The excuses are getting embarrassing now

How much more sleeze is it going to take to get America to admit it’s crimes and send somebody to jail ?


7 Responses to “The excuses are getting embarrassing now”

  1. Door32 Says:

    I didn’t know about that Chirac conversation thanks, but I did know Daddy Bush was Magog. There is more significance to all this you know that I have never talked about here. Bush may be on a religious crusade but who’s side is he on, Magog or Goodness. I think it is time to show you what these boys get up to in private

  2. John Doe v4.0 Says:

    Seen this yet?

  3. elisayn Says:

    DOor has spoken and said it all..Now we wait
    in antipation of the next deceitful step that
    will be taken…

  4. Door32 Says:

    The media trick is to talk about a little but never really persue it properly. Like I said the only network DEMANDING action is MSNBC from both Bush and Obama deceit. Everyone else is just playing along because they have to if one network is goingto cover it they have to be seen to be.

  5. js Says:

    And most answers will be another cover up of lies. At least some are finally taking the risk to finally demand questions and answers. Perhaps this will finally start waking up the people to realize there is much more to the nightmare of political deceit that they have ignored so long. The present cabinet may be appeasing the people (a little) to win back some blind faith. Beware and stop being blindsighted. Don’t keep your “guard” at arm’s length too long. It just may come back to shoot you in the ass.

  6. Bee Says:

    Some in the media are actually talking about the issue. Quite a change from the rush to war – no questions asked and if they were asked you were against America and your patriotism was questioned. It’s nice to have America back from the Bush regime’s days of tyranny. At least there are questions being asked….this time with a possibility of answers.

  7. kathleen p Says:

    we are an evil nation. our leaders lie and cover up for money.. our citizens don’t really want to know about it.

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