Gore and IPCC being sued by 30,000 scientists for global warming FRAUD

I have told you many times that Global Warming was a FRAUD and a SCAM to raise CARBON TAX. I have given you all the reason why including the most important one that the rise in CO2 actually comes AFTER a rise in temperature, which is the opposite of what Gore is lying to you about. Just go read up on ice core data yourself

Well, the scientific community has finally gotten sick and tired of being told “the debate is over” and being ignored and kept out of the media with the truth. They are doing the only thing they can to debunk this SCAM. They are taking Al Gore to court to prove he is lying.

Al Gore faced a House Committee last month and even told them that THE DEBATE IS OVER, they were not impressed as they had plenty of witnesses to the contrary. Al Gore, you might be interested to know, is getting his kickback from the New World Order for throwing the last Presidential Election by being allowed to OWN the COMPANY that trades the CARBON CREDITS which will turn him from a multi millionaire into a BILLIONAIRE.

So Al will finally have to OPEN THE DEBATE and PROVE his lies on global warming. The IPCC report was originally based on a now totally rebuffed hockey stick graph that was made using an algorithm that fixed the result. Many of the scientists affiliated to the IPCC asked to have their names removed from the report as they did not agree with it, so where do the famous 1,500 scientists come from? Well they have to fight in court now against the 30,000 scientists including 9,000 Phds who say Al Gore and the IPCC are lying. Let us hope Obama doesn’t put one of his crooked judges on the case

Here is an introduction to the case

I have also told you before that this scam was first invisioned and reported on in the Elitists documents 40 or 50 years ago. This little clip highlights how it was covered in the Iron Mountain report back in 1961.


The purpose is to create a threat so big it would overshadow national sovereignty and herald in the Elitists New World Order Global Government which is well underway. To tax every movement we make and to do that they must lock us into a control grid that monitors and tracks our every move and tax everyone into slavery

It is all a lie, just look at the science please it is as clear as day

One remark… I have been following the Arctic ice sheet on a satelite site that has monitored it for the last 40 years. I noticed over the last years 2007-2008 that the ice has been increasing on previous years. Funny thing now is that that web service has been SUSPENDED. I wonder why?


5 Responses to “Gore and IPCC being sued by 30,000 scientists for global warming FRAUD”

  1. Daniel Says:

    The idea of CO2 being man made ignores the fact that during cold times the oceans on the planet are CO2 sinks, meaning they trap and hold dissolved CO2, then release it when there is a warming cycle. The oceans trap billions of tons of CO2 yet when has any accused the oceans of being puppets of man?

  2. Sun Wukong Says:

    As I said before, I agree the attempts do not solve anything.
    On the other side I am sure Al Gore will not have to prove much
    since the ” now against the 30,000 scientists including 9,000 Phds” will never show up, since they are only made up by the minute man or shall I say 15 minute-man, hmm?
    As I said Door32, it could be pretty funny to watch.

  3. Door32 Says:

    Now now, you know as well as I do that the whole global warming scam was cooked up to make trillions and get us in the grid. Look at Obamas new 1200 page Bill that got passes on Friday without anyone reading it even though it had a 300 page adendum added at 3 AM that day. It allows them authority over every aspect of your life

    No it wont be 15 mins of fame when Gore takes the stand and tells the judge “The Debate is Over”. Do you think the judge will say “Ok Al”. No he will have to finally prove it, and he won’t be able to

  4. Sun Wukong Says:

    That is going to be a most funny lawsuit for the 15 minutes of fame of a few pseudos.scientists. Hope they will air that joke on TV.

    I agree with alone the fact that the purposed “solution” – carbon credits – are not intended to change a single thing!

  5. Sun Wukong Says:

    Hahaha.. So “global warming or bettersaid man-induced global climate change is a fraud, hmm? Thats really deep!

    Here is something else very “deep”: Air, oxygen, too is harmless and natural as well. too much of it though or even highly compressed, will “naturally” kill you. Same with CO2 and I actually could even explain long and elaborated WHY it “appears” ‘the rise in CO2 comes AFTER a rise in temperature’ (dualism/bi-polar) but I am not the one to receive the noble prize for that thesis.
    Beside I doubt any one here will be able to comprehend / “get it”.

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