Taking you back to the alarm call many have slept through

I have been getting quite frustrated at the sheer lack of comprehension of the real situation that surrounds everyone today. The ability of people to simply ignore the sheer weight of evidence, or to see the crimes being committed right in front of their eyes.

I think however a remedial class is required, because what I am presenting you with may be beyond your comprehension in the same way that if I asked somebody to do calculus when they hadn’t yet gone beyond add and subtract

So I am going to take you back to the alarm call moment that woke me up from my sleep. My leap from add and subtract to multiply and divide and up and onwards. The moment I (and we all should have) woke up to the corruption was of course the World Trade Centre demolition.

I cannot expect you all to accept everything I have seen since until you wake up the same way so please watch this very simple presentation of just one single aspect of the demolition and see if this sparks something in you

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 (squibs)

None of these witness accounts were included in the official 911 report, WHY?

Note: some of the most outspoken and vocal witnesses have been “suicided”?

There are many other available videos of small explosions going off at the base of the towers. Some of the bright flashes cutting the core columns through the dust as the outer floors collapsed ahead of them. Some of smoke pouring out of the basement before any collapses occurred. A couple of the thermite reaction pouring molten steel down the side of the building 30 seconds before it collapsed. one of people in the towers waving out of the hole the plane made in the side of the building even though it was supposed to be so hot everything was vapourised and steel melted

So I hope that will spur you on the read and view more evidence and you will wake up slowly from your slumber

I will do a series of these blogs, each on one small aspect of this event to help you.

Do not be afraid to ask questions


3 Responses to “Taking you back to the alarm call many have slept through”

  1. kathleen p Says:

    I’ve never seen this issue explained quite so clearly before. I have seen large buildings here in Charlotte go down in the center of uptown, imploded by careful planning and engineering so that other structures would not be impacted.
    The whys,and whos in this situation are many…

  2. Vicky Says:

    your videos ..wont play for me ?

  3. ←COSMO→ Says:

    I am convinced. Hell, I was convinced after the Thermite blog. The series of explosions I saw sure looks like a typical building demolition and is surely separate from the plane strikes.

    Why has the government been so secretive about analyzing the site?

    How is Marvin Bush connected with the other principals i.e; the hijackers?

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