A must hear interview from behind the curtain

Regardless of whether you like or loathe the interviewer, this interview with Billionaire Kevin Trudeau is one of the most revealing and eye-opening interviews you will get to hear in your life. Basically you are hearing from the horses mouth what is going on behind the curtain and you are for the first time being told what you can do to protect yourself and counter this

Please, please find time to listen to this interview with Kevin Trudeau. It won’t take much time out of your life, but it will enrich your life immensely

Part 1



Part 2



Part 3



Part 4



Part 5



Part 6



This is how close we are to their goal, just a few years. By then the middle class will be gone. The mega rich and the poorer masses will be left. Once that is established and the world’s resources, water and food are all in the hands of the few you can then expect the microchipping and the various methods of de-population to commence. Expect the number of wars to also increase in the next few years

Get rid of all your debt. Become as self sufficient as possible and you stand a good chance of staying above water long enough to fight this


11 Responses to “A must hear interview from behind the curtain”

  1. Door32 Says:

    If you feel passionate about getting people awake then of course you are going to push the information. You could be guilty of falling into the trap of rubbishing the truth as a conspiracy to make money just because the whole world is corrupt

    There is far too much going on to ever discount this as fantasy. you only have to read the legislation that has gone through the house the last ten years to see that. You know too that 911 was not done by terrorists they claim. Even a ten year old child can see that from the footage alone let alone reading the issues omitted by the media and reports. Hence you know what these people are capable of. I am sure you are also historically aware of the ruling elitist mentality of superiority and the history of practiced Eugenics by them and on us.

    No this is real and all the signs of a fascist world government on the rise are there

  2. js Says:

    Also–don’t know why my mind is racing with the thought of “FORMULA ONE” being so strongly mentioned. Hmm, guess the race is on.

  3. js Says:

    Sun, I don’t believe you were poisoned. Your insults and downright dislike for your fellow man — (whether believers or not) and dislike of government — exemplifies too much like the powers you bitch about. Door, as far as the Trudeau interview with the great American Alex Jones–what a farce! I realize our nations are of dire concern, but Alex Jones is a big part of the problem. I flat out don’t like him nor care to listen to him much. I only listened to the first 2 tapes—that was enough. There’s a lot of mixed and confusing messages from both. Trudeau PLUGGING HIS BOOKS (DON’T BELIEVE SUED), stressing the OBAMA DECEPTION, assuring us the gov. is NOT out to DESTROY THE WORLD, stressing the fact we should NOT watch t.v. except for listening to infowars, prisonplanet, etc., everyone is already aware of ritalin and rediculous advertising of drugs, credit card rip off, and STRESSING how important for Alex Jones to get the info out about BILDERBERG—but Trudeau stating they are not Dr. Evil. And although we should do our best to have a clear debt (sell all one can-basically)and be self-sufficient (to survive these times) Alex Jones himself pushes the Homegain.com realty company–10 years strong. HMMM. And why this push to focus only on Bilderberg? Something AIN’T right. Odd how we are being sooooo programmed to listen to “PRISONPLANET” and “INFOWARS”(ironic names-huh?) Putting the focus and fear to the people–FOR THE PEOPLE–yet good ole lovely Alex Jones (seems too many are getting the Jones’es lately) is allowed the FREEDOMS of speech and UNFOUNDED INSIDE SOURCES to INFORM the people of the state of panic they are in. Just another part of the big scheme of things if you ask me. To only listen to their particular programs could be cause for many to demand other news stations/t.v. be driven out. Ya think? Come on–even the self-proclaimed people preaching they are aware of the new world order are falling into the trap of being led—–BAAAAAAAAAAAAAA come on Door—I have enough to try to sort through—let alone who’s who on 360.

  4. Bear Hugz Says:

    Well… the posts are as interesting as the blog.

    I understand your friends anger… I’m not a fan of Alex Jones because I do believe, as he willingly admitted, that his task is to “desensitize the population” though he also admits (correctly) that most don’t know, don’t wanna know, and don’t care.

    I agree that there are plenty of sources and resources to corraborate what they are saying in the video. You know that I know what’s going on.

    This is, however, the confirmation that I needed – we are very nearly out of time.

    When Alex and his billionaire buddies get together and virtually announce that the population agenda is being set in motion, that the war will be the catalyst, along with plague and abject poverty – it’s time to make peace with your maker because few of us will actually survive this. They are ready to go and the smugness with which this video reports just that – is bone chilling.

    Wow, huh?

  5. Door32 Says:

    I see, you put your body on the line for the cause. Do give me the nod if you hear they are after me old sport

  6. Sun Wukong Says:

    preceisely Door, the “usual” way; through “Vaccinations”, among others required for U.S. immigation.

    Have you ever wonder why Castro, Kim (lost quite some weight all of a sudden too at the end of Budh’s term, hmm?? same as Castro!) and many other high rated leaders around the World got sick with similar ‘symptoms’ at the similar “Momentum”. And why Chavez, Moralez and others complain about the U.S secret services and ‘others’ attempting to poison/kill them, hmm?

    On the other side, NOTHING surpises me here considering the life threats that I have received here, reported with all evidences to the highest authorities and still nothing ever happened against those most vilest propagangistic instigators and demagogues.

    I will be fine. Do not take me for such a fool, Door32!
    I just needed to KNOW exactly “how” it is all done!
    And when the time cones, I will be able to prove it all, with my very own Blood!


  7. Door32 Says:

    Have you had a run in with the Feds, slipped you a mickey finn. Don’t know what to suggest for that. Doctor perhaps?
    I understand the deceptions are getting worse. this whole war bullshit is doing my head in that people cannot see it is all orchestrated

  8. Sun Wukong Says:

    I am pretty pissed about and tired of all the even more on-going and increasing and very open deceptions!
    And, I may have been poisened…

    Well, you wanted to know so badly,did you not hmm?!

  9. Door32 Says:

    By the Way Sun. You seem very angry this last week or two. What is up?

  10. Door32 Says:

    Tut tut Sun. I never rely on one source. I only posted this because it sums up so much of every other source in just one interview. I have a dozen other sources that corroborate this stuff and this is the best one off I can find

  11. Sun Wukong Says:

    Hahaha! WHAT stirred-up NONSENSE of two cocain-addicted greedy, self-contradicting and totally STUPID SALESMEN!!
    If you BUY that half-backed SHIT, which is composed of few “facts” that Europe has known since 20 years with hiddeous U.S. conservative big business incriminations of the “others (wonder whby U.S> jail are FUILL:ED witgjh all the worng People, hmm?!), then I must say you are DUMBER than I thought you actually are!

    Any idea and reasoning why both of those instigative morons who never went off under Bushism in similar ways but rather always appeared appeasing and damage reducing – sound BOTH preceisely and exactly LIKE the dumb ass multi-billionaer rush limbaugh, HMM??!

    What stupid people!

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