What do you think is Obama’s agenda with his strange list of appointees ?

What do you think is going on with these crazy Obama appointments to high office?

First we have Timothy Geithner appointed to the Treasury. A man who hadn’t even paid his taxes, who has been for the last few years Head of the New York Federal Reserve. This is the very bank closest to the Wall Street wholesale destruction of the US economy. An insider. A man who has been a regular at the Bilderberg meeting for the last half dozen years (so he was clear of his master’s intentions). He seems to have been put in place to control the cover-up of his own and his friends misdemeanors. Another man involved in the wholesale looting, Larry Summers, also got the nod as chief economic adviser. Larry is also a recent attendee of the Bilderberg group in 2008 (where the jobs were allocated) and was involved in the de-regulation process that caused this economic disaster. Can you smell a corruption ?

Then we have the appointment of the new Science Adviser John Holdren, who in his books written in the 1970s espoused the virtues of eugenics on the population, including forced abortion, sterilization through the water supply (which is actually happeningwith fluoride anyway) and mandatory implants in women. Also the removal of children from single parents. It is quite a read, and some passages from the 1977 book are included in this article.


This, just after the scandal of the Supreme Court judge who said that we have too many of the “wrong types of people”, should be switching you on to questioning whether your government has been taken over by a group of eugenicists. You might be surprised when you do some background reading about it considering The Rockefeller family, who run the Bilderberg and CFR and Tri-lateral Commission as well as funding the UN and WHO, have for one hundred years now been linked to the world eugenics movement and even funded Hitlers eugenics project’s in Nazi Germany as well as research in the US through the Rockefeller Foundation. Remembering of course that Obama’s two main advisers in Kissinger and Brzezinski are both employees of Rockefeller and Obama’s first job was for Kissinger (who is also the Bilderberg kingpin).

There are other appointment we could look at like Sotomayor who seems to have been brought in simply to facilitate the removal of the 2nd amendment but to keep this short let’s move on

Now the latest appointment of Obama’s Food Czar is soaked is even more controversy with wide ranging consequences for your health. Michael Taylor the former Monsanto vice president has been given charge of the FDA and Dennis Wolff has been given charge of Agriculture and Food Safety. Why should you be concerned?

Well, it is just latest in the revolving door of appointments to these posts since the 1990’s of lobbyists of Big Agri-business companies, in particular Monsanto. Taylor has been a Monsanto lobbyists and Wolff is a proponent of Monsanto’s Bovine Growth Hormone that has been proven to cause human cancer. These are the people who successfully lobbied so that labelling didn’t have to tell you that your food was genetically modified

Monsanto are the reason your diet is now poisoned by Genetically Modified food. They use seeds that have pesticide inbuilt and seeds that will only grow using their own brand of round-up spray. You cannot escape these chemicals. they also splice in all manner of genes of insects and fungi into the seeds causing unknown gene mutations in the crop andin your bowel bacteria. There GM food has been found to be seriously nutrient deficient also. Remember Monsanto cotton seed is the reason behind the failed crops and suicides of 200,000 Indian farmers. The same Monsanto who had it written into the Iraqi handover of power that the country’s farmers can only use their patented seeds and may not keep heirloom seeds any longer

This article below is how the Huffington Post viewed the appointment


and also on Prison planet they take a more rounded look at the whole recent history surrounding the position


Shouldn’t you be asking yourselves WHY?

Why does your government want Monsanto to run your food safety with their record? Why do they seem to want to force nutrient deficient genetically modified foods on you ? Can it really be for the betterment of your health? Nutrient deficient food and in 6 months time Codex Alimentarius will ban nutrient supplements too. What do you think they are trying to do to you? Anyone would think they wanted to suppress your immune system and make you susceptible to illnesses? Certainly looks like it doesn’t it?

So the banks now run the Treasury. Big Agri-business now run the Food. They along with Big-Pharma industry run the FDA. Lobbyists from the arms manufacturers run the defense department. Big Pharma lobbyists run the Health Dept. Does this not smack of a takeover to you? Does this not feel like a conflict of interest? Does this not feel to you like you are being raped by these billionaires and they will subject you to any poison or drug or food additive or illegal war just to make a nice fat profit?

Is this really how you think your government should be run?

Who benefits?


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