They Live, We Sleep

I am still waiting for full insider disclosure on the secret Bilderberg meeting so that blog is still to come

However, in the meantime, while our puppet masters are still being elusive, I found a clip that exactly describes what is happenning to humanity under the control of these elite puppetteers and script writers.

The phrase in the blog title perfectly describes your reality and when you finally realise it you will be freed and you will have shades of your own

All you see around you seems to be in chaos doesn’t it. Nothing seems to be working out right and it is only getting worse

Civic society seems to have broken down, people don’t know their own families let alone their neighbours. Nobody talks to eachother. Everyone is paranoid with fear of crime, terrorism, gun toting madmen, disease. The government is in every aspect of your lives and there are countless laws for everything you do, even police are becoming thugs treating you as the enemy rather than serving and protecting you, and you are surveilled at every turn . Children are more delinquent, the education standard is dropping. The IQ is lower, millions cannot read. People spend all day watching TV or playing games without ever conversing with or meeting humanity. Fewer people have hobbies, skills are being lost. Kids don’t walk to school anymore and parents won’t let them out alone. half the kids don’t have both parents because nobody stays together anymore. The family is disappearing. The number of ilnesses are increasing and the frequency too. 1 in 10,000 used to have learning difficulty now it’s 1 in 50 and a quarter of the kids are drugged to make them concentrate. Hardly anyone reads anymore and they take their news in 30 second soundbites from a mass media that serves up official propoganda and has no true journalistic ethos. There are more wars than ever and the gap between rich and poor is greater than it ever was. People idolize “stars” like Paris Hilton who is famous for fucking in a video on the internet and nothing else whatsoever. Society is going down the toilet. People cannot think for themselves and simply think what the media tells them. The strength of family and comunity are under attack and dying out. The cult of the individual is supreme, individual yet all the same. It never used to be this bad, why is it like this now?

Yet the media says “Everything is fine”

Do you think it is all an accident?

Do you think if a government didn’t want a society like this it would do something to change it? Sure it would, but it doesn’t does it. Why?

Government pay for education and they get exactly what they ordered. Governments pay for police and they train them exactly how they want them. Government pay for surveillance systems that control and track you because they pay for exactly what they want to achieve. Governments control and restrict or validate everything that goes into your food and drink and air and medication and the toxins remain in all of these because that is what the governments want. Government orchestrate the war on drugs that criminalizes million for a smoke and makes drug barons billionaires, when to legalize it would eliminate the crime totally, but they don’t change it because they want crime and fear and the money and the law in everyones life. Otherwise they would do something about it all wouldn’t they? Yet time and time again they fail to act and even defend the status quo

People are afraid to question the authorities even when they are flagrantly abusing power and when someone dares they are jeered and told to sit down by the crowd of sheep who don’t want to have to think outside what they are told because that is how well trained they are by the establishment. Yes trained is the right word. Trained to stay asleep and be slaves to those with all the power and all the wealth. Trained to care only about material things and sport and fashion and what the bloke next door has and soap operas. Told who are the good guys and bad guys, and told who to hate and most follow the orders. Told to hand over control of their lives to the governments and don’t worry about a thing, and they do.

The people who have controlled governments for longer than we can remember have made society and a population exactly as they want them. Disorderly, dumbed down, drugged, disinterested, unable to concentrate, ilitterate, angry, partisan, disfunctional, sick, selfish, scared, unskilled, poorer, heavily taxed, surveilled, peer pressured, uninformed, incapable of independent thought, and most of all DEPENDANT ON GOVERNMENT. Once they have you here they are your masters and you serve THEM. You are their SLAVE, their happy slave, and they can never lose control over you. They can make you accept anything they do to you and make you ask for it

Don’t believe me huh? Ok

Crash a plane into a building, the people ask for protection, the government takes away your freedom of privacy and from unlawful detention; plus they get the war they wanted.

Hype a homegrown terror, people clamour protect us, monitor everyone at home (chip them) and ban guns just in case, government can no longer be overthrown.

Information of reality gets out in alternative media, so stage and hype an internet attack, people clamour protect us, internet censored and anti free speech legislation arrives, truth is lost as well as free speech

Hype and stage a biological attack, people clamour protect us, offer a mandatory series of shots (full of mercury and viruses and god knows what else). Sick and dumber population, pharma benefits

Problem – Reaction – Solution

This is their mantra to make you beg to give up your freedom and your conciousness in the end. You are now virtually unconcious. You are asleep and only see the dreamworld they make for you and the dream is turning into a nightmare very slowly so you don’t notice or even remember when times were better

You know I’ve never seen this movie but I will now, this is the longer “awakening” segment of the film which adds the “people” aspect and shows you how the system works,. Obviously we recognise these people simply by their position and privalidge and their ability to be above the law. They move up we stay where we are.

They Live, We Sleep !

Yes it is people that orchestrate this, they have always done so. Lording it over the surfdom. It really is people and because it is people they can be defeated if enough of us awaken in time. Time however is running out !


8 Responses to “They Live, We Sleep”

  1. Sun Wukong Says:

    HAHAHA!! The IRONY Of “Momentum”! These just fits too too well.
    Ladies and Gent, the – with a high possiblity- ONLY informal News “show” in the U.S. of A:

    American Ideologues (or medial orchestrated “conflicts”):

    Bronx Bombers (Hahaha! wonder what those “former” death row inmante, that allmighty wannabe cia-war lord “Chayeney” digged up, were promised, hmm? ME TOO!!!)

  2. Hadenough Says:

    So many things there I would like to address. These are what the times are like as you stated–very sad. All those problems

    Don’t forget-RAGE–road rage, domestic rage, air rage, crowd rage, school rage etc
    Like cracks in the walls of a building, these are just the visible warnings of a serious underlying problem.

    Violent traffic disputes -rage-are rarely the result of a single incident. Rather, they seem to be the result of personal attitudes and the accumulation of stress in the motorist’s life.

    This too is just not one single incident in the societies of this world. Makes you wonder where this world will end up if we don’t start getting control. What will erupt?

    Great blog Door

  3. js Says:

    Never seen this movie. I will now. I want a pair of those glasses too.

  4. elisayn Says:

    Just want to say..I don’t know of this movie but your words are this life…We are living it right now..
    Always listening..Elisayn

  5. elisayn Says:

    Your blog is absolutely the truth and nothing but the truth..and should be published all over this country..It’s always a topic in my home with my friends and co-workers..You’ve said it all wonderfully..Don’t ever stop..It’s a comfort to have you keep people abreast of what life really is now..AMEN I say to you…Special thoughts, Elisayn

  6. Bear Hugz Says:

    Great blog… I was trying to compose these very thoughts the other day… the agonizing details of what life has become in the modern age and the even more frightening picture of what it could become if people don’t choose to wake up, declare their autonomy as a free soul in the universe, and stop feeding this voracious machine… I enjoy the way you evoke response in your blogs… mentally and emotionally.

    I may have to copy this one and send to a few of the sleepers I love so much.

  7. Sun Wukong Says:

    Hmm.. my dear friend, you have become very convincing. Evidentially you not only think your words , but “feel” every letter of it. Bravo!
    Unfortunately, the mass will choose to remain asleep, for they are in deep fear of Fear itself;
    “Too “afraid to be afraid”
    Most will never even allow their mind to grasp your words as a possibility. “too hard”. To inconvenient and far to honest to live with. Therefore they flee in the lies, in distractions, in empty-mindedness (pieeeeeeeep cognitive flat liners) and in self-comforting illusions and hopes, not knowing that
    THIS is the time where they could forever change the “Game”.

    As I said, you might have become far too convincing. That may become a problem…
    like your page not loading..but on the other side, fiction and irony hves always been the ways of wise men to show a ‘different’ reality. Good Movie by the way!

  8. kathleen p Says:

    Seen this movie several times…. never more revelant than now.

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