This should be the final nail in the coffin of Obama’s lies

While Ron Paul has been busy collecting 234 co-sponsors for his House Bill to audit the Federal Reserve, look what has happened in the Senate to the equivalent legislation. You might have been forgiven for thinking you were still in the Bush era but this time it is not the neo-cons protecting the bankers

When you consider that while 234 Congressmen are trying to find out what the Fed has done with the people’s money, the new President has, instead of supporting that, decided to enact more legislation that gives the Fed even more power. Not only to now regulate the banking sector (which in effect means keeping an eye on themselves as the Fed is owned by private banks), but also the legal right for the Fed to take over or close any business in the economy big or small. Why would Obama want to make them more secret and more powerful? This along with the below treasonous act should leave you in know doubt who he works for

If you want final proof that Obama is another Fraud of the NWO then just watch what happened to the Senate attempt to audit the Fed, when the Democrat majority got their chance. The 2 parties are 2 sides of the same coin, owned by the same corporate and banking interests. You cannot doubt that any longer


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