Criminal charges of Genocide lodged against world Elites


Please follow this to the end where you will find all the information about the charges laid against the UN, WHO, World leaders and Multinationals and how you can take part in this to stop this vaccination genocide

The controlled mainstream media’s Government hype about the imminent so called “Swine Flu” pandemic is continuing unabated and they are upping the stakes now, proposing the need for mandatory vaccinations of all people. There are hundreds of articles pushing this line with and endless barrage of fear and disinformation.

Yet, at the same time, they are failing to report anything on the mass criticism of this whole scenario from the medical community who have researched the virus and found it to be most probably man made. More importantly still they have failed to report anything on the scandal in January this year when the company who is manufacturing the “Swine Flu” vaccine for the W.H.O. was caught mixing live Avian flu into the normal human flu vaccine and sending it out for manufacture around the world. Perhaps even more importantly, nobody is reporting that a shareholder of this company “Baxter Pharmaceutical” is none other than the man who is proposing to vaccinate every American, Barrack Obama. Can anyone say “conflict of interest”?

Here is a brief interview Wayne Madsen did on Russia Today. Wayne is a former NSA man and now investigative journalist who has been on top of this story since the first outbreak. Here he re-iterates the common belief that the virus is made in a lab reconstituted from the 1918 Spanish flu dug up by US military and in fact funded, I have read, by the Rothschild banking dynasty (renowned for being at the very top of the Globalist New World Order group and controlling owners many Central Banks including the Federal Reserve and the IMF)

The depth of this deception is truly stunning and the amount of corruption throughout governments, military and security forces, scientific and pharmaceutical groups, bankers and World bodies beggars belief. However for something this huge to be perpetrated there has to be an agenda far more important than money, because these people are not short of that.

The real danger is not the virus, it is the vaccine. The WHO back in the 1970s laid out the plan to use a 3 part vaccine to depopulate the world as follows

Vaccine 1 – disables the immune system

(the more “at risk” people start to die of flu and clamour for  vaccines)

Vaccine 2 – introduces the Spanish flu variant into the host

(which only kills healthy people with strong immune systems)

Vaccine 3 – re-enables the immune system and  then the virus hyper-activates the immune system and healthy people die from drowning in their own blood

(authorities blame a mutation of the virus for their vaccine’s failure)

If you don’t think they mean business getting this vaccine into you then listen to this  phone enquiry regarding vaccine exemption

The Nuremberg Code outlines why this is illegal, yet this is being disregarded

The real agenda is power, control, removal of rights and depopulation. The following series of links are of criminal charges lodged in Austria and at the US Embassy in Austria. These charges detail the scale of the genocidal  criminal plot and goes through the legislation that has been put into place prior to this event to enable the world governing bodies like the UN, WHO to seize control of all signed up countries to it’s treaty and put them into martial law. Signatories to the UN Treaty must vaccinate at gunpoint if required to by the UN or WHO. It has escaped most but not all people in America what is happening around them. Note well when Congressman Ron Paul mentions medical emergency here.

These are real legal charges against the highest level officials up to and including Presidents like Obama, Bush and Heads of the UN and WHO, International Bankers and Pharmaceuticals and regulators. Please read on because you can take part in this too

Jane Bergermeister has been the originator of these proceedings and at a huge personal cost. Only this week this award winning employee has somehow lost her job. However she does not intend to be intimidated into dropping this case which could uncover the massive criminal network behind this. Here is a short biography on Jane Bergermeister

The incredible amount of evidence she has compiled here is essential reading and it highlights the full scope of the international crime syndicate and how the legislative arm of this syndicate has put all the legal framework into place in preparation for this event

This link is an overview of the criminal charges Jane has levies against Baxter Pharmaceutical and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology

This is an English translation of the actual charges and evidence submitted to the police and courts in Austria

This link will give you advice and documents on how you can use this evidence to lodge a similar complaint with your own District Court in your country or seek an injunction on the use of the vaccine in your country. Within this document are two links at the top that give you pre-prepared forms to use to file the charges in the USA set up so they are ready for you to fill them in, Criminal Charges and Evidence

The following links are to an interview Jane Bergermeister did with Dr Rebecca Carley. In this interview the discussion covers the charges laid and how you can help by filing charges in your own country. Thankfully this radio show goes out to the military around the world and may well be a catalyst for soldiers, who are being used as guinea pigs for the flu, to refuse injections and turn the military back to the side of the people

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Please help in this cause and file charges in as many countries and as many states as possible so that this cannot be ignored and we can smash this international crime syndicate together

Thank you


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