The censorship of dissenting voices and truth takes a massive step

This weekend an enormous step has been taken by the power hungry elites. They have upped the pace of their proposed censorship of people who speak anything that differs from their official storyline on their corporate media. This different thing that they are affraid of is called the truth. Why have they done this? Simple, because too many people are waking up to their lies and turning off the mass media.

Where has this act happened? On the world’s number 3 most popular website, YouTube. Over the last year the censorship started creeping in but was subtle. They use little backdoor ways of censoring like fiddling the viewer figures so video’s didn’t make their front pages. Then they stepped up the censorship by finding all sorts of crazy reasons to remove videos, they have been using the copyright issue to remove videos even when information used is public domain or even permission given. Funny thing was only truth sites seemed to be targetted. Many of the 911 information videos were erased. Plus any video that implicated anyone Jewish in any wrongdoing, yet you will find a million anti muslim or anti christian videos there. Next they started suspending YouTube accounts, again targetting truthers while leaving racists and sex channels alone.

Well none of this was working and the wave of information was being spread so the next dramatic step down the slide towards Chinese style media censorship was taken. A man called Dave ran a channel called TheAlexJonesChannel. He has run it voluntarily for 18 months and posted exerpts from the Alex Jones radio show and TV show (with full permission). The channel had millions of views and tens of thousands of subscribers. Well over the weekend he posted the broadcasts about the Swine Flu Hoax and what the real agenda was behind it. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back and YouTube have suspended the entire account, losing 18 months of video postings numbering in the thousands covering every aspect of the New World Order and the misdeeds of government and corporations. Guess what reason they gave? Breach of copyright for Alex holding up an article from the New York Times on his TV show, even though the paper is public domain and every TV station in the world shows newspaper articles.

Now isn’t that odd?

I tell you now I did not expect this to happen yet. I presume the broadcasts about the hoax and hype about the flu and the mass media lies, and the reports about the martial law excercises and the H5N1 put into the human flu vaccines must be showing the TV networks up as completely implicated in the agenda because they don’t report any of it. The Obama Deception movie must have really hurt the agenda even more than the previous films about 911 and the martial law agenda because that one is now playing out before our eyes with Fox calling for it and saying it’s a good thing to have forced vaccines and quarrantine camps, and it’s good to have troops at the Kentucky Derby and the Superbowl and working with the cops stopping and searching cars.

The tipping point was the last video posted that I linked in my blast where Jones broadcast a show in which he urged everyone to call the Whitehouse and leave a message telling their government NOT to carry out another false flag event with a bio-weapon flu, to tell them people were aware of the genetically constructed make up of the virus and would not believe it an accident, and to urge Whitehouse Staff to turn states evidence. Now Jones did this before in July 2001 telling the government not to stage a terror attack in America two months before 911. Many people also called but I believe the exchange must have been jammed this time with concerned citizens voicing their fears after the obvious false flag 911 event. The original information about 911 coming and being government organised was not by Jones, it was first broadcast by William Cooper who just after 911 was gunned down by police on his own doorstep. That was the old way of silencing dissent and truth, which is still used often

I didn’t think this would happen till next year but I said that about flu too so it seems the agenda is gaining a pace to thwart resistance. This is a warning to everybody. The voices of dissent are being silenced in a country that is supposed to put free speech above all and even has it in the constitution (or “just a piece of paper” as GWB believed).

Are you outraged ? Are you not scared that the people who run your country are engaging in this? Do you not fear for where this will lead your country? Are you not worried about the society your kids will have to live in if you don’t speak up now and say NO, you cannot do this. We did not vote for the destruction of our rights, now return our laws to the way they were.

Phone your Senator, Congressman, Governor, Police Chief and tell them you know about false flag events and you want the government stopped from bringing about this cruel deception to put fear into the people and to stop censoring the truth and the independant news agencies.

This is going to get worse, the commision currently in session discussing Jay Rockefeller’s ideas on censoring the entire internet and running it through Mass media servers and making you pay for it like a cable box does. You will only get to see what they want you to unless you pay top dollar, and the common man does not have top dollar, so the common man will stay uninformed except by the mind control mass media. This is what it will be like. This is what they want. This is the actual idea they want to stop you getting real information and to keep you dumbed down




Then speak now or forever hold your peace !


2 Responses to “The censorship of dissenting voices and truth takes a massive step”

  1. John Doe v4.0 Says:

    I’ll take my chances, thanks. Take care, bud. Keep in touch.

  2. Bear Hugz Says:

    Well… I’ve been watching and reading and as much as I’d like to think that our voices still make a lick of difference – I have not seen a shred of evidence to defend that in quite some time.

    Those who want to know the truth need to start downloading every essential video they can get their hands on and back it up to a well-hidden thumb drive or the like.

    We’re too late. We missed the boat. They’ve gotten to far in their plans and are too well prepared for anything they we could possibly throw at them.

    Am I giving up? No, no way.

    But we had better establish a network outside of the usual internet venues before the truth is shut down completely.

    They are WAY ahead of us, hun.

    Switch to Plan B – pronto!

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