BLOG FOR JEROME – – – – Hidden in plain sight test

Can you see an arrow in the picture above ?


12 Responses to “BLOG FOR JEROME – – – – Hidden in plain sight test”

  1. Door32 Says:

    Well Jerry it has been quite well put two comments above. So thank you for participating in my test.

    What it means is that you were unable to see the arrow because you have been trained only to see the Words FedEx. This has been done by structuring an educational system based only on analytical thought or left brain. You have been trained only to see the Writing of the word FedEx and nothing more. In order to see the arrow you must be able to break your programming and use both sides of your brain together. Once you have learned to break your programming you will be able to look at this image for what it is, a picture with 3 colours and a lot of interlocking shapes which hide a white arrow right in front of your eyes. Once you are deprogrammed your world will look a whole lot different.

    If you would like me to put this into context of your last two comments then the answer is yes and no. No in that everything thing must be judged individually on it’s own merits. Yes in that your assumptions are correct but you cannot yet see why.

    This test doesn’t prove the administration controls the heroin and cocain trade, no, the sworn affadavits from senior CIA people and witness statements and evebn the capture of CIA planes containing tonnes of the drug prove this, but you are programmed not to believe that

    The test doesn’t prove Bush and Cheney took down the WTC, no, but the what does is the witness statement, the laws of science, the actions of the two on the day, the unprecedented failures of all federal departments ans security and procedures, the financial dealing surrounding the event, the links to foreign conspirators, the thousands of hours of text and video and audio totally debunking the official version of events …. etc…. that is what proves it, but you are still unable to see passed what you have been programmed to see

    You were programmed through shock, repetition and supression of alternative ideas to believe 2 planes took down 3 tower block despite the fact that it is scientifically impossible for it to happen unless demolished by explosives. You have been trained to see planes (FedEx) and completely miss the explosives (white arrow) even though it is right in front of your eyes.

    The irony is that you are also programmed to believe that they actually care about you, while at the same time they become more powerful and wealthy than you could ever dream of yet you become poorer and more repressed every year. The law never applies to them as it does to you.

  2. SprinG♀ Says:

    it was so smart of you! I didnt get it first, but as I read your cm , I guess I did.. cooL, and//wonderful..bLog!

  3. Bad Spelling Poor Grammar Mt. Dew Queen Meanie Says:

    It means Schneider that you choose to see what you want to see.. same as hear, and believe, and refuse to consider there is any gray area in life.. That if something doesn’t fit in your idealism, it just isn’t so.. and you do not even bother to consider it at any other level.. It means that you are narrow minded.

  4. JEROME G Says:

    Or does that mean Bush, Cheney and Al Gore took down the WTC? Or that I have ADD? Hmmm Achi Door?

  5. JEROME G Says:

    Oh, thank you 😉 yes I see the arrow. Between the “E” and the “x”.
    Does that mean they are running heroin?

  6. Bad Spelling Poor Grammar Mt. Dew Queen Meanie Says:

    Yep, between the “E” and the “x”

  7. Door32 Says:

    Jerry what are you talking about. Have you ADD?
    Just do what I said and look again as I described and see if you can see the arrow

  8. JEROME G Says:

    Al Gore has made a ton of money being a sock puppet. Obama, Ax and Rahm know they can make more money that that dumbass Gore.

  9. JEROME G Says:

    Are you talking about George Soros who has Al Gore as his sock puppet?

  10. Door32 Says:

    Then I have shown you how these people hide reality in plain sight and that you cannot see it because you are only looking at what they want you to see. If you look behind the facade they show you then you will see the truth, but you have to try and you have to look at things differently.

    Try this, look at the picture again but imagine it doesn’t say FedEx. Do not read it. Just look at it for what it really is. then you will see the arrow

  11. JEROME G Says:

    You work for Fed Ex? I heard they were merging with UPS.
    The new company will be called FedUp.

  12. JEROME G Says:

    Didn’t see the arrow.

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