The truth is stranger than fiction

Ah come on, they look like terrorists, so they MUST have done it !

After reading and commenting on Bear Hugz blog on truth or fiction I pondered over my long awaited blog on Media and it’s use in conditioning humanity to accept future events and control patterns of thought. I mentioned Watchmen and Angels and Demons in that blog comment, but I want to think about a large blog for that, so, in the meantime I went about looking for something short and to the point. I found this fantastic montage video that really does a great job of showing you all exactly what you are living through the last one to two hundred years or so and especially the last 10 years

From the episode “Day of the Dove”.

It seems that Gene Roddenberry knew something about false flag operations.and gave you all a glimpse of the truth if you were awake to see it.

Apply this this video to what you see now and since 9/11, you cannot fail to see what has happened. Then apply it to wars past, it always fits perfectly, especially when you do the background reading and realise the financiers of the wars always fund both sides and always come out the other side wealthier and more powerful.


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