More Health Department misinformation is putting Irish schoolgirls’ lives at risk

The HPV vaccine fraud as Gardasil reaches Irish schools

In September this year the government are going to roll out yet another vaccine programme aimed at our children. It is called the human papillomavirus vaccine or HPV. The HSE are marketing the use of this vaccine in Ireland on the basis of it curing cervical cancer and hence saving the lives of the 73 women a year who die of that particular cancer. In this campaign they are being disingenuous.

What the HSE are allowing to happen is a false idea to circulate through the media that this vaccine prevents cancer when in fact it is designed only to prevent a virus that might possibly cause some types of cervical cancer. Yes it really is that vague.

In fact in the manufacturer’s (Merck) own words from their US television advertisements they say that “Gardasil (HPV vaccine) is the only vaccine that may protect you from four types of the papilloma virus (type 6, 11, 16 and 18) that may cause 70% of cervical cancers, and that It does not protect against all types of cervical cancer, and it may not protect everyone”. So with that kind of uncertainty, why do the Department of Health feel this was a good or even necessary investment to make?

Let’s look at some of the factors involved with this virus., which is in fact classed as a sexually transmitted disease. Approximately 80% of sexually active women will have the virus at some stage of their lives and for 90% of them it will be harmless and will be cured by their own immune system without them ever knowing they had it. Any cases that go on to develop pre-cancerous cells, or even cancerous cells in approximately 180 cases, can be successfully treated. We are also reminded that early detection through screening increases the chances that cancerous cells will not develop and guarantees successful treatment

So there seem to be other factors at play here that bring into question the reasoning for vaccinating 30,000 12 year old girls every year. What we are not being told by the HSE is how many of the 73 annual deaths from cervical cancer are actually caused by this virus and how many are from other causes of cancer. This would seem vital to any investment in a vaccine programme. Neither are we being told how many of these deaths are due to late diagnosis due to the deficiencies in a national screening strategy.

From just these statistics alone the case for vaccinating everyone is seriously weakened. Then one must also consider that if we start vaccinating people against a virus that in 90% of the population the body’s immune system will deal with it, then what is this going to do to our body’s natural defenses in the long term. We should not be fixing something that isn’t broken or we will never develop a permanent herd immunity, something that a vaccine can never give us

If this wasn’t worrying enough, a piece of information that has been criminally overlooked is that the Gardasil vaccine will only offer protection for 5 years which means these 12 years old girls will have to go through it all again before most of them ever start having sex to be able to catch HPV. This is not the cure for cervical cancer the Dept of Health has been lauding it to be

However the most damning evidence is this quote from discussions at the FDA where it was admitted that HPV alone is insufficient to cause cancer. Dr. Elizabeth Unger of the Centers for Disease Control stated, “So it is believed that infection alone is insufficient to cause cancer, and additional factors are required for neoplasia”

Looking further into this vaccine we discover that it was fast tracked through approval procedures in 2006 in the US after testing on less than 1200 girls under 16. Many drugs have to go through a ten year process before gaining approval but this was somehow recommended for widespread use for girls as young as nine. This despite the trials throwing up a number of serious health complications and deaths in some of the test subjects which Merck and the Centre for Disease Control wrote off as “coincidence”. The issue that needs to be examined here is that the CDC itself is now barely independent as it is controlled by people who are either ex employees of or still contracted to the major pharmaceutical companies like Merck

A well documented example of this relationship that affected Ireland before was when another pharma company Bayer were stopped from selling a blood product called Factor 8 in the US by their regulators (FDA) because it was found to be tainted with HIV. However instead of destroying the products, and with the full knowledge of the FDA, the Factor 8 was shipped to Europe and other parts of the world and sold there. Europe had many deaths from this HIV tainted blood amongst it’s haemophilia sufferers who were mainly children when given this product, yet the US Government made no attempt to prosecute Bayer for the crime. This is why we are unable to trust these regulators when they continually refuse to recognise deaths and illnesses attributable to vaccines.

Indeed Merck themselves invented the polio vaccine back in the 1950s and discovered soon afterwards that it contained a simian cancer virus called SV40, however they continued to administer the vaccine to the world for over 30 years before it was fully removed. Unfortunately now that virus is passed down through generations which may go some way to explaining why 1 in 3 people suffer with cancer now.

This apparent corruption has not gone away as the EU Commission report by Dr Wodarg into the H1N1 pandemic concluded the pandemic and vaccine to be a pharmaceutical hoax yet the WHO still lists it as a pandemic today

Since Gardasil was recommended in the US 70 girls have died and 18,000 have suffered chronic health problems including paralysis, personality change, numbness, fatigue lupus, seizures, auto-immune problems, weakness, strokes, and the future inability to carry a pregnancy, yet Merck and the CDC still maintain it is “coincidental”.The VAERS group who collect this data also believe that the the actual reporting of adverse reactions they are receiving may be as little as 10% of the actual numbers as the reporting is purely voluntary.

More worrying still is that the pharma lobby is trying to make it mandatory and are pressuring school boards to mandate it for school entry. This raises concern here in Ireland because of the coming referendum on children’s rights. Hidden within this is a change to Article 42 (which makes the family superior to government). Once changed it will mean that if you do not vaccinate your child with Gardasil as directed by the state, they can deem you an unfit parent and have your child forcibly adopted and you will never see the child again. The additives alone in our general vaccines are of more concern than the viruses themselves when you consider they contain mercury, aluminium and formaldehyde amongst others yet more are being thrust upon us and this referendum will take away the right to refuse.

The way the pharmaceutical industry advertised the HPV vaccine in the media in the US was with snappy little ads with the slogan “One less” referring to cervical cancer sufferers. A more accurate slogan might have been “One more” referring to human damage caused by yet another untested and dangerous vaccine. In the US this year the FDA has now ceded that there is a case to answer for Gardasil and has taken presentations from the groups lobbying against it and is reviewing their evidence, so the question that must be asked is why Mary Harney is not being investigated for attempting to force this upon our children?


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16 Responses to “More Health Department misinformation is putting Irish schoolgirls’ lives at risk”

  1. Kim Chitwood Says:

    My daughter Taylor received all three Gardasil vaccines back in 2007. She had always been a very healthy young lady. After her first shot she started shaking violently and having joint pain. After her next two shots she got worse. Seizures, fainting, paralysis, migraines, dizzyness. She had 90 episodes within a 10 month period. She will go through times of feeling better, then will start having seizures again. She has missed a ton of school, her grades have dropped dramatically, and she cannot play softball for her school team. It has been a nightmare for all of us. We hope and pray this vaccine will leave her body so that she can live life normally again.

  2. Maria Says:

    I wish I had this info last year. Both my daughters had the injection, one seems to be ok but the other, who was training to be a proffesional dancer has many unexplained and sudden problems. She was very fit, but now she has no energy, concentration, she is seriously under weight, her blood test came back abnormal, she is withdrawn, sever abdominal pain, she dropped out of her training and is not the same person anymore. She also suffers now from pelvic related pain and she is deteriorating rapidly but the doctors are at a loss as to what is wrong with her. I wouldn’t like to imagine for a second that they are side effects from the injection. She looks like an anorexic drug user, but she is neither. She is waisting away and there doesn’t seem to be any answers.

    Great article, will definitley be sharing this around.

  3. Emily Says:

    Dear Parents and consumers, I am glad to see you have the opportunity to know the facts about Gardasil. That is something we did not have prior to my daughter being injected with three doses of Gardasil. My daughter, Chris, died 18 days after her third injection, cause of death undetermined. There is no test for Gardasil related deaths, but all else was ruled out. More information, a Gardasil study and a memorial to Chris and other girls who suffered or died from Gardasil are available at
    Why would you take a risk of serious adverse effects including death, when this is a vaccine you don’t even need? To quote Dr. Rosenshein, a cervical cancer specialist in Baltimore, MD, “A woman who avails herself of regular pap smears will never, ever develop invasive cervical cancer.”
    Emily Tarsell

  4. karen Says:

    My daughter had 2 of the vaccines in 2008 and we are still living with the problems it caused. She has suffered extreme joint pain, chronic fatigue, headaches and a constant sore throat. She had to spend last summer in a wheelchair and has missed at least about 6 months of school. Before the jab she was in many sport teams and competed at a high level but that all changed because if your to tired to walk and in to much pain to walk then sport is out of the question, sport was her life this injection changed her as a whole person beyond recognition. I would urge anyone who is considering having this injection to please read all the information first from those who have been injured by it.

  5. Hilary Says:

    otherwise… well done.

  6. Hilary Says:

    This paragraph ” Indeed Merck themselves invented the polio vaccine back in the 1950s and discovered soon afterwards that it contained a simian cancer virus called SV40, however they continued to administer the vaccine to the world for over 30 years before it was revealed and removed. Unfortunately now that virus is passed down through generations which may go some way to explaining why 1 in 3 people suffer with cancer now. ”

    …. is not true. First of all, we knew about SV60 by 1962. In fact, the NZ Government knew it was buying sv40 contaminated polio vaccine from Connaught before they purchased it in 1960. (Connaught convinced them it was “harmless” and even gave them a recipe as to how to “inactive” it!!. Whether they used it, is moot…)

    In this country (NZ) SV40-free polio vaccine (which the FDA stated was virus free, though does that make it so?) was available from 1963 onwards.

    Obviously, we have to take their word for that.

    I have my doubts that the vaccine was Sv40 free, because the FDA manufacturing regulations at the time, stated that the culture medium was quarantined and tested for a short period of time, whereas research had shown that SV40 could “unmask” itself after a period at least double that of the FDA regulations. However a longer period of time was felt too onerous on vaccine manufacturers.

    Merck knew that Sv 40 was a master of disguise, because Hilleman, who was the second person to identify it, after Bernic Eddy, worked for Merck, and Merck also refused to use monkey kidney tissue to make polio vaccine. They considered it too unsafe.

    Merck was the first company to make polio vaccine from aborted fetal tissue, (yet another controversy to be discussed!!! ) but to say that SV40 stayed in the vaccine for 30 years without anyone knowing, or before it was removed, isn’t reflected in the medical literature, and is stretching journalistic license.

    This is as I understand it, from my reading of the medical literature.

    I stand open to being corrected by anyone with evidence better than my own.

    if you chose to eliminate that paragraph, you are also welcome to delete this comment.

    • door32 Says:

      Thanks for that information Hilary.

      Although the HPV story here is centred on Ireland using America’s example I was looking at general pharmaceutical issues on a global scale. I have long studied the criminal methods and corrupt officialdom surrounding the big pharma companies and how they operate. I also know what they are capable of and what the long term agenda is i.e. sterilization of the population via vaccines as per Agenda 21 of the UN and recently let out of the bag by Bill Gates at his TED talk

      I was aware of the comings and goings and timings of when it was known and the remedies offered but as is indicated in the paragraph about Bayer’s Factor 8, these companies only offer the solution to anyone who sees the problem. There is no doubt the original infected versions of the vaccine would have continued to be used around the world until it made a big enough splash in the media

      These companies have 2 agendas. One is as described above in population control. the second is money and the only way they can be profitable is to maintain our sickness. Curing disease is not in their interest. Many cures are deliberately suppressed. However treating the symptoms for 30 years is very profitable indeed. So to give a perfectly healthy child a vaccine that will lead to chronic illness is ideal especially when it causes child bearing problems too. And to guarantee late life cancer is perfect as it also eases the burden of pensioners living too long and drawing down their own savings from their pension funds. Remember that the banking industry owns these pharma companies as well as the pension companies. In fact Rockefeller (JP Morgan Chase Bank) controls all funding for medical research through his various foundations.

      This is the world we live in. I see it and that is why I have no doubts as to the nature of the polio vaccine and how long it continued globally

  7. Laurie Says:

    My daughter was injured by Gardasil and the actual side effects were hidden. She didn’t even have a rash at the injection site, that would have been a blessing!! Instead she has suffered from menstrual complications, mood swings, daily vomiting for over a year, migraine headaches, dizziness, anxiety attacks that mimick seizures, concentration problems which caused her perfect lifetime school scores to plummet and PID (pelvic inflammatory disease) which is a rare side effect that they fail to reveal. PID can cause sterility or cause her to have tubal pregnancy IF she is able to conceive later on. Just one of the three part series has changed our lives! When they asked me if I wanted my daughter to be “one less” I had no idea that they meant it literally! The risks outweigh the benefits!! And just to give you an idea of the true side effects, out of the millions that they claim to have been administered, only 22% of the girls that received the vaccine, completed the three part series!! I wish I would have known that information before making that horrid decision that day!

  8. Martin Says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Article 42!

  9. Julie Jones Says:

    What a brilliant article. I just wish i had done my homework before i let my daughter have the Cervarix vaccine. She is still recovering 12 months after having her last vaccine. She spent 8 weeks in hospital and 12 weeks in a brain injury rehabilitation centre. She was a perfectly healthy young girl before she had the vaccine and it has made her loose 12 months of her life. Don’t let it happen to your daughter, they are far too important to be left seriously damaged by these vaccines. If any member of your family have an auto-immune disorder then you should think twice about letting them have this vaccine. My daughter had anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, which is an auto-immune disease, I have an auto-immune disease and so did my dad but she was never tested prior to vaccination. Don’t let your daughter be a statistic like mine. Please reconsider and look at all the evidence you can find.

  10. Norma Erickson Says:

    This vaccine does not eliminate the need for cervical screening, nor does it prevent cancer. It may protect against infection by some strains of HPV. One big problem is that if a person has been exposed to HPV 16 or 18 prior to injection, the risk of high-grade precancerous lesions may increase by as much as 44.6% (this is included in documentation Merck provided to the FDA prior to approval).
    Many girls who had prior problems with allergies and those who were very athletic are experiencing extreme side effects post-vaccination with Gardasil. According to VAERS reports 3771 of them have not recovered.
    Please, for the sake of your children’s future–investigate before you vaccinate. Look at the evidence and decide for yourself. Decide if taking this vaccine is worth the risk of becoming one less healthy child.

  11. Alicia Says:

    Deas parents,
    I am writing from Spain where we have created an Association of affected girls by HPV vaccines.
    I would advice you before you vaccinate your daughters you inform about the benefits -that have not seen yet- and the risks. Unfortunately thousands of parents did not get the right informaton and vaccinate our daughters believing that this vaccine prevented the cercical cancer. Now we know that it is not true.
    Our daughters were healthy girls before vaccinating and now they are suffering side effects for a long period of time, some of them two years. The problem I find is that if your daughter will have adverse events, unlfortunately you won´t receive the recognition of these side effects and help from Health Authorities. So my piece of advice is that you get the right information

  12. Mairéad Hilliard Says:

    I fully agree with everything Jackie and Freda have written.

    Irish Vaccine Informed Parents

  13. jacqueline Says:

    Excellent article thank you for writing. This vaccine should have been stopped in its tracks by now but instead what is occuring is a corruption in thinking and policy and a complete disregard for human and individual rights. This runs rampant in every country pushing these unnecessary “scientific” experiments. It is an outrage and really shows one just how much these companies run our world with governments doing their bidding and actually creating laws to enforce their drug/chemical pushing. All for profit and God only knows what other motivation is behind this senselessness. There is something seriously defective and criminal in what is happening. Raising awareness and opening the public’s eyes to this farce is the only way to put a stop to the blind madness.

  14. Jackie Hogan Says:

    I am concerned also about the safety of the Gardasil vaccine. It is so sad that even though all the reports are coming in from around the world, of the serious adverse reactions linked to Gardasil, Governments are still carrying on with this vaccine regardles of the consequences. Our government needs to learn from these reports and not suppress this information from the general public, who are making decisions regarding this vaccine from misinformation and not accurate information. We have become accustomed to people in authority directing us in our decisions and never questioning them, TAKE BACK YOUR POWER research and educate your self BEFORE you make a decision regarding this and other vaccines. Then with ALL the information you can make a choice that FEELS RIGHT AND PERFECT FOR YOU. Thank You Door 32 for your wonderful information.
    Angel Hugs, Jackie

  15. Freda Says:

    This is an excellent article outlining the dangers of Gardasil. What it says is true, it is harming young people at an international level, not just in America but in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, India – wherever this vaccine or its sister Cervarix is administered it causes destruction. The VAERS reports only represent between 1% and 10% of actual adverse effects following vaccination so multiply up the figures above and it is more of a pandemic than a blip. Yes, they want you to believe all the deaths (75) and all the illnesses (not far of 18 and a half thousand) are coincidental or population related and yet the linking factor to all of them is Gardasil. How coincidental is that? I know many of the families who have suffered because of this vaccine, I get to know their daughters and what they are going through. Some of these girls are still suffering side effects three years after being vaccinated. Their bodies have been poisoned by this toxic vaccine. Has your Irish Minister told you how long a protection the Irish girls will get from Gardasil – do you think it is life long protection? We are talking just over five years for Gardasil. Please research before you vaccinate and check out our web
    That is where the truth lies, these are real people who have either died or been harmed – we do not want this to happen to your lovely Irish girls. Your Health Minister was given all of this information and asked to at least check it out – she has not done that and will be held accountable.

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