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7/7 Ripple Effect and the End of Justice in Ireland

November 12, 2010

John Anthony Hill’s appeal in the Irish Supreme Court against extradition to the UK was defeated yesterday. This means the judge in the case gave precedence to a European arrest warrant over and above the Irish Constitution which protects our political views. This decision proves once and for all that the Irish legal system is totally corrupt and working in league with the criminal state authorities of Ireland and their masters in the UK and Europe, and are under the control of the Bar Council which is based in London and is used now as their weapon of control.

This is an interview held with John Hill (aka Muad dib) on the day before the appeal hearing (10th November 2010) in which he explains the case against him 

It is an incredible decision when you consider how many times the UK has been found guilty of criminal activity and perjury against innocent people in the past. One only need look back to the 1970s during the troubles in the north of Ireland when high profile cases like the Birmingham 6 and the Guildford 4 put innocent people in prison for half their lives without evidence. Now in the present they commit torture and rendition and the false flag 7/7 event that for the first time in British legal history had no trial or inquest at the behest of the government. In light of this it is impossible to understand how a judge could approve this extradition unless he was involved in a cover-up

If you haven’t seen the film 7/7 Ripple effect you can see it at the link below and your eyes will be opened.


After that you will understand why the British State is going to such extraordinary lengths to pursue this man and cover-up their crimes. Only the guilty would try to imprison a man for life for sending a CD to a Kingston courthouse clerk to distribute to the judge and jury foreman if they saw fit

On a side note, it is also very interesting that they scheduled this for 11 AM on 11.11. This (11) is the power number of the ruling cartel and they use it for many of their “events” from fake terror to financial crashes or other disasters, to unlawful legislation and important speeches or announcements. This undoubtedly is one of these important events for them as it represents the destruction of sovereign justice in ireland and the complete takeover of the legal system by outside agencies


John Hill will not receive a fair trial in Britain, that is a given. When one sees the efforts the new government are going to to cover up information relating to the latest narrow and limited inquest into the 7/7 event one can see exactly what will occur if he goes to trial. Surprisingly though he remains upbeat about it and sees it as an opportunity to get his film shown in court as evidence. I have a feeling however that the trial judge will rule it inadmissible.

This must not be allowed stand, for if this man goes down, then anyone of us cold be next. i don’t think you or I or anyone wants to live in a world where criminals control the government, media and the courts. Time to start the change



Major False Flag Warning for November 6th 2010 ?????

November 4, 2010

If you have read my website over the last 4 years you will notice I have covered the subjects of false flag events being predicted in tv and film, or rather the message has been planted there for us for our tacit approval of what is to be done to us.

I have also written on the usefulness to the elites of their puppet presidents, whether they are more useful alive or dead, and on the many steps they take to implement their surveillance police state of the future. Well I get a feeling they could all be coming together right now

November of 2010 has long been predicted by many different sources over the last few years as the time when an event will happen that will be a catalyst to a third world war. Of course we know from real history that the first two wars were totally contrived and funded by the same people trying to make this one happen. It serves their interests geopolitically and socially as well as monetarily.

The area mostly commonly identified with the start of this war has been predicted not as Iran as many might think, but the juncture between India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and China and Russia. With the US and NATO sitting in Afghanistan you have the makings of a huge conflict of alliances, but you need something to start it off. Well there have always been border disputes between China and India. China is very friendly with Pakistan who also have border and territory disputes with India. Pakistan as well as India is suffering tremendously under the infiltration of the western elites’ agents. the Mumbai gun attacks was a case in point. A false flag event in which the top team in the Indian anti terror unit, who were cleaning up far too successfully, were all assassinated during the event.

The infiltration is now at government and intelligence levels in these countries and the cracks are showing. An orchestrated war with a NATO/Indian alliance contrived to face a Pakistani/Chinese alliance possibly spreading to Russia and all the former soviets around Iran. It would spread of course. Who really knows which way they are going to plan it, I cannot say for sure, but plan it they will and they are.

So how to get it started? Well I wrote previously about how useful is Obama to the elites. He was useful for the last two years to soft soap and sweet talk the American public into accepting the bankers’ biggest heist of their wealth in the country’s history. He oversaw the destruction of the economy while convincing the plebs he was fixing it. He even managed to get the first stage of the eugenics programme through in the various bills affecting health. However as the mid term elections have shown his time of usefulness to them may be coming to an end, but when a man is no longer useful alive, he can sometimes be more useful dead. Perhaps it is more than a coincidence that a lot of Obamas zionist staffers have been making quiet exits recently. Perhaps they know something he doesn’t.

So now we have a 4 day visit about to start from the 6th to the 9th of November by Obama to India. The newspapers are full of stories about how they are taking 3000 people including all his fanily and spending 200 million dollars a day on security. Well it would seem to me to be the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Remove the salesman who can no longer sell, and as a result get the security budget tripled and blame a rogue nation for the killing of a president of the US. What more would you need to have all out war by Christmas? Imagine how many of the unemployed black community would join the marines after that?

Of course this you might say is all my personal speculation, and I suppose you would be right, but then the issue of predictive programming comes in. I didn’t say how it might happen but we are talking about a region being destabilised by the CIA MI5 and Mossad for decades, and an area with a lot of nuclear bombs, especially in a fracturing country like Pakistan. Now wouldn’t it be just too perfect for the NATO alliance to spread some more “good intelligence” that a bomb is in terrorist hands and set one off, perhaps one of the ones that was reported missing from the US military. Who knows for sure, but save letting off a nuke in a US city, this would be a less messy option for the US to keep it’s own counrty stable enough to still afford to go to war. It might also get the Indians into a nuclear retaliation.

However seeing as he has taken his family and a large number of CEOs of major companies, a crazy amount of security and a blank cheque book, then perhaps the event will actually be in the US after all and they just want to be out of the way in case the wind blows the fallout their way? We shall see.

So to this piece of video, It comes very nicely into focus this week because of the date that is hidden in the video. November 6th. I shall speculate no further, just watch and tell me what you think

One point in case relating to this is that many of you may remember the video to be found on YouTube that highlighted all the false flag events that happened in the US and plotted them to form a pentagram. Well that video predicted the Gulf of Mexico. Now though I noticed that one of the so far un-used points on the pentagram actually coincides with a town called Springfield, uncanny as this is the name of the town in the Simpsons video too. Just a thought

911 TV Fakery

September 6, 2010

Now I have researched 911 for years and have delved into every aspect, the same day scenario hijacking exercises, the money trail and the stock market deals, the missing planes, the unknown passengers and manifests, the impossible phone calls, the unknown victims and strange memorial images, the impossible and contradictory science, the military involvement and inaction, the security companies roles and ownership, the intelligence links to all sides, the geopolitics and long term agenda, the corporate global bodies involved, and the history all the way back to before the construction of the world Trade Centre.

Yet after all that nothing stands up on it’s own merit as a truth without some holes in the story. Nothing more so than this. When you research who owns and controls media and how people in high positions are controlled by blackmail you see how easy and obvious this is.

The fakery is Orwellian in it’s extreme, and is only getting bigger in recent events like the BP spill amongst others.. The sad truth is that the USA IS Oceana, Britain IS Air Strip One, and they are at war with Eurasia, and soon to be Eastasia. You can read the script in any library

Please also remember when watching this that certain popular leading members of the “truth” media go to great lengths to rubbish this and refuse to talk about it while at the same time ignoring the holes in the other theories they expound like the evaporation of planes for example. They call people cranks who wish to bring up the issue of faked tv footage and accuse them of detracting from the “real” issues. They do this in exactly the same way that mainstream media deals with the entire 911 truth movement.

This means that even if the 911 lie is eventually exposed by this gatekeeping exercise by these people, and a few show trials are allowed by the elites of one or two fall guys, then the most powerful tool (the media) of the controllers and perpetrators of 911 will remain unscathed and free to continue their work of brainwashing the public

The result

Irishman responsible for Fort Hood shootings

November 11, 2009
Patsy O'Hasan

Patsy O'Hasan

Official sources of the US Government revealed that the perpetrator of the Fort Hood shootings was an Irishman called Patsy O’Hasan. From their statement we have learned that Patsy was a normal bloke just doing his job until one of the lads accused him of being from Limerick. Naturally after such an insult Patsy decided to become a lone gunman.

We are told he was motivated purely by the need to serve the agenda of the government to create unrealistic fear of domestic Irish terrorism in the US and to cause the ejit Americans to foolishly give up their freedoms at home and to run off to invade Iran and get themselves all killed.

“Hahahaha that will teach them !” Patsy allegedly wrote on an Al CIAda website

It was also rumoured, from a bloke in the pub, that Patsy once rang Patsy Bin Laden when he was looking for spare bodies for the hurling team one sunday when they were short. We cannot confirm if Bin Laden was available to play.

On a similar story it cannot be confirmed or denied that Patsy had once been to Mass for his Holy Communion in the same church as the infamous Patsy brothers who flew planes into New York recently while simultaneously working on their computers in their jobs in the dole office in Ballyhaunis.

This is just another in a long line of lone gunmen Irishmen called Patsy who have completely and expectedly changed the course of US politics in the direction that the ruling elite businessmen desired.

Today marks the next opportunity for a false flag event

November 1, 2009


Today November 1st 2009 marks the start of another of those emergency exercises that always seem to be going on when a real time event takes place, like in the case of 9/11 or 7/7, Madrid, Oklahoma or the WTC bombing. The exercise is called Vigilant Guard and is centred in New York and is part of a series of exercises that started earlier this year.

Why is this something to worry about? Well in addition to the coincidence noted above, there are certain other factors which tie in with the modus operandi of the people who carry out these false flag acts. As you may or may not be aware, the perpetrators of these deeds are operating under a code of occult knowledge. There are aspects to their work that are irresistible to them, because of the perceived power they gain from adhering to them. Two of these common themes are duality and numerology. Note the events occurred in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and New York City, New York.

Also recently there seems to have been a thwarted false flag event in Texas City, Texas where the BP refinery, which is in need up billions of dollars worth of upgrading, was surprisingly to be shut down for nine days leading up to the 9/11 anniversary this year. The announcement came on Sept 2nd (09/02/2009) which in these people’s terms is 11:11 (9+2):(2+9), a very important number for them in it’s duality, it’s symmetry (perfect number) and the number 11 which is the number of their “deity”

To give the reader ample evidence that there are occult parties who are fascinated by 11-based numbers, 111-based numbers, and that number is 666 in particular, I should mention that:

Between the 4/19/04 Sears Tower terror attempt and 6/6/06 there were 777 days.

Between the London 7/7 bombings in 2005 and 6/6/06 there were 333 days.

Between the USS Cole attack on 10/12/2000 and 9/11 there were 333 days.

Between 9/11 and the 3/20/2003 invasion of Iraq there were 555 days.

Between 9/11 and the 3/11/04 Madrid bombings there were 911 days.

Between 6/6/06 and 9/9/09 there are 1190 days, which is 911 days backwards.

09/09/09 was marked by an airline hijack from Mexico City, Mexico just to keep the pattern going. There was a recently foiled event in Kansas City, Kansas too which I have only sketchy details at the moment, so will not describe here.

So to summarize, we have duality (NY,NY), we have an “exercise” going on,  and the exercise starts on 11/01/2009 which can be represented as 11/1/11 (2+9), or 11/1/11 or 11111. This is a “perfectly symmetrical number and full of elevens. Add to this the fact that Obama just announced a state of emergency, and the fact that troops are involved in the exercise, then we might reasonably assume that this false flag might be the release of a biological agent in the NY area to enable a military cordon and quarantine of the area, as is happening in Ukraine now. I suggest people look to the skies and watch for light planes spraying as this is precisely what Ukrainians reported in their hundreds before the pneumonic plague outbreak that has just happened there, that is being passed off as swine flu by the authorities.

Below are the details of the Vigilant Guard exercise

News from New York State Division of Military & Naval Affairs

For more information contact: Lieutenant Colonel Paul Fanning, New York National Guard at (518) 786-4581 or (cell) 518-441-4106; Ellen Notarius, Erie County Executive’s Office at (716) 858-8500, or Dennis Michalski, State Emergency Management Office (518) 292-2310.

National Guard Exercise Coming to Western New York
Media Advisory

BUFFALO, NY (08/10/2009)(readMedia)– Vigilant Guard, a national level emergency response exercise sponsored by the National Guard and the military’s Northern Command that will involve National Guard, federal, state. county and city emergency responders will be held in Western New York in November. Members of the media are invited to a joint press conference to find out more about this unique training event.

What: Press conference to announce Vigilant Guard exercise

Who: Representatives of the New York National Guard, Erie county, City of Buffalo and the State Emergency Management Office


Brigadier General Patrick Murphy, Director, Joint Staff, Joint Force Headquarters, New York National Guard

Chris Collins, Erie County Executive

John Gibb, Director, State Emergency Management Office

Greg Skibitsky, Erie County Emergency Services Commissioner

Chief Mark Hillery, Buffalo Fire Department

When: 10 a.m. Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Where: Adams Mark Hotel, 120 Church Street, Buffalo, NY 14202


Vigilant Guard is a national exercise program sponsored by the National Guard Bureau and United States Northern Command. It provides a training opportunity for National Guard forces to improve their ability to respond to state emergencies and exercise relationships with local, state, regional and federal partners against a variety of different homeland security threats.

Vigilant Guard is coming to New York, beginning with a Regional Table Top Exercise in Buffalo on August 12. It will be followed by a Leadership Table Top Exercise in Buffalo on September 2, 2009 and a six-day full scale exercise November 1-6, 2009. The full-scale exercise will be conducted at different locations in Erie County and in New York City and will involve local and military teams conducting search and rescue and medical evacuation operations. In addition, coordinated command post exercises will run at the Erie County Emergency Operations Center in Cheektowaga, the state’s Emergency Operations Center and the National Guard’s Joint Operation Center in Albany. The exercise is built around a simulated earthquake that strikes Western New York, causing serious damage and injuries. Under the scenario, local emergency responders will be quickly overwhelmed and civil authorities will seek military support.

More than 1,000 National Guard troops from New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and other states will be participating along with local, state, county and city emergency response units and agencies. The exercise will provide a realistic training opportunity for civilian and military officials to coordinate to provide necessary support to protect lives and property in the face of a natural disaster.

Nationally, Vigilant Guard supports four exercises each year across the country. Two exercises are aligned with national-level exercises such as Vigilant Shield and Ardent Sentry. The other two exercises are regional “stand-alone” events, primarily with regional partners.

Vigilant Guard will help both the National Guard and civilian leaders practice command and control functions and Defense Support of Civil Authorities with local, state and federal civilian partners. The exercise provides a learning environment for both the National Guard and civilian governments at the various levels.

For more information, contact Lieutenant Colonel Paul Fanning, New York National Guard at (518) 786-4581, Ellen Notarius, Erie County Executive’s Office at (716) 858-8500, or Dennis Michalski, State Emergency Management Office (518) 292-2310.

As long as enough people spread the information about the opportunity and probability of these false flag attacks then these people cannot get away with them or risk carrying them out. As long as enough people stay on top of their occult reasoning we can get a head start on their next event and stop it.

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