Flu update – – – – Told you !

So the hype continues

Here we have the magic solution. 3 flu shots for everyone this autumn. Some lucky government employed, pharmacutical stock owners are going to get filthy rich

Some Joe Public are going to die, either of the vaccine itself or the virus mutation

Now what bothers me most is that as well as taking 3 doses of mercury, this series of vaccines will probably be mandated and the media will use peer pressure to force you to comply by pillorying anyone who refuses and labelling them a danger to everybody else, which is totally unscientific and untrue, but will happen nonetheless.

Would you trust the government, or big Pharma ? Especially after Bayer / Baxter mixed live H5N1 into the last batch of flu vaccine they made, hmmm?

What is wrong with this news report is that the so called “expert” is telling everyone to trust the government and take 3 shots to build up and strengthen the immune system so it can beat the H1N1 virus.

Surely as an expert she should be aware that the H1N1 virus is the same virus as 1918 which only really kills people between 20 and 45 with mature healthy immune systems by hyperactivating them and causing internal haemoraging of the lungs, hence the black mucus and coughing blood. Surely she wouldn’t tell you to boost your system with 3 flu shots knowing that information?

Ah but she would you see because the corporate media is part of the deception. Don’t believe me? Well watch this and it explains exactly why it is

Now are you starting to understand what is going on here?

I would read this article if I were you


Well, at least we have our time scale set out now so we can prepare


7 Responses to “Flu update – – – – Told you !”

  1. elisayn Says:

    The conclusion of it all is the media are the
    culprits for all that happened telling people
    incorrect info just to report a story , whether
    they make it up or not..Alarmists..thats what they
    are..Can’t believe anything they say anymore!Hmm?

  2. Sun Wukong Says:

    Hmmm..This is magnificent as it will become very significant for all, who wish to seek and solve the riddle:”The Media IS the Key!”

    “Knowing means Changing”, means, that most who are now ready and willing to watch and read all the above, now instinctively suspect these all as a “possibility”.
    Tthey will now be far more able to observe the Media themselves and find out on their own.
    Everything is alone a mater of “perspectives”.
    Learn to ‘shift’!
    You might have been bringing your ‘fights’ to the wrongest of all places all the while, hmm?!

    Nice food for thoughts, Door32. Thanks!

  3. kathleen p Says:

    ARE YOU YELLING AT ME ? I got N99 and R95 respirators with exhalation valves, saf-T-Fit, NIOSH approved. It was the best I could do.

  4. Door32 Says:


  5. kathleen p Says:

    what kills me is how people would rather seek false comfort and peace,rather than question and prpare. ( found some lovely breathing masks for a very good price, the good kind. still stocking my martial law pantry, and easing the idea of home schooling into my two precious girls minds.)

  6. ≈♥ღ§ummє®ღ♥ܓ Says:

    how sad and yes, frightening, to see all this is happening now. *sigh* thanks for the links, btw.

    have a great week ahead and takecare, d32 🙂

  7. Bear Hugz Says:

    If they were any more blatant they would be saying, “you’re taking up too much space on our planet and we’d really appreciate if you would drop dead. Here… we’ll help.”

    Mugga Fuggas

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