Wolves, Sheepdogs and Sheep

I read an article in Hadenough’s blog which analysed the human race into 3 distinct groups and was the best yet I have seen. It divided us thus:

over 90% of the population are sheep

3 – 4% are wolves

the rest are sheepdogs

This article below uses a lone gunman scenario as the litmus test, however I feel that is too specific and off putting as a test. A better test would be the whole geo-politic of the world. Where we have the masses of people who just get on with their lives. The Small group of Elitists who rule us and own everything and manipulate the world to their ends. Finally the rest who fight the good fight on behalf of the masses against the Elitists wars, medicines, taxes, regulations, corruption, crime, interference.

Above is a picture of a Wolf (guarding the Elite’s system with guns and armour) and a Sheepdog (Luke Rudkowski of We are Change NY who fights them with his camera and microphone on your behalf)

Comment after article

There was another funeral today. (by Gene German)

I would like to offer my condolences to the family of Pastor Fred Winters who was shot to death in his church last Sunday morning and my thanks to those people who bravely put their own life as risk to stop the madman. http://www.thonline.com/article.cfm?id=235759

I do not have any more facts about this attack than what we have all read in the news. Still, it seems like déjà vu all over again.

Some time ago, Dave Grossman wrote about what he describes as the three kinds of people. He uses animals to illustrate his examples (so do not take offense). His article is rather lengthy so I’ll give you my abbreviated version.

Mr. Grossman says the vast majority of people (well over 90%) are sheep who are incapable of violence. If a sheep is attacked, they rationalize it must just be their time to die. If they see another sheep being attacked, they will not intervene to save them. They can’t. Sheep live in a constant state of denial. I think when they read about drive by shooting, or of someone else being killed, it tends to reinforce their false sense of security because the attack happened to someone else, not them. They are still safe.

Then there are wolves. Wolves amount to 3%-4% of the population and wolves will kill just for the sport of killing, they do not need a reason. They have no moral compass and have no fear the consequences of attacking the sheep. Wolves are generally a more highly developed criminal. Wolves have often been the criminal justice system for some time and have learned their way around it. It’s consequences are less costly than the profit they realize from committing crimes. As long as that is true, we will always have wolves hunting and killing the sheep.

The third type of person is a sheepdog. We make up the balance of the population. Sheepdogs are capable of violence, but we must be specifically threatened. A sheepdog will use the amount of violence necessary plus one; including the use of lethal force to defend our life. Sheepdogs may also come to the aid of another person who is in danger. Sheepdogs understand that a wolf could appear anywhere anytime, so unlike the sheep; sheepdogs are always on the alert for wolves.

The problem is that to the sheep, wolves and sheepdogs both have four legs, a pointy nose, pointy ears and a tail. Wolves and sheepdogs look the same to the sheep. That is why it is so easy for sheep to believe what they see on the TV news many nights or read in the Daily Sheep Dip and Fishwrap, that that guns and guy’s with guns, are always bad.

We have learned several things about attacks such as this one. Wolves come prepared to attack and kill as many people as possible and they plan to die themselves in the end. We also know the sooner a sheepdog acts to stop an attacking wolf, the less time the wolf has to kill or do serious harm to others and the body count stays lower. When a wolf picks a mall, a school, a church or places where there are a greater number of people, it is because they go there expecting to have a high body count and wolves do not plan to be stopped because they believe they are in a place where sheepdogs are not welcome (gun free zones). They often save the last bullet for themselves and commit suicide. However, every time a madman is interrupted from their killing by a sheepdog, they often decide to end it all sooner than they planned and they decide to shoot themselves before they can kill more people.

Because those sheepdogs went to church last Sunday and they were capable and willing to stop the wolf, I am certain lives were saved.

Should you begin to notice more and more citizens who are visibly armed in public, it is likely that you are looking at a sheepdog.

Gene German

———- – ————————————-

Now I guess you are all catagorising yourselves after that, and I bet ALL of you are saying you are sheepdogs. Am I wrong? Well according to the statistics well over 90% of YOU are wrong. Who amongst you would actually recognise and admit that you are a sheep

I know one thing for sure about myself, and that is that I am definitely a sheepdog. I have fought against the system my entire life. Even from childhood I recognised the wrongs being done to us and refused to lay down and take it. As a young man I tried to influence others to live a better life. As an grown man I have not been first priority and I have grown angry and frustrated with people’s failure to stop allowing unfairness to survive but I never stop shouting about it. As an wiser man I have woken fully to what was bothering me about this world all my life and tried and tried, to the detriment of other parts of my own life, to bring the truth to the rest of you. I never stop watching the ruling scum who commit such heinous acts so I can wake enough people up to be able to stop them

I am a sheepdog, but it is getting to be a very lonely vocation. No matter how loud I shout, or how many different ways I put the truth across, the sheep wont wake and the wolves close in on the flock and kill a few more. Now the flock is totally encircled and the sheepdogs are the only thing between them and the wolves, but there are not enough of us yet to win this fight. These wolves have stalked you for centuries now and this attack they are planning is the ultimate kill, they are wiser too now and they plan to kill the sheepdogs first before they feast on you. We cannot do it alone anymore. We need the sheep to bust out themselves and send the wolves into disarray.

At this stage I don’t even know if I even have your attention anymore. I don’t know if I am writing this stuff and I’m the only one who reads it. Did you ever see a sheep dog chasing off a wolf or some other sheep killer. They put themselves at risk but the sheep don’t care, and you wonder “why is that dog bothering?” The answer is, because it is in his nature and there is nothing else he can do.
I look at that dog panting and licking his wounds, then patrolling again as the sheep eat grass.

So those of you who think you are dogs, what are you doing to fight the wolves?

I am very very tired


7 Responses to “Wolves, Sheepdogs and Sheep”

  1. Sun Wukong Says:

    Ahh “Milady” justbecause you pretenteous idiot, I thought none of you is an animal, hmm? Why do you compare yourself with an animal then, while not even considereing the origin and the NATURE of the animals??
    My, my, I wonder are alone Americans that dumbed down already ‘milady’ Justbecause hmm?

    I am not Sun Wukong for nothing ya know and as such a silly Monkey I shall answer to that as playful as I tend to do:
    “I am the Sheep as well as I am the Wolf, in clothes! I am all, that you can imagine. I am the singularity of the duality of the living, breathing human Mind!!!”

    And NO! I am not Bin Laden nor do I wish this World or Americans harm ((OH OK, maybe a little give-them the legitmite international GUILOTINE kindof “Harm” to/for Bush, Cheney, Rowe, Rush Limbaugh and Co-criminals. HA! Sure I would even pay snd PRAY for THAT!) as you may have attempted again to make-believe.

    But you see, you will all remain too blind and dumbed down to even grasp the meaning of those words, until the end of Everything is right in front of you all.

    Hmm.. “domino-effect”, you parroted that right already. QUARCK! here, have a cookie?!

  2. js Says:

    or Sun, a wolf in sheep’s clothe-ing?

  3. js Says:

    Hello Door, I stop in to visit you, but quit visiting most other’s pages. Sometimes I copy and move your writes to another site to try to enlighten the sheep also. You may be interested to know that I have just in the last 2 days been contacted by 4 people. I believe they themselves are now protesting shearing! lol Sun, are you a sheep in a wolf’s clothe-ing? Don’t be discouraged Door. The domino effect is knocking on your door.

  4. Sun Wukong Says:

    Hmmm.. BY THE WAY!
    Could it be that you all have missjudged and MISSED the role of a Wolf and a sheep when their way crosses, hmm??! The ‘natural’ roles are fix here: The Wolf is “supposed” to hunt down the sheep as the sheep is supposed to run for its life and in the end become food for the wolf or EVOLVE!

    No. 1 Nature’s rule 101, start learning it. Or You all soon will become Prey again.

    Good Luck and Best Regards!

  5. Sun Wukong Says:

    ” Because those sheepdogs went to church last Sunday and they were capable and willing to stop the wolf, I am certain lives were saved.

    Should you begin to notice more and more citizens who are visibly armed in public, it is likely that you are looking at a sheepdog.
    Gene German”

    My my so those mighty sheepwolfs went to “church” with their big guns and saved all those lost lives like their jesus lord did with a big fat automatic whatever it is you americans have, hmm? Sounds more like NRA and some delusional sheepwolfs with tiny dicks and brains to me.

    Me?? What I think I am in this pathetic human World?
    OOOOH But I am absolutely the LAMB! the naive, childish, child-like, fun looving&seeking brilliantst Monkey of them all.
    WHAT carefree way of being, just watching you all struggle in your own created illusions, hmm?! Yes, If I just only could.

  6. Bunny Boo Says:

    Who amongst you would actually recognise and admit that you are a sheep…you said it yourself dear one x

  7. Bear Hugz Says:

    Well, I have been sheepish from time to time, probably in an attempt to rest my weary head and I’m sure you know what I mean. I have been a fighter all of my life. I have raged at injustice and abuse for as long as I can remember.

    I have been called a rebel, a misfit, unstable, a hot head… all kinds of crazy things.

    You have to remember that you are simply the messenger. Maybe something you wrote or said three years ago will suddenly be recalled in the mind of someone who didn’t believe you or couldn’t see the truth at the time.

    You have no idea the ripples you create by being true to yourself, so don’t get frustrated.

    Now that people are being directly affected (attacked by the wolves themselves) maybe because of something you said they will recognize the wolves for who they are and join the sheepdog pack.

    Reality is difficult these days. It seems there are a million dragons to slay and only one sword to fight them off with. Reality is getting harder and harder to swallow for many people, but the truth always, always, always floats, and when it washes up on their shore… maybe something YOU said will make all the difference in the world.

    Just continue to be authentic and do what matters to you. In the end – that’s really all you can do.

    I’m listening. :o)

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