For my 500th blog. . . . hmmmmm?

Well as there is so much important news still to cover I will try and stay on track even here. Lets talk about the fantastic future for one of the famous American car manufacturers

You have all these fabulous big cars like this


or this


or this


this is nice


how about this


or even this big boy


A long proud history of grand design, but the globalists don’t want their slaves to have nice big cars anymore. They hate the middle class and they want you to be put in your place. Besides they want you to know you and your nice cars cars are the enemy of the planet and you need to feel damn guilty about it and pay penance

So,last week the globalists achieved another target which was to bankrupt the car industry, in this case Crysler, and force them to take the bailout with their stipulations that they give the company for the price of feck all to their Bilderberg Group buddy, the owner of Fiat from Italy

So now they own your industry again, this is what they want you to drive now. This fabulous piece of environmentally friendly European supercar technology


See how the Chairman of Crysler sincerely believes in his new car. Watch how he holds the audience in his grip as the car just sells itself

It’s such FUN to drive and it has everything you could want in a car

Simple to park


Drives on all terrain


They have a sporty model


and even a coupe


or how about something for the ladies


Not forgetting the safety features


and for those with a little more cash to spend, a solid gold version


No? You doubt this mighty vehicle?

Crysler’s Chairman assures us this car is top of it’s class and is even faster than a Nissan sports model

Ahah you doubting Thomases. No ? no, that wasn’t just a fluke. It is better than a Porshe too

So welcome to the future of motoring in the USA. Feel the power of that 500cc engine in the trunk, and proudly display your political party bumper stickers to say that you are proud that your representatives brought you to this moment in American iconography

Ciao !


5 Responses to “For my 500th blog. . . . hmmmmm?”

  1. ←COSMO→ Says:

    applause..this was a riot

  2. Door32 Says:

    The blog was a black comedy really

    The message behind this is that the method of the globalists is to deliberately drive an industry into the ground or collapse an economy. Rob the taxpayer of bailouts, then bankrupt it anyway. The final move is to give it all away to one of their globalist friends to gain further domination. It has been an incremental plan over a long period of time. The reality of it though is now right out in the open for all to see. Look at GM. They took the bailout money from the American taxpayer and are using it to move production to Brazil. How stupid are people to allow that?

  3. Tragelaphus eurycerus Says:

    On a more serious note, takeovers, buyouts and mergers have been a part of the motor industry since, well, since Mr Benz and Mr Daimler joined forces. Chryslers own history is not blemish free having, in the mid sixties, taken over Rootes. This culminated in Chrysler basically asset stripping its UK operations to fund it’s screw ups in the US (sound familier) with the profits going straight back to the States. Chrysler also helped themselves to a couple of Government (sorry British taxpayers) bailouts (again, sound familier) before dumping the whole lot and scuttling back home. The once great British car maker was left fractured and its bones picked over by Peugeot and Renault. Peugeot at least had to balls to carry on producing cars in the UK into the 00’s.
    Sorry, I have no sympathy for Chrysler and see this as payback for it ripping the manufacturing heart out of, as well as my home town, Coventry, Ryton and to a certain extent Linwood. Then again, Linwood were arguable so crap that maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing.

  4. Tragelaphus eurycerus Says:

    Ah, but you’re fogetting that the Fiat can actually go round corners …unlike any American car in the entire history of American car making. ;o)

  5. Bear Hugz Says:

    I used to own a little FIAT sports car and the anagram rings true…

    Fix It Again, Tony

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