They don’t care what you want

So for fuck’s sake use your vote properly

Here we see Andrew “Brillo” Neil interviewing a couple of British EU members, one Labour and one alleged Conservative (although I believe Hannan is just a smoke screen to garner votes from people who want change in Europe that the Tories will not deliver in the end), about recent poll figures in the British electorate showing the majority do not want to be in ithe EU except as a trading organisation. In fact as it is the BBC (government propoganda channel) I dare sare the figures were more damning and have been softened a little.

Watch with horror how the Labour member completely disregards the polls. The Tory (Hannan) is not representative of his party who are all voting the same as Labour in the Parliament. UKIPs Nigel Farage then puts it into perspective in his own inimitable way. Nigel really should run in National elections too, I would love to see him ripping shreds out of Brown every day in the House of Commons

Like I said

Use your vote properly to get what YOU WANT !

Unfortunately most people are so stupid that they will say No to the EU in a poll but still vote Labour Tory or LibDem in a vote who all advocate a Yes to te EU

Why are people so stupid?


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