Have you any journalists left in America? YES !

Watching the way American Networks cover politics and government is laughable at best and down right criminal at worst. Over the last decade almost every single network has failed to give you even a fraction of the truth. Nothing but constant lies, misinformation, omission, scripted opinion and mindless false patriotism.

Every single network seemed to back the Bush Administration in every shit bomb he dumped on his own people and the people of the world. They were all giving the same prepared stories using the same prepared government propoganda and not a bad word to say or any level or investigative journalism used against the actions the government were taking while in power.

Nothing at all. In fact no journalism took place in those eight years. Perhaps with the exception of MSNBC who seemed to be the ONLY network who challenged the Bush Administration at every turn.

Now Cons will say it’s a “liberal media”, however that is just a phrase that the conservatives and the conservative media use to distract you from the fact that every network bar MSNBC supported the Conservatives’ cause; not one of them challenged the government on anything. It is a very simple repetitious mind control mechanism that very successfully tricks the simple minded.

So you would all expect the Bush media to come out against Obama and MSNBC to be pro Obama. True to form they did during the campaign but only up to the point when the people who own those networks were told from on high after the Bilderberg meeting in June 2008 filtered down through the CFR meetings, that Obama was chosen to be the next President. After that they seemed to show grudging support for Obama up until election day. Of course MSNBC were all out Obama as what else could they be after 8 years of Bush bashing. But was that actually what they were doing? I think not as you will see

After the election of course the other Networks went back into Con mode. Not because they want to bash Obama, but because they want to continue to stir up support for the Bush policies that Obama inherited and since he took office, has reinforced those policies and even added to them.

Is MSNBC doing what the other networks did for Bush though, and standing by their man against overwhelming evidence. Cons might tell you they are but in fact they are not. Still they push for debate and retribution on the issues hung over from the Bush years BUT Obama has had his 100 days and now there are no excuses left. The gloves are off and if you do wrong you get called out. This tells you that this may be the one and only network you can rely on to have some journalistic rigour and flush out wrong doing whoever is in office

This is a short and very shocking piece that highlights Obama’s double speak and shows him up to be another Bush but with a softer way of spinning it to you. However at least you have one network taking him to task on it. the former Bush networks aren’t saying a word. Doesn’t that seem strange to you? Not to me

He offers you rule of law, yet advocates lawlessness that he had just rebuked in the last government, through limitless preventative detention without charge

He rightly charged the previous government with ruling by fear, and then tells you that you face another ten years of invisible non-existent terrorism.

Do you not see the spin, the clever language, to make you focus on Bush and forget that Obama is keeping EVERYTHING Bush put in place and adding more and more to enslave you

Go check out these

Cyber security Bill, Hate Speach, Fairness doctrine, No fly no buy (guns), Attorney General right to declare guns illegal, MIAC report, Health act banning gun ownership on medical grounds

When you read into all of these together you piece together a very clever 3 or 4 pronged attack on each of the 1st and 2nd ammendments which will almost eliminate them to the same extent as the others have gone in the Bush years. Do the research people

The president has been owned by the Military Industrial Complex and the Wall Street since the 1934. It is about time you all woke up and saw it for yourselves.

The new boss is starting to look a lot like the old


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