program.

20 (9) Religion.

21 (10) Ethnicity or nationality.

22 (11) Photograph.

23 (12) Fingerprint or other biometric identifier.

24 (13) Social Security number.

25 (14) Any unique personal identifier.

26 “Require, coerce or compel.” Includes physical violence,

27 threat, intimidation, retaliation, the conditioning of any

28 private or public benefit or care on consent to implantation,

29 including employment, promotion or other employment benefit, or

30 by any means that causes a reasonable person of ordinary

20080H2374B4368 – 2 –

1 susceptibilities to acquiesce to implantation when the person

2 otherwise would not.

3 “Subcutaneous.” Existing, performed or introduced under or

4 on the skin.

5 Section 3. General rule.

6 A person shall not require, coerce or compel any other

7 individual to undergo the subcutaneous implanting of an

8 identification device.

9 Section 4. Penalties.

10 (1) Any person who violates this act is subject to civil

11 penalties of up to $10,000. The civil penalty shall be no

12 more than $1,000 for each day the violation continues until

13 the deficiency is corrected. That civil penalty may be

14 assessed and recovered in a civil action brought in any court

15 of competent jurisdiction. The court may also grant a

16 prevailing plaintiff reasonable attorney fees and litigation

17 costs, including, but not limited to, expert witness fees and

18 expenses as part of the costs.

19 (2) A person who is implanted with a subcutaneous

20 identification device in violation of this act may bring a

21 civil action for actual damages, compensatory damages,

22 punitive damages, injunctive relief, any combination of those

23 or any other appropriate relief.

24 (3) Punitive damages may also be awarded upon proof of

25 the defendant’s malice, oppression, fraud or duress in

26 requiring, coercing or compelling the plaintiff to undergo

27 the subcutaneous implanting of an identification device.

28 Section 5. Limitations.

29 (1) An action brought pursuant to this section shall be

30 commenced within three years of the date upon which the

20080H2374B4368 – 3 –

1 identification device was implanted.

2 (2) If the victim was a dependent adult or minor when

3 the implantation occurred, actions brought pursuant to this

4 section shall be commenced within three years after the date

5 the plaintiff, or the plaintiff’s guardian or parent,

6 discovered or reasonably should have discovered the implant,

7 or within eight years after the plaintiff attains the age of

8 majority, whichever date occurs later.

9 (3) The statute of limitations shall not run against a

10 dependent adult or minor plaintiff simply because a guardian

11 ad litem has been appointed. A guardian ad litem’s failure to

12 bring a plaintiff’s action within the applicable limitation

13 period will not prejudice the plaintiff’s right to do so.

14 (4) A defendant is estopped to assert a defense of the

15 statute of limitations when the expiration of the statute is

16 due to conduct by the defendant inducing the plaintiff to

17 delay filing of the action, or due to threats made by the

18 defendant causing duress upon the plaintiff.

19 Section 6. Restitution.

20 Any restitution paid by the defendant to the victim shall be

21 credited against any judgment, award or settlement obtained

22 pursuant to this section. Any judgment, award or settlement

23 obtained pursuant to an action under this section shall be

24 subject to the provisions of 42 Pa.C.S. (relating to Judiciary

25 and Judicial Procedure).

26 Section 7. Privacy.

27 The provisions of this act shall be liberally construed so as

28 to protect privacy and bodily integrity.

29 Section 8. Independent action.

30 Actions brought pursuant to this act are independent of any

20080H2374B4368 – 4 –

1 other actions, remedies or procedures that may be available to

2 an aggrieved party pursuant to any other law.

3 Section 9. Existing law.

4 This section shall not in any way modify existing statutory

5 or case law regarding the rights of parents or guardians, the

6 rights of children or minors or the rights of dependent adults.

7 Section 10. Effective date.

8 This act shall take effect in 60 days.

H12L42SFL/20080H2374B4368 – 5 –

The RFID is a mainstay of the Rockerfeller / New World Order system ,whereby the population is “chipped” and all interaction with civic society runs off the chip, including money (see video interview with Aaron Russo on his relationship with Nick Rockerfeller or Google, Yahoo, or Youtube RFID chip)

Here is the entry from her website that outlines the reasoning behind the Bill

Josephs introduces bill to ban the human implantation of ID devices

HARRISBURG, Sept. 22 ��� State Rep. Babette Josephs, D-Phila., has introduced legislation that would make it illegal to implant any identification device on or under a person’s skin that would contain and transmit personal information. The bill (H.B. 2374) also specifies penalties for violations of the measure.

Josephs said the risks to privacy that could occur as a result of such a device on any human, regardless of age or condition, would outweigh any possible benefit that could be derived. She also added that some medical experts believe such devices may contribute to causes of cancer.

“Maintaining our personal and our family’s privacy is becoming increasingly difficult,” Josephs said. ‘Any positive impact that an implanted device could have would be eclipsed by the potential damage that could be done if the information was accessed by an outside party not intended to have the information. Moreover some of this information should not be collected by government either.

“Government organizations, independent researchers, members of the technology industry and civil liberties watchdog groups have all expressed concern about the personal security threat posed by such an action.”

Josephs said that implanting identification devices is part of a larger issue with the increasing number of technologies that can identify a person’s personal information or location, including GPS, cell-site location and public surveillance.

In the legislation, personal information would include name; address; contact information, including phone number and e-mail; date of birth; driver’s license; Social Security or state identification number; religion; ethnicity; fingerprint or any other unique identifier.

A person found in violation would be subject to a civil penalty of up to $10,000, dependent on how long it takes the offense to be corrected. The person who had the implantation would also be able to bring a civil action against the guilty person for actual damages.

The bill was voted out of the House State Government Committee unanimously on Monday without amendment and now moves to the full House for consideration.

To see how your representatives voted click link:

What is happenning now as a result of the relentless pressure being exerted and vocalised, even in the streets by the ordinary people, is that people in legislative positions, who up untill now have been too afraid to speak out against the formidable power and corruption which is leading the US towards tyrrany, economic collapse, police state, loss of sovereignty and world government; have finally spoken out, buoyed by the removal of fear. They can go public without fear of reprocussions or ridicule now because the mass voice of the people is so powerful and so loud that they know they have public support that will be heard. They now have the courage to start to stand up for what is right and fight these private banksters at the government level. With the support of the people they can find courage to fight back that they could not show before.

This is now the time to take back what is yours. Expel this scum from your banks and businesses who are bleeding you dry. This is the time to get behind this and fight the FED. This is the time to mobilize, get out on the street on November 22nd and rally outside every Federal Reserve Bank in the US and campaign for the revocation of the Federal Reserve Act and take back your money. Stop the private bankers charging you interest on your own currency. Get out in numbers and support the rally and support in numbers so that the legislators who are brave enough will stand up and do something for YOU finally.

Watch this Bill. It is currently at this stage “Recommitted to Appropriations” by the House

People should keep track of this Bill and watch for who in the Pensylvania Senate holds up it’s progress after it’s unanimus committee stage passing. Then you will see who is involved in this crooked cabal. Then you can vote them all out in 2 years and vote in your own independant candidates.

Keep track of all such
voting patterns over the next two years and make sure these criminals are removed from power that effects yours and your childrens’ lives

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