When old people make inappropriate gesture

Watch this and then try and tell me that this is normal for all these old people from these positions of power to be doing this. I have never ever seen anyone else do this except in a heavy metal video. So why are all these middle aged and old leaders doing it?

You can add to that list that I have personally seen pictures of, Ronald Reagan, Manuel Barosso (EU President) Now does this seem right?

Well it does if you understand that the top of the illuminati tree is a Luciferian doctrine. Weather that be Luciferian in the old form of the word in that it represented morning star or the illuminated taking us back to the Babylonian mystery schools; or weather it too has been corrupted in the same way the Christian church corrupted it into meaning Satan, I cannot be sure. However one thing I am sure about is this:

These people are without empathy for a reason. They have that dead expression in their eyes for a reason. They can commit acts of deception and horror for a reason. They are souless.

This organisation runs through the top echelons of all the secret societies. Their Knights of this and Knights of that clubs are more important to them than mere countries and political ethos. At that level there is no difference between them as I am sure they are signaling to eachother in the know

This cabal runs through every facet of power and information in the world. JFK knew this and spelled it out to you in a speech before he died for it. Presidents, Ministers, Priests, Councilers, Educators, Medicine, Media, Science, Police, Courts, Armed forces, every controlling section of society at the top echellons is infected with this

Now in light of this information, just how sinister does this off-air conversation between Larry King and Bill Clinton sound?

Note three things

Multi Billionaire Ted Turner would “serve” Bill, when (not if) he was elected Is this an indication of the pre-determined result of the election and the hierarchy in the Luciferian Occult organisation?

Just my view but I would like to hear yours


4 Responses to “When old people make inappropriate gesture”

  1. Door32 Says:

    Religion is encoded with the knowledge of the illuminated to hide it in plain sight. The morning star they are refering to would be more akin to Osiris

  2. Sun Wukong Says:

    Too far feched but pretty close.
    You might have only forgotten that Religion -that would include Jesus and Satan- were fabricated and made-up ALONE for the masses of peasants!

  3. aniMel a.c.b.B. caraMel Says:

    In the case of berlusconi I think it has to do only with a sign made in Italy, especially South of Italy, to send unluck away.
    As you know, hun, I don’t believe this illuminati thing; I simply think (some-many) politicians can have a sort of distorted mentality because they live in their own reality (studying data about the needs of people is not the same as living with people and understanding them; besides, IMHO it often happens that we are asked questions about what we need, not because the intention is to fullfill our needs, but to manipulate us), which is very far from ours, and therefore do not manage to be really caring for the humankind.

  4. js Says:

    This is also a sign language signal for “I love You”. However, it’s a good use of deceit.

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