Proof the regulators are corrupt

I have mentioned before in these pages that the FDA is complicit in the systematic removal of your right to feed yourself healthy food and to cure your body with natural remedies. After all, health is not for YOUR benefit, it is for the benefit of Pharmacutical Companies.

In the article below you will see how the FDA is complicit with the Big Pharma Companies in removing your freedom to access natural cures in order to benefit big business’ profits, and to remove your free choice. When you read this remember that by the end of the year the UN, through the WHO, wants to introduce Codex Alimentarius to the whole world. This will ban all natural cures, food supplements, natural herbs, and even vitamins and minerals, so that you can only get them perscribed by a doctor and bought from the big pharma boys. This document is real (you can look it up yourselves, Dr Rima Laibow who is the leading authority fighting it) and it is coming as soon as the EU pass the Lisbon Treaty.

This is why the globalists have been pushing so ludicrously hard to establish the WHO as a world governing body on all health issues during the false flag swine flu joke, and they failed miserably citing a level 6 pandemic for a flu that killed nobody who wasn’t hispanic (interesting?) and killed less people than die of stubbing their toe. Oh and because they failed miserably you can expect this to return in late August, suitably tweeked at Fort Detrick to have a wider effectiveness, so they can have a second push for the “saviors” (the WHO), after everybody saw through the last pathetic sham.

They are building the world government one department at a time. This year is health and finance ! Next year we may see a push for military if UN soldiers end up in the USA to disarm and control the masses after the dollar collapse which is imminent and the subsequent food shortages because of the predictable hyper inflation.

Remember also that the FDA deals with all the Big Agri-businesses like Monsanto, and food and drinks giants like Pepsico which is why we have dangerous products in our food chain like :

GMO seeds devoid of nutrients causing 200,000 ruined Indian farmers to commit suicide,

Bovine growth hormone that causes human cancer,

Aspartame that causes brain damage, blindness and sudden death syndrome,

MSG the root cause of obesity bulks up a third of your foods,

Fluoride the de-motivator, the bone cancer cause, and the cause of rapidly increasing male sterility as used by Hitler and Stalin in prison camps

Mercury in corn syrup used as a sweetener in many many foods now, as well as in vaccines, to destroy your neurons and onset autism and altzheimers.

This is all designed to weaken your immune system, increase diseases (shortening life), reduce fertility and dumb you down. Remember a disease is more profitable if you treat the symptoms for 30 years rather than cure it.

So do you see the common denominator in all those things?


Also remember when reading this that MOST of your politicians are on the campaign payroll of these Pharma, Agri and Food n Drink Businesses which is why all the law that goes through the Houses is written by these Companies’ Lobbyists and not even READ by your representatives before they vote on it. This is why Big Business is killing the little guy. This is why small farms are being shut down and natural cures are being similarly forced out of business because the legislation ALL favours the authors

They also allow the Big Pharma companies to fund and run, outside the normal legal system, the so called “Vaccines Court” which 99 times out of 100 upholds the Company line. It is basically a damage limitation excercise like the 911 compensation board, to stop things getting to real courts

Now please read the article to see how this system works. This mentions 3 or 4 instances but I assure you there are thousands that I have read about

Big Pharma and the FDA: Suppress the Science, Ban the Natural Substances, Sell the Drugs!
In 2005, an up-and-coming pharmaceutical company made a big mistake: they invested millions of dollars into developing a drug only to discover that the only active ingredient of the drug, pyridoxamine, was really a common, naturally occurring substance that has been sold for decades at low cost to consumers in the form of a dietary supplement, and has always been available in commonly consumed foods such as chicken and brewer���s yeast.

We���re taught as children that when you make a mistake, you should own up to it and face the consequences. Apparently the pharmaceutical company in question, Biostratum, Inc., has yet to learn that lesson. Instead of owning up to their mistake, Biostratum tried to game the system to their advantage by asking the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to declare supplements containing pyridoxamine ���adulterated��� and effectively ban anyone but Biostratum from selling pyridoxamine.

Sadly, Biostratum���s desparate ploy to save their investment worked. Earlier this year the FDA agreed to ban companies from selling pyridoxamine as a dietary supplement. They denied the request to declare products containing pyridoxamine ���adulterated,��� but instead they declared that such products are not dietary supplements at all���claiming they are excluded from the definition of dietary supplements under the ���prior market clause��� [21 U.S.C. 321(ff)(3)(B)(ii)] and so may not be marketed as such.

Please note that nowhere in the FDA���s response letter is anything said about safety concerns. In fact, the FDA���s letter specifically says that ���to allow such an article to be marketed as a dietary supplement would not be fair to the pharmaceutical company that brought, or intends to bring, the drug to market.��� Fair to the pharmaceutical companies? What about fairness to consumers, some of whom rely on affordable pyridozxamine supplements to provide the levels of vitamin B-6 required for their survival? Is it fair to force those consumers to pay for expensive prescription drugs and doctors��� visits to supply their B-6 needs when they could get the exact same thing for a fraction of the cost in the form of a supplement? Isn���t this why our health care system is so ineffective?

This is hardly the first time the FDA has attacked naturally occuring substances. On October 17, 2005, the FDA banned information about the health benefits of cherries from appearing on websites���scientifically proven benefits, such as tart cherries��� ability to reduce the risk of colon cancer because of the anthocyanins and cyanidin contained in the cherry. Cherries, according to the latest research, help ease the pain of arthritis and gout; reduce risk factors for heart disease and diabetes; help regulate the body���s natural sleep patterns, aid with jet lag, prevent memory loss, and delay the aging process; and helps lower body fat and cholesterol���risk factors associated with heart disease. Moreoever, Scientists at Johns Hopkins have found that tart cherry anthocyanins reduced painful inflammation as well as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, indomethacin.

When the 2005 ban was instituted, the FDA sent warning letter
s to twenty-nine companies that market cherry products. In these letters, they ordered the companies to stop publicizing scientific data about cherries. According to the FDA, when cherry companies disseminate this peer-reviewed scientific information, the cherries become ���unapproved new drugs��� and are subject to seizure. The FDA warned that if those involved in ���cherry trafficking��� continue to inform consumers about these scientific studies, criminal prosecutions would ensue.

But fresh fruit and vegetables are not the FDA���s only target: As we reported in this newsletter recently, General Mills was recently issued a warning letter by the FDA for illegally marketing Cheerios Toasted Whole Grain Oat Cereal. The problem was the claim on the cereal box that Cheerios can lower cholesterol 4% in six weeks, and the statement on their website that ���diets rich in whole grain foods can reduce the risk of heart disease.��� The letter, dated May 5, 2009, called the above claims ���serious violations��� of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and applicable regulations. FDA stated that based on the claims made, Cheerios is now an unapproved drug, and must go through FDA new drug approval process. Note that the FDA isn’t disputing the claim. It’s disputing the company’s right to make the claim.

As one newspaper columnist humorously put it, ���One of these things is not like the others: morphine, penicillin, aspirin, Cheerios. Most drugs, if taken improperly, will kill the consumer or cause substantial bodily harm. An entire bottle of aspirin at one sitting will harm or kill. If Cheerios is a drug, therefore, one should be able to commit suicide by consuming the entire box.���

For years, the FDA barred health claims about the benefits of fish oil for heart, cancer, depression, body pain, and various other conditions until a drug company paid a great deal of money to go through the approval process. This type of enforcement effectively censors scientific information and greatly restricts consumer access to scientific studies that provide valuable information.

In the case of pyridoxamine, the FDA did not act out of concern for public safety. This is about money, and about a profit-seeking corporation taking advantage of what is supposed to be a public health organization in order to save their skins.


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