18 month scientific study of WTC collapse results published

A panel of 10 scientists have taken up on Professor Stephen Jones’ initial discovery of Thermate (demolition explosive) in the World Trade Centre dust two years ago and have completed an 18 month study of the subject. This was a peer reviewed study that had 6 months added to the study due to the number of scientific questions they were posed by reviewers. They have now published the results

Please watch this very short interview to find out conclusively what the results of the scientific tests were

further information and info on the findings can be found here


Now you have to decide what you are going to do

Carry on denying what is is in front of you, or change the way you think and act

Remember that nano-explosive technology was only available to a very elite group of researchers in the military science sector.

The most important thing for you all now is to see which, if any, of the mainstream news outlets cover this after it has appeared on mainstream TV in Denmark, If your TV, newspapers or radio doesn’t cover something of this importance then you know that they are part of the cover up and you cannot trust anything they tell you.

If it is covered you should test how they cover it. My advice is that, as is the norm, they will cover it in a dismissive way and try and make light of it and debunk it. Trouble is you can’t debunk scientific fact although they will try

Find a news outlet that covers it properly and in the respect of the seriousness of the findings, then make that your news information station of choice from now on and ….. welcome to the world of the woken


One Response to “18 month scientific study of WTC collapse results published”

  1. ←COSMO→ Says:

    so we know that these explosive substances were in the towers before they were struck by the planes..that would certainly explain why those buildings deterioated as fast as they did..everyone has known that there was tremendous heat but to this point it has all been explained as combusted jet fuel..it certainly raises a lot more questions

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