Unravelling the lies of the Empire


I have been watching the developments surrounding Iran for a number of years now and it amazes me why the masses of people are not rolling their eyes every time the news puts out yet another propaganda story which is designed to push us ever closer to the inevitable war the West seems to be doing everything in it’s power to create

You should know the history of Western intervention in Persia if you want to have an opinion about present day events because they are all related. The US government has finally been forced by internet news sites into public admission of the CIA coup in 1953 that installed their man, the Shah of Iran, in the process ousting Iran’s first democratically elected government. This all done simply to protect their business interests, a government toppled for British Petroleum if you will.  

 It seems relations were strained though in the end between the Shah and the US and so the US allowed, funded and encouraged the rise of the Muslim extremism (as Brzezinski boasted in his autobiography) and the Cultural revolution of the Ayatollahs.

This comment in a 1973 speech may well have been the turning point in relations


See in this interview in 1976 the Shah seems to have realised that the Anglo-American terms on which he returned to power are too much for his dignity to bear. He intimates towards where the real corruption of power in the US was coming from and that these people had an agenda that didn’t include Iran developing as a singular modern world power


Just so you realise this is not an isolated incident and more of a way of life these days, here is a little potted history of illegal interventions in many countries between 1953 and 1989


Pol Pot is notable by his absence in that video, as Brzezinski also boasted about the CIA involvement in facilitating him into power to kill 1/3 of the Cambodian people.

It also stopped short of Reagan’s dealings with the Iran whereby GHW Bush’s CIA negotiated with them to hold onto the US hostages just a little longer so that they would not be released before the end of Carter’s Presidency in case he was re-elected. This was done and they were released after Reagan’s election

Bringing us up to date

So now, knowing all of this history about the US, Britain, Israel and their respective secret services involvements in world affairs and especially Iran’s, why do you think anything has changed? Answer…. nothing has changed !

The politics have again returned to 1953 status whereby Iran are doing tri-lateral agreements with Russia and China, as well as involving India too in the gas supply. The Anglo-American Empire will not stand for an independently strong Asian power and will employ all their old tried and trusted tactics to destabilize the region and install their own puppet leaders and take control of the resources once again.

So what has happened in the last few years? Well 2 years ago GW Bush openly announced his decision to give the CIA permission to de-stabilize Iran from within. Sure enough a media campaign was started to demonise Iran and Ahmadinejad in the US, Britain and Israel using the false nuclear weapons story and also proven false “wipe Israel off the map” story that the Jerusalem Times invented, when what he actually said was “Zionism should be wiped from the pages of history like Communist Soviet Union has been”. There are plenty of Israelis who despise Zionists, yet our media feeds these lies to us constantly

There has been a continual barrage of provocation of Iran by the West over Bush’s last year and a half and Obama’s term, trying to push them into conflict, and every time they deflect the attempt. Threats to bomb their cities where nuclear energy might be being developed. Israeli jets over-flying Iraq and skirting Iran. Israel performing the largest ever war game scenario last year. Bush threatening invasion. All of these threats taken as the hollow nonsense they are.

The US navy even flooded the Straights of Hormuz with a battle fleet and used the media to try and re-create the Gulf of Tonkin false flag incident that they used to get the Vietnam war started. Saying Iranian boats attacked their battleships. This lie was exposed as this revamped fake attack scenario all over the internet and they were forced to drop the story in the mass media, otherwise we would be fighting in Iran already. Remember this from January 2008. Seems to me the mass media made a lot of hype over Iran’s rubber dingy fleet



Way scarey huh? The US has a fleet of “warships” in Persian waters and they are scared of 2 coast guard speedboats making sure they stay in the central channel. What rubbish !

Now just to reinforce the notion with you that starting a war is exactly what the US want to do with Iran, you might remember this little nugget last year aswell when it was reported from a brainstorming meeting hosted by Dick Cheney on “how to get a war started with Iran”. Many of America’s tried and trusted methods raised their ugly heads again, including making fake Iranian boats and putting Navy Seals in them and having them attack the fleet, casualties would be necessary. The US did similar in the Gulf of Tonkin to start Vietnam, they also allowed Israel to destroy the USS Liberty in the Mediterranean killing many US personnel so they could blame Egypt and get into the war against them. Cheney’s meeting also threw up the idea of killing US ground forces too


It was rejected because it was leaked to the internet press and that is the ONLY reason it was rejected, as history has shown you here. Do you now see how easily you have all been brainwashed by soulless killers in your government to support the murder tens of millions of innocent people in foreign countries to satisfy the Commercial Empire needs of the Anglo-American military industrial complex
So to today

As are an enormous amount of important people in the US government who are dual Israeli / US citizens. Although if you ask any dual citizen they will tell you their first priority is always Israel, yet they run your country

Right now Obama and Biden’s Zionist friends in Israel are receiving billions of your dollars every year, while at the same time their illegal navy blockade of the Gazan coasts they put into place along with the wall around Gaza has brought the Gazans to the brink of starvation. Gaza is a penned in killing zone where all manner of weapons supplied to Israel by the US like depleted uranium bombs and white phosphorus bombs are being field tested on the population of Gaza like shooting fish in a barrel and the US and Britain turn a blind eye.

Well, will it not surprise you then that right now in an Israeli prison is being held former Senator and 2008 Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney. She and the crew of the relief boat she was on were hijacked in International waters in the Mediterranean by the Israeli navy and taken to Israel and imprisoned. They were delivering medical supplies, building materials and toys to Gaza through the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza’a coastline. What have the US done about this? Seemingly very little. Which begs the question. Who is the puppet master and who is the puppet?

This is the kind of mentality we are dealing with here

“Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”. . . . .
Israeli Prime Minister Menechem Begin

Now do you see what the Anglo-US-Israeli Empire has done to the world and continues to torment the people of Persia and now Asia to further their own aims of world domination at any human cost. Isn’t it time you stopped turning a blind eye? Isn’t it time you stopped pretending it has nothing to do with you? It is all done in your name. Millions and millions of people have been killed and maimed and displaced in your name for private gain. When are you going to do something to save these people from your governments? When are you going to wake up and take back your country from these scum of the earth criminals?

When are you going to realize this is all your fault for being so stupid to allow this to happen?

Today we have Bush’s two year old CIA operation coming to fruition with another funded so called “colour revolution”. Orchestrated demonstrations. Using a CIA asset in Mousavi to front the opposition in Iran, despite the fact that Mousavi was Prime Minister to Ayatollah Khomeini during the 1980s and was fingered for orchestrating the Bombing of US Marines in Beirut and Italy in that time. You people are not supposed to remember that though. The media wont remind you either, they will just tell you it is a freedom movement even though the twitters from Iran were orchestrated by Israel and the Washington Post published pre-election polls that showed Ahmadinejad had already secured twice as many votes as the opposition

The only reason this farce occurred around the result was because Mousavi called the election as a victory for himself 4 hours before voting had finished, so the government were forced to make an early declaration to stop any accusations of fixing votes if a long count took place.

The internet community blew all these stories wide open and Obama even tried to deny it as “Patently False” when questioned about the CIA’s involvement even though his predecessor ordered it. Obama is as involved in this charade as every other Empire criminal before him.

Now we have Joe Biden today announcing the US won’t stop Israel bombing Iran pre-emptively if they choose to, and the Anglo-US puppet kingdom of Saudi Arabia has said it will not take any action if it does. Here is a little taste of the news today in this PressTV article

Irony Highlighted for those who cannot see it 

As Israel gears up for war, US divide appears  

Admiral Mike Mullen says any military strike against Iran would be “very destabilizing.”

As Israel continues its efforts to portray Iran as a regime hell-bent on a nuclear war

, top officials in the White House and the US military express contradictory stances on a potential Israeli attack on Iran.

The top US military commander, Admiral Mike Mullen, warned on Sunday that any military strike against Iran would have “unintended consequences“.Mullen, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Fox News on Sunday that any attack against Iran would be “very destabilizing.”
“I’ve been one who has been concerned about a strike on Iran for some time, because it could be very destabilizing, and it is the unintended consequences of that which aren’t predictable,” he was quoted by AFP as saying.
The US ���cannot dictate to anothBidenvereign nation what they can and cannot do,��� Biden said, the Associated Press reported. 

Israel, the possessor of the sole nuclear arsenal in the Middle East, accuses Iran of pursuing nuclear weapons and drawing up plans to attack the regime

Iran denies the charges and says under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which the country is a signatory of; it is entitled to conduct a nuclear program for civilian purposes.

The US, Israel’s staunchest ally, has for sometime denied Israel a green light to carry out an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.

<Biden, however, told ABC that Israel is able to determine “what’s in their interest and what they decide to do relative to Iran and anyone else.”

 Far from being an innocent bystander in that possible event, the US is just waiting for something to light the fuse so they can roll in. Ask yourself the question though. Who is pulling the strings? Is America pulling Israel’s or Israel pulling America’s? or maybe Britain pulling both while staying out of the fight directly?

We know who’s side Biden is on



2 Responses to “Unravelling the lies of the Empire”

  1. Unravelling the lies of the Empire « Behind Door32 | Youth Political Blog Says:

    […] Read the original post:  Unravelling the lies of the Empire « Behind Door32 […]

  2. Sun Wukong Says:

    Hmm.. Interesting!
    Former Senator and 2008 Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney is held in Israeli prison? Really?? You are KIDDING, right?? What are Afro-Americans here in the US saying to that? DO they even KNOW???

    Anyhow otherwise, it is hard to blame all those “weired” occurances lately alone on Israel. It appears to be more an international military-industrial-banking conglomerate and both countries- Israel as well as the US- are only been used as the scapegoat (Comparison: Al Quaida was not alive in Iraq nor is it a Nation, still the U.S “declared” war on Terrorism/al quaida)

    What I am still wondering about is, if it is not clear to all nations and most people that all those now artificially destabilizing nations – Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan, now China- could all instead of going to war with their own revolting populace, all unite and jump those two they accused to be behind the instabilites all together, with or without deliverance of any evidences even. preemptively, so to say, as President Bush did?

    This is all strangly conflicting.
    Are a few guys playing a dangerous poker game for world power?

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