Democrats attempt to erode democracy for totalitarianism

This was sent to me by the American Association for Health Freedom. It shows how the Federal Government are trying to erode the normal voting quotas required to get legislatiion through the House so that they can ram it through without needing any bi-partizanship as they have so often said they would work towards

Contact your Senator by this Wednesday, April 29, and ask him or her to oppose a budget resolution that includes reconciliation instructions.

This budget reconciliation process is utilized when Congress issues instructions or directives as part of the budget bill in order to legislate policy changes in mandatory spending (entitlements) or revenue programs (tax laws) to achieve the goals contemplated by the budget resolution. Basically, it is a way of “packaging” many different budgetary concerns. In a normal budgetary process, each budget area’s spending will be debated and considered in separate committees. This process allows Congress to consider the budget as a single entity, a sweeping economic program that gets accepted or rejected as a whole.

The hot topics in the annual budget this year are energy independence, education reform, and healthcare. Our concern is that we don’t yet know what the healthcare reform part of the budget will entail, and these decisions are too important to happen without careful consideration—or without health freedom advocates being able to weigh in on the issues so important to us.

Democrats currently hold 58 seats in the Senate, and most legislation needs 60 votes in order to pass. The budget reconciliation process, however, allows the Democrats to move forward with this economic package with a simple majority of 51 votes instead of the 60.

“A reform of our healthcare system—a massive legislative undertaking that will impact every American—should be done through the normal debate and amendment process,” Sen. Judd Gregg (RNH) said in a statement. “To circumvent that process in favor of ramming through a partisan plan that needs only a simple majority to pass is a far cry from the bipartisanship that has been promised.”

As an organization that advocates for limited government interference in one’s healthcare decisions, we believe that healthcare reform is an item that unquestionably warrants open debate and extensive input from all stakeholders—which includes every American citizen.

The use of the budget reconciliation process as a means to fast track healthcare reform—one of the most important issues facing our nation today—is about the most undemocratic maneuver a party could employ.

Please contact your Senators immediately to voice your opposition of using the budget reconciliation process for national healthcare reform.


This is yet another small step on the road to fascism where you dont even have the opportunity to debate or even see the contents of a Bill so that it might be opposed. This is the same strategy the last government used with their so called emergency Bills like the bailout or the Security Bills

You had better make those phonecalls and tell your representatives to do their job properly


3 Responses to “Democrats attempt to erode democracy for totalitarianism”

  1. Sun Wukong Says:

    Well legistlastion going through without really any one reading it could be a reason for distrust, since that would compromise the “open Government” promise Obama made but not asking the stupid republicans at all is not part of the promise, primerily not with a proof majority.
    But, open legislation should be easier to demand by the American people from the democrats unlike from the Repubs since they themselves promised exactly that, I would say hmm?!

    Nay, certainly they will not dare to procsecute or they will simply pretend as happened with Stevens. No, it will be the internation community to put them on trail, demanded BNY the majority of the People on Earth.
    Through a FLOOD of LAWSUITS, if that is how they all want it, so it shall be!!
    So, you see I am not expecting them to do a single thing to prosecute the Bush Administrations, for they, do not have to at all.
    “Defected” sounds sooo dissapointed. What does it matter anyway if they are both in fact one and the same party, hmm? I do not blame “SPECTACULAR SPECTER” ( WHAT a “game-changer” as mor WILL follow!) blame him to change his view or seek to save his “job”, hey, its the American way after all!

  2. Door32 Says:

    I was more concerned with more legislation going through without anyone getting to read it.

    You cannot really trust that the left side of the one party are going to prosecute anyone do you?

    It is all beside the point now anyway since Specter has just defected back to the democrats

  3. Sun Wukong Says:

    Hmmm.. thats a way to see it or make it look.
    Here is another way of seeing things:
    Democrats currently now hold 59 seats in the Senate by the way and will soon definately have the absolute majority needed to make EVERY decisions alone. Now as we all have seen so far, a bipartisan approach of creating better functioning policies, politics and regulations does not work, since the republicans are alone stone-walling as they are the usual mindless as solutiionless “NAY-Sayers” to everything “social” and ‘balanced’ that MUST now be done. So you see if the Democrats will have had to continue to battle those foolish old as methusalah republicans, nothing will be done and we all will simply be unemployed or worse, very dead. Besides, didn’t the megalomaniac and sadistic Bush Admin RULED without ANY bipartisan support and any majority, hmm??
    and how many time did Bush vetoed against important Bills again, hmm?
    Now, the next thing the Republicans can try to ‘veto’ unsuccessfully as much as the want, is a by the POPULATION OF EARTH demanded international Court’s investigation, procecution and legal execution of the criminals of the Bush Administration era, both republicans AND Democrats!
    Now those are some good phone calls EVERY ONE SHOULD make, don’t you think, ‘Brethren” Door32? make TOO, at least hmm??

    Hahaha, Ohhh these self-fooling fools games of some fools.

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