Why the government wants to control your paycheck – an attack on the Sovereign movement

This week in the UK a proposal is being discussed by the Inland Revenue to take away control of your weekly or monthly pay from your employers and put it into their hands. The idea is that your employer will make deductions for union fees and pensions and the like, and then the money is paid to the Revenue who will deduct everyone’s tax as they see fit. Finally the Revenue will then pay the balance into your bank account. It is in a consultation period at the moment which ends today, after which they will be making revised proposals to the government to introduce legislation.

Most people would balk at the idea of the government coming anywhere near their private income but the BBC have been selling the story as if it is a fabulous idea that nobody should have any problems with. The way they will spin the idea is that it will save money for companies in accounting and will eliminate the duplication of work between accounts departments in companies and the revenue and the eventual balancing act that occurs. Perhaps there might be a saving overall, there is logic in that, but this is not why they want their hands in your pockets.

That is the question they will not push on the BBC, i.e. why exactly do the government want so desperately to take control of your money and to have access to your bank accounts? This seems quite openly now to be the next big step in the steady construction of the Big Brother state. A state that already sports CCTV cameras everywhere, even in homes, spying on your telecoms and emails, and a campaign of “report on your neighbours” that is disintegrating society.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg campaigned in the election to deconstruct this surveillance system that they blamed the Labour government for constructing, yet, as with every administration in the so called free world, they seem to be doing the complete reverse of what they promised before they were elected and are building upon what has been left to them.

What is the motivation for this though and why now? Well in this writers opinion what we are seeing here is a massive gamble by the government in reaction to the growing understanding amongst the awakened members of the public to the corruption of the system. To be more specific, there has been a huge awakening over the last two or three years to the fact that government is not in fact representing the men and women in the country, but is working for a corporate elite and managing a system of law that is solely commercial in nature.

The Common Law we thought we were living under has been replaced by Commercial or Admiralty Law of the Sea, and is implemented through Statutes and Acts that have no jurisdiction over flesh and blood men and women or above Common Law. These statutes and acts are all contracts and can therefore only be acted upon us with our consent. this is the great fraud.

Remember, if you look in the companies register you will find that the government is now a corporation, as well as every court, police force, council, utility, and even schools,  prisons and all government departments including Revenue.. All operating for profit and generating revenue. Hence the massive increase in legislation with monetary value attached to be extracted from us.

People who have discovered this and have researched remedies to it, have discovered how to beat the system. They have discovered that they can choose weather to operate in the public domain, using their legal fiction corporate entity, i.e. their NAME (all caps), which is registered to the government by your birth certificate and is owned by them and so can be acted upon by them, as it appears on any correspondence with government or utilities etc; or, alternatively people can choose not to use it but to operate in the private as themselves. In doing this they are not contracting commercially with the government system and therefore cannot be acted upon by the system.

How are these two linked? Well by not contracting with the system, people are able to avoid paying fines, taxes, bills etc issued by councils, utilities, courts, police, and revenue. Clearly the information has been spreading far and wide and is becoming a major worry that the scam might be realised by more and more people very quickly, and has forced the government into this kind of knee jerk reaction.

So by taking away control of your pay, the government will give themselves the power to deduct any amount of tax it deems correct. It may also raise tax at will without any possibility of taxation revolt. Furthermore they will have the ability to deduct from your pay any amount from any fines, council charges, court orders, debts, etc before you ever see your money in your account. All of the statutes, that are unenforceable on men and women without their consent, will be monetarily enforced before we even have the chance to lawfully do anything about it

This is how they are going to destroy the sovereign freeman movement which has discovered the corporate corruption that is masquerading as government in western nations. This will become a cashless society where everyone is a state employee in effect and you are dependent upon the state for money. Anyone who steps out of line or harbours opinions that differ from that of the state can then have their lives made very difficult indeed.

This is something that our elders fought against, that even our own crazies in our governments tell us was a terrible evil system when it was operated by Hitler or Stalin or Mau or in any other historical dictatorship. Yet here they are implementing it themselves in a new and improved version that is right out of Orwell’s 1984.

This is not going to be isolated to the UK. They are simply a testing ground to see how easily it can be implemented. Make no mistake, all other countries will follow suit, especially in Europe. Undoubtedly Ireland will be the first to fall in line as usual as they are still in reality under Crown (City of London) rule.

This will force an even bigger sea change in the minds of the people who already understand the fake reality of the system we live in. It will force them to make UK irrelevant. To leave the Corporate UK lawfully and exist as a private man or woman on the land, as many already have. It will mean groups will arise who no longer recognise the jurisdiction of the government over the land and this is going to lead to major conflict with the corporate police state that is being built.

As has happened before during depressions down the centuries, groups or regions are going to start issuing their own money and barter so as to avoid joining the UK Corporate system. This has already started happening in some places as a way of keeping the money in a town or village by issuing town money to trade in local outlets only. This is happening worldwide now as the system starts to crumble.

The black market is going to grow exponentially and the number of people renouncing UK citizenship will likewise increase. This will accelerate the system towards failure. So communities need to get together now and plan for their removal from the overreaching and interference of the Corporate government. By doing this they will hasten the system’s demise and be better placed to prosper when it does.

In a way this kind of outlandish legislative intrusion into our private lives by big government who promised to reverse this trend will only serve to wake up millions more people to the lies as the veneer falls from the tyranny of a government owned by and run for the benefit of an elite group of banking families.



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10 Responses to “Why the government wants to control your paycheck – an attack on the Sovereign movement”

  1. Mammy Bear Says:

    “Remember every if you look in the companies register you will find that the government is now a corporation, as well as every court, police force, council, utility, and even schools, prisons and all government departments including Revenue.. All operating for profit and generating revenue. Hence the massive increase in legislation with monetary value attached to be extracted from us.”

    Can you supply the relevant links in the CRO for these corporations please?

    • Door32 Says:

      If you set yourself up on this site and then put in key words in the search like “Governemt of Ireland” etc they will all come up. This site is the registry of millions of companies all over the world. Sometimes the company name doesn’t represent well or they trade under a different name. For Instance, The British Labour Party was trading as “Alistair Darling” last year. (One of their cabinet ministers)

      • Mammy Bear Says:

        You can only register with D and B’s website if you give company details. As I am not the owner of a company, I can’t register. Is that not just a business directory though, it’s not the website of the Companies Registration Office of any country. Surely anyone could register bogus details on there?

        • Door32 Says:

          No you can’t just register anything on the site. You can view it if you enter user details. Make up a company so you can just view the site. All the entries are proper company registrations on an international level. You can view the summary about the company, name, trading as etc. If you want further financial details say for instance if you wanted to do credit checks or wanted info for investment purposes then you can pay D&B around £400 and they send you a full report.

  2. Ellie Says:

    Okay how about this then…

    I am not saying the MSM (mainstream media) is to be followed, hell we all know how it is used to brainwash and propagandise folks…but in order to be informed of current issues one has to read it and read it we do (or listen or watch) and we sieve through it for lies, etc..have ourselves some major giggles because we see through the rhetoric and spin…I am afraid that the majority of people here, whether they are listening to MSM or not are against this and won’t have any of it…talk to anyone who works in my locality…I live in the UK in Bristol…and any mainstream media source never asks the pressing questions…no matter where in the world you live…

    Does the possible coup in Greece come up anywhere in your sources, they have about had enough as has Ireland and Spain…and the EU is crumbling…I think there will be rioting if this system gets the green light, watch this space!

    • Door32 Says:

      I can’t speak for Greece or Spain but there will not be any coup in Ireland. People are just too docile with all the fluoride. People here just sit back and take everything that is thrown at them. We have just had about 30 billion of our future stolen and given to international banker casino players for risk investments of money that never really existed. It is all a fraud. Yet the people do nothing and will continue to do nothing because they are now dependent on the system for their welfare. Secondly the police have all the guns and only follow orders, the courts are corrupt and are running the Maritime Admiralty Law system clandestinely for the bankers.

      People do nothing here but moan about it and then take their fucking and hand over their money. There will be no revolt unless we get to the day when EU police from other countries are seen on the street. Only then will we see violence

    • Door32 Says:

      I have also seen this news item before and when I watch it I see a very positive spin being given to the idea. Yes they throw in a few negatives but look at how the male anchor opens with Is there anyone who thinks this is a bad idea? Followed by a generally positive analysis by the Moneybox guy expressing how accountants and politicians think its good and how it will save money. I really don’t see how you feel the spin on that news item was negative. I think it was played just right by the BBC on the positive side. They do have to give the appearance of being balanced even though they are not. They are simply a government mouthpiece now, and I suppose always were

  3. Tweets that mention Why the government wants to control your paycheck – an attack on the Sovereign movement « Behind Door32 -- Topsy.com Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by James D. Rhodes and James D. Rhodes, Josh. Josh said: RT @sonicjamesdean: Why the #government wants to control your paycheck – an attack on the #Sovereign movement: http://tinyurl.com/26dxhtu […]

  4. Ellie Says:

    A very inaccurate portrayal of what was actually reported here in the UK. All of the articles I have read and all the reports I have watched or listened to have been totally negative regarding this issue…I am not sure which news station you have been listening to, watching or taking notice of, but it is wrong…


    • Door32 Says:

      I’m am not dismissing the fact that there is a mixed bag of reporting and of course the negative voices are getting an airing. But my focus is only on the BBC here because they are a compromised organisation and do not broadcast the truth. They are receiving money from the EU which is against their charter and that showed itself very clearly in the Lisbon Treaty issue. they also run a very pro government agenda line nowadays whoever is in power.

      Let’s take for instance the link you have given me there from the BBC. They are not really giving it any negative press there, they are simply asking opinions. I have seen the way they orchestrate a TV news programme interview without ever asking any cutting questions and always spinning the end in a positive light. It is all about perception and spin. It matters not what the papers say about it because they will run 50/50 on the issue and people wont be able to decide, but most people get all their news from the TV and this will be the barometer the government will use.

      It is also irrelevant these days what the general public think any longer. They are ignored by government. 2 million people marched to stop the Iraq war, that is unheard of, but what happened? You know. If this is what they want this is what will happen and if the UK population got 10 million signatures on a petition they would still go ahead with it. They have all the guns, what are the people going to do about it?

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