Another right removed – Now no right to a lawyer

Here is the reversal of the Miranda rights

Add that to the following

Recording of all your e-mails and telephone calls

Ability to listen through your mobile phone speaker even when it is turned off

Warrantless questioning and vehicle searches at illegal roadblocks

Warrantless copying of all information on your laptop, ipod, phone when you enter or leave the country

Indefinite detention under Patriot act

Warrantless GPS tracking of your car

Warrantless taking of DNA even if not convicted or charged with crime

Forced taking of blood by police at stop search points

Police confiscating cameras at arrest scenes

MIAC report listing anyone anti government including war vets as domestic terrorists circulated to police forces

Warrantless no fly list compiled now at 1.5 million, no charges no convictions, cannot own gun either

Banning of protests now moved to “free speech zones” at mmajor events like DNC or RNC

People arrested and convicted for “failing to obey an officer” when being told to stop something that was NOT illegal like holding a banner or wearing a t-shirt, or videoing on the street

and now no right to have a lawyer present when questioned by police

Er… hello? Can anyone say Soviet Union?

Add to that the new laws on free speech and the new Youth force and you have Nazi Germany

Police state here we come

I guarantee you the next thing to go quite quickly will be the 24 hour detention for questioning period. Then after that the 5th Ammendment right to silence will go. Your silence will imply guilt suddenly.

Finally, as has happened in Britain already, it will become illegal to film in public. You will no longer be able to film the police. This is the only defense people have left against the police who somehow have changed from being the peoples friend to being the enemy of the people of Britain, America, (Canada and Australia and NZ).

The police have now proved time and again they are corrupt and our last safety net against them is going to be lost soon. Everyday there is a new video of horrific abuse that would never be known without the cameras rolling. The man shot in the railway station this year or Mr Tomlinson killed by the policeman in London last month would never have been seen

Why do YOU think this has happened?

Time to stand and fight for your children’s future rights


2 Responses to “Another right removed – Now no right to a lawyer”

  1. js Says:

    No one has immunity people. Just a fool’s gold.

  2. js Says:

    Yes indeed, history repeating itself. It appears what is making this yet again an easy transition is no one is being singled out. Little by little (this and that) the Jews (no love lost for the Catholic Church either) were being squeezed out of society–just as all people are being today. Almost as soon as Hitler was appointed chancellor his extraction of laws began. The Jewish could no longer be newspaper editors or own land. They were banned from the “German Labor Front”. They were no longer allowed health insurance or obtain law degrees. Banned from the military and universities. Actors/performers had to join special unions and rarely given work. Poorer Jews and those without power/connections (called the “marginals”) were already being sent to work camps. The Nazis claimed them to be convicts, criminals, loiterers, gypsies, unemployed, troublemakers, communists, and radicals (political activists). Just what our governments are self-creating among our own people. The more wealthy Jews were powerless and ignorantly assumed they were immune. Hmm, guess it’s the less fortunate the Nazis are after mentality. Sure they cared, but too foolish and self-caring to react and see the true reality of what was yet to come. Then the “Nuremberg Race Laws” banned the Jewish from countless professions such as accountants, dentistry, and teaching. By 1938 Nazi troops entered Austria — 100,000 were ordered to imigrate. Their wealth and property had to be registered. Any Jew 15+ had to apply for an id card tp be presented whenever any police demanded it. Then doctors themselves could no longer practice. Jews of Polish descent were arrested in Germany and sent back. Also late 1938 Kristallnacht–a single day where: Thousands of synagogues were burned. All Jewish students banned from public schools. Businesses and homes destroyed and ramsacked. All Jewish business’es were turned over to Aryan hands. Many were murdered and thousands arrested and sent to camps. And the Jews were held responsible to pay for damage on Kristallnacht. The Kindertransport trains were haulted (British trains running Jewish/some Caholic kids to 17 years of age out of Germany, Czech, and Austria. Parents were left behind. Czech, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Holland, France, and Romania within a span of less than a decade. The Third Reich (where does that 3 come from?) and now we have the New World Order. Does anyone see a resemblance? PLEASE STAND BY.

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