Victims of power games

Daniel Estulin is a very hardcore investigative journalist and author who digs in places other journalists will not. He recently went undercover in Africa and I recently read this quote from him about his last trip and for him to say this is something serious

“Africa is an amazing continent, you know for 20,000 dollars you can kill an elephant, for about 15,000 you can kill a lion, for maybe 8,000 you can kill a zebra and for about 20 bucks you can kill a black person and for about a hundred dollars you can kill his whole family. That’s Africa and until you’ve been there you don’t really understand it.”

He also explained the reasons why the whole continent is in turmoil with 32 conflicts and the main centre of conflict in Sudan. It is all being orchestrated by the Colonial powers again trying to carve up the continent for it’s resources, particularly energy. There are Chinese, Iranians and Russians there and Americans, British, French and Israelis are all fighting by proxy in many countries around the continent to keep them from trading, and also compete with eachother

They tell you that Africa is a failed continent but they never tell you why. Ever wonder why Sudan exploded from nothing and this whole Darfor situation exists. How else were the Anglo American Empire going to get a reason to enter the country that China was getting oil from. This is how geopolitics works. This is how the Bilderbergers organise the world. People in Africa DO NOT MATTER and neither do you and I. This is a power game for domination of the world’s energy and minerals. I will be putting together the Bilderberg Group blog soon now the agenda has been leaked


2 Responses to “Victims of power games”

  1. ≈♥ღ§ummє®ღ♥ܓ Says:

    reading this reminds me of diamond trading in africa too, those conflict/war/blood diamonds being sold to fund wars and insurgencies… what is more disheartening is to see those very young kids there holding guns already, trained to engage in such rebellions.

  2. Wildskigirl2005 Says:

    It seems people are the most expendable commodity in any country now. Sad but will get worse.

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