What is going to happen next with flu according to the medical experts

I’m going to lay it out for you now, exactly what is going to happen for the near future

I posted this warning last year but now you will see the relevence of it much more clearly in the light of recent events. Please watch this and let Dr Laibow enlighten you

Now having revisited that you will understand the last blog a little better.

The following is a radio interview Jeff Rense did on Friday with Dr William Deagle MD and Dr A True Ott Phd ND

In this they will explain to you exactly what has happened, why it has happened, and where it will go next. This is VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION and is essential for your well being





Now the China link I think is a red herring because Rothchild probably owns that facility as he has moved his wealth to China Brazil and India before the slump in the west’s economies took hold. Hence his record profits last year

So there you have it from the medical experts. This IS a man made virus. A resurected version of the 1918 Spanish flu made in Fort Detrick from exhumed bodies and funded by the Rothchilds (leaders of the Elites)

When the virus mutates in nature it will return probably in a few months after the first wave. All kinds of mammals will be carrying it from horses, sheep and cows to pet cats and dogs as well as birds.

The Tamiflu vaccine owned by Rumsfelt doesn’t work. It was defunked after the last mutation of the H5N1 virus, hence taking the flu vaccines will just add fuel to the fire and create more variants while Rummy gets rich. The trouble is you wont have a choice. Emergency powers will me you either “take the shot, or be shot”

Please read Dr Ott’s article below

Here is Dr Ott’s article from www.rense.com

Somthing Wicked
This Way Comes
Scene I, Act II|
By A. True Ott, PhD, ND

On March 20, 2009, this researcher outlined a peculiar “PANDEMIC VACCINE TRAINING” exercise in Texas scheduled to occur on Saturday, May 2, 2009. See complete article at http://www.rense.com/general85/dsd2.htm

I thought it very strange that a rather obscure Texas county would see fit to conduct such a “training exercise” involving Texas National Guard Troops involving “drive-thru vaccination clinics”. I also thought it exceedingly strange that these rather obscure county officials would make the public declarations that emergency “pandemic vaccination programs would mean a line of cars 41 miles long” in Guadalupe County, but that San Antonio’s drive-thru vaccine’s line would stretch from “San Antonio to Calgary, Alberta Canada” — strange, because this just happens to be the planned route of the AMERO FREEWAY — connecting the late-great U.S.A. with Mexico and Canada. Could this, too, be a coded message to insiders?

Just as NORAD was conducting “mock” terrorist drills on the morning of September 11, 2001 – could this May 2 event be TIMED to announce the release of the planned pandemic and the eventual advent of martial law in North America?

Today, Friday, April 24, 2009 – according to USA TODAY, the BBC, and the Associated Press, the World Health Organization (WHO) is “very, very concerned” about a very strange “swine flu” outbreak in Mexico City.
http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/2009-04-23-swine-flu_N.htm?csp=34 The WHO is so concerned, in fact, that it has ordered all WHO officers to man the “Pandemic Control Room” 24/7 for the 1st time.

ATTENTION AMERICA!!!! This is highly significant. The WHO “Pandemic Control Room” is a creation of the Illuminati elite for the final “end-game” killer virus mapping and tracking, and is thus equipped with super-computers tied to all U.N. member government’s security forces. This “control room” is where any declarations of “pandemic” will originate. When such a “declaration” is sent to President Obama, FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security “Pandemic Task Forces” will be deployed. Each State Governor will be notified that the provisions of the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA) will be implemented.

This means that all Americans must consent to mass vaccinations, or be guilty of a FELONY crime (without a TRIAL, mind you!). And why a FELONY and not a mere ‘misdemeanor’? Simple. Police agencies know that the use of “DEADLY FORCE” is only approved for felony suspects when they resist arrest. Refuse the government’s untested, untried, highly suspect “MADE IN CHINA” vaccine, and you will instantly be labelled a felonious criminal. So, refuse the forced vaccine, and then resist forced relocation to a prepared “quarantine compound” (i.e. concentration/re-education camp) and you can “legally” be shot and killed. (Justified “deadly force”.)

See http://www.forhealthfreedom.org/Publications/Informed/RevisedModelState.html

Never forget that in 2005, the Chinese PLA “defense minister” declared in a speech to the Chinese PLA brass that China must
“possess” North America (Mexico, America, and Canada) and that 15-200 million Americans “must die” by means of a “perfected” biological weapon. What could be more “natural” and deflect suspicion more effectively than a weaponized “killer influenza” that is propagandized into an “act of nature”??

Beginning in the spring of 1918, an “unusual flu” began to emerge, that eventually blossomed into the killer flu pandemic killing millions worldwide. Subsequent research has proven that the “unusual flu” was a “recombinant strain” showing swine viruses mixed with bird viruses mutating with human-specific strains of flu virus. THIS IS EXACTLY THE KILLER VIRUS THAT DR. JEFFREY TAUBENBERGER AND HIS TEAM AT FORT DEDRICK RE-CREATED DURING YEARS 1997 – 2003. Is it just a mere coincidence that the same recombinant virus is once again making its appearance known?

According to Henry Kissinger and Zbignew Brezinsky’s “NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA” – the earth must be cleansed of at least 5 billion human beings in order to create their “Utopia”. In 1974, this agenda was outlined in a report called NSSM 200 – and the genocide was to begin in specific 3rd world countries.

See http://www.mathaba.net/0_index.shtml?x=90207 However, it is logical that North America (especially Mexico City) would have to be “cleansed” as well. Never forget that both Kissinger and Brezinsky are solid backers of Barack Hussein Obama. Obama makes an official visit to Mexico, and a short week
later, Mexico City schools, Universities, and all PUBLIC BUILDINGS are shut down in pandemic fear — (for the first time since the devastating 1985 earthquake!) Again, is this just a bizarre co-incidence??


“If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as KILLER VIRUS to lower human population levels.”
—— Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, head of the World Wildlife Fund and World FREEMASONRY — December 1995

“A ‘killer virus’ is indeed an evolutionary step-up for some of this planet’s so-called “elites” —- hopefully Prince Phillip, Henry Kissinger, Zbignew Brezinsky, et. al. can each achieve this milestone and not return once again as the mutiganeous-primal-pond-scum life-form they currently occupy today.”
—— Dr. A. True Ott, Concerned American PATRIOT, April, 2009.


I have heard many other corroborating views from people with high level inside information who came out 2 weeks ago and said that they had been told that time was up and something huge was going to happen in the next few weeks. Well I guess they were right

I told someone recently that the Elites were behind time on their agenda and would be speeding it up. This seems to be borne out with this. This outbreak seems to have been thrust in ahead of time. I think it was forced upon them by the speed of the awakening of the people and the fact that there was a rising movement towards revolt around the world and in America there was also the fact that Ron Paul’s Bill HR 1207 to audit the Fed and find out where the 10 trillion dollars went to that they stole since November, has gained massive support in Congress. If that audit ever happened the whole snake pit would be blown wide open on who runs America. They wont let it happen.

I am sorry this is all happenning and to my closest friends you are welcome to come here if you need to escape. I need to concentrate now for a while getting my hands on natural cures and anti virals and some protection for me and my son.

We can contain this if we do a few basic things, stay protected, avoid contamination, keep stocked in water and food, most importantly though we have to STAY CIVILIZED. If we lose our social structure and calmness we will fall apart very quickly. We can ride this out if we all stay calm and careful and civil


5 Responses to “What is going to happen next with flu according to the medical experts”

  1. Bunny Boo Says:

    THE World Health Organisation last night confirmed a pork flu pandemic was now imminent, raising fears that millions of people obviously have no idea what a pandemic is.

    As confirmed cases in Europe leapt from probably 14 to possibly 19, officials said the very small number of people infected meant it was vital governments across the world were prepared to use the word ‘pandemic’ as often as possible.

    Martin Bishop, from Doncaster, said: “I thought it was when millions of people were infected, bodies were piled outside cemeteries and doors were daubed with a big, red ‘X’ to indicate a ‘house of the unclean’.

    “But then I looked it up and sure enough it said ‘Pandemic, noun – 19 people in four different countries, each with a slight temperature and a bottle of Lucozade’. So there you go.”

    Margaret Gerving, from Peterborough, said: “I thought we’d at least see some tanks on the streets and lots of government agents walking around in those scary-looking biological suits they wore in E.T.

    “You know, ’cause they thought E.T. was contaminated with space germs.”

    A WHO spokesman said: “Just so we’re all on the same page, a pandemic actually means that about 100 people in at least three different counties are all suffering from the same condition.

    “We use the word pandemic because it’s a combination of the ancient Greek words ‘pan’ meaning ‘everyone’ and ‘demic’ meaning ‘frighten the absolute living shit out of’.”

    Julian Cook, from Stevenage, added: “Right. A hundred people. Three countries. Same condition. So that does that mean there’s a pandemic of having a small bust of Queen Victoria stuck up your bumhole?”

  2. Bunny Boo Says:


    AS the number of confirmed pork flu cases in the UK soared into single figures, millions of people across Britain were last night wondering who would be the first arsehole to start wearing a facemask.

    Online retailers have reported high demand for their utterly useless anti-pork flu kits, consisting of a flimsy surgical mask, some Kendal mintcake, a James Blunt CD, a novelty keyring and a cyanide pill.

    Stephen Malley, a trainee accountant from Finsbury Park, said: “I think it’s going to be this guy in my office called Geoff. He rides a bicycle to work and eats bananas at his desk. He’s a prick.”

    Emma Bradford, a marketing assistant from Hatfield, said: “My friend Janet is pathetically melodramatic. She wore one during the foot and mouth outbreak in 2001 because she said it really accentuated her eyelashes.”

    And Roy Hobbs, a retired architect from Stevenage, said: “My wife’s friends are all idiots, but I have a feeling it might turn out to be Harriet Harman, just because she’s such an arsehole.”

    Experts warned that despite their uselessness, many arseholes will be tempted to walk around wearing facemasks and thinking they are in a film based on a Michael Crichton novel.

    Dr Tom Booker, from Reading University, said: “Of course they’re wearing them in Mexico. If I was in Mexico I’d be wearing one regardless. You can almost smell the fucking place from here.”

    He added: “If you’ve got the cash – and the back muscles – you could try walking around in a scuba suit, with a couple of oxygen tanks strapped to your shoulders.

    “But really, the best way to stop pork flu is to get it, takes some pills and watch the telly until you don’t have it anymore.”

  3. kathleen p Says:

    I’m taking it seriously…. bought extra vitamin C today, along with more bottles of antiseptic hand cleaner for my girl’s bookbags. Katie told me today that her classmates are warning ea other to wash their hands ! Great, except she also tells me there is no soap in the bathrooms in her high school.
    Sending an email now to the super at CMS schools, and placing a phone call to the principal at her school.
    Thanks for the info

  4. Bunny Boo Says:

    I forgot my reading glasses too *what a coincidence*. Please define being civilised for me…

  5. Vicky Says:

    I forgot to bring my reading glasses ..so i;ll just say hello!..

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