Why I am warning you against vaccines

This is a video showing a study from the University of Calgary into the effect of vaccine preservative on brain tissue

Now this study was completed in the 1990s and would have had preliminary results available in the 1980s. The evidence was extremely clear that the mercury preservatives in the vaccines are responsible for serious degeneration of the brain tissue, yet since this study nothing has been done to remove the mercury from the vaccines. Why?

Why use mercury in the first place if it has been known since before vaccines were ever invented that it is the second most toxic non-radioactive substance on earth? Does that not seem crazy that it would be deliberately used knowing it is toxic to humans?

Recently there was a Senate committe hearing in Arkansas because a group brought a motion to have the mercury reduced in the vaccines, especially those given to children and pregnant women. The Arkansas Senate decided to vote against the motion because it might affect the uptake of the vaccines. What kind of crazy logic is that? We know they are killing you but we can’t get the toxin removed in case people stop taking them? WTF ! How about we will all take them if you take the bloody toxins out !

Did you know that the Hep B vaccine that they give your new born baby in hospital contains enough mercury that only a 275 pound (20 stone) man could safely process in his body. Yet they are putting it into a 6 pound baby who’s brain has not yet developed.

Over the last 40 years the number of vaccines a person is given has risen from about 8 to about 32 and there is talk that it could be heading towards 100 soon. Everything the pharma companies come up with they lobby to made mandatory. Why? It can’t be for just money. There has to be something more than just money for the governments to be trying to implement laws to force people to have vaccines which are laced with a neurotoxin of this magnitude

Take that information above and correlate it with the instances of autism and altzheimers disease, hyperactivity, attention deficiency disorder and how they have increased exponentially since the vaccines increased. It is a known scientific fact that sufferers of autism and altzheimers disease have been found to be mercury toxic and people have reversed some of the effects by detoxifying their kids. Yet the government has allowed the establishment of a drugs court run by the pharmacutical companies to decide on the merits of the medical complaints brought against them. It is the biggest quango in existence and last month ruled that there is no link between mercury and autism. Why on earth would they rule against themselves. It would cost them billions.

Now why do you think all this is allowed to continue? This continued poisoning of your children and you. Every year now they encourage you to take a mercury laden flu shot when they know that the flu shot is only a best guess of what strains might appear that coming season and they have not got it right in the last 10 years. What do you think adding all those mercury top ups are doing to your brains? Why would they want you to take it all?

Simple. they have been dumbing you down for years. This is one arm of the total assault on your minds that has resulted in America slipping from the top of the educational tree to outside the top 30 now in a short period of time. 40 million Americans cant read properly now. Half the school kids are on behavioral drugs. Does this not sound a warning bell to you? What the government is creating is a dumbed down compliant populous who will swallow anything they tell them.

The other side of the scam is this. have you ever noticed that they always decide that getting people to take vaccines is more important than making them safe to take. Then, with regards to the terrible illnesses that arise from these they never actually research the cure for the illnesses, they only research treating the symptoms. Take mercury out of vaccines and watch all those illnesses disappear.

Take cancer for instance. For 100 years they have been researching cancer but no cure !!! 100 years and no cure ? WTF. All they do in cancer research is treat the symptoms, shrink the tumors, develop pain relief drugs, etc. What they avoid doing is finding the cause. They know the cause, why do you think none of your leaders dies of cancer and they all live so fecking long? They know cancer is a virus but they never treat it as such. They know it because when they invented the polio vaccine at Merck in the 40s the vaccine that was used for 40 years had green monkey cancer virus in it, that is SV40 if you want to look it up. Why do you think that the instance of cancer is now affecting 1 in 3 people? All viruses can actually be treated by simply smashingthem with ELF waves or alkalizing your body to it’s natural blood PH level of 7.35. Our diets are so acidic now that our bodies struggle to fight viruses

These poisons pushed onto us are not there by accident. There has been a slow effort to cull reproduction since the eugenisists took over the whole field of science in America and Europe around the turn of the 20th century. The ultimate goal is reducing the population but these methods although profitable because they can treat us medically for 30 years before we die, are too slow for the ultimate agenda which is a world with 500 million people with the best genetic make up

So intent are the government to get these poisons into you that they even ran a vote and flu shot campaign at polling booths in the election. They also started a vaccine gift card program, and even told parents that this horrendously dangerous and pointless cervical cancer vaccine was mandatory even though it was not. And now they are running martial law drills at schools and are force vaccinating children. WTF !!! There is something very crazy going on people

If you value your brain do not take vaccines unless they are mercury free


4 Responses to “Why I am warning you against vaccines”

  1. ≈♥ღ§ummє®ღ♥ܓ Says:

    people are having vaccines as preventive measures, as these are preparations to prevent future infection with similar microorganisms. but with this mercury thing, i wonder now if the quote “prevention is better than cure” still holds true.

    the swine flue issue or the influenza a h1n1 (or whatever they want to call it now) is really all over the news (and sometimes, annoying already) and they keep talking about these shots. cell mediated immunity was brought up. they say its not the swine flu virus that kills the person but its how our immune system reacts to it.


    this is really scary, sad but true… but yes, we need this type of entry. So, thank u d32, for sharing your thoughts here.


  2. kathleen p Says:

    I have lost all confidence in anything even sounding like a vaccine… my next project is me using my creativity to come up with a counterfit proof of vaccine, anticipating the note home from school that I have a deadline to comply or no public school for my two. Already well read about home schooling.. My girls will hate it, but it fixes more than just the vaccine problem. ~wicked smile~

  3. Sun Wukong Says:

    Impressive ability for logic, Door32!
    But vaccines “alone” does not explain the American “dumbing down” that has happend – and still is happening as it is evident alone throught conversation with some. Unless, there exists a Worldwide different composition of the same vaccines for diferent nations.
    ?Hmm.. Any idea how Europe, Canada or even China handels the Mercury in vaccine issue, hmm? Only if there are authentically different levels of Mercury and whoknowswhat other toxins in vaccines, would that be the explaination for the average american dumbness and numbness.

    And oh John, it is unlikely that a new virus that continues to mutate under ‘unknown’ parameters and conditions could have easily “tanked”
    that soon. It is more likely to come again in the winters, mutated and far more severe. OR the whole ‘swine’s’ story was just that, a story that brings in a “killing’ for a few some.

  4. John Doe v4.0 Says:

    Oops; just posted to the wrong blog, sorry.

    Meant to post here: I’ll take my chances, bro. Amongst my other contacts, a major surgeon from Yugoslavia and a drug rep for a major US pharma co.

    Looks like the swine flu conspiracy thing kinda tanked, no?

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