The Big Bad Bogeyman Returns

Reading up on news this week I see a couple of important stories coming out of the military.

First we have a soldier refusing to go back to Iraq because it is immoral. the army have given him 30 days to rejoin huis unit or be arrested

Secondly we have a story about a soldier who has started a case against Barrack Obama to verify his entitlement to be President, IE his citizenship. He now has other soldiers joining him as co-plaintiffs and they want this because they had to produce this information just to serve and protect the constitution and feel troubled that they are supposed to take orders from a commander in chief who hasn’t done the same as they have.

There is also a lot of disquiet in the ranks. I think after the amount of money Ron Paul raised from the overseas military the powers that be are worried. Too many soldiers are now in “911 truth” and “we are change” and after the debacle about the DHS’ MIAC report classifying veterans as homegrown terrorists there is a lot of disquiet in the Army

If you were the shadow government what would you do to divert attention from this to stop it growing?

Yes you got it

Release a new Bin Laden tape to remind everybody of the clear and present danger

Before 911 there were Bin Laden tapes knocking around talking, talking generally with no specifics. Just the normal cast out the infidel kind of stuff. After 911 Bin Laden was on record 3 times denying any involvement. So what were the CIA going to do if he wouldn’t play ball and make more terror threat videos for them. Well, have you noticed that we don’t get videos anymore?

Today we got an audio tape. back on March 14th we got an audio tape. Back in January we had an audio tape. Why do you think he has suddenly gone “low tech” ? Surely a man of his means would have a digital camcorder?

Well it is very hard, as the CIA found to their cost, to hoax a video recording. Let me enlighten you as to the Bin Laden history of recoorded warnings.

We know Bin Laden was a CIA asset called Tim Osman. We know he lead a small band of foreign fighters in Afghanistan alongside the Mujahadeen. We know after the Russians left he took over a group based in Pakistan that funnelled CIA finance to various terror groups in the middle east and Asia. We know that the FBI wanted him for the Embassy bombing in the 1990s but not for 911. What we don’t know is why he stopped playing ball with the CIA?

So despite the fact that Bush signed the order to invade Afghanistan on September 10th 2001, the Army suddenly turned up a video in a random search of a house that just happened to have the infamous video of “Bin Laden” rejoycing over the 911 attacks. Funny thing was (look back in my blog to the QUIZ entry) the man in the video wasn’t Bin Laden. He had a completely different face, he was right handed instead of left handed, he was 30 pound heavier, he wore a gold ring that muslims cannot wear. Face recognition technology says they are not the same and voice analysis said he spoke with an accent which was from the Israeli region rather than Saudi Arabia. No corporate media has ever taken this to task

in 2002 sources in the Taliban and Pakistan had confirmed that they had indeed been to Bin Laden’s funeral. So we had another video of Bin Laden in the Mountains talking, however it was later proven and admitted by the CIA that the video was a mish mash of edits from other pre-911 videos cut together. However there we no retractions in the press

After this and with Benazir Bhutto confirming live on BBC to David Frost that Bin Laden had been murdered. The BBC cut that 6 seconds of the interview out before they aired it but it went viral on the internet. So what are the CIA to do? Elections coming up soon and war support at an all time low. Bin Laden not even able to play ball now he’s dead. SO we get the infamous Bin Laden video with the grey bearded man in a yellow robe. Yet another actor who only had a passing resemblence to Bin Laden hidden behind a massive grey beard. This too was pilloried all over cyberspace for the forgery it was.

What were they to do. The tour de force was to come. On the 911 aniversary in 2007 our intelligence was once again insulted. This time with a video of Bin Laden in the same yellow robe but looking 20 years younger with a black beard. the video was so clearly a computer generated video like those in Halo 3 or Grand theft Auto that it was laughable when the mass media peddled it as real. Since then we haven’t seen another attempt at a fake video and now we only get audio tapes from the grave

Been a few this year hasn’t there. One to distract you from Gaza. One to distract you from Obamas promises pre-election to bring the troops home. And now one to distract you from the collapsing economy and the dissent in the military

It is very very simple people. The videos and audios are FAKE. Bin LAden had nothing to do with 911. The people who did are the people trying to link him to it and faking videos to keep you distracted and afraid.

Ask yourself this. If Bin Laden was on the most wanted list before 911 then why was he recieving diabetes treatment at the American Hospital in the United Arab Emirates only 4 months before 911?

Ask yourself why could the worlds largest miltary not find him but a CNN camera crew could for an interview in his cave?

Ask yourself if he was so proud of his work why did he deny any part in it 3 times

Ask yourself why the Bushes were in business with his family and why daddy Bush was in a meeting in New York with Osama’s brother-in-law on the morning of 911; and why the entire family were flown out of America that day even though the rest of the world was not allowed to fly?

But most of all ask yourself

Who gains from him re-appearing ?

I want to finish with one conclusion that I have drawn. Al Jazeera is NOT a legitimate news agency. It is so obviously a CIA run outfit. Ask yourself why would a moderate muslim news agency interested in the safety of the muslim people always be the first to receive these videos and more inmptantly why would they broadcast them, and the videos of heads being cut off, when all it will achieve is to give cause to the destruction of their countries by war. It doesn’t make sense does it.

Stop believing this massive lie and win back your freedoms and support the dissenting voices at home and in the military


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