Blackjack update

So (thankfully) the Operation Blackjack scenario did not come to pass

Why? I guess we will never know

Was it a hoax?

Was it an concerned citizens attempt to bring public awareness to the immediate possible future?

Was it a test of our abilities to deduce their plans?

Was it real and the abilities of the net community to decode their plans has once again stopped another deadly false terror plot by our own governments?

Whatever it was we are safe for now. However, the website referenced in the hex code in slide 17 of Part 4 that was removed from the Telegraph website, had a number of ever changing posts that followed this decoding

The two time clocks that were running on the page decoded to dates as follows

June 22, 2010 @ 3:03 AM EST (8:03 AM London time)
Sept 11, 2011 @ 7:47 AM EST (12:47 PM London time)

Of course we have all been waiting for a tenth anniversary fake attack for a long time now just like 9/11 was a ten year anniversary of GHW Bush announcing the New World Order to the world in 1991. The June 22nd 2010 would seem to have put this weekends activities on hold for a year. We must therefore keep these dates in mind and if they are used then we will know whatever happens is untrue

That is all I can say now on operation Blackjack

However I have been snooping around and I am going to stick my neck out again and say that there is a very good possibility of something serious happenning on July 4th, but not in the US. This may well have to do with the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Possibly the taking back of the Muslim’s sacred building to re-establish the Third Temple as this forms part of these occultists’ methodology. Possibly this year although with what happenned this week it may wait a year. If it is this year I believe it will be used as an excuse to put blackjack back into operation and bvlast there own cities and blame it on a Muslim retaliation for the Temple Mount. this will start WW3 as the New World Order require


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