Truth behind lies they tell you about other countries

Below is a story that appeared in Sky News today. I will comment afterwards

Venezuela Bans Coke Zero Over Health Fears

Thursday, June 11 02:28 pm

SkyNews © Sky News 2009

The government, led by Hugo Chavez, ordered the removal of the soft drink from stores while its ingredients are investigated.

Health minister Jesus Mantilla said: “The product should be withdrawn from circulation to preserve the health of Venezuelans.”

He did not specify which ingredients were causing concern or what health risks they posed.

Coca Cola and its Mexican-based bottling company, Femsa, said in a joint statement: “Coca Cola Zero is made under the highest quality standards around the world and meets the sanitary requirements demanded by the laws of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.”

The zero calorie drink, which has been sold in Venezuela since April, contains artificial sweeteners.

Coca Cola said at the launch it aimed to increase its market share for low calorie drinks by 200%.

Venezuela’s anti-capitalist government took the decision to block the product at a time of increased scrutiny of businesses.

The South American oil exporter has nationalised several oil service operations, including projects run by US firms Williams Companies and Exterran.


What do you see here when you read this article?

Most people only ever get their government’s official propoganda version about Venezuela and countries like it around the world, through the controlled corporate media reading government press office statements. They might tell you Chavez is a communist dictator and holds tyrranical control, who now even bans the people from enjoying western products. Sound familiar? You will notice by the way Fox… erm…. Sky News reports it that they always try and personalize the issue to Chavez (“the government, led by Hugo Chavez”) so as to maintain the bogeyman factor they always use on you to garner support for your government’s eventual ilegal removal of him from his democratically elected office.

Well what is really going on here?

OK first the background

Venezuela elected Chavez with a sweeping populist grassroots movement organizing at local levels countrywide, getting two thirds of the vote in an overwhelming rebuttal of previous politicians who pander to western powers and businesses above the needs of the ordinary Venezuelans. This was done despite a concerted effort by the CIA to smear Chavez and destabilize the elections by instigating riots and shootings and creating fake news footage, which was uncovered by accident by an Irish TV documentary film crew caught in the crossfire and broadcast all over Europe.

The new government reversed a lot of the previous corrupt contracts that multinationals had secured and stopped the profit from the country’s valuable resources flooding out of the country into private foreign hands. More importantly they stopped selling oil in dollars which has always helped prop up the bankrupt US economy which spends more than it earns.

When you look at it this way it seems that they have gone about wresting control of the country back from the corporations and given it back to the population. To me this doesn’t seem to be the actions of a so called (in our press) “dictator”. It seems a very reasonable and noble and even brave act, to take these people on for the good of the many over the wealth of the few. It seems obvious to me that the reason a man like Chavez is vilified in our press is because he stands up to big foreign corporation in a way long forgotten by our governments who now even allow those corporations to write our laws and control our governments

This story about banning Coke Zero should not be looked at with the propogandist, capitalism is good for you, slant that our media will put on. It should be looked at in terms of the Venezuelan government is actually doing something that our governments are too afraid to do either through fear or complicity, and that is to investigate the poisonous nature of some of our food and drink products.

Our governments do everything in their power to stifle any investigation into foods that independent studies have shown to contain poisons or have detrimental effects on our health because our representatives all recieve funding from the corporations that make them. Here we see the Venezuelan government taking the side of public health against a major corporation’s main product in light of all the independent evidence for damaging effects and has ordered an “official” investigation. Something our governments wont afford us.

You may not be aware but some of the independant studies on a product like Coke Zero have thrown up issues like these

– the discovery of pesticide being put into Cola in India causing illness and death

– the discovery that the artificial sweetener (aspartame) may be responsible for brain damage, brain tumors, blindness, sudden death syndrome, kidney damage, addiction; due to the breakdown of the unstable chemicals into methanol and formaldehyde

– the detrimental effect of carbonated drinks on teeth enamel

In my opinion, every country should be doing the same as Venezuela and representing the people who elect them and not the companies who fund them. I really hope the results of this study are soon availlable and published worldwide so the world can see the damage that our governments allow and even encourage these companies to inflict on us. No doubt our media will say the findings are rubbish or propoganda or not medically sound, like they do with everything that contradicts their agenda


3 Responses to “Truth behind lies they tell you about other countries”

  1. ≈♥ღ§ummє®ღ♥ܓ Says:

    i agree with what u said “In my opinion, every country should be doing the same as Venezuela and representing the people who elect them and not the companies who fund them.” every country should be doing something… above all, to protect its people… and like venezuela, protect consumers, healthwise. and yes, coke zero is sweetened with aspartame. ive first heard about the dangers of aspartame long ago thru my pharmacist friend. ive searched about it and shes right, its the most dangerous susbtance added to foods. she didnt stop lecturing me about it btw until i got rid of Equal in my haus lol. actually she gets rid of almost everything in my kitchen lol when she visits. she eats only fresh fruits, veggies and fish.

    great post, C. thanks for posting that article and for sharing your thoughts 🙂


  2. Bear Hugz Says:

    Awesome post. I’m actually a fan of Chavez and never could understand the hype surrounding him. You’ve filled in a couple of the blanks for me, so thanks.

    I hope we’re going to the same site because I really want to stay in touch with you.


  3. Sun Wukong Says:

    Hmm.. it is for a growing number of intelligent people around this planet clear that with bringing “AMERICAN” Democracy to the entire World, often only was obviously meant bringing American corporate poison to the World. And certainly is a nation only then ‘democratic’, when it is a government or individual of another nation they hand-selected. LMAO!! I found those kind of megalomaniac delusions in these days of “fluid” knowledge just too comical. It WAS CLEAR that it can only be the very DUMB ONES, who will alone strive and kill FOR such ILLUSIONS OF infinite Powers.

    Why only the dumb you ask, hmm?
    Well let see alone the last couple of weeks;

    Red Bull banned in Europa for elevated traces of cocaine.
    Cigarettes in the U>S containing out of this World level of nicotine, tar and all the other TOXINS.
    But U.S. and “FDA” said: “NO big Deal! Normal levels”
    Ahh really?! And I would say: “COOL!”, for I can see millions of employees in the US blaming igh level of cocaine in their system alone on RED BULL! hahaha, see? TOO comical!! And pssst.. it still did not get any mentioning in the wider American media even today.

    Acknowledgment of the existence of man-induced global climate change. WOW! American scientists are these days blitz non-thinker in deed! Yes acknowledge but only to appease the totally dumbed down american populace thus prevent them from revolting but most of all as the newest capitalistic ponzi scheme to rips off and enslave people even more. Are you working for “free”, voluntary only, yet HMM?? “Serving” and sucking some totally dumb pricks while you are down on your knees yet, hmm all you “We, the People”? No? Ahh no worries,might still come.. lots of pricks out ther ya know?

    It should probably mention in this context, that only very few western Media mentioned the Polls a week before conducted by western pollsters showing all the recent President of Iran winning by 2:1, even in his opponent own home town. AND NOT to forgot, that when it was time to show the Millions of Iranian Pro-Ahmadinejad supporters to everyone around this planet, Iran all of a sudden “supposedly” locked out western/ (*and whoops its gone?!*) after allowing them to film violent protests, burning of cars/ tires and what, 7 protesters dying while a us pretend-journalists is in middle of it all ???

    AHH Yes all that makes a lot of the usual american “common sense”, something that evidentially so does not exists other than in make-believe land.

    Well there will be another election in the us in a few years. I am certain the “enemies” all have learned far more now to do the same far more intelligent in return;
    instigate a revolution by accusing of election manipulation + rigging, that nation then decimate and weakens itself in a civil war, and thus external control of the out-come of any election and presidency possible.

    Hahaha.. Ohhhh the ridiculousness and simplicity of some political charades, SOME GAMES PEOPLE PLAY. price-less!!

    AND not to forget the growing Vaccines issues, medical frauds and expensive Placebo prescribing schemes run in the U.S not mentioned with a single word by the U.S media. But who will be surprised, why should that scam be any more worse than selling pills that supposedly make your dick “larger”?? Hahaha, see what I mean now Door32? THEY ARE ALL COMICAL!
    the rest of us should just laugh out loud whole heartedly about such DUMB and from history never-learning Monkeys .

    HaHaHa! That is all it has always taken and that is what it will take!
    And beside, laughing is so good for one

    Best Regards!

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