Double Standards in the “Land of the Free”

How many of you were aware that former Congresswoman and 2008 US Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney has just been released after spending a week in an Israeli jail along with 20 other people? News to you? Well that probably goes to show the level of coverage the mainstream media gave it. I haven’t found any news clips from mainstream sources at all, but correct me if I am wrong.

Here is the interview Cynthia did on after being deported home following her week in prison. She outlines how the boat she was on carrying medical supplies and childrens toys to Gaza was heading from Cyprus to Gazan territorial waters. Before they ever reached there they were basically kidnapped in an act of piracy in international waters by the Israeli navy, taken around Gazan waters to Israel and imprisoned for a week. Listen to the interview about the treatment they received



Now, don’t you think it is strange that someone of her status in the US being kidnapped by the Israelis in international waters and imprisoned should have been the number one item on the main evening news for the entire week? It should be an act of war shouldn’t it?

You don’t think so? Why? What is wrong with your sense of logic simply because it is Israel?

Say any old John Smith US citizen was kidnapped in international waters in the Straights of Hormuz by the Iranian navy and imprisoned. How do you think the media and the government would cover that incident? It would be the international incident that would start World War III and you know it. So why the non event in this case? Where was the special government envoy? Where was the high level condemnation, not just for the kidnapping but for the illegal naval blockade of the Gazan waters?

What does this tell you about your Government?

What does this tell you about your Mainstream media?

Isn’t it obvious? It tells you they are corrupt and it also tells you that they are liars and it also tells you that they are both run by people who are more supportive of Israel that they are of your own country.

Almost ALL of your mass media, newspapers, magazines, television, radio, cable, films, and even internet network sites are owned by Jewish people with a zionist leaning. Is it any wonder you never see a word printed against Israel. Also a large number of senior posts in the US administration are also filled by Dual citizens of ISrael and the US and Israel always comes first. Any other politicians have ALL been to AIPAC to beg for campaign money and cowtail to their masters in Israel.

Your country has become an appologist and supporter of genocide in Palestine and you have all been tricked into supporting it by a lying media and a lying government. If this incident does not prove that to you then absolutely nothing will and you are a lost cause with a dead soul

I bet you didn’t know about those gas deposits either did you. Now I wonder what the Israelis are doing with them. You don’t think they could be…… . . . . . stealing them do you, while they starve the Gazans to death?

All these years they got your unwavering support yet it is the same “nations” bankers who have brought your country to it’s knees and bled you dry for the next two generations by printing 15 trillion dollars and paying it to themselves in the last 6 months. How they must be laughing at you.

Where was your great Obama on this one huh? Change? Hope? Bullshit !



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