Bilderberg 2009

This weekend was the 57th annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group. This year it was held in Greece. Last June it was in Virginia attended by many of the new government departmental secretaries (Geithner, Summers etc) as well as BO and Hillary and much of the current new US administration’s agenda and personnel were decided upon amongst other things. This year’s meeting was more global, but I will go into what they have planned for us in the next blog. This blog is a simple eye opener for all of you who are unaware of what the Bilderberg Group is and means to us.

This blog is the account of, a diary if you will, of a Guardian reporter who was the ONLY mainstream news reporter covering the three day meeting of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful men and women with those who dominate world finance, media, industry, governments. Kinda strange that a meeting of such importance doesn’t even get a mention on the news or in the broadsheets don’t you think?

Well this Guardian reporter went over to Greece with the attitude that it doesn’t exist and was looking forward to a nice 6 day holiday. He came back however a completely different man

Here are Charlie Skelton’s Bilderberg diary entries for the Guardian Newspaper as he wrote them.

Charlie’s experience is a taste of the future should these people get what they want, total world domination. Only we can remove their grip from the corridors of power. Only we can do it with our votes


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