WARNING ! – Fake terror imminent (better safe than sorry)

Now I cannot tell you all for sure if this is real or if this will turn out to be a hoax. Either way I am duty bound to tell my friends and be safe rather than sorry. It does however have all the hallmarks of previous events, so I will take you through the reasoning to make it easier for you to choose what to do.

There is a worrying development which is immediately upon us regarding another large scale fake terrorist attack in cities in America and Britain. Please read on and I will explain why the independent investigators are all over this. First I will explain the common threads in the past fake terror attacks

Take the last 6 major terror events as being Swine flu, 9/11, London 7/7, Madrid bombing, WTC bombing and Oklahoma bombing. OK now every one of these have hundreds of strange anomalies that have never been explained but the ones that are pertinent for the new event are these:-

Number 1

In all cases there was an emergency services exercise going on at the same time with the same buildings for the same scenarios

– there was a cross border emergency pandemic exercise going on when the flu broke out in Mexico

– there was a multi force terror exercise on 911 with FEMA in New York, NORAD was under Whitehouse control, air force on intercept exercises for planes being flown into the very same buildings

– in London the police and anti terror and a private company were running a drill at the same stations and bus route

– In Madrid a security operation was running on those trains

– WTC and Oklahoma had FBI run operations going on

Number 2

When 9/11 happened the government had already, as part of the “exercise”, instigated continuity of government protocols. NORTHCOM was in action and the government was effectively a military one based out of Colorado. The E4B continuity of government planes were in the sky in New York and Washington at the time of the 911 attacks

Number 3

When the New World Order carry out one of these attacks they only carry them out on particular dates because at the heart of this group it is occultist. Occultist doesn’t mean devil worship by the way, it means secret, like in secret knowledge. However because of this, numerology is extremely important to them and means they stage events coinciding with certain dates like the Venus transit dates, or with numbers like 30, 33, 3, 9, 11 they believe give the most power to them. It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe this because as long as they do then they will make these events happen, just like people who would sacrifice virgins to the volcano for good harvest. For example 11 is the occult number of Venus or morning star and 10 is the occult number of God. So to have an event on 9 (3×3) 11 is like missing out God.

Number 4

As part of their so called ritual or rules they are obliged to tell us what they are going to do to us in order that they gain the most power from their act. This is done first by pre-warning us through media subtly and then by hiding what they are doing in plain sight, like with the exercises going on at the same time.

Let me give you a few examples of this

– A few months before the swine flu outbreak a movie gets released with a world pandemic flu scenario

– Six months before 9/11 Fox ran an episode of “The Lone Gunman” in which an airliner was hijacked by remote control by elements within the American government and flown into the World Trade Centre and blamed it on Al Qaeda and used an “exercise” to make NORAD stand down. One of the stars of the show Dean Hagland was so shocked after 911 that he revealed to independent press that the CIA had planted that storyline into the series

– One year before 7/7 London bombings there was a show on BBC which was a round table discussion with government ministers, terrorist “experts” and police, talking about a possible terrorist bombing scenario in the London transport network. They identified the exact same places that were blown up the following year

– In Oklahoma, The Governor and former FBI man Frank Keating had a brother Martin who wrote a manuscript for a book in 1991, a full 4 years before the bombing. It was called the “The Final Jihad” in which a character called “Tim McVey” bombed a federal building in Oklahoma. He was also caught funny enough by a highway patrolman stopping him for a broken tail light. So 4 years later in real life we have Tim McVeigh bombing a federal building in Oklahoma and is pulled over for a missing license plate. Is anybody thinking wtf? His book also predicted the bombing of the WTC and the downed TWA jet if you are interested

He also dedicated the book to the Knights of the Secret Circle (otherwise known as Golden circle or High level Masonry and KKK) Funny that the FEDS also pinned it to a KKK group

Are you getting the picture?

Now we have these 4 main aspects. Numerology, Pre-emptive declaration of events, Continuity of government status, and Duplicate “exercises”. Let’s now apply these to what I am about to warn you because all are present

1 & 2 – Exercises and continuity of government

This week starting 18th June and running to 24th there is a massive exercise going on all across the USA covering many different Armageddon scenarios including nuclear attack and biological attack as well as other disaster scenarios. This is called Operation Ardent Sentry. There are also a number of other operations going on like Vigilant Guard (similar to Vigilant Guardian on 911?) and all forces of the state, and federal levels are involved as well as the military, not only of the US but of Canada, Mexico and other countries

Also during this exercise NORTHCOM will be under full mobilization, which in effect means they are the government and the constitution is effectively suspended because when NORTHCOM is in operation you are effectively under martial law

So all the balls are lined up for another fake terrorist event to occur exactly as the exercises to deal with them are going on. All sorts of preparations have been going on including roads barriered off. The most disturbing one to me is that the area around Rochester NY where I reported the 30 mile long FEMA train has been barriered from the road around the access point to that train

When you look at this in the light of other recent info about FEMA camps and the construction of mass graves around the country one begins to worry what exactly FEMA knows they are planning for

So what is this about?

3 – Numerology

The event is supposed to happen on 22nd June 2009 at 08.03.27

As I said 11 is an occult number and the occult love to do things in sets of 3 for most power. This is how they work and this is what they believe in.

You have in the time a 911 (2+7) and (8+3)
You also have 2 elevens in the 22 which gives you 3 x 11
So we have a 3 set, we have 11s, and we have a 911

(Remember GHW Bush announced the New World Order on 9.11.1991 and the WTC was hit exactly 10 years later)

I could bring the month of June into this but it will take you further into the more biblical numbers and Jewish numbers, and I don’t think we need to go any further here

Look if this event doesn’t go down this weekend then definitely look out for 09.09.09 because that date looks totally irresistible to these people 3 x 3 x 3 will make them cream themselves (remember they started that fake attack in Georgia on 08.08.08)

4 – Pre-emptive declaration of events

OK this is where I tell you what could be happening this weekend

In the London Telegraph online this week a very very strange article was posted in the culture section. It was a 5 part slideshow called Operation Blackjack. Why Blackjack? Well perhaps numerology again from the date 06.22.2009 (6+2+2+2+9=21 Blackjack!) to take place on 22nd June 2009 at 08.03.27 AM

It has no author and doesn’t seem to have any rightful place in the Telegraph because it has absolutely no artistic merit whatsoever, but nevertheless there it is. It depicts a plot by a shadow government group in North America and Britain to explode nuclear devises in 7 of their own cities. The ones in the slide show are London, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Portland, Mexico City, and Toronto.

Now the result of these attacks is the rounding up and killing of thousands of so called home-grown terrorists (aka truthers who the media are trying to call anti government terrorists) and immediate nuclear response on Syria, Iran, and China. The suspension of all rights and the imposition of martial law and a new government in Denver Colorado of the newly formed UNA. Then the imposition of implanted chips for trade and draconian laws punishable by mandatory sentences controlling all aspects of life

Here are the links to see the slideshows. (I would have posted them here but Photobucket hates me) You can follow the slides and the 5 parts yourselves from this point


Now, this may be nothing, but it may be exactly what I have described above… a warning because it fits the M.O. It also has eerie similarities to reality. The UNA like the real NAU (north American union). The new Denver government like the real NORTHCOM that will be operating this weekend in Colorado. (remember the 1st Batallion who came back from Iraq are under NORTHCOM control)

When I looked at this I had to do some background and there are so many factors that fall into place. I followed up on the KGB and how they were infiltrated by Illuminati who managed to put a sleeping nuclear device in 22 or 23 cities in America. I also checked back to something Dr Bill Deagle said in 2006 where he confirmed that there were 22 cities in America where a sleeping nuclear device has been kept serviced by two groups, one of which was Mossad for the last 20 to 30 years. I also recall a story last year where a very top ranking CIA man was killed by a traffic cop in a car chase after the agent reported following 2 Israelis with a suitcase nuke in Houston, this case was covered up.

We also have GW Bush ordering 400,000 Verichip RFID’s during his tenancy. There are dozens of civilian camps built on military bases under REX84. Also a few months ago Lord West made a statement in the House of Lords in England about a huge and imminent threat of which he had been advised. Something very big! His warnings were attacked by the government..

Then of course we had Joe Biden and his infamous speech telling us that within 6 months there would be a world crisis, an “engineered crisis” to test Obama. We also had Colin Powell say a crisis would occur on January 21 or 22, do you think he meant June?

Perhaps also part of the pre-emptive warning is the fact that the programme Jericho has been taken off air. In it is depicted post nuclear life after 23 cities were nuked in America. That figure matches the Deagle / KGB number

Now there is something else very strange about this slideshow. If you notice there are two slides with ID cards shown. Now if you type out the code on them into a Hexadecimal to string converter decoding program the results are shocking

The code on the ID –
74686973206973206e6f742073696d706c792665 6e7465727461696e6d656e74
What it says after decoding it on the site
“this is not simply entertainment”

There was another code on a slide that seems to have been removed from the Telegraph version which translated to the following
“This is the final warning on this site – all further warnings will be given on jackblack12.info. Beware Ardent Sentry. Be alert for Semis bearing the sun icon. Not all federal authorities are involved”

Now on visiting this site there was nothing to be found but a countdown clock

So what do we have?

Is it an elaborate hoaxer who can write Hexadecimal code? Or is it a real warning from a real insider? Or is it those elitists having a good old laugh for themselves? Whatever it is it seems to fit too many of the common boxes of previous fake terror attacks of the past and so I think it is worth giving you all the opportunity to make up your own minds

One thing I do know is that the internet community have been all over these people like a rash since 911 trying to prevent any new fake terror attacks by deciphering their agenda through their known methods. One thing many are sure of is that an attack was prevented on the Montreal Subway system after the net community found out the same company who handled the security on the London underground and the WTC were given the contract for Montreal. If this doesn’t happen then hopefully we have been vigilant enough to thwart another murderous fake terror attack even though it was hidden in the culture section of a London newspaper online

The New World Order originally had a plan to have the USA, Canada and Mexico in the North American Union (NAU) by the year 2000 so they are way behind in the plan. This may explain the speeding up of events and the possibility of a large scale catastrophic event to make it happen sooner to get back on track

This is a very real possibility. Now I do not know weather it will be nuclear, biological or what, since they have concentrated so much effort on the H5N1 recently so who knows. I just know that if it does go down then the last place you want to be is in a big city because that is where it will be happening and those people will be either dead, quarantined or sent to camps

If you can think of any reason at all to get out of town this weekend I would do it and do it before the end of Saturday because as the slideshow says, the warning comes last thing Saturday night and the attack hits Monday AM and you don’t want to be caught in a Sunday traffic chaos

Everybody stay vigilant. These people have no souls. Stand together and we can beat them


8 Responses to “WARNING ! – Fake terror imminent (better safe than sorry)”

  1. JEROME G Says:

    I read to number one and got bored. Keep it pithy. When you got to the occult, boring. Sounds like something Art Bell came up with.

  2. Door32 Says:

    However the work seems to be a composite of lots of different sources. I have seen most of these pictures before in other formats. The graphics programs around now allow you to write in comic strip fonts of many different genres. I even had the salad fingers font.

    Do check out the links Bear Hugz put in her comment about terror alert levels

  3. Door32 Says:

    Yeah it first hit the site as part one on 12th January then each new part added each week or two. However it wasn’t until last week that somebody in Youtube realized the Hex code on the ID card. After that it just went viral

  4. Tragelaphus eurycerus Says:

    Heres hoping I’m right on this one.
    Just found the thread on the David Icke forum. seems this story has been knocking around a while and very clever it is too. BUT, as a comic book freak and following on this link…


    …it all seems to fall into place. The lettering is by Anne Parkhouse, which gives the game away. It’s a graphic novel, and judging by it’s style is most probably penned by either John Wagner or Pat Mills. Both very very clever comic book writers who have pushed the boundarys since the days of Action. They are also the men behind 2000ad. It could explain why this was in the culture section.
    Alan Grant, another writer for 2000ad, was also renowed for writing about events before they happened. Subversive lot these comic book writers.

  5. Bear Hugz Says:

    Here’s some interesting links as well… something is up:


    There are drills ALL over the country this month… all of them including all ER/Military response teams.

  6. Cotes 2 Says:

    Apparently, more worrying is the exercise running in Hawaii, in preparation for when the Koreans launch a nuke at the USA on July 4th.

  7. Bear Hugz Says:

    I’ve been following this too. There seems to be a necessity of telling us what they are going to do to us to stay within their contractual “free will” policy. They are not supposed to force anyone to do or suffer anything without including free will… that’s why they do it this way.

    I’m in Phoenix and thinking of taking the boys out of town to be safe.

    Terrifying scenario, isn’t it?

  8. elisayn Says:

    Hello Door..It is logical all this info that something had been up to no good when all these events occurred..and Where do we run to?? I am up reading this As my awake time is 11PM til say now..So you can be sure I shall be vigilant.. I already am..and I am happy I had time to kill to finally read your blog..It is excellent..Send it to the heads of state..or where-ever..who should know this..
    Must copy and paste this…Amen..You have a good mind..Thank you..Elisayn

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